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Reviewed By weatherctr Jun 8, 2016


Branch Bank and Trust

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Reviewed By Danielle Feb 28, 2013

Omg! The Worst. Please Stay Away!

Funds that's transferred to your account will always be late. Days late. I had funds transferred to my acct. On 15th feb. 2013 & didn't get it until 21st feb. 2013. Right now, i am waiting for a transfer that was wired on 22nd feb. 2013 & guess what? Yep. I am still waiting! Again, please stay away! Don't say you haven't been warned. Here's how i rate my experience.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lorrie20109 Jun 24, 2016

    Branch Manager

    BB&T Sudley Road Branch
    7801 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20109
    My husband has had a business account with this bank sense 1994 we have never had any problems cashing our checks untill today now all of the sudden after all these years they say each person has to come in with Id in hand to cash the checks wow so for all these years gone by anything could of happened now yall want to be safe really this is crazy and a burden because my mortgage payment is due today good job way to go yall rock NOT!

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    Reviewed By bstokes Jun 18, 2016

    Potential Home Buyers Be Aware

    This has got to be the worst bank, including National Penn Bank. We are currently selling our home and two possible buyers were both denied by National Penn Bank and BB & T. This bank provides Pre-Qualification Letters for people who do not qualify. This bank also makes potential buyers pay for their appraisal without even first checking their credit. You would think the first step would be to check their credit rating before moving forward, but they do not. With our first potential buyer, when it came to the banks commitment day, our agent needed to be transferred to 6 different people because the loan agent was on vacation. Well, we found out that person did not qualify after waiting 2 months for this information. Why did it take two months to find out they could not verify her employment? Again, they had her pay for the appraisal, home inspections, at her own expense, only to be denied. Our second potential buyer, the same thing. With this buyer, the bank did not meet their commitment date and nobody could even call us to let us aware. When our agent was finally able to got in touch with someone, we were told they needed to exceed the commitment date for another 20 some days or longer. Why, when they already had all of the load paperwork for 2 months? This all took place the week we were supposed to close. This bank does not know what one hand is doing. Our agent was informed that they assigned the loan to a title company, why when this was already done and they had not idea. How can this be? This merger should not effect the customer, and it did. I called this bank myself to complain and was transferred to someone not even in the mortgage loan department. He informed me that I would have a call by the end of the day with an answer. Well, we all know that did not happen. I called the bank the next day to complain again and was told that this buyer did not qualify. Why would it take over 2 months and for them to ask for an extension, to verify employment and credit and then deny the loan? To me, this bank is nothing but a scam to take potential buyer money, in the hopes of getting a loan. I have never heard of a bank making someone pay for an appraisal without first checking their employment and credit. We just wasted 4 months with our house being under a contact and this bank not following up on their loans.

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    Reviewed By Lehman Jun 17, 2016

    Tellers refusal to cash check

    My husband and I have three accounts with BB&T. Today a teller at this bank on highway 9 refused to cash a check in my husbands name for me.She said because he must be there with me. Seriously, the man works 10 hour days ,how is that possible ?I was told to go to a bank where they know me.Thankfully the bank on rt.17 south in NMB cashed it, as they always do, and Ashley said she will handle the problem for me.Doubt I will ever use this highway 9 branch bank again.

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    Reviewed By BBT_HATER Jun 10, 2016



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    Reviewed By MMinDC Jun 9, 2016


    3 years ago I decided to use BB&T for my newly created business. I also decided (terrible move) to open a SEP employer sponsor account and do a rollover from 2 other banks that had my SEP -
    To open a SEP account took about 3 days - The rep. had no idea what I was talking about and BB&T did not have forms. I actually had to use a Capital One SEP form -
    The transfers took over 3 months. It was nightmare, the paperwork was lost, the branch supervisor did not know she had to sign it - It was a complete total chaos . The worst part is that at one point they tried to blame me. I had actually call a Vice President for the DC area and ask to help/ There was $5,000.00 "floating around" ( it was already taken from my old account but was not showing into the new SEP) Stupid me I kept the SEP open (closed the business checking account) and made regular deposits.
    EVERY SINGLE TIME I had to make a SEP deposit, there was a delay. The teller had to do something so special that needed a particular training, in fact I will get this " Sorry I have to call the supervisor because I don't know how to handle this transaction" It was so frustrating that I stopped going - I actually paid by assistant to make what should have been a simple deposit, but I refused to go inside. Two months ago I had to go in and make the deposit myself, and sure enough, the teller had to wait for another teller (who was busy) before could process my SEP deposit. It took 23 minutes. For 3 years I used the SAME branch.
    After the last experience and the pathetic interests the account was accruing i ( a whopping 15 cent per year) I decided to close it and to make a rollover to my personal bank (NFCU).
    Since BB&T forced my SEP money to be in a 3 month term CD I sent the paperwork to NFCU and request that my balance ($ 25K) be handled as a rollover - bank- to bank- at CD Maturity date on June 7 . Today June 9 I founded out the BB&T allegedly never received the request from NFCU. NFCU stated that the requested was mailed on May 23rd. I don't know who is telling the truth but NFCU faxed the request today June 9. To be noted that all my call MUST go thru the local branch as the Retirement Department is not accessible by anyone but ONLY to the Branch MANAGER. what kind of bank is this ??
    When I requested that the check be mailed to NFCU by registered mail I was told NO, even if I pay for the secure mail myself. I also requested to pick up the check at the branch but that too was turned down. "the check will be put in the regular mail in 3-5 days and mail to NFCU"
    This makes me very very nervous what if the check gets lost in the mail like the request ? How long before I can have my money? I can wait to close all ties with BB&T and stay away from this bank as far as possible.

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  • B
    Reviewed By Blazingbills12 Jun 8, 2016


    BB&T has no loyalty what so ever.. 10++ years of banking means nothing to them. I mean checking, mortgage and retirement... Would not let me cash a portion of a check from my local employer, says I must deposit... Next priority, find a new bank...

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    Reviewed By weatherctr Jun 8, 2016


    Branch Bank and Trust

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    Reviewed By MWorsman Jun 6, 2016

    Horrible Customer Service

    I've recently moved and am now closer to the BB&T Branch in Indian Land. I've got 3 Business accounts through BB&T (unfortunately) and have experienced horrible customer service both times I've visited the new branch. Associates working there have been less than helpful and given me attitude each time I've visited this branch. If you're looking for a new bank I would definitely recommend you not use BB&T as they clearly do not care about their customers.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mopman64 May 21, 2016

    Stay away!!

    Went in to draw out 700 for a purchase, told me that there was a 300 daily limit or I would have to pay a service charge.
    Are you kidding me, my own money and I can only draw out 300 a day? What a joke.
    So I closed the account and they charged me a 25.00 fee to close the account.
    Never again. Stay away.

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  • E
    Reviewed By erhan May 21, 2016

    non existing service

    The customer representatives will lie to you and transfer back to you to the waiting pool. They do this because you asked something they do not know how to do. Like when you asked limit sharing your info.
    If I knew Susque Hanna Bank would sell us out, I would not go with them.

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