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Great Western Bank Latest Customer Reviews

JaqStone's Profile Image

Reviewed by JaqStone

Sep 19th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank Services and Customer Service

Over the last 35 years I have banked with every major bank and a few small ones. The best by far is Great Western Bank in Coolidge, Arizona. Customer service is top notch and the products they offer are the best in the industry.

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jlj's Profile Image

Reviewed by jlj

Jul 25th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Great Bank Without Any Problems

I have always enjoyed banking with great western bank. The staff is friendly and i feel the website is very user friendly. I have never heard of my friends or family saying anything negative toward this company. I plan to stay with this bank forever :)

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Requiem's Profile Image

Reviewed by Requiem

Sep 21st 2011

5 out of 5 marks

I Have No Problems With Their Checking Account

I finally had enough of wells fargo re-enrolling me into overdraft protection without my consent, closed the account, and walked across the street to great western. I checked out another few banks before i settled on great western, but i was pretty happy with them from the start. When i signed up, i got that typical gift given to new accounts (reusable metal water bottles). They purchased all my old checks from wells fargo, and added that to the account (roughly 20 bucks, which is more than i paid for the checks, ironically).

They asked if which checking account i wanted, and there was no discernable difference between their "totally free checking" and their "vip checking", except vip had online, direct deposit, billpay, and payed you interest (with no minimum account balance). "totally free" has none of those things. Also, for the vip checking (but not totally free checking), for every direct deposit you set up your first month with the bank, they will add $10 to your account. Every automatic billpay you set up also adds $10, so long as you set the billpay up in your first 30 days.

After my wife and i had our direct deposits and billpays set up, i got a full tank of gas for something i was going to do anyways. I declined overdraft protection, and have not been automatically signed up (unlike wells fargo). If you do opt for overdraft protection, however, overdrafts here cost less than it does at any of the other banks i spoke with (great western charges around $32, everyone else i checked out was at least $35). I have no problem encouraging people to at least check this bank out.

The reason that i am giving the bank 4 stars, instead of 5, is because my wife got her debit card, and we got the checks we ordered, both within a week. I never got my debit card until i went back into the bank 1 month later and enquired, at which point it arrived 2 days later. I wasn't angry, but it wasn't quite perfect, so i couldn't give it a perfect score.

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Mike J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mike J

Dec 5th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Pretty Good Bank!

Opened a Checking Account with them a few months ago. The people in my local Branch are very friendly and outgoing. I do not have any complaints with them other than their CD rates are a little lower than average.

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jamesuhrich's Profile Image

Reviewed by jamesuhrich

Feb 12th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Credit Card Customer Service Is The Worst I've Ever Experienced.

I recently opened a checking account with great western and was happy with the friendly staff at the local branch. At the time, i also accepted their offer to open a visa card account. 0% for 6 months. Great. Bad move. Their payment structure is managed by at least two other mystery entities, of which dealing with is horrible. I tried to post my first payment to the card last month through one (i say one, because it turns out there are more than one site to pay at, but they are all antiquated and hard to navigate) of their payment sites, www. Ezcardinfo. Com

turns out, the payment didn't process, even though the site said it was accepted. Instead of calling or emailing me as it happened to inform me of their error, the account sat for three weeks in an outstanding, unpaid status. I'm happy and ignorant all the while. By week four, i started getting mystery calls from an 866 number every morning at 8:15. When i answer, there is no reply, it just hangs up. When i don't answer and it goes to voicemail, the same thing happens. One morning, i decided to call back the number to see who has been such a nuisance. It's some "courtesy" division or company or agency saying my account is outstanding. The extremely rude and uncourteous associate who answered wouldn't even tell me the reason for the call until i gave him all kinds of confidential information.

Remember, i had no idea who this company is! After 2 hours of precious work time, multiple phone calls to multiple divisions, agencies and who knows what, plus fretting over my credit taking a hit because of their cludgy system. I still had no answer why the payment didn't post. I also couldn't pay them at that time over the phone without being charged a $10 "convenience" fee. I gave in and just mailed them the stinking payment. That was one week ago. I'm still getting the calls. I called the 866 number back today to speak with a manager, who, as it turns out, was not there. First-rate bs.

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Pam9630's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pam9630

Jul 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Double Charges for Checks

This is the third time I have called about being charged twice for checks. Also the checks did not come with the changes that I ordered. I was on hold for 15 minutes and told that customer service could not help m and I needed to talk to my personal banker. I left a message and no call back. I then called again and I was told my personal banker has been up for another job and this might be the problem. I then called again and was left hanging for another 15 minutes. With no resolution, as far as I'm concerned this is a grave misuse of my funds. What ever happened to customer service?

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Rellimellimac's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rellimellimac

Mar 8th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


Tried multiple times to stop overdraft charges. Details were not properly disclosed.

When I went in person to discuss account, personal banker had left out 2 social security numbers on her desk along with account number and pin number for account. When told banker about it, she did not even attempt to hide it.

Personal Banker was not knowledgeable about current issues already facing Great Western Bank.

I am closing the account I was discussing. Who knows whose information they have breached.

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TCBnothappy's Profile Image

Reviewed by TCBnothappy

Mar 15th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Bad News Bank

The "Front Office" of this bank has caused me more problems than any other bank I've ever delt with. Who are these front office idiots, why can't I talk to them? Great western lies about protecting the customer but come on Great Western, you will protect yourselves only, not me or my business. If you order a product from a website that they don't like, they will shut down your card without notice and leave your butt out in the wind. What??? you shut down my card countless times without notice? I have had it!!!! Small time banks like this will cover their own ass's at all cost and hang you out to dry. The people at the lakewood branch are awesome but the front office will screw you in a heartbeat. WAKE UP great western, my accounts will be moved by the end of the week.

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edmonds's Profile Image

Reviewed by edmonds

Sep 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Online Banking Difficulties

Every time i attempt to login to my account it has been impossible to login. There seems to be no one available to assist. I am fearful there are internal issues with security. I am considering moving my account to another bank.

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nebcitygirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by nebcitygirl

Jun 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Banking Experience

I opened a checking account in Nov. 13', and since that time I have had several garnishments hit my account. Which was fine until I found out that the majority of these 'garnishments' were actually legal fees form my bank. That all that money I had been paying out was actually going to the bank and a very tiny portion was actually paying my garnishments. Then they processed a garnishment with no funds in my account and charged me $79 with overdraft fees for over a week.

They will not redo this and they claimed they had permission from the court system. So I contacted them and they told me they did not say that they could remove funds that were not there. Getting an answer was like pulling teeth. They straight up lied to me about verifying paper work, and when I asked to see the paper work they claimed they verified they could not produce it. Very horrible bank. Wouldn't recommend anyone to use it.

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scojhoff's Profile Image

Reviewed by scojhoff

Apr 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Lost a deposit of mine and had checks drawn out of my account from other customers. Where's my service fees to collect?

Been banking with these people since 2002 when tier one was the bank, but the bank folded and then Great Western took over. And in three and a half years of banking they lost a deposit of mine that I had to tell them to go find after 3 weeks when I decided to reconcile by check book. Now that would of been lost forever had I not said anything. Furthermore a friend of mine had his work check deposited there and they lost that too and He had to go to his works office to prove a cancelled check. Oh and one other thing they had not one but two checks from other customers drawn from my account one over drew my account now they reimbursed the account but a week later they charged me for a NSF for someone else check. they reimbursed that too, but hey shouldn't I be able to charge the bank $30 for screwing up my account! Be ware and like the previous statement I raised a little hell and they cancelled my checking accounts too, I'll be going to small claims for check printing expenses and those fees. Watch your accounts closely if you do business with this bank!

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GoBigRed's Profile Image

Reviewed by GoBigRed

Mar 5th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

The most incompetent bank and staff in the state of Nebraska

Worst customer service, incompetent people. Charged me a fee but can't tell me what it was for. They closed my account because I made them feel uncomfortable. As stupid as it can get!!!!!

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Ollieknows's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ollieknows

Nov 24th 2012

1 out of 5 marks


Kept canceling debt cards saying they were reported stolen(I have never reported any of my cards stolen). Then closed my account without telling me. I found out by seeing that the wrong account number on my deposit slip. The bank teller didn't even say anything when I made the deposit into a 'closed' account. When I called the 800 number to ask why, they informed me my account had been closed since August but confirmed they had reissued me a new card on September 5th (why would you reissue a card to a closed account?). They cannot find the deposits or money or deposits I have put in there. It's just gone and they instead referred back to the bank branch.

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dpeder's Profile Image

Reviewed by dpeder

Dec 29th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible bank--do not bank there anymore

I was forced to keep my HSA at this bank--due to their incompetence, I have overpaid on a check and cannot get my money back. I addition, bank is charging me for their mistake--been arguing with them for 2 years over a $30 overdraft and they are charging $500 interest. DO NOTBANK at Great Western Bank--they are thieves!

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jazjef's Profile Image

Reviewed by jazjef

Nov 23rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

"Lousy" Would Be An Improvement.

1) customer service is pretty bad. Phony, passive-aggressive customer service help---particular the receptionists at some brick-and-mortar locations; condescending and very poor at pretending that they care about you. Come on, at least hire a good actress.

2) inaccurate.... And then 'accurate' again? I've had several mistakes that shorted my checking account causing me grief----however, after going to a bank officer, i was shown the next morning that my account was what i claimed it was. What? The reason: they update their system but still allow clients to access their online accounts while the system is updating. So, if not all updates have been applied to your account you may see your account as negative, get angry, print a copy of the account page, then make a plan to scream-and-yell at them the next morning. Bottom line: you'll be too angry to sleep. Why can't they have a "system is updating; please try back later" announcement at the top of the login page? Wow. Stupid at best.

3) electronic banking interface is deceptively designed; it presents your 'balance' on the first page, but if you don't click on 'accounts' to view outstanding debits not yet applied (the page where your actual "available" balance is shown) you'll end up with an overdraft. I have a phd in human-factors/usability---there's only one reason for such as design: deceit----the design of their online banking interface increases the probability that you will misinterpret your balances and garner an overdraft. Period.

4) waited for over a month for a new debit card. The passive-aggressive receptionist said she would order me one. She didn't. She did this intentionally because i was upset that mine had expired and they had not mailed me a new one. Their response: they didn't have my new/current address...... Despite the fact that they financed my new home less than 14 months before. Stupid to the nth power.

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jncg2003's Profile Image

Reviewed by jncg2003

Aug 22nd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Piss poor bank with customer service policies that will be their demise!!

Ever had bank fraud touch your own life? I have. Somehow I had not only managed to go to Europe over a weekend and buy 9 e-tickets to a bus I never visited, but I also went to work. As a financial institution you should be quickly alarmed at any unusual out of area activity for protection of your own assets, but also that of your most important assets, your customers. Great Western Bank failed in this attempt. After calling the bank on a Monday (because life should always revolve around normal banking hours) I was placed on hold for some time. After speaking to a representative they canceled my card and told me I needed to come into the bank, since convenience is the utmost option. I did and after carrying casual conversation with me the personal banker told me I will not have access to my funds. WTF!!! Lets think here bank, you have money right? You have a certain availability of funds right? If I am giving you inaccurate information then charge me with fraud. Close my account. Fire me as a customer!! However, how the hell can I be in Europe, buying away e-tickets to a bus when my account does not dictate this at all? And then my account withered down to nothing, but thank the higher powers above that I have overdraft protection of $500 big ones and access to absolutely nothing. Seriously, after said dispute is over, my banking will be done elsewhere. This is a sign of times regardless of a bank not existing anymore because of poor customer service policies. I bank with you because I am responsible enough to have a full time job and need a place to house my money. If you had real fraud protection, I would have had two transactions and if these took a weeks worth of time, I would not care. However, failure of a bank is in how they treat a customer. You fail Great Western Bank, you fail!

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Brian's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brian

Apr 21st 2010

1 out of 5 marks

Great Western Bank is terrible

I had a checking account with Great Western Bank because they acquired my old bank. And that is when the whole experience went sour. They don't answer emails or phone calls. I was told several times that they would do something and they never did it. As a result I have closed my account with GWB and I'm moving on.

My advice, RUN AWAY from Great Western Bank!!!

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Ronald's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ronald

Aug 23rd 2009

1 out of 5 marks

I've had issues

This was by far the hardest bank to do any kind of business with. They have no 800 number so you can talk to someone. They do not have 24 hr help. You have to leave a message to get someone to help. They never emailed me back on my problem. The change from Wachovia was very hard. There on line bill pay is very primary. They do not have a way set up your bills to go from your checking account. Interest is nothing and hours are not good at all. I am taking my money out as soon as my cd's are out. Already changed my checking account. I called to stop on line bill pay and they said it was free for anyone with a checking account. I told them on their web-sight that they start charging 4 dollars a month if you do not use it in 90 days. She informed me that I was wrong. Looked again on web-sight and it was right there.

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