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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By kburriss Jun 29, 2015

5 Stars!

Andrea Brown has been nothing but a huge help for us! I am so glad we chose to open our account with the Taneytown BB&T!

Thank you for all of the help and keep up the great work :)

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Danielle Feb 28, 2013

Omg! The Worst. Please Stay Away!

Funds that's transferred to your account will always be late. Days late. I had funds transferred to my acct. On 15th feb. 2013 & didn't get it until 21st feb. 2013. Right now, i am waiting for a transfer that was wired on 22nd feb. 2013 & guess what? Yep. I am still waiting! Again, please stay away! Don't say you haven't been warned. Here's how i rate my experience.

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Latest BB&T Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By DocRob Feb 5, 2016

    Bring back Susquehanna

    Let me start by saying that the people at the Landis Valley branch are fantastic and if it was not for them we would be banking elsewhere by now.

    However, overall the service from BB&T does not make the grade. As long as you do not have to deal with their toll free customer service you will be OK. That said, whoever had responsibility for the post-merger integration should be asked to update their resume. I've been thru numerous bank mergers and acquisitions over the years, but the problems with this one exceeds the aggregate of all the others.

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  • V
    Reviewed By vp79 Feb 5, 2016

    Unhappy Customer

    When we lived out of the state, we were with BBT and had no problems. However, since our bank became BBT last October we have had the worst service anyone can experience. One of their managers is so condescending is scary. You really need to let her go find a job where she does not deal with people. She has absolutely no people skills. I dread having an issue with that bank because every time I walk in there I end up having to put up with her. We are currently planning on leaving this bank. We may be small depositors but we are treated like garbage since they became BBT. Do yourself a favor - BANK SOMEWHERE ELSE. Less than 1 star rating for this branch in Manheim.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dcash Jan 29, 2016

    Horrible Bank for Mortgage

    If you want to pay your mortgage bi weekly, do not use this bank. I have to stay on top of it all the time because they do not apply payments, they just park the payments for months. They also will not notify you even if you have an extra payment in their parked account. Their representative told I be better off just to hold the money, because they will not make partial payments. I told the representative that was not correct they should post the payments monthly. That how I pay off my loan early. Two mortgages with other banks and they were able to sweep the accounts and post timely, but not BBT!
    So if you like monitoring your account to make sure payments are apply correctly and timely this is the bank for you. This bank is horrible!

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  • S
    Reviewed By slb33 Jan 27, 2016

    Ditto Ditto Ditto

    I had the same problems as most posted here today. The one that bothers me is a commercial loan I have with my business. I've had $300 ($16 to interest and the rest to principal) taken out every month since the inception of the loan about 2 years ago. In November when they took over my bank they stopped taking it out and then sent me at least 6 past due and non-payment letters. I go into a branch and they take out $300 on 12/1/15 to cover November and then the regular payment on the 10th of December is also taken out after they fixed it. I get a call from my accountant in January telling me that I made 12 payments last year toward the loan but its only showing 11. When I called they at first they told me "Its there!, I see the 2 payments taken out of your checking and they went to the loan" Only one did. They kept telling me I was wrong. Then they called corporate and they told me I was paid ahead till April? What does that mean? So, they kept insisting I didn't know what I was talikg about. So, I asked the rep to take out a calculator and put $4400 on it my balance as of 10/31/15. Now no payment was received in November. That leaves my balance still at $4400. In December I made a payment 12/1 of $300 and again on 12/10 another payment of $300. I asked the rep to subtract $300 and $300 and what is the total? The rep says $3800. I asked what my balance is as of 1/8/16? The rep says $4100. Then they say "Oh now I see what you mean". If my accountant never found that I would've never known about it and I'm sure they weren't going to alert me about it any time soon. I would've been out $300 and never knew it. And I again had my $300 taken out on 1/10/16 and just received a late notice again dated 1/20/16 that I'm $300 past due again. It just doesn't stop. I'm in the process also of moving my accounts. I can't blame the employees at the local branch. Their hands are tied. They have to call corporate and then corporate gives them a lame excuse to tell the customer.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dylsmom247 Jan 23, 2016

    Stay Away

    For sure this the the absolute worse bank ive ever done business with!! They make 5/3 rd look like the best so that in itself says a lot!! They are definitely crooks with ties!! You've been warned! Couldn't explain why my deposit did not clear 9 days later and over 1000 bucks in fees even though fund showed available!! What an absolute joke this place is! Stole my hard earned money because someone didn't press a button! I am in the process of getting it back only due to lawsuit! Yes had to go there because they did not admit fault until after lawyer called! The "manager" is rude and a very obvious liar that continued to trip up on every spewed out practiced line of bs i was fed , there was honestly 4 other customers there that very day i was to close their accounts due to very similar issues! Stay far away unless you enjoy throwing your money away to line the pockets of crooks!

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  • N
    Reviewed By noshow Jan 22, 2016


    This is the rudest and most NONhelpful bank I have ever been in. I was looking for a home town bank, but this definitely is not it. I would give it a minus if possible.

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  • E
    Reviewed By esissoko Jan 14, 2016

    They Stole My Money!

    I deposited cash into the ATM, and it was showing online in my 'funds available'. Made a few purchases, not exceeding my balance, and woke up the next morning with a ton of overdraft fees. I called in, thinking surely it was a mistake and could be corrected. It was explained to me that even though the funds showed that they were available they actually weren't. The cash deposit was still pending, and debits are posted before credits. This is a manager that told me this. Same story when I walked into the branch. I paid the fees, but started looking around for another bank. I'm happy to say I have found another bank and am in the process of switching accounts. BB&T won't steal from me again!

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  • P
    Reviewed By Pbrutout Jan 12, 2016


    I'm not sure why this branch has so many negative reviews. We have had nothing but wonderful service and experiences here. Everyone always goes above and beyond the call. We acquired a construction mortgage loan with BB&T and the loan officer was exceptional. She would take calls and emails after hours to help us and was always on top of everything. Their fraud department is great in tracking possible account fraud. I appreciate that even when it's not fraud. The tellers are efficient and friendly and it's not a busy location so you don't wait. I have no complaints.

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kweats Jan 12, 2016

    Worst bank I have ever had to deal with.

    Had several CDs that had matured. So far it is being almost impossible to get our money. CDs had transferred form Citi when BB&T took them over. Got bad information from the Texas St Odessa Branch manager. Was first told that we would have to come in personally . Odessa is 120+ miles from us. Would be very difficult to do. Manager said we could send in a Notorized and signed request and this would take care of it. Sent in the Notorized signed request. Got a call next day from someone named Alex. She said we would also have to send them a copy of both sides (back side has no identity info only driver restrictions) of the driver's license of the account holder. We tried to argue that the account holder had been already been legally sworn and identified by the notary. She insisted that they would still a copy of a driver's license . The manager never mentioned this requirement when gave us what was needed to close these CDs. Alex said we could mail or FAX a copy of the license. Contacted a public FAX source and they have been trying and will continue but their FAX line appears to be constantly busy. I only wish there were negative Star Ratings. This is the worst bank I have ever delt with.

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  • J
    Reviewed By JPS333 Jan 11, 2016

    Account locked for one wrong attempt

    --------------------Original Message----------------------------

    Date: 01/11/2016
    Time: 05:57 PM EST
    Profile Change: Account Locked

    As a security measure, your online account has been locked because of too many unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact us for assistance.

    To help prevent fraud, BB&T notifies you of security-related account activities, such as changes to your personal or business information or unusual account activity.

    Branch Banking and Trust Company, Member FDIC.

    Copyright 2016 Branch Banking and Trust Company. All Rights Reserved.

    My response

    You are idiots!
    If your message was correct then I wouldn't be able to read it!!!
    If I can read it then it no longer applies.
    Did you email this message to either of the email addresses you have on file? No, of coarse not that would be logical.

    And by the way it was one wrong attempt 1 let me spell it ONE wrong attempt and that was after correctly entering the user name and password you geniuses. ONE WRONG ATTEMPT AT THE SECURITY QUESTION that shouldn't have even been asked when you correctly enter the user name and password.

    Only after wasting another 15 minutes of my life on the automated/hold/phone was the account unlocked and I was able to read the incompetent message

    I know how to fix this it's called M&T Bank

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