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Reviewed By Tom R. Aug 15, 2015

Positive Experience

On Friday, August 14, 2015, I accompanied my granddaughter to apply for a loan. It was near closing but Denise Helman took the time process the loan application. To make things even better, Jenny came over and introduced herself. She is the branch manager and this only added to an already very pleasant experience. If this customer appreciation is an example of what to expect when a potential customer makes a visit, then I may be tempted to start a banking relationship with Huntington at this branch location.

Tom R.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By BryceSchaffer Feb 22, 2014

Now I'm suing them

its a tough one but I've definitely got some dirt on them now! lorain county court of common pleas. case no. 13cv181571. I'm about to start a class action and could use all the people they've hurt pertaining to overdraft fees, inaccurate account balances and defective checks. my info is on the docket. please send me a letter and i'll respond by mail or phone if you provide.

Bryce Schaffer

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Latest Huntington Reviews

  • C
    Reviewed By cms1001 May 22, 2016

    Poor Customer Service

    The people in the branch I go to are, for the most part, wonderful. However, the people with whom I've dealt on the phone are not only rude, but are utterly useless. They almost never provide a solution and the verification protocols which are in place are absurd, to say the least.

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  • E
    Reviewed By echo1 May 20, 2016

    Unprofessional and disrespectful

    I have been banking with Huntington for over ten years. I've invested over 60K with this institution and when I went to this branch to discuss more investments and building a portfolio, I was met with unprofessional Emily. After waiting two months (when I was told it would take about 5 to 7 days) I returned to the branch for an appointment to go over the portfolio she supposedly created. When I arrived, instead of having a portfolio, Emily handed me some stranger's portfolio with his name crossed out in marker. Are you serious? That's how you treat business customers that are investing over 60K that has growth opportunity for the next 50 years... thank you for showing me that this branch in no way cares for their customers and doesn't even know how to properly create an investment portfolio. Never again. I've taken my money somewhere else.

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    Reviewed By captsam May 14, 2016

    Making change at Georgesville Rd Bank

    I'm 72 years old and needed change for a $20 dollar bill. So I thought I would stop at this Huntington Bank on Georgesville Rd branch. I walked in and ask the lady teller for change. The first thing out of her mouth are you a member? No, I said, well then we can not make change. I said that I never heard of such a thing. Both tellers just looked at me and smiled. I was very upset and apparently my face showed it. I was about to walk out the door when the door appeared to be locked shut? I looked at them and they just gave a grin as to say go. I will never go to a Huntington bank that has very poor customer service. I then went to a PNC bank and they didn't ask if I was a member and promptly gave me change.

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  • S
    Reviewed By SmartMoney May 2, 2016

    If I could give them zero stars I would

    The customer service over the phone with this bank is beyond rude. People who are supposed to help you have attitudes. Worse than that I didn't even chose this bank, Bank of America sold my account to them. They've been taking $5 dollars out of my account every month, because I don't use it often. Isn't that stealing? I didn't even sign up for this bank. Ugh, then you have an attitude when I call to close my account! I never write reviews, but this bank is bad.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Anonymous92 Apr 26, 2016

    Worst bank ever.

    My account was locked 4/25/2016 I tried the online chat with a CSR, but I didn't have my DL in front of me and they told me to call the 1800 number. So I call the 1800 number and I was told my account was locked and I would have to go into a branch to get the lock reversed. I had to leave work early to go to a local branch was there just as they were about to lock up. Come to find out my account was locked because there are so many "red flags" on my account because I switched my mailing address to a PO Box and something accidentally came out of my bank account overdrafting it. I told the branch manager and he said "your check won't be deposited to your account it will just be out in the open until it goes back to the sender." Then he told me he would call me back this evening I left the branch by 4:30pm and ended up calling back the 1800 number asking about my account I will have to wait until 4/27/2016 to be told if my account will be closed or not. You guys have an awful way of doing business. And I am telling everybody I know not to use Huntington Bank cause you guys have the worst customer service on the phone and at the local branch I went to and you guys lie! That's all the customer service reps can do is lie.

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  • O
    Reviewed By oarsman72 Apr 26, 2016

    Always good expierence

    Efficient , friendly, smart service. Been going there for many many years. This branch is busy at times but the staff has been great.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Sipeproperties2014 Apr 21, 2016


    If I could rate zero stars, I would! I know it is a long review, but please read before trying to get any type of mortgage from Huntington Bank!

    I am a small business owner and was contacted by Huntington Bank asking for my business to give them the opportunity to allow them to service our loan for purchasing rental properties. The offer that they gave was a CRA loan for low to middle income areas and they would give us a mortgage to purchase a rental with no closing fees. This sounded great and we met with the banker several times to discuss. Around Christmas time in 2015, we were preapproved for two home purchases to be used as rentals. These were low priced homes, the total amount financed would have only been around 25,000.00. We chose the bank because of the free closing costs, otherwise getting such a small mortgage would not have made much sense. We were given a closing date by the banker, and were told that another employee may also contact us to gather information. That was fine with us and we talked over the next month with both employees and sent them all the requested information. In mid January, our appraisals were done and we received mortgage commitment. When it got near the closing date, the bank became hard to get ahold of. I had to go down to the branch and find someone to see what was going on. They said that it was in final underwriting and we should be fine. They said they didn't need any more information from me. During the past month of gathering information, they asked for the same documents over and over, even after they were provided. I assumed they had more than enough information to close such a small loan. Closing day came and no word from the bank. We had to get extensions for both deals through our realtor. This happened four more times over the course of four months. Finally, they said that they could not do the deal because I had a vehicle leased through another bank which has been paid in full. The lease was prepaid and no balance was owed. Huntington said they could not complete our loan because they had to factor in a future lease payment to the debt to income ratio. Instead of telling us this weeks or months ago so we could pursue other options, they waited until three days before our fifth closing date to tell us this. We then had to redo the entire closing paperwork, and come up with cash to buy the houses. It was a huge disappointment and we received horrible customer service. This was the worst banking experience I have ever been through and I will never again use Huntington Bank.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mikol354 Apr 4, 2016


    Huntington Bank is a low bank behind the rest of the banking industry. It takes them forever, 1-3 days to post results to your account. I called in to check on a deposit someone made for me. They couldn't tell me because it takes Huntington 2 days. At Chase, PNC, and Capital One 360 you know all actively all including deposit made that same day. HUNTINGTON Bank is the only bank I know that's 20-years behind every one else. I keeping telling myself I need to move my account to a premier bank.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Shanefreeman6 Mar 13, 2016

    Terrible organization and customer service

    I made a return of an item to Gamestop and they decided to keep my item and reverse the credit to my account keeping both the merchandise and the money. I contacted Huntington right away to dispute the reversal. A dispute case was opened and they sent me a letter requesting receipts and any info I had. I promptly went to my local Huntington branch and sent my receipt and all info I had to corporate. Two weeks later I noticed that the money was again taken out and that my dispute was closed. I called to ask why and they informed me that they lost the fax of the receipt and that they didn't have any information. That meant I had to fill out another dispute to open a new case. I was never informed that they were closing my case or taking back the temporary credit.

    Huntington decided this time not to give me a temporary credit and I am now out the money and I don't know how to pay my bills. No matter who I talk to at Huntington customer service nobody takes responsibility for losing my paperwork or failing to notify me that my case was closing. As soon as I get my account out of negative I am closing my account with them.

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  • F
    Reviewed By freemycash Mar 12, 2016

    Government direct deposit funds not made available

    After banking for years with Huntington where my government direct deposits were always available on Saturday the bank suddenly stop making those funds available until Monday without any notice or explanation. Customer service outright lied to say first Congress changed the rules and then claimed the government rules for direct deposits changed. Next customer service Twice said the funds were available and only after doing my grocery shopping did I find out at the checkout that those funds were not available. Then customer service said there was no record of my earlier calls and there was nothing on my statements indicating I ever had government direct deposits.

    I never had an overdraft and rarely went into a branch until about Feb 1, 2016 the problems with my government direct deposits began. I discovered other people in my neighborhood had the same problem with their deposits for payroll and government social security into their Huntington accounts were not be credited timely.

    As a final insult I was asked by a customer service if social security was like welfare or food stamps.

    After 6 weeks of being lied to and spending over 15 hours in the branch and on the phone with customer service I have given up on Huntington. The service is terrible. It took me another 4 hours to switch my banking to another bank and my government deposit was available on Saturday.

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