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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By rwinder54 Apr 11, 2016

Very friendly and helpful

The people at this location are very helpful and friendly. They were kind enough to do a notary signature for several documents I needed. It is not my bank and I informed them as much. The branch manager welcomed me into her office and gave me the help I needed, on 2 separate occasions.

Everyone in the branch greeted me upon entering and were very warm.

When I change banks here locally I will be glad to do business with this location.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By lesinnash Dec 1, 2015

They aren't Honoring Deposits

I made a deposit yesterday which posted yesterday and they did not honor the full deposit first before the debits were made, and charged me an overdraft fee today. I called to tell them that they have always honored the deposits first before the debits, especially when I have deposited before 12 pm and they tried to tell me that they didn't, only $100 of the deposit. Obviously I have never had this problem before- I've always had all of my debits covered the same day when I have deposited before 8 pm - way before the banks were closed. They are obviously stealing people's money for no reason and I am switching banks for this reason. They will not be around much longer with this treatment of their customers trying to 'gaslight' them into thinking they are wrong.

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Latest Fifth Third Bank Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By Davidamack Jul 31, 2016

    Crooks! Cheats!

    On numerous accounts they had foney charges to my loan and would just come up with late charges when none were due. I ended up paying an extra 4K on my loan or else they threatened with reposition and legal action. Worst bank to work with. Whenever I called I got transferred several times and a lot of the time hung up on.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mea Jul 13, 2016

    Fifth Third Bank 1620 n telegraph rd. dearborn mi

    Went into the location for a card cancellation. Days later find out the card was not cancell had to go out of my way to re-cancel and was rushed off the phone by women representative. Also I requested them to not tell an associate I dont prefer to work with them any more they stated they will not and he will not know a new person will help you. To find out that they were gossiping to the guy about that I did not like working with him. So I have been lied to, wasted time, and rushed off the phone, does not seem this location has much care or disregard for the customers.

    Very dissatisfied.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mb7818 Jul 5, 2016

    Business Checking Account

    Fifth Third Bank has horrible customer service. I had a business account with them they gladly opened it with no problem. However; throughout the experience got ruder and ruder. Finally, when I had enough, I went to close my Business Checking to find out that they charge a $50.00 charge to close it, per account. The HORROR.... Amazing how they don't disclose that up front. Not worth having a bank account these days. Really??? What's the benefit???

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  • T
    Reviewed By TommyB Jun 28, 2016


    My dad and mom applied for a loan with Martha. Documents provided closing was expected to be within 30 days. Guess what closing took over 45 days. Closing costs around $8,000. Lease expired and now no place to live. All this because Martha provided all the documents to the processor at her convenience. Ohh by the way Martha Ramirez is a mortgage banker that will not return your phone calls as well as her secretary. Processing deparment will also not provide you any information. No status update at all. Finally, if you have a lawyer, no worries that bank will not talk to your lawyer as well so good luck applying with fifth third. They simply disregard you as a customer.



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    Reviewed By TimShepherd Jun 27, 2016


    The level of service I received from Abby definitely exceeded my expectations. She was more than happy to set up my new account. Employees like Abby will keep loyal customers banking with Fifth Third for life.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rmiller85 Jun 18, 2016


    I opened a basic checking about with the understanding that of the money wasn't in the account then the bank would not let anything post. I had the account for not even 6 months and I've lost well over $700 due to fraudulent transactions, denied stop payment requests, and overdraft fees. I spoke with someone just about every two days within the past two weeks with no resolution. It was suggested that I close the current and open a new account....same issue. I regret the day I walked into 5/3.

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    Reviewed By Piyushswami May 31, 2016

    Great place to do all the banking

    This is the best bank I have taken my business to overthrow past forty plus years. Great staff who are always ready to help. They go out of the way to provide service

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    Reviewed By Roberta123 May 28, 2016

    Can't get cash as computer is down

    This morning we went to the Bank to get $1000.00 in cash, before the Memorial Day Week-end.
    They said the computers were down so were unable to give any cash, said they would call when they were up. We said we would call and check. Called, could not get through, put in a loop. We went back to the bank about an hour later to request that they call someone to get the cash released. Everyone was very rude including a customer who got into the fray. We walked out of there with the needed cash. Can't believe a bank can't function without a computer. They can take your money but not give it. We are a Private Banking customer and have been for at least 15 years. I think we need to find a new bank. Their customer service stinks.

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    Reviewed By Pack1987 May 21, 2016


    This entire bank branch is one of least helpful collections of people I have ever had to work with in a "professional" organization. They say one thing and then 5 minutes later will say something totally different. Their "banker" barely speaks English and has a difficult time performing simple tasks. Their "head teller" wasn't any better and I have seen no other signs of leadership whatsoever. I have had a fifth third (previously Old Kent) account for over 28 years and have only remained loyal due to a grandparent who previously was on the board but as years have passed I have been repeatedly disappointed by this organization and their lack of knowledge, ease, and satisfaction as a business. Will definitely be taking mine and my family's business elsewhere.

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  • S
    Reviewed By smiky0403 May 10, 2016

    Bank is incompetent/ Irresponsible agent

    I started in last year to open my account which just had a balance of about ~$170. I treated it as a convenient place to withdraw/deposit small amount money since it's near home.
    When I open my account, I've confirmed with the agent at least 3 times: if it's free of monthly fee and her answer is no monthly fee.
    But actually there is a $11 monthly fee!!! The agent has no idea about their bank and their bank account product!!! . When open my account, I've explain clearly to her why I want to open this account and my purpose of use; if there's a monthly, she should have definitely warn me the monthly fee and stop me to open that account.
    That is common sense for her! She was totally responsible for it!
    There's not even a courtesy alarm during the past entire year. When I shut down my account the time my money was drained out below zero, there's no refund and no apology . When I leave, the same agent was even try to sell me some their new product.
    Finally I would suggest to stay far away from Fifth Third Bank, especially this branch.

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