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Citibank Customer Review

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Audrey's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Audrey

Mar 1st 2012

Hackers!!! Run!!! Don't Even Think Of Depositing Money There. Where Is Their Fraud Protection? I Was Hacked By $1500 Without Me Withdrawing Nor Making Charges Against It. And I Received A Letter From The Law Firm Asking Me To Pay These Charges .

Bad customer service. I came there and the manager who looks like russian didnot prove to be helpful but was stern and he gave me the impression (tustin branch) that he thought i was lying. What is worse, i got illega l charges that i dod not make nor withdrew any upon. Surprise! I got this letter from the law firm asking me to pay for these charges. It used to be a credible bank, but now its credibility has been reduced to utterly despicable!!!! I won't even pass that bank again ever!!!! The charges came from barranca, irvine branch. I was given the impression that how safe is our money now in this banking industry. Terrible, terrible situation!!!

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biberian's Profile Image

Reviewed by biberian

Sep 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible! Worst Bank To Bank With!!!!

This is by far the worst bank ever. On september 09th 2013 i found out by myself that there was fraud occurring my account. I contacted citibank and they told me i needed to go into a location to discuss this problem and they would not be able to help me over the phone. I went into a location where they stated to me that the account was closed but in fact they actually put a block on my account. And told me that someone deposited a fake check in my account. I had not seen my debit card in a few days and in fact lost my id holder that had my work pass words with are 2 letters and 4 numbers which the numbers correspond with my pink number. I contacted my work to stop direct deposit but it was to late. I went into the niles location in illinois were the branch manager merimel who was absolutely no help, she was rude and acted as if i was inconveniencing her by asking her to assist me in solving this issue. She told me that my check from work was floating and she was going to direct it into the new account that was opened for me and i would be able to access my money the next day. Sure enough the next day i check my account and i was left with only a third of my check about $830 was taking out of my account along with the $330 that was taken from me when the fraud was occurring. So now citi bank has taken $1160 from me and i am a single mom living pay check to pay check trying to take care of my 9month old daughter. I contacted citibank early last week and they told me the case has been closed and i was denied due to me using the citi bank location that the fraud was occurring. Citi bank did not even contact me to tell me that the case was closed i had to continue to call them everyday. This is ridiculous becuase its not like citi bank is like chase on every conner. So i absolutely use to use that citi bank because at the time i lived closed to it but since then i have moved it has been almost a year since going to the branch! Citi bank does not care or want to help the average members they keep telling me it takes

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Johnh1961's Profile Image

Reviewed by Johnh1961

Oct 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Inflexible, Unresponsive, Disloyal, and Just Plain Bad

I am required by the Defense Department to use the Citi Government Travel Card. About four months ago, I submitted a claim for reimbursement of some travel expenses to the Army. The claim got hung up in the automated reimbursement system due to a previously unknown technical problem with the software. While the Army personnel worked hard and closely with me to get to the nature of the problem and solve it, it still took a considerable amount of time, and as the Citbank bill was approaching the due date, it became clear that the problem would not be fixed before the bill came due.

When I called Citibank to inform them of the nature of the problem, they simply were not interested. They refused to work with me and extend the payment window. In the process of being inflexible they were also unresponsive to my requests to speak with more senior decision makers, and one representative outright refused to let me talk to her boss. On a second call, the representative told me that a supervisor would call me within ten days to discuss the problem. There was never a follow up call.

I soon received letters threatening to suspend my government travel account. Later, I learned that Citi ramped up its collection efforts on late accounts by threatening to suspend delinquent accounts if not paid immediately. The intent being to make sure they got their money prior to the anticipated government shutdown on 1 October 2013. I was forced to pay the bill out of my own pocket.

Fortunately the Army found the problem, corrected it, and paid the bill, but they sent the money to Citibank. When I called the bank and asked for an immediate refund of what was now an overpayment, they said it would take them ten days to get a check out, and that they would not and could not get me the funds any faster.

After this debacIe I closed every personal account I had with Citi, and I told them to take me off their mailing lists.

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