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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By delavega Sep 17, 2012

Very Good Service

Everytime i went to the bank, the attention was correct and i did not spend more than 10 minutes. The attention by telephone and email is very good too.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By rmckinney15 Jan 28, 2015

Poor Management

This branch is a joke. I opened an account via phone and I went into the this branch because they wanted more information. At that time I opened up business accounts as well. I wanted to receive some type of voided check so that I can have my merchant deposit go directly into that account and the assistant branch manager told me that their carbon was low on there printer and advised me to go to another bank. I then went to another branch which told me they wouldn't be giving me any type of voided check or anything I would have to go to the bank that I opened up the account at.

This happened on a Saturday and on that Monday they closed out my accounts due to fraud, I spoke with the branch manager in Forest Park Aamad…. (He's the real Joke) and he told me that no one will ever advise you in this bank to go somewhere else to get voided checks, you would have to get it here. Which was a laughing matter because I countered by saying well how do I know that your carbon is low in your printer; he never answered the question but he went in the back and came back and told me that someone will be coming out to my office to verify that I have a legit business I guess because he was calling during the holiday season thinking we were working and wondering why he didn't get an answer.

Keep in mind that he knows my company name he has access to the www, so what a smart person would have did was some research on the company! If he would have did that he would have seen that my business is a 4.5 star rated company and we are doing well! Something that couldn't be fabricated over night. Haven't said that I said ok; a week went by and he sent me off twice saying that someone was going to be there and never arrived! So I went back into the bank and now the story changed to "I just need you articles of incorporation." I said ok sent them to him right away! Now another week later and every last single one of my accounts are closed! And I didn't get a valid reason as why they were. I am g

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Latest Citibank Reviews

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    Reviewed By Isaacholder Feb 5, 2016

    Government Travel Card

    Horrible customer service over the phone. I am a Government Credit Card holder so my payments are made by the government without me ever touching the money. I didn't know that somehow I still had a balance until I returned home from a 12 month deployment at which time I had accumulated late fees. I called them and explained the situation, the lady told me there was nothing she could do and I would have to pay the full amount with the late fees. They cannot accept debit cards over the phone because they are still in the dinosaur age and I had to provide them with my bank account and routing number in order to make the payment.

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    Reviewed By Financialcustomer Jan 26, 2016

    Terrible customer service

    The customer representative "Jonathan" asked numerous questions including trying to attain my entire social security number over the phone (that is not going to happen!), in addition to being rude and not exhibiting any interest in finding out what my actual concern was regarding my account. After constantly being given the run around I finally asked to be transferred to a manager which Jonathan put me on hold and after I waited 10 minutes I finally gave up and hung up the phone. This interaction was a waste of my time, and I never had my concerns resolved. Very poor customer service, and I am highly disappointed.

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    Reviewed By PNWbankuser Jan 11, 2016

    2 1/2 hrs w/phone app, customer service rep, CS Accounts Mgr, and website; Horrid

    4th attempt to send my "secure message" worked - wasn't bumped to "the page you're looking for can't be found" as I'd been. While writing message, i was bumped off site twice - apparently writing a secure message doesn't constitute "activity" - and on returning of course, I had to start over. I started copying my message ever other line - good thing, because when I hit "send message" I was bumped to a page saying "The page you are looking for can't be found." It took 4 times to get a message sent. This was not a long message, either.
    I have Autopay, set up to pay off balance each month. No Dec auto payment. Odd. But no min amount due either. OK. For January 9 autopay, I check website - the amount set to be paid is 650. I change it to the full balance. On Jan 11, no payment has been made, there is no record anywhere the site, in my accounts, anywhere - of the scheduled auto payment. I call. After hearing "I understand what you are saying" a dozen times (really) & being on hold while the rep checks in with a Mgr, I am connected to a Mgr. (At about an hour, now.) Yay! She says I cancelled autopay. No, I changed the autopay amount. "Oh!" She's excited!" because Jan 9 was Saturday, the payment won't show up til Tuesday!" But where is the record of the scheduled autopay?There's no indication, anywhere of 2700. "That's because its about to be paid, but hasn't been pid yet, so it won't show up in scheduled transactions or paid ones. I can see it will process Tues am." I don't see anything about any payment, only that the amount of 650 is now scheduled to be paid in Feb. "Well,what I see &what you see aren't the same; I see your account in real time." So when I call in for help, the rep & I can't access the same info? "Nope." Unbelievable. 2 1/2 hrs with citibank, the info my accounts page is wrong, the pending purchases are all there but no pending autopay. Really? This is a bank? This is state of the art tech? "I understand what you are saying, Ma'm."

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    Reviewed By painthorsman Jan 7, 2016

    Applied for Citi Credit Card...Total Waste Of Time

    Citi sent me a letter the other day, telling me that I had been pre selected to get a 0 percent interest credit card with double cash back.. 0 percent for the first 12 months... ok ! So, I bit, filled out the online application... never mind we have two businesses and both are doing well... Within 15 seconds of filling out the application for my pre selected "special offer".. my application was declined and I was told that I would be getting a letter in the mail, explaining why. I think it was a total scam to start with, probably to gain access to my social security number and phone numbers so they could harass me with endless junk mail and robo calls in the future. Who know's what they intend to do with my social security number now that they have that too... I'm calling the better business bureau and will contact LifeLock.

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  • M
    Reviewed By max Jan 2, 2016

    citi bank is all about make money and cutting costs at any cost...they r cut throat

    im a formal employee at citi bank call center where i worked past 15 years...over all employee moral is at all time low...citi is too cut throat and will cuts costs anyway possible...i would not own a citi credit card or bank with them and most of its employees feel the same way....if your own employees do not believe in yourn products or direction of company that says alot...citi wants all banking to be done online so it dont have to pay for cost of branches....if u have a cs issue that needs to be resolved and u fall past due they send your call to collections asap...citi business model is not to focus on usa banking because there is too many rules and regulations to how many fees and finance charges it can charge...so their business model is to open up banking operations in all these 3d world countries where there r not rules and regulations and they can dominate these markets and charge all fees they want...so in short citi as a hole is not employee or customer friendly...they dont care about local comunities they r n...will send jobs overseas...have poor moral values and has a cut throat make money at any cost...anyone who deals with citiband cards etc will in the end get burned and i feel sorry for all the sears, home depo, best buy,0 and coscos credit cards that citi just bought out...good luck

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    Reviewed By mother_of_2 Dec 22, 2015


    This bank is horrible I've been trying to access my money for a week every time they say there is no hold on the check but I can't cash it. They tell you different things whenever you call and are not in the business of helping people at all. I HATE THIS BANK and I hope they never get any more business!!!

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    Reviewed By Ticklemegoods Nov 18, 2015

    Just a terrible bank

    I wish I could give it no stars. I just opened up an account 2 weeks ago and have already called customer service more times than I had to with BofA and Wells Fargo. They've sent me 4 different debit cards. 2 of them weren't even associated with my account and 1 was canceled before I got it. Oh yeah customer service is a joke. None of them knows anything and is the reason why I'm having so many problems in addition to poor running of the bank in general. Finally I try depositing my check through the mobile app. 2 were available the next day(which didn't even have my name on it). My payroll check takes a week for it to clear but they processed enough of it just to make my account positive. Once my check clears I'm taking my money and running and never looking back.

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  • S
    Reviewed By SLHR Nov 13, 2015

    Citi Deposited to wrong acct

    Be careful they deposit the money/cash to your account. I am on hold on my phone trying to get them to correct my CASH deposit which they put in the wrong account. Watch them very, very carefully

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  • P
    Reviewed By Pela Oct 15, 2015

    Can't get a simple question asked.

    10 minutes wasted trying to find out if the branch closest to my home has safe deposit boxes. I have to enter my account # or SS # to ask a question, why? The tel # on web site listed for the branch brought me to a call center in San Antonio, TX. I live in NY. The operator answered my question, saying the branch I was inquiring about has safe deposit boxes. Unfortunately, I had a second question: what sizes are available? To get the answer, I was given the tel # to the branch, but it turned out to be the tel # to another branch in the area. I finally got an employee in the other branch who gave me the correct tel #. When I called that #, after a couple of rings a recording said that since employees were busy with other customers, I'd be transferred to a call center. The call center already told me they couldn't answer my question. So much for customer service.

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  • L
    Reviewed By ladyjaz Oct 5, 2015

    COUNTERFEIT CHECK issued by Sherry James

    I received a counterfeit check for the amount of $1,950.00. It states that it's a cashier's check from Citibank at this New Castle DE address.

    I'm reporting it to the FBI.

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