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Reviewed By Tom R. Aug 15, 2015

Positive Experience

On Friday, August 14, 2015, I accompanied my granddaughter to apply for a loan. It was near closing but Denise Helman took the time process the loan application. To make things even better, Jenny came over and introduced herself. She is the branch manager and this only added to an already very pleasant experience. If this customer appreciation is an example of what to expect when a potential customer makes a visit, then I may be tempted to start a banking relationship with Huntington at this branch location.

Tom R.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By BryceSchaffer Feb 22, 2014

Now I'm suing them

its a tough one but I've definitely got some dirt on them now! lorain county court of common pleas. case no. 13cv181571. I'm about to start a class action and could use all the people they've hurt pertaining to overdraft fees, inaccurate account balances and defective checks. my info is on the docket. please send me a letter and i'll respond by mail or phone if you provide.

Bryce Schaffer

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Latest Huntington Reviews

  • A
    Reviewed By Aggravated Feb 9, 2016

    Horrendous customer service

    My rating would be negative 5 if it was on the scale. I called Huntington today because I needed 5 yrs worth of bank statements for Job & Family Services to determine my mother's medicaid eligibility. We had to check her into a nursing home and we are not rich people. Therefore we had to file for medicaid. I got two years worth of statements online and when I called (and visited a branch - Hillsdale in Canton, OH) I was told it would be $5 per page for the copies. I spoke to everyone I could and there is no budging. In case you're wondering, that is roughly $700. I am absolutely furious and cannot believe this is what they call customer service! How can that be right? They said they'd file a complaint for me - I hung up on them. What good is a complaint when I need statements? Absolutely unbelievable. I will be closing the account I share with my Mom and my account with First Merit, which Huntington just bought.

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  • A
    Reviewed By asprague9988 Feb 9, 2016

    Horrible loan servicing!

    Horrible customer service, you get a different story every time you call. I have an auto loan with them but cannot sell the car until it's paid off in full. They will not even talk of lien release until they have every penny even if you will tell them you are getting payoff for the car. Even if you have paid every month on time. They refuse to work with you one bit. I'm stuck with a car with high mileage and absolutely no way to get out from underneath of it even though a have several buyers interested with money in hand.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kyleje21 Feb 6, 2016


    I wanted to share my feeling I recently had with Huntington. The Whipple road/Hills and Dales location in Canton Ohio specifically.

    I have been a member of Huntington for 8 years now, and have had pretty good service since the beginning. However, Once it came time to get the new chip-infused cards, my relationship with the bank began to go downhill quickly. I needed my new debit card... Small issue to resolve right? I thought so. But it turned into an absolutely nightmare. I was supposedly issued a new debit card 4 different times. Each of these cards were sent to my home address. I never received one. I found it almost entertaining that there was no issue sending me the credit card I used frequently, or the credit card statements, or the account updates. But they just COULD NOT get me my debit card. After three months of waiting and verbally ordering new cards over the phone, I decided to physically go in and order a card to be mailed to the Hills and Dales location specifically. From there, it took two attempts. The first card they ordered (1/6) Was never seen and lost in transition. I'm convinced that if I didn't call on this card, they wouldn't have even realized I requested it. (keep in mind this is attempt number three). I decided to give Huntington one final shot, and ordered one more card to be mailed to the bank specifically.... On business day number nine, I decided to call and see if they have received my card yet, thinking well its been nine business days for this card, maybe they forgot AGAIN, or added me to the top of the list to make sure it got handled.... that second part was the exact opposite of what happened. I was put on hold while a gentleman asked the head banker at that location about my situation. The embarrassing part for this bank and the staff working is I heard the conversation, and every word about me. The head banker there said "is he really calling on his card again?! Can someone handle his card?! I am sick of hearing about his card" My thought is- why yes I am. I have been waiting for 3 months for 4 different cards. Then the gentleman I was working with actually came back on the phone and simply reiterated what his boss said back to me. "Yeah we're not sure where your card is but she's as sick of dealing with it as you are." So at this point, I'm considering my options. I would say it's fair to say that after 8 years, checking and savings, and a credit card, my feelings were hurt. The following day I went to Chase, opened a checking, saving, and credit card. I walked out that day with my new debit card from Chase.

    The Issue above may seem minor to others, but as a loyal customer, I was extremely let down. From a business point of view, it seems small and stupid to some, but before these instances I would have considered myself and my family to be lifelong customers. Having said that, I closed each of my accounts and I will be looking into mortgage loans for the house I am buying elsewhere as well.

    I am not sure who even sees this... but there is definitely room for opportunity at the Hills and Dales, Canton Ohio location.

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    Reviewed By eshawn Feb 5, 2016

    mobile app is terrible

    Huntington is the worst bank, and their mobile app is terrible. I did a mobile deposit of $2,000 for my 84 yr old MIL and they bounced the ck even though there was over $15,000 in the acct it was drawn on. I use Fifth Third mobile app for my personal and business accts and have never had any problems with mobile deposits. I had to leave work early to straighten out the mess huntington made.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Awarner88 Feb 5, 2016

    Worst customer service!!

    This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with!! I opened an account and wrote a check for $400.00 and it went through the day before direct deposit...thinking 24 hour grace right? NOT AT ALL! They reversed it then closed down my account sending it to the fraud department...wtf! They can't give me my money they will write me a check. No I need my money the ONLY nice person I dealt with was the branch manager in the office I went to! He really went to bat for me to get my money back and we will see tomorrow if I can get it back. If I were you I would NOT EVER open another account with Huntington bank!! EVER! No wonder they had lawsuits before! Oh and to top it off I purchased checks from them that I will not get my $ back for! Lovely!!!

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  • C
    Reviewed By carseller0822 Feb 4, 2016

    Huntington refuses to listen to it's customers

    I refuse to give a good review to these guys because of their refusal to participate in the Android Pay system. They were an early participant in Apple Pay's program but they refuse to even acknowledge if they ever plan on signing up with Android Pay. Luckily there is a PNC that is also in my neighborhood and as soon as they offer another special on new accounts I'll make the switch. I'm not stupid enough to think that Huntington cares if I take my business elsewhere but I believe in giving my business to companies that listen to and care about their customers.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dps Jan 28, 2016

    24 hour grace! Hah!

    24 hour grace, my ***. The very first time I tried using it, I got hit with a fee! My money was in the account within 12 hours! I went in to complain & their response was that it is determined on a case by case basis and that I should read the rules & regs. They don't say that in their ads. I was a customer for 8 years. I plan on closing my accounts. Oh, yeah. They wouldn't take care of the fee. I think it is false advertising & they found another revenue stream with all the fees incurred by this!

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    Reviewed By greenvivy Jan 26, 2016

    Avoid this bank at all costs!

    I just made the decision to withdraw my loan application from this bank. After 3 months and countless delays with extremely little communication from my loan officer, I decided it just wasn't worth the aggravation. I originally applied for a home equity line Oct. 19th and immediately received a conditional approval. From that point, it took them nearly a month to schedule the appraisal. The appraisal then took 3 weeks to complete. I do not blame the bank for the time it took to receive the appraisal results but I will say that the loan officer didn't even realize they had received it. Only after I asked him to look into why it was taking so long did he notice it was finished. Then, the bank had a minor question about the appraisal and sent it back for review. That took another 2 weeks. Next, they did a title search and said everything looked fine. This was the second week of November. The last week of December they told me that they realized my name wasn't actually on the deed. I have lived in the home for nearly 20 years and I am on the property tax ticket and existing mortgage (which they hold) with my husband. I do not blame them for this as I should have known. My problem was that it took them that long to figure it out. I should add that the LO emailed me at 10 PM on a Sunday night to tell me that I needed to work quickly to get my name on the deed. Really?! I emailed him back first thing next morning to let him know I was completing the quitclaim that day. I did not hear anything from him for another week. I had a horrible time getting anyone to call me back throughout the whole process. I even called the LO's supervisor at one point. He never called me back, either. Also, I was asked to submit the same letter of explanation 3 times. When I tried to ask the LO what specifically I should say in the letter, he ignored both my emails and phone calls. I finally decided enough was enough and notified them on Jan. 20th that I was choosing to withdraw my application. This was a nightmare for me. The LO was very condescending and said the delays were my fault. My credit score was 697 with debt to income ratio of 23% and my home appraised for well over what was needed. This should've been easy, especially since I'm an existing Huntington Bank mortgage customer. Please save yourself from their horrific customer service. Go to another bank!

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  • G
    Reviewed By ginasister Jan 25, 2016

    The best decision I've made!

    I used to be at a credit union that would put numerous checks and transactions through when my balance was 0. Then they would rack up hundreds (not an exaggeration) in overdraft charges. Now Huntington sends me a text if I get below $25 and I have 24 hours to cover the transactions. I've been with this bank for 3 years and I have paid $0 in overdraft charges. They make depositing money so easy with my phone and their ATM machines. The people that work there have fabulous personalities and got my daughters set up with checking and savings accounts. I'm very grateful for this bank.

    M. Skonieczka

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  • M
    Reviewed By MOTO12 Jan 25, 2016

    Terrible costumer experience from management on down

    Been a customer for 3 years. I have a personal account and a business account. Closing all of them. Every time Ibhave5an incident with this bank, the managers speak to you very unenthusiastically as though they hate their jobs or hate you for calling them to the phone. They have extreme tactics for allowing you access to your account but will easily let someone else make fraudulent charges to your account. The security questions will pop up even on devices that you have set to remember and even after you've entered in your username and password. Then it will lock you completely out. After you're locked out of your account you're asked to call in to verify your account by providing the most recent deposit. Keep in mind.... you're LOCKED OUT! HOW can you verify this if you can't get into your account. They will then tell you that you will have to go into a branch. Also, keep in mind that there are far and few branches so there's a good chance that I'm driving far to get to the bank. Oh! And The pin number that they set up for you is sent to you WEEKS LATER after you receive your debt card! So you have to use everything as credit and you cannot withdraw CASH from the ATM that's far as **** from you, on days when they're closed.

    And the cherry on top. If some low life who lives 4 hours away from you charges over $700 on your debit card at a SAMS CLUB in which you do NOT have a membership too, they will take FOREVER to give you your money back even after you've filled out a police report, after you signed the affidavit and after you called the Sam's Club, spoke with a manager and they can corroborate your story! And there is NO urgency to get you your funds back. I HATE THIS BANK. WORSE DECISION EVER!

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