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PNC Bank Customer Review

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harim's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by harim

Jun 4th 2012

My Message To PNC After Visiting One Of Their Local Branches. Not Positive.

Regarding: notary services. Today, i visited with my son, one of your pnc bank located on ludlow ave, cincinnati. I have my company provided business debit card and its great and today i wanted a notary signature on a document. (called in advance saying the same)

i would have been happy if the counter clerk said, that they could not honor because i am not customer. I need to wait before he completed looking into his computer system for 15min after getting my pnc business card and driver license. He could do better and be more decision making with your software. I like to see pnc prosper. With that purpose in mind, if you could provide notary services free of cost or for a charge that would provide your bank credibility in the local community rather than refusing the customer.

My message to you is mesmerize the visitor with whatever you can do with something behind the service. For example, there were two student who visited exactly like me but before me in line and they could not get notary service because they are not customers (i think its the easy way to lose future customers). They offered to ask if the bank likes to charge them a fee and help them. The clerk politely replied "no".

People are sensitive and i am one of them. I doubt i recommend pnc to anybody or would be reserved before i could. If your core competency is not servicing (the small stuff and connecting to the local community), i think online banks like ing orange and charles schwab would be ideal choice and do far better work for every customer. Wish you get well. Hari m a

it is possible, i am missing something that pnc has already considered (except taking too long until i said it before the clerk decides that they can not notarize my document)

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Other PNC Bank Reviews

verymadcustoner's Profile Image

Reviewed by verymadcustoner

Jun 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Reasons for over draft fees

I went to check my account Monday morning at like 8am. It said my account was overdrawn. I transfered money into my account right away. So it brought my balance to in the positive. Later that day my husband tried using our card and it got declined because I didn't have enough money to cover what he was buying. So I still had the same amount in my account after he tried to use my card. I then transfered more money into that account. We didn't use that card all day. The next day which is Tuesday, I check my account. It says my account is overdrawn again and they charged me twice with the $36.00 overdraft fee. They are charging me the fee because my account was taken care of right away? And didn't recognize I deposited money to bring my balance in the positive? .. The manager on the phone kept arguing with me saying I didn't transfer the money when my statement clearly states I did. I think they are trying to stack the fees to make money, that should be against the law. NORTHWEST BANK just lost a lawsuit because they were doing the same thing! Not only that a deposit is a deposit abd should be actually is usually credited to your account right away. Why would a cash deposit be different from a mobile deposit. Makes no sense.

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z3constance's Profile Image

Reviewed by z3constance

Jun 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks


I opened a checking account and then was cheated out of the promotion promised. Even the CSR who opened my account tried to help me, but main office refused and even though she told them that she KNEW it was valid.

Also, Mobile Banking is a JOKE.

I plan on going to a different bank.

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