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BB&T Latest Customer Reviews

usethisinformation's Profile Image

Reviewed by usethisinformation

Aug 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank in the history of banks

I'm not one to write reviews but in the event that this can help someone or some entity going after this bank, I hope this helps. BB&T is a HORRIBLE bank to work with, they claim that they don't place delays on transactions to ensure that they're able to charge people their $36 fees but they do. I had a case of running debit transactions and one credit transaction which takes longer to post on an account but BB&T let the credit transaction go through as this resulted in my account incurring about 5 $36 fees on debit transactions of $1+ and $5 each. The most recent incident was that my place had sent me a paper check instead of depositing it to my account, I went over there to see if they could either not place it on hold or at least release enough to take care of my already set up automated transactions to go through....given that I'd been with them for a while at that point and they could clearly see that the deposit and check were from the same company....but of course they wouldn't work with me. In my trying to make sure that my account would be ok, I borrowed $300 in cash and deposited that in my account and guess what? An item was still returned despite my placing a cash deposit and my having a balance big enough to take care of this. This is bank is the worst when it comes to customer service and only care about their set policies and procedures which they've instilled in their workforce. This is very unfortunate as even though I might be someone who unfortunately lives paycheck to paycheck right now....this will not always be the case and there is NO WAY IN HELL that I'll ever bank with this institution again.

@BB&T Work with you has been a disgusting and unnecessarily tiring and frustrating experience. Whoever owns this institution will not live a happy life as there's no way you can affect peoples lives the way you've affected mine and have a happy normal life despite however much you're making. I hope that I'm still alive when this bank finally fails.

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tJones82's Profile Image

Reviewed by tJones82

Aug 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever!!!! Highly Upset

I made a deposit at the bank for 5,762.00 on Aug 14...the bank is currently holding my check until the 23rd of August. So since last Wednesday I haven't done any transactions on my account and it's currently -764.62!!! How in the heck is this possible?! I called the customer service # and the branch manager and there telling me it's nothing they can do. But when the hold is taken off the 764.62 will come out of it...plus I'll be charged $36 for over on my gym membership and mortgage that has to come out this week. Are You Serious? I've had enough of this bank and I'm taking action because that's ridiculous!

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slimgirlz38's Profile Image

Reviewed by slimgirlz38

Aug 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

the very worst bank ever.

i had a money account ,and my debit card had expired,so i requested a new one.once it was mailed out,it was lost in the mail.so i called to inform them that i had'nt gotten the card so they placed it as lost.try to go to the bank on the following friday to get cash out of my account,where i was than told that i could not due to the fact the new card had been lost in the mail.and i had to wait 30 days to order a new one,and to get fund out of my account.the most rediculous thing i ever heard since my account is still open,i just dont have a debit card.im with the other people up here take your money and run fast.do not become a victim of this bank,you have been warned.

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cassieb77's Profile Image

Reviewed by cassieb77

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst bank ever!!!

This bank is horrible. Today will be my last day using this bank. I made a $20 cash deposit on Tuesday. They held my CASH deposit until Wednesday night and then ran a check for $10 check Wednesday night before posting my deposit. Which of course caused a NFS fee of $36. When I called the customer service line and got Amy she said and I quote, "To bad. That is our policy and I can't help you."

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Jericho's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jericho

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Insufficient Client Service at 4900 Ross Rd Acworth, GA

On several recent occassions there has been less than adequate help at the teller windows...just a single teller on staff handling both the lobby and drive-thru simultaneously. Like many, I make several midday visits per week to the branch during the peak of the lunchtime rush...and also like many, I face what I find to be Excessive wait times...sometimes 25 to 30 minutes before even reaching the window. I don't understand where the help is or has gone to (there used to always be a minimum of two tellers on hand). In most of these recent instances I've noticed a woman at a desk who was just sitting and attending to nothing...ie..either tapping on her cell phone and once even saw her putting on make-up! That was incredibly galling to witness to say the very least...so much so that it inspired me to acquire her name (Alyssa). To amplify my earlier mention, I make many trips per week in noon traffic to get to the bank...I shouldn't have to endure an extended lobby wait because someone is touching up their face paint...very unprofessional and discourteous.

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tdavismph's Profile Image

Reviewed by tdavismph

Aug 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Service

I tried to use my General Power of Attorney document here to handle banking matters for my mother, and they refused to honor it. I walked into a BB&T in Florida while on vacation, and they had no trouble honoring the same document. They said that I needed to have my family member banking with them for them to recognize my POA document, which I think is a violation of probate law. I'm proceeding with my attorney to see if I can force them to follow the law. Per recommendation of my lawyer, I asked at the local branch for the name of BB&T's general council so that my lawyer could contact them, and the bank officer refused to give it to me! Working on finding a better bank with some scruples. Probably a tall order in this day and time!

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FedUp304's Profile Image

Reviewed by FedUp304

Jul 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Good riddance

We have been banking with BB&T for years in several states. Our current local branch very convenient as it's right around the corner, and that's where the positives end. Highlights of the negatives: I've had to remind tellers at least half a dozen times that I was getting cash back (presumably an honest mistake but still), I once noticed that the wrong amount was entered electronically on a deposit slip (sloppy), and one of the floor managers takes the cake. She is lazy, rude and incompetent. She refused to notarize a common document for a house closing, claiming she "wasn't authorized." We took it down the street to another bank where we have no accounts and got it notarized with no problem. She slogs around the office as if she's doing the bank a favor by being there, and if she doesn't feel like helping you, she won't. A simple request for an account confirmation letter was refused because she claimed she couldn't verify we have accounts there (Um, hello? Try looking on your computer, which is how I log into my own account!). We offered to do that and provide our ID and were dismissed with the "I'm not authorized" excuse and told our request would have to be sent to some department which would take three days and $20. So we went to another branch and received the requested letter in minutes, no questions asked, no fee charged, no b.s. Kudos to that employee, who was unfortunately an aberration from my typical BB&T experiences.

I filled in the form online to report a complaint and two weeks later have received no response. Big surprise (not).

Went into the bank today to let them know we will be using our debit card overseas, and I received a patronizing lecture from the sour-faced manager about how despite letting them know, the card could still be blocked. Whatever. It's a back up since I'm already in the process of transferring our accounts elsewhere. Oh, and they also charge outrageous fees on foreign ATM withdrawals.

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LauraWiggins's Profile Image

Reviewed by LauraWiggins

Jul 23rd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Rude tellers

Just wanted the branch to know that I dislike going to their location because the tellers in the drive through window always seem extremely rude. They never look happy and act like it's a pain to help you because they don't go out of their way expect what they're suppose to do. I get it, it's not part of their job, but just because it's not written in your job description doesn't mean you should turn your nose up. I'll be using other locations from now on.

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aelaf18's Profile Image

Reviewed by aelaf18

Jun 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst experience

BB&T bank is the worst bank to deal with when it comes to your own money. Funds were already released a week ago and next thing I know, my whole account was held blocked to a negative balance because I did't sign the back of the check, and LRM telling my "my case is with an other agent and that they are not available to help me. This is the kind of unprofessional job a cooperate company could ever do. Instead of blocking all my funds and playing with my money, why not call to ask me to go to the branch and sign the back of the check but bb&t will call u every day to sell you there product. Obscure.

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dazzleme's Profile Image

Reviewed by dazzleme

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Banking Experience

I opened a BB&T bank account because of the convenient location to my office. Since opening this account six months ago I have had more problems with my account than I ever had. This bank couldn't get debit cards to us for nearly two months and have the worst customer service.

This has been the worst banking experience I have ever had. Do not bank with them! Take your money and run!

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worstbank00's Profile Image

Reviewed by worstbank00

May 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Holding my check/ Worst bank

I had a fire in my apartment. waited 5 months to get the check. I went to BB&T to open a new account with the insurance check that was sent to me. They said it was going to be a 7 day hold on the check. Okay Cool. I went online to log into my online banking and it says account account locked. I call in to customer service and they tell me that the account was closed at the simple fact there was a check that was fraudulent with my social at another bank. In such shock I say well why didn't know one contact me to tell me that I was flagged you guys have my information. The representative tell me that the check from my insurance company could be fraud to. I tell them that I have nothing to do with someone using my information to try to deposit a fraudulent check at another bank.

I drive to my local bank and when speaking to the manager, he tells me the check has to run his course threw the fraudulent department, I tried to show him all my documentation from my insurance company and he refused to look. He tells me "nobody walks in the bank with a $14,500 check"," you could be trying to pull a dosy on me" I told him sir I have all my documentation even the paper that you notarized from the insurance company. Then he states to me that there is no number to contact the fraud department they will have to contact me.

I am in great discuss at this manager and I have already filled a complaint with the better business bureau and with corporate for him not finding a solution to my problem.

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SherriFields61's Profile Image

Reviewed by SherriFields61

May 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I have been a BB&T customer for years. I have a line of credit, a commercial mortgage, and my home mortgage with them. I have never missed a payment nor been late. This morning I pulled the third letter from their mortgage department telling me I was late with my April house payment. I went on line and checked because I was sure I had made the payment. And I had. It was due the 29th, it was made and cleared my account on April 30th. I'm not sure what has happened with them since the beginning of the year, but I'm looking at moving all my accounts away from them. When I call, I'm on hold for minutes. Their customer service has gotten sorry. I would no longer recommend this bank to anyone.

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Farukh's Profile Image

Reviewed by Farukh

May 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst experience with BB&T mortage officer.

Unfortunately I cannot provide the full details about what happened in my case, because the number of characters is limited here. But I will mention that this was my worst experience dealing with mortgage officer of BB&T, who was incompetent and negligent and who caused me a lost house, lost appraisal fee money, inspection fee, two months of time and a depression. I would not recommend to anyone to deal with BB&T mortgage.

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coatichin's Profile Image

Reviewed by coatichin

May 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Stay Away From This Bank. They Are Thieves. The Things They Do Should Be Illegal!

If you don't have a lot of money, this is not the bank for you. They will charge you hundreds of dollars in insufficient funds fees by taking out larger check amounts before smaller ones that were already pending and holding deposits. I deposited a $5000.00 check on May 7 from my father. They will not release it until May 16 -- even though it cleared my fathers account on the same day I deposited it. I will probably get hit with many more fees before then from automatic withdraws that come out of my account. I am going to go on my day off to the credit union and open an account. As soon as i can get my direct deposits changed over, I will be rid of them. People really need to get together and fight these thieves. Close your accounts. If they have no more money to steal, maybe they will disappear. I also have to ask how the government lets them get away with what they do.

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stoneking's Profile Image

Reviewed by stoneking

May 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bad bank

I get paid every other week and when I deposit my check they only give me $100 dollars and i have a bill taken out they set me back $36 dollars in the negative. If you don't have a lot of money in bb&t, it's not the bank for a poor guy like me so they steal money from the poor in that if you don't have no money to cover your bill -- you're done for. Not fair.

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Lightworkx4's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lightworkx4

Apr 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Dishonest and Very Illegal!

In 2011, my accounts were breached and my personal Statements were given to a 3rd party without any legal permission. This was done by an Executive Vice President of Commercial lending out of the Newport News Virginia office. I call it "The good old boys club!" Wait for it, because now 2 publishers from New York City are buying the rights to the book.

The FBI will be given all the data so be on the watch for this story through Reuters. This will make wonder how far the corruption in our banking system goes.

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tnnntjhn's Profile Image

Reviewed by tnnntjhn

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Deceptive Loan Practices

Do not do business with this bank. They tried to reduce 100% verified income by 50%, which is illegal per the FTC under the mortgage discrimination laws (complaint was filed). Then they kept trying to add back in student loans that were consolidated, even after I communicated several times that these loans had been conolidated. There is little to no communications or call backs, the underwriting process is weak and deceptive and seems to rely on illegal practices. They then tried to push me into a high fee point loan which would have required high out of pocket costs after selling me on another product that I would have easily qualified for if they would have underwrote the loan correctly.

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Ursula's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ursula

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Lost a 15 year client over $10.00.

If I was you I would never bank at BB&T ever! I am a 15 year account holder that will be closing my account over a $10.00 fee that they charged and stated that while it was not charged correctly they will not refund it. Spread the word! (Share if you would like!)

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tscat007's Profile Image

Reviewed by tscat007

Apr 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

"Selena" Wins worst employee of the year award

I have had a commercial banking account with BB&T bank for the last 5 years. I run roughly on average $50,000 per month through this bank. The fees this bank charges are criminal. If I need any historical financial data it cost me roughly $150 each time to obtain it. (My accountant lost a lot of my files). I'm charged a $9.95 fee per month to link my account to quick books.

Their hours are typical banking hours. Their 800 phone number makes it very, very difficult to reach a human on the phone even if you have an account and absolutely impossible if you do not have an account. Their outside ATM use fees are high. Their own ATMs are antiquated. Their ATM's never have deposit envelopes for afterhours or they are soaked with rainwater. They don't show check images for deposits, they recommended I take a picture of my deposits with my smart phone and email the pictures to myself!

Whenever I have a problem and call the closest branch to me (Newnan, GA Main Branch) the customer service personnel do not do anything they say they are going to do, so do not get your hopes up when they say they will "look into that and call you back". They act as if they are doing me a favor by talking to me in the first place and Selena, an employee there will not do anything for you period but hey at least she is bilingual and that is very important to the people who speak the native language here in the USA. Selena only refers me to the BB&T branch that I opened my account with located in Fayetteville, GA. and stops there. All the while Chase Bank has been courting me and asking for my business to switch to their bank including purchasing new check stock to make the transition seamless.

In 5 years BB&T never showed the first ounce of appreciation of my business. Thus I have since switched banks and for good reason. In the 3 months I have been with Chase the banker has contacted me at least 5 times to discuss any needs I may have.

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fhpmanagementgmail's Profile Image

Reviewed by fhpmanagementgmail

Apr 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Dishonest and Extremely Sneaky!

We moved bank accounts from Bank of America, Wells Fargo to BB&T, thinking that they had good customer service. We signed up for the overdraft protection which was a line of credit we were told they would never be any fees we just pay the interest on the money we borrowed.

We did this for several years with no problems. My husband and I very rarely check our bank account or look at the statements we know what we're spending and we know we have the money to cover it if we don't, it's covered by the protection plan we always just move the money back. After looking at our today going back several months we found we have been charged over $400 in fees due to a Ainu $9 fee that they enacted but never notified their clients about.

Today I called the bank and ask them if they could go ahead and reverse those charges since they never notified a I was told no but in the future if I didn't want to be charged the $9 fee I can move the money myself. Use caution when using this thanks they are very sneaky and often put things in fine print or do not notify you of changes. Very disappointed we just did another refinance they have several loans with us and several accounts. Bad customer service for this instance.

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jeffo's Profile Image

Reviewed by jeffo

Apr 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible phone service.

Trying to get a third health savings access card for daughter. Finally made contact, then only two show up in mail. Took 45 minutes to finally contact person the first time who took information. Now we have to do same thing again.

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vick's Profile Image

Reviewed by vick

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


The bank took over BankAtlantic and now they are charging their new customers plenty of bank fees. Watch your statements guys these guys can and will start charging you fees at will. There is very little notice and they won't waive the fees or return your money even if you close the account. They also have no way to speak to a customer service representative. All the numbers you get are automated. They promise they will have a branch manager call you back and instead they send you to collections for a $30 balance and then charge you an additional $35 for the privilege of closing your account. I will now be moving all my work's money out of this treacherous bank into a bank that is more company friendly.

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Aladdin's Profile Image

Reviewed by Aladdin

Mar 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not good

People very nice but...

Charges higher than Bank of America.

Can't ever reach a real person on the phone at 800 number.

Very complicated to open business e-savings.

Can't find way to open personal e-savings on site.

Dislike the look of accounts online.

No response to messages online.

Always end up going into the bank for help.

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RobertWhipple's Profile Image

Reviewed by RobertWhipple

Mar 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Many of their employees are very non-professional and lie regularly to customer -- then they black ball your credit!

I have a mortgage with them and call and asked to defer the principle payment until the end of the loan so I could do needed repairs to sell the house. Their mortgage loan agent that talked to told me that I could do that for six months without any problems. The amount to be paid, for the interest and mortgage insurance was agreed upon.

The next month payment for the mortgage was reduced to the amount agreed. The following months payment was also reduced to that same amount. Then I got a message from BB&T that my mortgage loan was in default and I had to correct the no payment for two month. I call and talked to another agent and she informed me that the payments I had been making had not been applied to any part of the loan, the interest, etc. and that they had cancelled my mortgage insurance!

Since they had my mortgage in foreclosure I had to pay the full two months payment right then! I finally got her to acknowledge that they had a substantial amount of money that was being held somewhere and she would track it down and get it applied. She also gave me an exact amount that would bring the loan up to current and since we were already well into the next month, she included the third months payment in the that total amount. I paid the amount to the penny as agreed and then received a call from them informing me that my loan was in foreclosure! The fact that I had paid the full three months of payments did not matter. She also demanded that I pay the three months or lose the house.

After much discussion, she admitted that I had in fact made a payment, but the amount was wrong. They were demanding another full months payment to bring it up to current. Since I had been lied to already we agree that a four month payment plan would be ok. Then they destroyed my credit rating for the first 8 months of the year and refuse to consider their part in it and will not correct their screw up! Very very poor business to work with, lies and more lies.

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MrMoney's Profile Image

Reviewed by MrMoney

Mar 30th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service

Border line ignorant! If you are having a bad day ask to leave you should never treat your customer like $#!T. After waiting 30 minutes to connect with customer service this idiot N.B. hung up the phone while I was talking. This is only 1 account of 5 that I have with the bank but I can say for sure by noon Monday all of my accounts will be closed!

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abahabah's Profile Image

Reviewed by abahabah

Mar 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I am quite upset. I was told that if I had a recurring automatic deposit into this account over 100 dollars I would not receive a maintenance fee. However I have continued to receive this maintenance fee. The 10 dollar monthly fee is exorbitant. (There is no bank on the planet that charges this type of fee)

Apparently they changed requirements (Just up and changed it---& didn't grandfather in their loyal clients who had agreed to different terms)They up and changed the minimum deposit amount to 500--I should have paid attention--They reimbursed 20 of the 80 dollars they stole. (I found out 8 months after the change---They are not legally liable---because they sent out a notice)

What a scam! They must have made upwards of a million on this one.

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marykpfaison's Profile Image

Reviewed by marykpfaison

Mar 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

the worst ever no business in customer service

We called about pending fraudulent activity, and realize no actions can take place without the charges being complete however the rep did not ask or verify charges, blocked the card as it is still in our possession. We have no idea how the charges even occurred. When asked to have the card overnighted we were given the option of a free card by going to the branch. We were told it would cost $30 to have the card expedited. We do not go out often as our children are special needs and this would require a lot of work to have this done. I asked to have this waived as a courtesy and was told they apologize for my life difficulties but the charge would take place regardless. The 2 different reps, the initial and her supervisor, were condescending and need to go back to training class if they are working in fraud to understand the frustration of having this happen as now 2 loan payments will be declined due to this. Further, neither verified a new card was ordered and when it will be sent out. So now we have to call back for another 30 minute hold time to have this information given.

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sageman07's Profile Image

Reviewed by sageman07

Mar 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible bank. Terrible customer service. Treated like a criminal. Closing accounts and going to First Tennessee.

Had friends taxes deposited into account because they did not have one. BBT held the funds. Was told they needed her to sign some papers to release but she could not get up to bank and we were only given three days notice before funds would be sent back to IRS. Got signed power of attorney notarized as well as a notarized letter from her allowing the deposit. Venus, the manager, would not accept. Had to get her to leave work which she was written upfor in order to sign the papers. She ended up not having to sign anything but took copies of everything to fax to legal (so she said). Still has to be approved and funds will not be available until then. Venus acted like I was trying to commit fraud on a bank account in my name. Will never do business with again. Cancelled and moved all my business and personal accounts for my entire family. They are not the police or the irs and have no right to hold funds. A power of attorney is a legal document they have to recognize yet they wouldn't. I have deposited family members irs returns many times over the years with other banks with no issues. This bank is terrible. There are far more customer friendly banks out there where respectable, law abiding citizens are not treated like criminals and just a number. Their policies are terrible. They charge for everything. OD fees are $36 (highest around) and they do not allow you to cover in the same business day even though funds are not closed out till the end of the business day. These guys are the real crooks of the banking community.

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time2review's Profile Image

Reviewed by time2review

Mar 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Drone like customer service representatives

I'm not sure when BB & T quit counting coins but am disappointed that they will happily count my bills with a machine but not coins with a machine. I was told to use the coin counter before approaching the cashier she couldn't possibly count $20 worth of coins. Why is this left to the customer? When did the bank stop counting money?

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RobinW's Profile Image

Reviewed by RobinW

Mar 11th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

The best bank we have ever experienced!

We have been living overseas for the past 8 years and have continued banking with BB&T, dealing almost exclusively with the Cedar Lane Branch. With sons and daughters in college and in the military (in the USA) we have had a multitude of financial issues that we have needed help with, sometimes due to emergencies. Without fail, the people at the Cedar Lane Branch have helped to resolve our problem and have always been courteous and pleasant. In particular, Wayne Chen has been helping us for years and it is always a relief to have him answer the phone.

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