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HSBC Bank USA Latest Customer Reviews

jprusakova's Profile Image

Reviewed by jprusakova

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

terrible service

Long phone wait, incompetent lying customer service rep. First they cancel my ATM card, then declare account 'dormant' (whatever that means) and cut off my online access. I called twice, spent an hour each going through the menus and dictating spellings to customer service reps.

They do not keep track of customer calls.

They lie about services. First they said I can fill out "dormancy" form via email, and they'll send it by email. Nothing showed up.

Then they said it'll take 24 to 48 hrs, because HSBC uses some back-office (rear end?) version of email.

Then it turned out they send a paper form and that takes 10 business days.

Then I was told to talk to internet department to restore access to the account online. And, viola!, after spending another half hour of my life talking to more incompetent liars, I was told that I first need to wait for the dormancy form. Which at this rate is likely to arrive about never.

I had some money left over in my checking account, and it's proving very difficult to retrieve them from these thieves.

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Priscilla's Profile Image

Reviewed by Priscilla

Apr 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

I'm a bookkeeper for a company that has 21 retail locations. In total we have 25 businesses that have accounts with HSBC and each business has about 3 checking accounts. We're not a small business and the service we get from HSBC is beyond terrible. The relationship manager, Victoria Karamanci totally ignores my calls and e-mails now. They switched from their faulty HSBC Business Banking website to the HSBCNet.com site, which is not user friendly at all and when you call customer service they don't know what they are doing, they give you wrong info and it's a total disaster! Can't wait to switch banks, which will happen soon! We've had it.

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ariel_dude28's Profile Image

Reviewed by ariel_dude28

Mar 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible and fishy banking practices

My account was closed without any notice. The bank had my phone number, email and address. But they neither called or emailed me and say that they send me snail mail to my address. The bigger problem was that they send my closure cheque to my 6 year old address. When I asked how did they still have that address when I went ahead and updated it over the phone (on call with some India customer service). They had no answers. The worst part was that the call center had no clue why was my account closed. They say "I think its some issue with missing information on my file and the bank determined to close it". Honestly, is this a joke or something? Can't they call me to find out about that "missing information"? Which century is this bank in? Horrible and I would ask people to stay away from this bank!!. Use a credit union that has a branch close to your home so you can some real people to talk to. There is no 0 rating so I had to select 1

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Diogenes's Profile Image

Reviewed by Diogenes

Mar 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

HSBC Bank cheats and chisels!

I had a jumbo "park it & forget it" account with HSBC online. Somewhere in the last couple of years, they dropped the interest rate to 0.05% (no, that's not 5%, it's 5/100ths of one percent).

This month (Mar. 2014), while doing taxes late at night, I went online to look for my 1099, and found that the bank's labels for all of the codes and passwords they require (way more than other banks) had changed! So now they are asking for something called (I kid you not) "Your Memorable Answer." Answer?? Answer to WHAT? Off to the side somewhere, it turns out they had written "Your Memorable Answer is your old password, and your new Password is your old Security Key." I'm still shaking my head over "Memorable Answer." Got the feeling this website was not created by anyone who actually speaks English. Then they don't want you to type the full word: no, just the 3d letter, plus the 2nd-to-last and last letters! That is inane, insane & pointless! I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get into my account that night, and then the next morning spent another 30 minutes on the phone and online trying to straighten it out. Got so fed up with their elaborate process just to get my 1099 (which they are too cheap to mail), that I asked to just take all of my money out of their bank. After 3 more phone conversations on HOW to do that, I said "Just send me a check!" The clerk said that for the amount I had on deposit they would send it FedEx and I would have it in 2-3 days. ONE WEEK LATER I still didn't get it, so I called and learned they had waited a whole week even to send it out. So they lied, and they cheated by holding onto my money a total of 10 extra days at their pathetic interest rates, before I got the money. (Then Wells Fargo wants to hold the deposit *another* week on top of that.) So I came to this web site to look for any banks with actually decent customer service.

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stephenk's Profile Image

Reviewed by stephenk

Mar 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

WORST bank experiences I've ever had (next to WAMU debacle)

Years ago, HSBC hounded us to re-fi our mortgage. Offered us a better rate if we would hold a big 'chunk' of money in their accts for 6 months. Nothing unusual there.

My partner & I, who co-owned our house and kept our finances separate, each had a portion of the required 'chunk' to get the better rate. Us: "Separate accts ok?" HSBC: "Yup....and if you re-fi with us now, we'll give you a $500 Apple gift card". Us: "Ok, let's do it."

We filled out all requested paperwork & transferred the funds - everything on time. (BTW: their re-fi process was the most laborious/disorganized I've ever experienced - and i've done quite a few of 'em - but that's not the slimy part).

After the re-fi finally completes, we spent months trying to get them to send us the Apple gift card. They kept 'looking into it'. Eventually, they tell us: "Oops, the gift card offer required that your 'chunk' of money be in the same acct, and the offer has now expired -- sorry, nothin' we can do about it." Us: "Huh?!? Then do something else for us of similar value." HSBC: "How 'bout an HSBC t-shirt and mug? That's all we can do." Of course, we turned down this generous opportunity to be walking advertisements for them.

But WAIT!! They weren't done providing lousy service.

A year or so later, my partner & I ended up with about $15k each sitting in HSBC savings accts. They started calling every month or so, encouraging us to let them find us a good investment for that money. This went on for a year or more. Obviously, t'wasn't a priority for us.

Eventually, we met with them. That was 2011. Told them we wanted to invest in a relatively conservative mutual fund with a good track record, and if possible one that supports alternative energy.

I just now cashed out my $12k investment.....got just over $5k back (and that includes $1200+ of re-invested dividends I had to pay taxes on). And now I find out that this fund's inception was the year I bou

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