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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By delavega Sep 17, 2012

Very Good Service

Everytime i went to the bank, the attention was correct and i did not spend more than 10 minutes. The attention by telephone and email is very good too.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By rmckinney15 Jan 28, 2015

Poor Management

This branch is a joke. I opened an account via phone and I went into the this branch because they wanted more information. At that time I opened up business accounts as well. I wanted to receive some type of voided check so that I can have my merchant deposit go directly into that account and the assistant branch manager told me that their carbon was low on there printer and advised me to go to another bank. I then went to another branch which told me they wouldn't be giving me any type of voided check or anything I would have to go to the bank that I opened up the account at.

This happened on a Saturday and on that Monday they closed out my accounts due to fraud, I spoke with the branch manager in Forest Park Aamad…. (He's the real Joke) and he told me that no one will ever advise you in this bank to go somewhere else to get voided checks, you would have to get it here. Which was a laughing matter because I countered by saying well how do I know that your carbon is low in your printer; he never answered the question but he went in the back and came back and told me that someone will be coming out to my office to verify that I have a legit business I guess because he was calling during the holiday season thinking we were working and wondering why he didn't get an answer.

Keep in mind that he knows my company name he has access to the www, so what a smart person would have did was some research on the company! If he would have did that he would have seen that my business is a 4.5 star rated company and we are doing well! Something that couldn't be fabricated over night. Haven't said that I said ok; a week went by and he sent me off twice saying that someone was going to be there and never arrived! So I went back into the bank and now the story changed to "I just need you articles of incorporation." I said ok sent them to him right away! Now another week later and every last single one of my accounts are closed! And I didn't get a valid reason as why they were. I am g

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Latest Citibank Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By Davidfaulkner May 1, 2016

    Credit card balance transfer

    Citi has lied to me twice and the third time I called to find out when the transfer would occur they said it would occur when it occurred. The said they were treating me like this since I was a new customer. I would cancel the card if it would not affect my credit rating but as it is I will just destroy the card and never use it. I had to gage them one star to post, the do not deserve one star

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  • M
    Reviewed By Monab Apr 30, 2016


    Owed money to the citi bank credit card, tried to work with them, as paying monthly payment, put garnish on my wage also lien on my house. Still paying them, citi bank collects my monthly check under citi bank name, but sold the account to a law firm.

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  • N
    Reviewed By natkoko Apr 28, 2016

    Awful service under leadership of a Brunch Manager - Andres A. Quiros

    I'm working for a management company that banking with Citibank. The nature of this type of business requires us to deal with petty cash checks that I usually cash at brank branches. For two years I never had problem until moved to West Hollywood and came to Fairfax branch. Terrible experience. Lock of competence of branch tellers is perfectly balanced by arrogance and appalling attitude of their Branch Manager - Andres A. Quiros. With a nice sarcastic smile he suggested me to use other branches if I'm not happy with their customer service!

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  • A
    Reviewed By Anatoly Apr 15, 2016

    Great service

    Dear Lubov Natanova, we know how busy you are, so we really appreciate the time you spent with us. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, your clients.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dubber1 Apr 1, 2016

    Cut off without prior notice

    I had gotten a citi credit card with a $1,000.00 credit line a couple years ago. I was never late on payments each month. On 04/01/2016, I emailed them to see why I hadn't received my new card that expired on 03/31/2016. With out any prior notice, they cancelled my credit. I asked for a lower interest rate until this was paid off since I didn't have a credit line anymore. Of course, DENIED. If at all possible, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

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  • D
    Reviewed By DENIZ585 Mar 30, 2016


    For over two years they kept sending me pre-selected or pre-approved credit card offers (simplicity and diamond credit cards( with 18 months 0 interest. The offers include what my interest will be after this period.

    I called them one week after the last offer was expired. The customer rep TOLD ME SHE COULD RE-ACTIVATE MY OFFER. SHE ALSO SAID I CAN GO TO CITI CARDS WEBSITE AND SUBMIT AN APPLICATION THERE TOO. and the offer on their website was even better with 21 months 0 interest. I submitted the application online and they declined.

    I called them back. The second customer rep had no respect to me. She acted like I'm criminal or something. I was trying to tell her how weird is that that they kept sending me all these deals for over 2 years, I responded to their advertising and how come they decline it now. She said I can opt out from the mailing list if I want to as if I was asking her how to opt out from the mailing list. She was extremely rude, and she kept repeating the same thing for opting out and acted like she doesn't hear my question.

    I called them again to opt out from the their mailing list rest of my life. They say they can only opt out the current address, so when I change my address they will add me.

    I wanted to speak to a supervisor. He offered me to do another application on the phone. So they would ruin my credit score... I told him you already have my information why would I give you the same information second time. with a cold heart he didn't care if my credit score is being effected or not.

    My conclusion is CITI CARD is not a good company that care about business. They're the scammers.... Their deals on the mails are deceitful and the people working at citi are deceitful and RUDE...!!!

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  • C
    Reviewed By Chiubr Mar 25, 2016

    Be careful. The Mortgage Office named Tamer Abouelezz, Citi bank loan officer (NMLSID: 587631).

    Be careful. The Mortgage Office named Tamer Abouelezz, Citi bank loan officer (NMLSID: 587631).

    He promised in written to give me a loan with no points and additional 1,500 of lender's credit. He told me that it is approved so I decided to continue.

    During my loan application process, Tamer is trying to put conditions that was not previously agreed to stop me from asking about the discount he promised. I managed to fulfill all the condition, however at the end, he still can't provide me with what he agreed. Therefore, I was forced to sign the loan document in order to meet the closing date to avoid further consequences. He ended up charged me 1,300 (0.25 points) and did not give me 1,500 of lender's credit as promised at the beginning. So I paid 2,800 more to get the loan because he failed to honor the terms he agreed in written.

    In addition, he does not take any calls from you and once you signed the application with him.
    No service at all. I would recommend you to find another loan officer in Citi. But if you have to deal with him, be very careful...

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  • S
    Reviewed By Serg11235 Mar 24, 2016

    The worst bank ever

    When you pay out your debt on c/c, they decrease your credit limit momentarily. I will never deal with the bank any more. Never ever in my life. Stay away from citibank!

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  • G
    Reviewed By gretel Mar 18, 2016


    malicima la atencion ,llegue me apunte en una lista y paso una hora con 40minutos y nadie se me acerco para preguntarme que necesitaba ,el manager no me ofrecio disculpas solo dijo que si iva a ir a city bank tenia que hacer cola y esperar ,que nadie atendia porque estaban muy ocupado y que cada ves que fuera iva a ser igual,es una pena pero ha sido la peor esperiencia que he tenido en un banco .

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  • L
    Reviewed By Laurazbotaniw Mar 18, 2016

    Bad attitude, customer service, horrible management

    I"v been a customer at Citibank in buffalo grove for over 20 years. The company i work for also has banked there for many years. Today i went to make a company deposit. I was greeted by a very rude russian woman,very hostile indeed. I handed her the deposit and she barked at me about sliding my citibank card through to verify myself. I explained it was"nt my personal deposit, its a company deposit. I was told to slide my card again and to enter my personal pin number. Af
    ter doing so she yelled that my card did not match the account, no kidding!!!! She told me to slide it through again, really?? Once again i did, once again she yelled at me. She told me i needed my boss"s social security number. I happen to walk around with that...Really!!! I told her i did"nt know it, why would i. I"m trying to make a deposit for gods sake, take the money for the love of god!!!!! Still no luck. I asked to speak to the manager. The woman rushed past me all the while mumbling that she is new, would"nt one be on their best behavior? As i stood there, i recognized another teller that has worked there many years, always very pleasant too. She said she"d be happy to help, she was so sorry for all the confusion. As she started to help, the russian woman leaned over to watch adding hateful comments. I soon see even the experienced teller cant make the deposit!! Turns out my names not on the list. What list?? I"m making deposits there for 20 years, no one has ever questioned me before. I saw the manager coming out of her office so i went to talk to her, i was very upset to say the least. Out of no where a young man, i think his name was Bartkoc. He told me i had to leave at once, i was never to set foot in the bank again! Are you serious!!!! I wasn"t leaving without with drawing all my personal funds. I find it funny they didnt ask for my id when i closed my account. I left with the deposit i was trying to make?? This is the most unprofessional bank that i"ve ever dealt with. I will never deal with these people again!!!! Account closed.

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