julialandry wrote a review of Sallie Mae Bank on Sep 7th 2012

Student Loans: Good At First, Then Everything Went Downhill

So here i was, an about-to-go-to-college student, and determined to stay away from having my parents cosign my loans. I went looking for private loans (i already maxed out my department of edu loans) and sallie mae seemed like a good ...

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julialandry wrote a review of Mint.com on Sep 5th 2012

Great Tool For Account Overviews, But Details And Budgeting Can Get Confusing

I mostly use the iphone and ipad app, and mint has been a great tool for me to see an overview of all of my accounts. It tells me how much i'm worth (! ), allows me to create budgets, and shows all of my accounts. There are a few plac...

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julialandry wrote a review of Wells Fargo on Oct 27th 2011

They will take care of you when you need it the most

Most of my love for Wells Fargo comes from how they have treated friends of mine. For example, a friend was once fell into an online scam, and Wells Fargo not only replaced all the money that was taken from his account, but took the l...

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