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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By nickcello Mar 14, 2015

So far, really good!

I'm in the process of dumping Wells Fargo and Everbank is a breath of fresh air! Opening the account was really easy. I did everything online from signing my name to writing myself a check for the initial deposit. There are no fees, so I have no complaints!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Christine+Ward Feb 20, 2014


Mortgage servicing is pathetic. Any search online would make you want to turn and run. Mortgage payment kept going up because of escrow they say. My payment started out at 1100.00 and rose to 1650.00 with a fixed interest rate.
My story is one of many.

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Latest EverBank Reviews

  • K
    Reviewed By Kmb17 May 17, 2016

    Worst bank I have ever used

    We have worked with a lot of banks and this is honestly the firs time I have ever hated one. They would not send info, and apparently ate loan that they said we could pay off after a year can be paid off, but we have to pay out all the interest as if we did the loan for the full 4 years. We were lied to.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dgcraig May 14, 2016

    NeverBank Says It Better

    The intro rate on Money Market Accounts is good; but the opening procedures are much more cumbersome than other banks. Online statement availability is inconsistent, and customer service responses seem to have been written by cretins. How about "never again"?

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mmaner Apr 13, 2016

    Helped us when we needed it

    My wife and I decided to stop renting and buy our own home last year. We had be told by other banks that our business wasn't open for 2 years it would be near impossible to get a loan. We called Holly Weseman at the naples branch. With her help we received a pre-approval letter. Then when we found a home she worked hard to help us get approved. After a couple of months and many hoops ( due to business age) we closed right after Thanksgiving and moved in right after Christmas

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  • B
    Reviewed By bat2009 Apr 8, 2016

    Avoid Everbank Home Loans

    I called when I received my property tax bill. Everbank said they will pay my tax bill out of my escrow account. Last week I received a supplemental tax bill and logged online to find out that Everbank never paid my property tax bill and I had a 100 dollar fee for default payment. I called Everbank and they said they would look into it but I should pay the tax bill to avoid additional fees. Since I was responsible for the taxes even though Everbank takes my money to pay property taxes.

    I paid my tax bill to the city and Everbank, thru impounds. Today I receive a call from Everbank saying they paid my tax bill after telling me to pay it. Because I paid first, so I would not loose my house, Everbank would issue me a refund once they receive a refund from the city for the second payment. It can take 6 weeks for the refund plus a couple of weeks for Everbank to get it in the mail. This of course assumes I call Everbank the day my refund arrives. So Everbank gets to stick me with a fee for they mistake and I have to wait months and make more phone calls to get my money back.

    They also informed me if I did not want to call back I could just wait till December and they would send me a refund.

    This is just my largest issue with Everbank. They have screwed up everything else so far. If you can, use anyone else for you home loan. Anyone but Everbank,

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  • T
    Reviewed By tspdich Jan 26, 2016


    Three weeks ago my wife and I were ready to open two $250,000 CDs with Everbank in trust accounts. They dropped the ball so many times we gave up and went elsewhere. First they claim they did not receive all our paperwork. We faxed it again and were told it was all received. Then a week later we were told again they had not received all the paper work. We asked them to check. We were promised they'd get back to us on that and when the accounts would be ready for funding. After a week on one had called or emailed. When they finally did email us they seemed to have opened only one of the two accounts. Let's put it this way - they do not inspire confidence.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bsb Jan 23, 2016

    Fannae Mae Property Financing

    Below is a timeline of my dealing with Everbank-
    1 – Everbank said they could finance me
    2 – Back and forth about the properties’ status - 2 months
    3 – Delayed me closing 2 months (when I could have purchased cash) immediately
    4 – I purchased cash (2.5 months later)
    5 – Resumed loan processing and restoring property
    6 – Asked if I could get cash out prior to complete renovation – There was enough equity in the property even if I happened to walk away which I was not going to.
    7 – Everbank pushes for completion at which I stated several times I did not want my credit repulled (I was already qualified). I was assured it didn’t need to be repulled.
    8 – The property will be completely restored shortly and now I have wasted so much time going back and forth, pulling my credit, submitting document after document for NOTING.

    Not happy; this is my new primary residence. Everbank asked for my credit card to pay for an appraisal and I even enrolled in the Everbank money market account, 5k min to get the appraisal waived. At a minimum, to make things right, I want the appraisal refunded to me - I asked many times and Im being ignored.

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  • S
    Reviewed By styleandinspiratio Nov 2, 2015

    Beware of this bank. I do not trust them.

    I encountered three negative experiences with Everbank. First, I was surprised to learn that Everbank charges a fee per check to make a deposit into our business account. The marketing rep who set up our account never told us about this fee. Second, Everbank promotes the ability to scan checks from your personal scanner to their institution for direct deposit. Unfortunately, we encountered a glitch and after numerous calls and a huge agg... factor technical support could not resolve the issue. We now must mail in our checks. Currently, Everbank lost two of our checks. I personally contacted the banks from which the checks were written and learned that Everbank did in fact receive the funds. But would you believe, Everbank has no documentation of the two checks processing. What did they do with our money?! Scary!! In the meantime, Everbank deducted the money from our account while they research what is going on. Really?! On top of dealing with all the issues the representatives have an "I don't care attitude" despite the fact that they are holding over $500,000.00 of our money. Three strikes they are out. I am moving my money to another bank.

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  • RY
    Reviewed By Robert Y. Aug 3, 2015

    Seemed simple but...

    The setup process seemed simple but became complicated quickly. They asked me question for which I had no answers, how am I supposed to know the age of my aunt Janice who I have only met once? I had to call father to ask him the age of his sister to create an account??

    Then they call and say my birth date is inconsistent on my credit report so they need a copy of my passport and I have to fax it. Who faxes anymore? where do I even find a fax?

    While they are an internet bank, stay away, they still operate like it is 1998.

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  • C
    Reviewed By catchmonster Jun 21, 2015

    Not Worth It

    We were going to open a business checking account. In the initial application, they make the initial process appear easy. However, once you put in the initial application, there is a ridiculous amount of detailed paperwork to fill out, requiring information that is really unnecessary. You also cannot always reach somebody during normal business hours at the bank's main phone line. We had to leave a message and somebody called us back the following day. This is a terrible way for a bank to practice customer service in this day and age. Needles to say, we decided to bank elsewhere.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mifga Jun 18, 2015

    Excellent, fast, accurate customer service

    Pleasantly surprised by the friendly, LIVE, customer service, REPEATEDLY. Accurate information, quick response. Website is easy to navigate. Love the iPhone check deposit. Very competitive rates. I think this just became my favorite bank.

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