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Huntington Latest Customer Reviews

jimashley's Profile Image

Reviewed by jimashley

May 21st 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Huntington has treated me very well

In 2009, I worked at a call center in the town I was attending college, and my only means of banking was a prepaid debit card because of some mistakes I made with prior checking accounts. I hated not having an actual bank account, but the prepaid card taught me sound financial responsibility. One day, the call center had several businesses from the town in the break room to offer their services to employees. There were several banks, and Huntington was one of them. The other two banks told me to "get lost" when I told them I was in ChexSystems.

The guy at the Huntington exhibit said he'd override my ChexSystems record and open me accounts. It is mid-2015 and I am STILL with Huntington. Longest I've been with a bank. Shortly after I opened my account, I had to move back to my hometown. Luckily, there was a Huntington branch. That local branch has treated me very well.

They (tellers, bankers, and even the branch manager) all know who I am, know that I have several accounts (personal and business), and my personal banker even knows me on a personal level.

With their no-fees accounts for personal checking & savings and business checking (I pay $4/month for my biz savings if it falls under $300 avg balance), it makes a lot of sense for me to bank there. They run circles around the local banks around here, as well as the national guys with branches here in town.

Customer service on the phone has always been exceptional. Granted, there's been a few frustrating moments, but with patience, these problems do get solved. Plus, 24 Hour Grace gives me a chance to correct the occasional overdraft mistake that may happen due to me being a bit forgetful sometimes about automatic payments.

I would absolutely recommend Huntington Bank to anyone who asks me where they should keep their money. To me, they're the exact model of how a bank should operate AND treat their customers.

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montegirl68's Profile Image

Reviewed by montegirl68

Oct 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I Wouldn't Bank With Any Other! :)

I bank at the shadyside, ohio branch. I have been a customer for 13 years. I have had my bank card number stolen twice, the 2nd time being just as recent as yesterday. Huntington saw that a charge was trying to go through on my card that wasn't familiar to my account and blocked it. The transaction was put through a second time at a much smaller amount that then went through times 2. Many years ago, my card number was stolen and caused turmoil for my account.

Huntington was right on it, replaced the money stolen from me then went after that person/persons for the money. Had it gone any other way, it would have been horrible for me. Their employees are always on top of their game and greet us all by first name when walking in or using the drive through. I have nothing but good to say and i highly recommend them for your banking needs. I can't say enough nice things about this particular branch.

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DoctorDonna's Profile Image

Reviewed by DoctorDonna

Sep 22nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I have banked at local credit unions, Chase, KeyBank, and 5/3rd. Huntington is by far the best bank and the one I've stayed the longest with (4years now). I feel like at only 24, I understand how banking and finances work much better than most of the population. First of all, banks are there to make money. I can't fault them for them, they are a business after all, but banks can still do the right thing and help out customers as much as they can.

From my personal experience with the banks I've been with, Huntington makes it the easiest to not get fees. With Chase if my account went negative (transaction was pending), even for a minute during the day, I would get hit with overdrafts, even if I made my account positive that same day. That's one thing I love with Huntington, there is their 24hr grace. I basically get text alerts when my account is eligible (once my transaction that caused me to go negative posts) and I have until the end of that business day to make it positive.

From the reviews I read, I feel like a genius that I get that principle. As a broke grad student that works full-time, I'm glad to have that extra time. Thank you Huntington for being such a great bank to me!

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DojunimChurch's Profile Image

Reviewed by DojunimChurch

Aug 18th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Superior Bank!

I have been a business man for 44 years and have never been treated with the respect and honesty that is afforded to me by this bank. My branch is the Meijer on 28th st and Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids. Tellers are friendly and accurate. The manager Dan is the best I have encountered. They have helped me out on many occasions where other banks would have ignored the situation.

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Alliebutz's Profile Image

Reviewed by Alliebutz

Mar 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

My banking experience has been fabulous.

My debit card was stolen during a night out with friends. Upon noticing my card was missing from my purse, I immediately checked my online banking. Seeing an unfamiliar charge, I called huntington to cancel card. The representative I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I was happy to hear my options and ecstatic to learn I would be credited the amount spent. Furthermore, as soon as I checked my bank statement, I had already been credited.

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qballtch's Profile Image

Reviewed by qballtch

Dec 5th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

24 Hour Grace Isn't As Gracious As You May Think

When i have done business with previous banks, they would not charge overdraft fees until that transaction posted and any pending transactions wouldn't be taken into consideration until they did post. Well, huntington thinks that they can charge overdraft fees regardless if the transactions are listed as pending or not with the 24 hour grace. I didn't think that a bank could charge overdraft fees onto pending transactions until i went to huntington. If you live pay check to paycheck, this isn't the bank for you, unless you know you can have a balance well enough to cover the transactions.

It especially stinks if you use a service or such that has to put a hold for a dollar amount on the debit card. Such as renting a cat. In addition, their fees are redicously high and if you want actual checks, you have to pay for those or get counter checks, which very few places will accept anymore. The customer service there is good and never really have an issue getting a hold of someone on the phone. Though, i think they need to explain 24 hour grace a lot better when you start an account with them. I kind of felt hurried up and rushed when opening up the account.

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Chrissy H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Chrissy H

Jun 10th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

They Let Me Open An Account At 17 And Gave Me $100! ^_^

Ever since chase bank closed my account for inactivity, i started banking with huntington. I love huntington, my branch even let me open an account when i was 17 (turning 18 that same week) very friendly people. Also after receiving a few days later an offer of $100 for opening an account with them, i called customer service and they honored it! ^_^

the *asterisk free* checking/savings account is awesome. If i over-draw from my checking account, they take whats owed from my savings, and i'm not hit with any type of fee!! :d i absolutely love how there are no hidden fees to go along with this card. I'll definitely be banking with them for a very long time.

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Rapunzel36's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rapunzel36

Apr 21st 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank Ever

This has to be the best bank I have ever had an account with.Of course my favorite "perk" is the 24 hour grace period for overdrafts,which I have used on more than one occasion.Sure saved me a lot of money! Friendly personnel, fast service, and great hours of service too.I would recommend this bank to anyone,young or old.

I think what some people don't understand is if the website is not working properly,it is not the banks fault.It is the web server it self.

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Artilio's Profile Image

Reviewed by Artilio

Feb 4th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Wonderful! Bank here. This bank Changed my life. Amazing Bank. Only Bank that would give me a loan.

I worked with Roman [Redacted] in Monroeville PA. This Bank is amazing. I have perfect credit and was unable to get a loan from any bank in the region because of the financial crisis. All the other banks said they were unable to give me another mortgage because I already had 5 mortgages. Huntington was able to give me another mortgage.

Thank you Huntington for using common sense in lending. Before the financial crisis banks went to far lending to people with bad credit. After the financial crisis the banks went to far in the other direction. They would not lend to people with good credit and small business owners bringing the economy to a stand still. Thank you Huntington for doing your part to get the american economy moving again.

Because of your loan I'm able to buy another investment property helping to secure my financial future and earn more money and stimulate the american economy. God bless America and Capitalism. God bless Huntington.

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minemake6's Profile Image

Reviewed by minemake6

Oct 30th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Most Amazing Fantastic Awesome Greatest Bank We've Have Yet & We Love Them!

I have been with huntington way back when my branch started as sky bank, over 10yrs. Ago since then they've changed there name a few times & with that, all i can say is all they've done is gotten better & better more improvements & adding better changes to there accounts. Now they even have what they call 24hr grace period so if your account is short you have time to get $$ in there before getting charged a late fee which i think ""all"" banks should be doing especially in these hard times but that's not why huntington is doing it!

There doing it, because there a great bank with awesome idea's!!!!!! I live on a fixed income & i even get interest on my own$$!! That's how great huntington bank is & that's just for starters. There customer service is there 24x7 & they're great people can handle most anything you need & the costumer care is awesome!!! I have once or twice come across someone who wasn't very pleasant & i called back with their name & talked to supervisor about that person. I did mortgage's for a living & so i know how to be with the public & don't like it when it's done to me either.

"no i don't work for huntington but, i'd do a commercial for them anytime"!!! I tell my bank that all the time because there is another bank that has tried to get me to switch over & i tell them there is nothing you can do that my bank doesn't do &20x's better so please don't even bother wasting your time, or mine because i already know i have the best bank there is 'huntington'!!!

Even when i was on vacation there was no huntington where i was, but i had to do some banking being gone over 6 weeks they said no problem we'll do it over night & pay the fee due to i had to sign the checks for deposit & they didn't want it to get lost in the mail, but that could of cost me $13. 50 that they chose to pay for me!!! Now how much more do you look for from a bank i get it all & so much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ huntington ban

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sallyjoe63's Profile Image

Reviewed by sallyjoe63

Oct 17th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Great products, competitive rates, stellar customer service

I have banked with Huntington for about 7 years now and I have never had a bad experience. Everyone from the tellers to the investment reps are very helpful and courteous, they go above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I have always been one to maintain control over my checkbook but even if I wasn't they make it virtually impossible to overdraw your account. They send you notifications to your phone and/or email once you've gone below you're set "low balance" (which you choose since the definition of a low balance differs from customer to customer). They also notify you by cel and/or email when you have over drafted and they give you til the next business day to make it right before you are accessed a fee. Literally, only a primate or an idiot could mess up this account. I always feel bad for the bankers when I see someone coming in complaining about their overdraft fees because the banker says "well let's take a look at your balance book and see what was maybe missed" and people go "What balance book?" Come on people this is elementary banking, it is not the banks fault that you spent outside your means. They have very competitive rates for today’s market and I am very happy with the rate I got for my money market and my investments. Also, because of my deposit balance I get a laundry list of free features including thier VERY user friendly online banking/bill pay. My kids (broke college students) have their accounts with Huntington as well and it has been so easy for them to maintain. The hours are so convenient!! Open 7 days a week and until 7pm on the weekday. They are also opening full service branches in all of the Giant Eagle grocery stores which have even more extended hours!! The number of locations of Huntington Banks is also ideal for me. About 7 atm/banking office locations near/in the city I live and about 5 in the area I work. My only quip about this bank is that it is a midwest bank, they should go national because they would dominate the industry!

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gls2wife's Profile Image

Reviewed by gls2wife

Mar 29th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Great Service, Friendly Bankers, They even offered me life, and home onwers insurance. NO Fees, 24 hour grace!

I went to this bank to get away from a bank/ credit union that seemed to have a fee for everything. They offered me a checking account that gave me loads of discounts just because I work for the State of Ohio. The banker reviewed all my needs, talked about saving me money on an existing car loan I had with a competitor. Got me a free quote on life insurance, well as Home owners insurance. Last year they started 24 hour grace so you can pay back your ovedrafts within 24 hours of making the mistake. ( I only needed this once) , but it was worth it to save the potential 70.00 in fees. They don't charge me for my check card either, and my credit union charged me $10.00 to replace mine when I lost it.

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Cynthia M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cynthia M

Oct 7th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

I love my bank for blazing the trail to give me as the consumer a grace period for a negative balance!

I am so proud of my bank Huntington for actually listening to it's customers about the overdraft fees and complaints. They are now giving us a grace period for our mistakes. I have never been so happy and yes I said our mistakes, cause if your overdrawn it is something you did. But that does not matter to them they are covering for our mistakes! Blaze that trail Huntington, cause now all the other banks will have to follow suit or Huntington will be the only bank left in town!!!!

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Nikki V's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nikki V

Apr 14th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

I like Huntington Bank

I Bank with Huntington and was surprised to see all these negative comments. Some of these issues are because of your own lack of information. Yes, not everyone is going to have a great experience with were you go. If you don't like the service you get, hang up and call back. Or ask to be directed right to the department you need. Also, Huntington has a GREAT online banking site. You can get instant updates, and NSF notices come electronic, so you get the notice fast. You can see what is pending immediately. They also do text banking, which I rely on daily. I text and get my balance right away. When opening a new account, it is your job to check all the facts. There is a difference between NSF and bouncing a check. Huntington will pay the amount and save you from the embarrasement and charge you the fee. Ienjoy banking at Huntington and will continue to do so.

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Leona C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Leona C

Mar 10th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Huntington seems to be a good bank

I opened my account with Huntington about 2 years ago after horrible experiences with other banks, which left me in check systems although i took care of the problem(which was not my error) i was still stuck there. They have been helpful and even helped with 1 od a mistake i made. I only hope it stays this way with the other reviews ive read.

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VinceBobbe's Profile Image

Reviewed by VinceBobbe

Feb 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Warm, welcoming and friendly

My wife has been making payment on our car at this branch since October of 2014. Despite her infrequent visits she is always recognized and greeted by the staff. In particular, Ashleigh Gutiérrez, who has taken care of her most often, greeted both of us when we entered the branch. We had just been handed the "last straw" in terms of poor service by our (now former) bank manager at 5/3. This is not meant co cast aspersions on "poor service" in general, which in and of itself would be three notches above the abysmal treatment and inflexibility of this competitor. No, actually, placing 5/3 in the same category as Huntington is tantamount to comparing a beat-up Volkswagen Clown Car with the Rolls Royce quality demonstrated by your staff.

Having grown increasingly frustrated with 5/3, we came to Huntington to explore your services and programs. Ashleigh's helpfulness, precision and attention to detail, her knowledge of your services and her explanation of our various options made the choice to switch all of our banking to Huntington. Home run! Slam dunk! Touchdown and the entire litany of sports metaphors hardly do justice to our high quality customer service experience.

Having grown accustomed to arguing with 5/3 and being treated like we were interrupting their staff's Candy Crush marathon, it was indeed most pleasant to work with someone who was concerned about OUR needs rather than making a sales quota or overselling us.

SERVICE is hard to come by in today's market place, but when you experience it, as we did with Ashleigh, it made it easy to transfer our checking, savings, credit card, mortgage, secured line and all of our auto deposits to you.

It's a pleasant change not to have to "deal with" our banker. We have a friend at Huntington, who we are convinced is there to help us manage our banking and other financial needs.

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justaknow's Profile Image

Reviewed by justaknow

Aug 10th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

24hr grace patented

no other bank is going to give you even a second to get your account at least to 0 before assessing a fee. the second you swipe your card or a electronic transaction or check comes thru other banks will assess the fee and you are boned. period. it is your responsibility to understand how 24 hour grace works. it does not apply to checks (which is why they prefer you to use the online bill-pay which is free, and everyone has access to a computer either at a library or a family members or whatever). it is your responsibility as an adult to make sure you have money before you spend it or to deal with the potential consequences. post dating checks is illegal by the way for another thing from posts i have read here. they allow one $40 fee waiver per social security number per account per year. don't bitch about it. be an adult. life does happen and people do run out of money but then don't complain when you essentially are getting a 'loan' from the bank for getting the purchase paid. Opt out to keep your debit card purchases from overdrawing. make use of text/mobile alerts and mobile banking. and by the way, if the branch tells you to call the 800# it's just because they want to get you outta there. Make them do what you need/want because they can do it much more than the call center can and that is the truth!

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PJ_Santry's Profile Image

Reviewed by PJ_Santry

Jul 5th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Very easy and quick and they are very welcoming! Love Huntington and everybody who can use them, should!

I am 15 and opened a joint checking account with my mom and also opened a savings account. They didn't give me any issues at all and were very nice and outgoing and just warm and welcoming! Love them now!

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Ashley83's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ashley83

Mar 14th 2012

5 out of 5 marks


I would just like to say Huntington Bank is the best bank I have ever banked with. The 24 hour grace is amazing!! After all of the bad reviews I have seen, I have found out it lack of knowledge with people. Quit complaining about 24 hour grace if you dont know how to use it. They have a call center and banking offices to explain it to you. Also if you have online banking it clearly states you have to make a deposit to cover the negative balance and keep it positive to the following day. Its not rocket science to understand if your account is negative to make a deposit for what its over drawn plus all other items that havent posted.

Dont try and play the system and pretend you forgot about a check you clearly wrote and when it comes through you get charged fees. Obviously you dont keep a register and balance your books. That may mean you are not grown up enough to have a checking account or you are one of those people who try to play the system and when it back fires you call to complain about the mistake YOU made. Huntington is the only one who has 24 hour grace to make things right for your first overdraw. No other bank out there does this. Either stop over drawing your account or cover what you over draw and stop complaining. It gets old!

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rjhaley87's Profile Image

Reviewed by rjhaley87

Nov 12th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Amazing! No complaints! Know me by name!

I have been doing business with huntington bank for several years, every time I walk in the door, they welcome me by name, and when going to branches I dont visit often, they still welcome me just not by name. They are always saying thank you! And help me understand things I dont know about banking. They take the time to help me with things I feel are not in their job description. I see other people dogging the huntington bank, and when I read the reviews its obvious why they were mad! Customer made a large deposit and then it wasnt available? Of course, everyone knows the bank holds checks until they verify they are good, which can take a few days Im sure. And no one just tells you to leave and get out, you must be doing something wrong to get thrown out of a bank lol. I think huntington is great! Always comparble rates to other banks but their friendly environment sets them above the rest!

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Don's Profile Image

Reviewed by Don

Oct 22nd 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Bank, They Have Always Worked With Me. Best Part Is Extremely Fast Online Banking!

For a medium sized bank they have always been competitive. They hold the line on fees and are not one to raise them every few months. They work with you to resolve problems and are helpful on the phone. Online banking support is great. Some small things which they have not grown into yet are, online check deposit or atm deposit from a non huntington atm.

If you are out of town it can be a challenge getting your money into your account without automatic deposit. Otherwise their online banking is the best. It's extremely fast, and shows and shows atm card transactions as pending instantly. Any report you can think of can be run from within you account. Online account history goes back as you want. I've looked up transactions 2 years old before. They're just a great bank. And no, i don't work for them!

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alyssfreshhh's Profile Image

Reviewed by alyssfreshhh

May 18th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Very Friendly And Compassionate.

They made sure everything went through for me. They were very funny and comfortable to be around! I recommend this bank highly.

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Handymanmi's Profile Image

Reviewed by Handymanmi

Mar 3rd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great had a mishap with credit card and was taken care of by manager.

Had an overdraft fee due to misunderstanding. Was charged over $125 in bank overdraft fees. I explained my story to Sam the bank manager and she immediately called the bank and helped me clear the ridiculous fees. Sam and everyone at the Meier Hunington bank are awesome. If it wasn't for Sam taking the time to help me I would have had to pay over $125 in bogus fees. Thanks to Sam and her team at her bank I will continue to bank wi them.

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RileySpry's Profile Image

Reviewed by RileySpry

Feb 4th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

They go WAY overboard trying to sell you stuff

I have been a Huntington customer for YEARS.

I cannot go into this branch and make a deposit or ANYTHING without someone giving me a sales pitch...to change my mortgage, for credit cards, for refinancing my auto loan...it is RIDICULOUS.

I am about to stop going to this branch ENTIRELY because of the sales pitch EVERY VISIT.

Take a clue: I want FAST FRIENDLY SERVICE every time I come in....if I want a credit card or to refinance my house: I'LL LET YOU KNOW. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME.


Other than that, I really like the bank and the service, BUT THIS RUINS IT.

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arthur e's Profile Image

Reviewed by arthur e

Feb 11th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Verrry Positive.... Wendy And Karla Made Me Feel Important

I had an a t m problem it wasnt working with their help and cooperation it went verrrry smoothly.

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nbpk01's Profile Image

Reviewed by nbpk01

Nov 15th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Poor customer service

Huntington closed my checking account for inactivity and failled to notify me. I found out when I went to make a cash deposit. They kept the balance of the money in the account as fees.

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kevinbiller's Profile Image

Reviewed by kevinbiller

Jan 1st 2013

2 out of 5 marks

They Charge a Fee to Deposit Cash

I'm not joking. Twice in the last month we made a relatively modest CASH deposit and found a fee on our statement for the bank to accept our cash. First time it was $3.00, the next time it was $4.40. I thought accepting cash deposits was part of the regular job duties of a teller. I'm flabbergasted.

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timber2766's Profile Image

Reviewed by timber2766

Aug 4th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Serious Lack Of Customer Service From Entry Level Tellers All The Way Up To Management

Unable to protect money from fraud. Do not respond to service requests in a timely manor. Rarely have a manager or business banker available. Sometimes don't respond to needs at all. Tellers give out inaccurate information. Didn't have manager in place at all for lengthy periods of time. Totally insensitive to customers issues. After 15 plus years of patronage i must make a change. Completely mismanaged.

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bankingbarb's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankingbarb

Feb 23rd 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Asterick free checking with $100.00 offer is a joke.

Opened an asterisk free checking account,met all the requirements,waited 60 days and money never showed up. Made two phone calls was told both times it would show up. Both times waited a week. Third time was told the code never was put on,I had to make five more phone calls to get to the person who opened the account,she says she will fix it.

Said it should show up in a week. Well, it is a month later and four more phone calls,still no money. Today I call her supervisor and explain how upsetting it is and rude that after I leave a voicemail I never get return calls. She says okay, I'll take care of this for you. Let me research it and I promise I will call you back later this afternoon. It is now 6:30 P.M. I will get the $100.00 and I will close this account!

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tgschmidt3's Profile Image

Reviewed by tgschmidt3

Nov 14th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Good In 1992 But Progressively More Burdensome To Deal With.

Great bank in 1992. Not a good bank today. I have been a large customer of huntington and was surprised by the poor service of the last three or four years. This baks seems to have lost a number of really good employees. I have zero confidence in the leadership of huntington. Too bad. They had a great franchise for a long time.

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