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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By delavega Sep 17, 2012

Very Good Service

Everytime i went to the bank, the attention was correct and i did not spend more than 10 minutes. The attention by telephone and email is very good too.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By rmckinney15 Jan 28, 2015

Poor Management

This branch is a joke. I opened an account via phone and I went into the this branch because they wanted more information. At that time I opened up business accounts as well. I wanted to receive some type of voided check so that I can have my merchant deposit go directly into that account and the assistant branch manager told me that their carbon was low on there printer and advised me to go to another bank. I then went to another branch which told me they wouldn't be giving me any type of voided check or anything I would have to go to the bank that I opened up the account at.

This happened on a Saturday and on that Monday they closed out my accounts due to fraud, I spoke with the branch manager in Forest Park Aamad…. (He's the real Joke) and he told me that no one will ever advise you in this bank to go somewhere else to get voided checks, you would have to get it here. Which was a laughing matter because I countered by saying well how do I know that your carbon is low in your printer; he never answered the question but he went in the back and came back and told me that someone will be coming out to my office to verify that I have a legit business I guess because he was calling during the holiday season thinking we were working and wondering why he didn't get an answer.

Keep in mind that he knows my company name he has access to the www, so what a smart person would have did was some research on the company! If he would have did that he would have seen that my business is a 4.5 star rated company and we are doing well! Something that couldn't be fabricated over night. Haven't said that I said ok; a week went by and he sent me off twice saying that someone was going to be there and never arrived! So I went back into the bank and now the story changed to "I just need you articles of incorporation." I said ok sent them to him right away! Now another week later and every last single one of my accounts are closed! And I didn't get a valid reason as why they were. I am g

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Latest Citibank Reviews

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    Reviewed By robinlenogue Jul 22, 2016

    Online AWFULNESS

    Just spent 1h on the phone with EVERYTHING but useful. One of the reps didn't even know what a Citi Prestige Credit Card was. Nearly impossible to get someone on the phone if you don't have a Citibank account, also, which is kinda funny I guess they don't want new customers. I was to go with the Citi Prestige CC, but I might stay with my good Amex Experience and apply to their Platinum Card instead then.....

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    Reviewed By williamwaw Jul 15, 2016

    Consumer BEWARE of Citi

    Very very poor customer service. Was charged $25.73 late fee for a payment due on July 3 and I paid on July 1. Tried to get fee waived but was only put on the phone merry go round with calls to the Philippines who did not understand the English language. Fee is not important but the manner of their extremely poor customer service is a problem. I have been an outstanding customer and always pay the total amount monthly to avoid charges (maybe why they are acting ignorant). Don't really care because I have other accounts with Citi which I will be closing out. Wish I could give zero stars or negative stars! BEWARE of this unethical and shyster business.

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  • V
    Reviewed By vinayfwc Jul 9, 2016

    Trigger happy fraud department.

    I applied for and was approved for a Citi double cash back card. I've had nothing but problems since I got this card. Problems first started when I tried to add the card to apple pay. I was instructed to call a number to complete the apple pay setup. When I called up Citi to do just that, the agent at the fraud department said that since he couldn't verify my phone number as belonging to me (even though I have had this number for over a year now) in public records and hence was placing my account on hold. Anyways after spending quite some time I was able to verify my home phone number because it was associated with another credit card. It did not matter that everything else checked out since they were so fixated on the phone number. A couple of days later I called up the customer service to notify them of a large purchase I was about to make that day. I was put in touch with the fraud department again and after going through an onerous process of proving my identity to them, they finally said that I could go ahead and make my purchase. Unsurprisingly when I tried to make the purchase the transaction was denied. When I called up Citi customer support I was directed to their fraud department again where I was told that I couldn't be helped because my cell phone number wasn't verified. Apparently my option was to go home and call them from my home number! I put the charge on another card and called Citi back when I got home and demanded to know why my purchase was declined even though I had notified Citi and they told me to go ahead. The agent actually tried to blame me saying that I shouldn't have tried to add the card to apple pay as soon as I got it, and that I shouldn't have tried to make a large purchase on a new card. I told him if that was Citi's policy then they should have told me as much when I called ahead to notify them of the purchase. I asked to talk to a supervisor and got in touch with a lady who acknowledged that this shouldn't have happened and this was Citi's error. However the fact remains that Citi's fraud detection is over zealous and has too many false positives. I have excellent credit, no debt and the only reason I got the card is for the excellent rewards program. Unfortunately I realized after reading several forums that I am not the only one who has had experiences such as these. I wish I had read them before I got the card. Now I'm afraid to even use this card anywhere since I don't know what purchase/action will trigger a fraud alert. At this point I'm debating whether I should keep this card or cancel it and take a small hit on my credit score. I understand the importance of fraud detection but not to the point where the customer experience is so broken that the card is basically useless. I don't have time for Citi to 'learn my purchase pattern' as one agent put it. Stay away from Citi, not worth the hassle. I have cards from Chase, Amex and BofA and never ran into any issues like these. Citi is only interested in reducing their liability in lieu of customer satisfaction. How can you have any fraud if you decline all transactions to begin with? That seems to be their modus operandi. Seriously go with some other bank. I'm sure they will not be perfect either but I doubt if any will be as bad as Citi.

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  • N
    Reviewed By nancymiranda Jun 27, 2016

    miserable bank that does not care about their customers

    Citibank decided to cancel a checking account i have without giving me notice or me giving authorization. A week after account was closed i had to move money into that account because my other active account with Citibank had fraudulent checks written and ACH debits that were not authorized coming through. At this time all this is happening i am in another country with no access to money except from the citibank account. Citibank refused to open the account they closed leaving me with no access to money and stranded in another country. They continued to allow more fraudulent activity to come through my open account. All they had to do was open the closed account so i could move my money over and they refused to help me. They didn't return my calls, hung up on me when i did call and couldn’t care less i was stranded with no money in another country. HORRIBLE BANK THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS.

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  • L
    Reviewed By lovetocamp1954 Jun 25, 2016

    The worst to deal with.

    I remember when Citi was a giant in customer service. Now they are the worst financial company in the world. They are incompetent in everything they do. I just contacted Costco and closed my account with them after trying to get the new card from Citi. I hope they are very happy together without me. I spent over 13k with Costco last year but if this is the best they can do I'm done

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  • M
    Reviewed By mth105 Jun 21, 2016

    Worst fraud department EVER

    This is the 2nd time in 9 months my Best Buy card info has been used fraudulently. I do not have this issue with my other cards. Citi does not contact you for days after a clearly out of the ordinary charge is made. You respond fraud, they leave the card open. You call since you have not heard from them, they ask about fraud charges you are already disputing, they tell you they will clear your card for use.............WHAT? You ask for a supervisor, they stick you on hold, no supervisor is ever available and they do not offer a call back.

    Every single honest person pays for fraud, all prices would be at least 10% less without all the fraud and theft that occurs so when Citibank blatantly allows fraud to occur they cost both you and me money!

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  • F
    Reviewed By fixnmyhouse Jun 17, 2016

    Give them your money, never get it back

    My mom has over 300k in Citibank. She is dying. I have power of attorney. They will not let me access her savings account funds to pay her bills. I am paying her bills with my own money now, over 6k in the last week. I have dealt with two local branches here in California, plus their "service" center in San Antonio and their "customer service" folks in Nampa, Idaho.

    Everyone I speak to tells me something different. I have filled out forms, signed signature cards, sent documents via overnight FedEx, had power of attorney forms notarized, and still they will not let me access her account to pay her bills. And I'm a signer on her checking account!

    This has been going on for nearly a month. They recommended that I just use her ATM card online and do whatever I want in her accounts. Really?! That's the solution?!

    If you have funds in Citibank and you believe someone else is going to take care of your finances when you are ill, then run don't walk to Citibank, get your money back, and take it to your local credit union.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cmimi May 27, 2016

    ignorant employees

    I spent all morning to find solution to my problem at local branch in Mountain View, CA... no one cares
    I called the general number 1-888, asking for Buffalo, N.Y. phone number where I have a problem, they "could not give it over the phone for privacy issue". I can find it on the Internet, but it is not there.
    I might not be a Branch but a back store"??/
    Can you help
    650-281-6000. Thanks, luci Zimering
    I am a customer.
    Also I am waiting for 10 days for a replacement CREDIT card... did not get it.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cajessica May 25, 2016

    So Unprofessional!

    They were not knowledgeable of their products. The manager was looking up the product as we were sitting there then handed me off to another associate. Then she didn't help at all and kept telling us the minimum for the product was $500 but kept insisting we had to do $1000 minimum. When I pulled up the product I was looking for on my phone she refused to acknowledge that product existed. On top of that the bank manager had the blinds open so personal info could be stolen, I had to request it be closed, and the associate talked very loudly, again disregarding personal security. Horrible.

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  • E
    Reviewed By ebinet May 24, 2016

    Don't believe it when they say you have an Underwriter Reviewed Pre-Approval

    In October 2015 we applied for a mortgage pre-approval with Citibank. We decided to work with Citibank because I’ve been with Citibank for over 20 years since back when they were EAB. We thought they had a great reputation and we could trust them with this large purchase. My fiancée and I were ecstatic when our Agent James Boyer, said we had pre-approval that was underwriter approved.
    And so our search began. After losing a few houses to better offers and one that we went as far as having an engineer report, we were ready to give up. Our broker kept checking in and reminding us to tell Sellers that we had an Underwriter reviewed pre-approval. We finally found a house 8 months later. Our mortgage broker James gave us another pre-approval and again stressed that it was Underwriter reviewed.
    After signing contracts and obtaining all the documents they asked for, we ordered a title search, survey and termite inspection. Then three weeks after signing contracts we receive a call that the mortgage was denied by the Underwriter because of my fiancee’s child support. Really??? He’d been paying child support for 8 years. This was all included in all the documents first submitted back in October. They had all our financials including W2s and paystubs back then. What changed?

    We are embarrassed and ashamed with everyone involved. We are out over $2,000 and Citibank’s only response is that there was an oversight on their part. Our future was in their hands and that was their only response. From the beginning the bank was completely unprofessional. They had two separate inspectors calling my real estate agent to set up an inspection and each kept saying they were the only inspector. She refused to see either one until everything was cleared up because she wasn’t sure if it was a scam. I had to call James and ask him to please clear things up and let us know who the actual inspector should be. Then when I was told we were declined for a mortgage, Citibank’s attorney emailed the Seller’s attorney that they were ready to go to closing. Again confusing everyone.
    I should have listened when everyone warned me how terrible Citibank is. I am closing out all my Citibank accounts and moving over to a bank that is more professional and caring. This has been hands down the worst experience of our lives. Elizabeth and Bobby

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