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Fifth Third Bank Latest Customer Reviews

tomhastings's Profile Image

Reviewed by tomhastings

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't Use 5/3 Bank

I have had extremely bad experience with this colony branch over the years. So i primarily use the carmel branch. The tellers and people have been much nicer than colony. However their personnel has been changing rapidly lately. The person in charge is extremely not customer friendly. Yesterday i stopped by the carmel atm to withdraw $300. 00 cash. The transaction processed but did not give me the cash. I immediately went inside and they gave me $300. 00. I asked if the other $300 atm was off my account. They said no but a man comes to the atm twice a week and i would have to wait until next week to get the $300. Posted back to my account only if the atm showed an excess of $300. This is completely unaccepable in this age of technology. The tellers sent me to the manager in charge who was very "letter of the law" and also told me i would have to wait until they determined if their machine was in balance next week. The implication from this "so called manager" was that i may have taken the money and they would take their time to figure out if they were wrong and then and only when they physically check the machine would i mayby get a credit back into my account. I was upset that she had no sympathy and was so"letter of the law". Apparantly 5/3 teaches their personnel to handle disputes and any request for help this way. If there had been a real manager with customer service skills there, i would not have gotten so upset. Because i was upset the manager said she was going to call the police and picked up the phone to call. I felt like i was the one who had been robbed and i should call the police on them. I left extremely upset. I looked online to get the phone number of someone of authority i could talk to but they guard the numbers like gold. So i had to use the 800 call an idiot number in order to receive more run around. Please consider my numerous bad experiences with this bank before you open an account. If its your money, you want attention.

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brycol24's Profile Image

Reviewed by brycol24

Aug 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


This branch is located on w. Broad street in columbus oh in the kroger store. These people are the rudest people i have ever met. I go there and have 3 deposit slips (white, pink and yellow). I have to ask every time for them to stamp the yellow and pink. Why on earth would i hand you all them if i didn't want them stamped? Went there today and i was greeted but the csr just kept up the conversation with the other csr totally ignoring me. I would never treat customers like that. I hate fifth third bank!

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fifththirdsucks's Profile Image

Reviewed by fifththirdsucks

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible to their customers.

Their customer service is horrifying. I was given wrong information multiple times by their offices. They treated me like dirt.

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tyizzy's Profile Image

Reviewed by tyizzy

Aug 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Long Time Customer - Never Bank Here! Rude And Disrespectful

Customer service continues to get worse and worse. I was recently told by:

employee id: bv1moc3a, call that happened at 5:18 pm cst on 8. 4. 14. (name: britnney) that i need to manage my funds better simply because i sent in a mortgage check for one of our investment properties "5 days prior to the grace period ending". This bank is not like others and simply still operates in the dark ages. Unfortunately i'm stuck here as all our other banking is with a more established and professional institution. It takes 6 days for a check to arrive there and another 4 days for them to process it when a customer should be able to log on and pay large accounts immediately opposed to waiting 10 days. They wonder why the grace period gets eaten up so quickly. As soon as we get the chance we'll move on from fifth third and have everything at one bank who clearly educates their customer service team on how to manage customers.

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reynasd's Profile Image

Reviewed by reynasd

Jul 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

5/3 bank is not the bank it used to be - long time customer

I have been a 5/3 customer for a long time. And, up until a year or so ago, I was very satisfied with their service. Recently, however I have had more trouble with 5/3 bank than I have ever had with any one business in my life.

They revamped the way they handle my accounts - forcing me into a "relationship" plan that has been nothing but a non-stop headache of mistakes on their part that take me hours of phone calls and on-site visits to repair.

And, even after they fix their mistake (usually a fee they're charging me that I should be exempt from because I do, in fact, have the minimum balance in my account at all times), and tell me that it won't happen again - it DOES happen again. And, I am back in the never ending vortex of phoning them (and, no never able to talk to a human at my local branch on the phone - since the local number automatically forwards your call to "customer service" in another city, where their best advice is that I try to call back when my local branch is not busy (but they can't tell me when that might happen)) and/or being told that I need to travel an hour and a half (each way) to the branch where I originally opened my account, to ask the wizard there to fix it.

It is exhausting and, apparently, never ending. After first encountering this problem a year or so ago, I started putting the bulk of my money into an online bank where I actually earn interest on it. But, I was careful to leave enough money in 5/3 to cover my regular expenses and to maintain a substantial enough minimum balance to avoid fees. I wanted to believe that they'd get their act together eventually.

I hate to leave 5/3 because I have had my accounts there for so long. They treated me well for many years. Generally, I'm a loyal customer. But, I have no choice. I can't keep subjecting myself to this. It's not a healthy relationship.

What happened, 5/3?

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Koreybradley's Profile Image

Reviewed by Koreybradley

Jul 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Makes Money With Fees

They drag out processing deposits & payments in order to collect fees. I closed my account last month. Verified there are no payments linked to that account. I just get a letter today that no only did they not close my account as I requested, they have also piled on over $100 in fees.

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mrgreen's Profile Image

Reviewed by mrgreen

Jul 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst bank manager

We've been banking here for over 4 years and have finally had enough of the rude and arrogant treatment consistently received from the bank manager at this branch. She goes out of her way to be insulting, uncooperative and has not been the least bit helpful the entire time we've been here.

I've dealt with almost all of the big national banks that have poor reputations and the Fifth Third in Lowell is the worst of the worst, thanks to the unprofessional behavior and rudeness of the manager here. We are canceling every account we have with Fifth Third and will NEVER bank here again.

Put your money anywhere but here!

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nomorebanksters's Profile Image

Reviewed by nomorebanksters

Jul 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bank anywhere but here!

The customer service experience with Fifth Third is the worst experience I've had with any bank. They continually operate in their own best interest and not what's best for the customer.

We had a credit line that mysteriously suspended (just after paying down the balance) because it was used 6 consecutive times. I called the main customer service number and was told to call my local branch. I reached the local branch and was basically told we were stupid for not seeing one clause in a 6 page contact from 4 years ago and that "we should have known better". The "manager" seemed to take pleasure in making us feel like we were complete idiots and refused to release any of the money that was deposited. Additionally, Fifth Third intentionally does not post relevant information to your online account, preferring instead to hold on to your money so they can profits off of the interest and then penalize you on top of it with "Gotcha" clauses.

Bottom line: Fifth Third will nail you with every opportunity they can find to hold on to YOUR money and run your account into the ground with penalty fees. This is a bank hides behind the boiler plate in contracts and will screw you to the wall with absolutely no forewarning or notice. We are moving our money out of Fifth Third asap.

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SmallBusinessBewar's Profile Image

Reviewed by SmallBusinessBewar

Jul 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Small Business -- Don't Bank with Fifth Third

High fees and horrible service. Bank Manager Noel, Young and inexperienced whom promised to call me back on several occasions with answers to issues -- never did. He did however convey his Yes Sir demeaning attitude.

With a new bank now and what a difference!

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michalda's Profile Image

Reviewed by michalda

Jun 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Policies Against Customers

Be warned about this bank as they are out to get fees from you. They changed the due date on my credit card so the following month I was late. I went to the bank and the manager called to straighten it out but they refused to reverse the late fee. This was my first payment. He apologized saying he had never seen anything like that before.

On my auto loan I also make the payment in person at the branch at St. John, Indiana. Be warned payments made on a Friday or Saturday before a Monday late date will not get posted the day you make the payment at the bank. Although you make the payment on Friday or Saturday, this bank will not post your payment until the following Monday or Tuesday thereby charging you a late fee.

If you call customer service you will get someone with an accent so think you canâ??t understand them. Then when they transfer you to an American you will get someone so arrogant and rude you want to hang up.

Although the local branch is great, the bottom line is that this bank is out for fees and they could care less about their customers. I would rate them a zero if I could.

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mac2600's Profile Image

Reviewed by mac2600

Jun 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetence at every level.

I've had an account with the local branch since I was a child, and through several bank mergers and sales it became Fifth Third. I've got savings, checking, credit card, and mortgage through them. There is not one product that is good. Due to the bank practice of holding deposits, processing every withdrawal before crediting deposits they charge fees and tap my credit card as my overdraft. They consider this a "cash" withdrawal on the credit card, and charge more than double the interest. Which is a complete scam as if I pay more than my minimum balance they post credits to the "cash" balance last, and only after the "purchase" balance is paid in full.

Several times they have cashed checks written by an out of state church from my account (account numbers are similar). That has made issues with overdrawing my checking account, and resulting in fees and charges to my credit card. When I call to have it corrected I've been verbally attacked by phone reps, and been told it would take 10-14 business days to get my funds returned. When they return the fund to my credit card, they credit purchases not cash. All of this on checks that were withdrawn from my account in error by their employees! It doesn't help to talk to a supervisor/manager, I've tried.

I also have been treated to incompetence when attempting to refinance my mortgage. Over the phone I'm told about various options that would save a lot of money. Of course I have to leave work early to meet in person to do some paperwork. When I arrive at the location the "mortgage professional" doesn't have the options that were discussed on the phone.

I'm working to move everything to a credit union. I feel bad for anyone who has ended up banking with Fifth Third. I certainly didn't choose them, got trapped by a bank merger/sale. I don't know why anyone would chose this poor excuse for a financial institution.

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RDW0815's Profile Image

Reviewed by RDW0815

May 14th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Poor Management and Awful Employees

This branch is poorly managed and the poor management is reflective in their employees. I have had my account with Fifth Third for 5 years. I refuse to deal with this branch. If it weren't for the wonderful people at the Birkdale branch, I would have closed my accounts with Fifth Third and moved them to a bank that staffs their branches with respectful and knowledgeable employees. Best thing that Fifth Third could do with this branch is to shut it down or fire everyone that works there.

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Kathypop's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kathypop

May 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever!

I am writing this to warn people to stay away from Fifth Third bank.

I opened an account several years ago as Business checking account, since then always a problem. What kind of bank holds a check of $5000 and over for 10-14 business days on a business account? Don't they know that business has expenses every day. That is the one thing, next is. I never had a service charge on this account but from last 2 months there are service charge of $10.99 and when you call them and ask what is it about - they don't know right away they need to check this. This is just a joke. They lie and charge you and will take your last dollar.

Next: They never send me a note soon enough to make a deposit and not be charge or text message or any email about my account is over draft, its a letter usually after 10 days. This is just ridiculous. When I try to applied for a business equity line of credit. I never got a call back from the bank with any decision. They just don't care!

The best one is, I had a savings account with Fifth Third Bank, and when I had money there everything was ok, but when I made a withdraw and left few bucks they started to charge me fees. Not notifying me about it for a few months, (I opened the account September/October and was tiring to make a deposit in March and my account was already closed) over charged $28 and they told me that they were about to report me to the credit agencies - great, right? My patience is over.

Pathetic Bank Who Doesn't Care !

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cassie1066's Profile Image

Reviewed by cassie1066

May 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Poor and Impersonal Customer Service

I opened an account several years ago as a student and maintained the account during my time in the Midwest. Since then I have continuously received only mediocre customer service. My questions (asked both online and in person at branches) seemed to be more bothersome than anything. The bank is difficult to contact on your own terms, but they have no qualms calling at inappropriate times of the day (or night) and leaving rather lengthy voicemails --sometimes meant for another customer. The most current difficulty is in terms of traveling abroad. The website indicated I could send an e-mail through their Message Center and have my travel plans taken care of. I sent a message -- twice -- and the only response I have been able to get is "I'd be happy to take care of that for you. Here, call this number," even though I clearly stated in both messages that I did not have phone service in Europe. I am very dissatisfied with the impersonal customer service. The bank has gone out of its way to prove that I am just a number and I will close my accounts as soon I return.

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WalMan's Profile Image

Reviewed by WalMan

May 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fifth Third Bank Is A Joke -- Bad Business

Stay away from fifth bank. Their customer service is a joke and there's never a bank manager available to speak with. They'll also put your check on hold for 12 freaking days for the dumbest reasons. The $37 overdraft fee is a joke. You've been warned -- don't bank with Fifth Third Bank.

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sbfl's Profile Image

Reviewed by sbfl

May 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I don't have an account with Fifth Third Bank, but someone else does in my name. They allowed someone to open a fraudulent account in my name using my SSN and DL# and name, but no ID. They were issued an ATM card and able to make transactions repeatedly with no ID. This person was able to deposit and then withdraw funds from a $27,000 counterfeit check before it cleared (came back as counterfeit). This unidentified person posing as me was a male (I am a female). Fifth Third Bank allowed all of this in my name with no proof of ID or security at all. My identity was stolen and easily used with this bank.

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Joseph_Schubert's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joseph_Schubert

Apr 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Selfish A-holes

I am writing this to warn people to stay away from Fifth Third Bank. Their customer service is a joke. What kind of bank holds a man's paycheck for 12 [Redacted] days because I over drafted a lot. Still they can't do stuff like this. I have food, bills, and other things to pay. They're online banking is horrible. They make it very hard for people to get anywhere. The customer service line isn't open on Sundays. Forget Fifth Third Bank. I don't gibe at all of this is an isolated event. One event can mess up a mans life. 5th 3rd put in a bind and now I have to make one of the toughest decisions i have ever made in my life. People are going to end up hurt from all this thanks to 5th 3rd and their deceptive ways.

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WBRW32's Profile Image

Reviewed by WBRW32

Apr 15th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Making contact with a loan offficer

This bank has had the financing on my car since new,,I made the last installment last month and now I get a nasty letter from them that my account is seriously delinquent. I am 81 years old and now deaf so I cannot call them on the phone. I want an email address so I can get this crap straightened out. Can some one help me?

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ADaggerMiller's Profile Image

Reviewed by ADaggerMiller

Apr 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

A rollercoaster ride

I don't want to have to think about my bank. Fifth Third calls itself the "curious" bank. I still have no clue what that ridiculous slogan means, because curiosity presumes interest in your customers's specific needs, and I don't see that.

When I first opened my accounts at what is now Fifth Third, the bank had a different name. Then it was bought out. And bought out again. So here it is 2014, and it is Fifth Third, where many of the personnel seem poorly trained and disorganized, and the "experts" make numerous mistakes (as in calculating interest when I've gone in person to talk to a bank manager).

I just spent several hours on the phone in the last week having them correct more of their errors. It took three phone calls to finally straighten it all out. Their policies have changed and I was misinformed about which checking accounts were free. They agreed that I had been, and it was corrected, but it took a great deal of time and energy. I was also charged for an annual fee that has always been waived in the past, and was told there was no way to change it permanently, that I will need to call every year to have them do this.

Banking at Fifth Third is a full-time job--for you. The left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing. I want to change banks so badly, but it's such a hassle, and my mortgage is there. That's another thing. Two years ago, when rates dropped, the mortgage guy did not tell me even when I point-blank asked him. I have refinanced since then, but I couldn't help feeling his omission was deliberate, just so the bank could get the extra money. Anyway, if you're looking for a bank, this isn't it! I'm tired of being told I'm a valued customer. I want to see the evidence. I'm tired of thinking about my bank.

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andre6's Profile Image

Reviewed by andre6

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Mortgage application process

I applied for a mortgage with Fifth Third Bank. The worst experience of my life. I had been a customer of Old Kent before it became Fifth Third Bank. They were an excellent local bank to work with. However, after the take over, my attitude changed immediately. The entire loan process was long, expensive and poorly handled from start to finish. They lost paperwork that was sent to them several times. I talked to managers, supervisors and all were incompetent. I finally gave up after 9 months and closed all my account with this awful bank. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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xmasjohn's Profile Image

Reviewed by xmasjohn

Apr 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My husband has a car loan with Fifth Third Bank and when we got the car we only got one book for payments to be made monthly. We had 36 coupons and we paid on the 4th of each month never missing a payment.

On Monday 4/7/14 the car was repossessed because the payments for Jan.,Feb., and March of 2014 were never paid. My complaint/question is if the repo company was able to find out our address to come and take our car why didn't someone from the bank contact us to tell us the payments were late. We since found out the loan is for 75 months and not 36 months and that was due to the dealership underhanded procedures.

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astevenson419gmail's Profile Image

Reviewed by astevenson419gmail

Mar 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever -- thieves!

This is the worst bank ever do not keep your money with them. They say they offer free checking account they lie and charge you and will take your last dollar. My paychecks that have always cleared within 24 hours are now taking four days.

I work in property management here in Toledo with one of the biggest companies around and we will no longer be allowing transactions with this waste of a bank. Also just because of the issues we will intentionally be marketing for the competition, and I will be telling every single person I encounter with a bank account the problems that come with this sorry excuse for a company. It is absolutely amazing how policies can be changed with no notification, and then you are unable to pay bills because they hold your money almost a week.

Beware people please read all reviews before you give anyone a cent of your hard earned money, especially the vultures of fifth thieves!

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Sara_Sarah_Sarruh's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sara_Sarah_Sarruh

Mar 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Only Have Car Loan

I moved all the way across the country to where there was not a Fifth Third Bank (there was not one where I moved from either, it's just where my car dealership got my financing from). Anyways, you cannot pay online for a car loan unless you have a bank account and you cannot pay on the phone without paying a $30+ convenience fee. So, I pay by check. Well, in my move and haste I forgot to mail my car check in time for them to get it before it was due (first time in over three years). I remembered on the 3rd (was due on the 4th), so it would still be there in plenty of time for the "grace period."

Well, you would have thought I robbed their bank for the amount of times they called my cell phone and harassed me about why my payment was late. I have tried to call customer service before and was told wait could be up to an hour and a half, an hour and a half. So, one of the million times they called me, I answered the phone and told them I appreciated their call and due to high traffic volume, their wait time might exceed and hour. They hung up. They were even calling at 5:30 in the morning and I think that is just rude. If I can't reach them anytime but 8-5pm Monday through Friday, they better not be calling me anytime outside of that time period either.

Needless to say that I will never do any kind of business with them again after this car loan is done. Might even try and get a loan from someone else to get rid of this one with them.

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Frustratedwith5th3's Profile Image

Reviewed by Frustratedwith5th3

Mar 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mortgage services seem designed for fraud

Called to stop automatic payments because we're changing bank accounts. Was told there would be a penalty because we got a discounted rate for signing up for autopay when we got the mortgage. No. We paid by check for the first 4 years. Only signed up for autopay a year ago, for convenience, and did not receive any incentive, and I explained this to the representative.

I confirmed with her that we needed to stop the payments for now, and I would send a check in, until we sort out our bank changes. She reiterated that we would have a penalty because of the incentive we received - like I had been talking to the wall. So I asked who I could talk to in order to sort it out and make sure we are not penalized. She transferred me to the mortgage department.

I explain the situation to the guy in the mortgage department. He asks if I have my mortgage documents with me. I say I have them, but not in my hand. I'm only looking at my recent statement because I was only calling about the autopay. But, I explain, that the mortgage documents would not matter, because we did not sign up for autopay back then, nor receive any incentive, nor did we refinance when we switched to autopay, nor sign any new mortgage documents of any kind. He says he can't verify because he can't access my documents.

So I ask who can help me confirm that we will not be penalized. He says I should talk to the mortgage department. I say I thought that's who I was transferred to. He says, yes, he's in the mortgage department, but he can't help me.

Huh? It's the same run around we got when we first got the loan and they charged PMI even though our mortgage was not supposed to have PMI. They kept telling me I had signed a contract with PMI. I asked, repeatedly, for them to provide me a copy of that contract. It did not exist, and they knew it. But they continued to charge $160 extra a month. It took 4 months (and a letter to the full board of directors) to remove the PMI (and refund the PMI we had paid).

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charlottebanking's Profile Image

Reviewed by charlottebanking

Mar 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incompetent staff focused on product sales rather than service. If I had a nickel for every time they changed my accounts, I'd be rich.

The staff merely keep a seat warm and watch the clock. Fifth wears out my phone for surveys and sales calls but when it comes to actual service or banking questions, nothing.

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53stinksbad's Profile Image

Reviewed by 53stinksbad

Mar 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not Good

It all started when i moved outside of the 5/3 area. I sent an overnight letter, had proof of delivery with signature and it did not get put onto my account for over 3 weeks, with them calling me for payment and adding late charge. They do not show calls made to them from you and you can't believe a word they say. After the 3 weeks, they finally cleared it up after i had to send proof 3 times. Then i sent via mail another payment, guarenteed to be there by the due date. I called and it had not arrived. I had to do a payment over the phone, trying to keep my credit good. I then asked if the other payment could be posted for my next month's payment even though it was for more than the payment amount. I was told no problem but now i am being charged for a payment being late again because it was posted as just going against the principal for last month. I have great credit and am moving everything over to my new bank and getting rid of them forever. Worst experience of my life and don't ever try to prove them wrong because they will have an answer for everything.

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nickbartlett's Profile Image

Reviewed by nickbartlett

Mar 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't get a loan with this bank!!

I'm a landlord and my mortgage broker has used fifth third for a few of my mortgages. This time around I refinanced two of my rentals with this bank in order to get enough cash to purchase a new home for my own family. This bank told my mortgage lender and I that they'd refinance my rentals at 75% LTV, which would give me enough money to purchase this house, buy some furniture, and have a safety net. After six weeks they decided to give me 70% LTV on one refinance and 65% on another to minimize their risk in giving me less money for the rentals I was refinancing. They gave me just barely enough money to cover the down payment and would make me completely broke.

We had to get an extension of two weeks because they couldn't get our home purchase loan done on time. Three days before extended closing we had to get rid of a car loan to reduce our DTI ratio. Then, they wouldn't count our rental income and required me to take a day off work and scan every repair receipt I had for my rentals, then they threw this out... I wasted a day off work and time through this audit! At the last hour before the closing and calling them all day, we heard that they needed more time and they were too busy with other loans to get to ours. This threw a HUGE wrench in our lives as I had to cancel a dozen services that were set to start at the new house the following morning, including movers, daycares, vacation time off, etc. It's been nearly 3 months and we still don't have our house!

I mentioned they've done a few mortgages with this bank as they were the choice of my mortgage broker. The first time was a similar story where they were very late for no good reason. This first time they were over a month late to do a simple purchase. It was so late that I was charged a $50 per day late fee (Per diem) until it closed. 2.5 weeks and $800 in fees later, it closed. I should have learned my lesson after the first timeâ?¦ shame on me. I refuse to do anything with this bank again.

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stsears's Profile Image

Reviewed by stsears

Mar 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very Poor

I started with 53th about 5 years ago and everything went well until 1 year ago. I own a LLC and have several rental properties and some have mortgages that are held by 53th. 53th calls and wants to know if I would be interested in refinancing the mortgages. I said yes and so they started the process. A month or more go by and I hear nothing, then They tell me that I would have to take my rental properties out of the LLC name before we could refinance. I refused with advice from my attorney, so they said thats oK we will give you a Wavier for that and go ahead and do it. Then 6 months go by and nothing from them. I email the loan officer and they said they were having problems with the deeds. THey said , no problems, we will get it fixed. A few more months go by and no words from them. I call and they say they are working on it ad will get back to me. A lady calls from the bank and said they gave the files to her to look over and she see no problem and says to go ahead with the refinance. Then I get a letter telling me that they have turned me down for refinance. I ask why and they say because it in the LLC name. From there I tell them that if they can't do this then I would look for a bank that could. They were charging me 6.75% on each loan. I start looking and start closing accounts and then their service goes south. They won't talk to me , they won't follow thru on things I need them to do even tho I still have several accounts with them. Now that I have pulled 4 checking and Saving accounts out, they won't much more know who I am. So sad.

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Bien's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bien

Mar 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I have a car loan. Was out of work for two months. Went 30 days late. Called them to make arrangements. No help from them at all. The harassment calls started. Getting caught up. Called them to let them know I sent pymtm More calls. They are cut throat and my only advice is never do business with this antiquated lousy bank. Can't wait to kiss m goodbye. Toyota finance is the best. very professional and they helped.

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MarkH's Profile Image

Reviewed by MarkH

Mar 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks


They do anything possible to rip you off. The last straw, charging me 11 bucks a month for a checking account that I don't even write checks on, GOODBY 5/3. I have been a member since 1972, well after they bought out my bank.

Now it's WPCU credit union all the way. I just wish they had as many ATMs as 5/3, but that is the only thing I miss.

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