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alex's Profile Image
By alex
on Nov 22nd 2011

2011 Citi Credit Card Holiday Sweepstakes

Register and use your Citi credit card for a chance to win $10 to $10,000 prepaid debit cards. More »
Simon's Profile Image
on Sep 22nd 2011

Citi Sends Enough Credit Card Offers for Every Man, Woman, Child in US

Citi is ramping up its efforts to sign new credit card customers - having sent 346 million card offers to North American consumers in the third quarter, an estimate by Mail Monitor of Synovate. More »
alex's Profile Image
By alex
on Mar 23rd 2011

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance by Fast Company

Last week, Fast Company released their top 10 list for most innovative companies in Finance. Surprisingly Citibank (the only actual bank) earned the #2 spot for developing a new model for retail banking, and engineering the tech to make it possible. More »