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National Bank of Arizona Latest Customer Reviews

FlagShop's Profile Image

Reviewed by FlagShop

Dec 30th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Love this bank!

We've been using National Bank for our business banking services for about five years now. It's been a great experience, and a welcome change from using a big, faceless bank. The tellers know me by name. The branch manager is always gracious and takes time to come out of her office to say hello when she sees me in the building. The online services are great, and the detailed statements are very helpful for reconciling our books each month. National Bank has also been fabulous in helping us with fraudulent charges and bounced checks from customers. Absolutely one of the best banking experiences we've ever had. I would definitely recommend National Bank to any other small business owner. We're not a huge business, by the way just a small shop. They aren't treating us with any kind of special service -- they treat everyone with the same respect!

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jkiesle's Profile Image

Reviewed by jkiesle

May 23rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Beware of their NSF fees $36.00per check, they somehow make it so that your deposit does not show before they pull money

I have a few complaints about this company. The first is in 2009 I was getting copies of my check on the back of my statement, I do all my banking online with online software, I never look at my statements unless somthing goes wrong. In Feb 2011 I stated working on my taxes, my computer had died and I could not copy all my checking to the new computer. When I grabbed my 2010 statements I was suprised I didnt have the copies of the checks. I went online and could only go back six months. I sent them an email via their site asking to send all my copies of the checks and asking them who authorized them to quit sending me copies of my checks on the back of my statement. No resopnse. I did get and email response asking if my question was answered, I responded no. I finally called into the telephone center and talked to a girls she sent me the copies I needed that I could not figure out. The next week when I looked online I was charged $100.00 for the copies they did send. I contacted the corporate office twice, they did not have the courtsey to respond. The bank said they sent a letter out in the statements (I just file) stating I would have to start paying monthly for them to put the copies of the checks on the back of my statement. A very rude customer rep told me I had over a year to see this wasnt done. To make this short, the bank was rude and made this my fault. They would never assume any responsibility. Because of the $100.00 coming out they bounced three checks charging me $36.00each.

They somehow do not count your deposits until take their money, that way they can earn more in bounce check fees.

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jonralston's Profile Image

Reviewed by jonralston

Jan 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Not worth the frustration

I took out a construction to permanent loan along with a home equity line of credit with National Bank of Arizona back in 2005. When my house was built I refinanced and combined both loans. I have since refinanced my home loan with another bank, but now in 2015 when I attempted to get a new home equity line of credit with my credit union it turns out that NBA didn't record the payoff of my home equity line of credit properly and that it still remained on my title search preventing me from closing on my new home equity line of credit. The staff at NBA has been terribly unhelpful in trying to resolve this issue in a timely manner refusing to take steps that would expedite the process of getting my a lien release so that I can move forward with my new home equity line of credit. This is not a good company, nor do they have good customer service. I would advise anyone who reads this to not do business with this bank as it is not worth the frustration.

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CottonwoodBusiness's Profile Image

Reviewed by CottonwoodBusiness

Jan 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Online banking is rudimentary, customer service nonexistent

If you lock yourself out of online banking better do it during bank hours or you will have to wait until the next banking day to get help. This evening (Sunday) I logged on to online banking for our business, to pull up bank statements for our CPA. On my first try I got a message that I had attempted to log in too many times. Really, on the first try?? I also bank at a larger bank. At that bank they have a set of challenge questions and answers, along with email and/or text message verification, that will enable a user to get back online 24/7 if ever there is an issue with a forgotten password or similar. Plus 24 hour customer service where I can speak to an agent when needed. Not so at NB/AZ. On this occasion I was told to call the 800 number for assistance. On calling the 800# I was told to call back during regular banking hours. This is unacceptable. NB/AZ should have 24 hour customer service available. I need to call back during banking hours? That is when I am busy running my business. I should be able to rely on doing simple online functions outside of bank hours and have reliable support during those hours. I love the folks in the bank, they are wonderful, but really, I am a busy business owner, I should be able to do my banking on my time, not the banks! It's time for my husband and I to close the accounts and move to a bank that can provide needed service at times I actually need it. NB/AZ exists for their convenience, not mine. Until they learn to compete on the same technical level as the Big Boys this bank is doomed to rely on retired customers who can come in during bank hours or businesses that have so little business they can actually drive down to the bank between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday. What a shame.

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Phxgal's Profile Image

Reviewed by Phxgal

May 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

No After Hours Phone Support, Antiquated Online Banking

Nbaz is part of zion's bancorp, a regional bank that is in 5 or 6 states. They badly want to appear as convenient as the big boy banks, but with a local feel. But woe to anyone who needs bank assistance after hours, they do not man their phone lines after hours, or on the weekends. A bank must have 24 hour support in a world as tech advanced as the one we are in. To hear on the recording "call back during business hours " is absurd. I could call the branch during business hours, what earthly use is a call center that is not there when you need it - namely when the bank is not open? The branches also are not open Saturdays, so if you need help on a three day weekend you will find yourself royally ****ed. This is the uncomfortable position i find myself in today - needing to reset my online banking password in order to transfer funds to cover the check i wrote yesterday. The password reset function online does not work and directs me to call customer service. Hence this review! Nbaz is finding itself increasingly irrelevant today, won't be long i'm sure before they are gobbled up by a real bank. A quick perusal of their business and personal online banking offerings will quickly show you why. Antiquated. We are witnessing the death throes of an institution in identity crisis, rip.

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kilc's Profile Image

Reviewed by kilc

Sep 23rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Unethical And Misleading I Fell Prey To Their Shady Practices. The Put In A Prepayment Penalty Without Disclosing. Never Bank With This Shady Bank. They Do Not Care About Their Customers. Customer Relations Are So Important When Choosing A Bank.

Our president spoke recently about helping companies grow during this economic downturn. We can’t have unnecessary burdens on companies. The story of america is to be strong. If national bank can’t support the chance for small business than we as american’s cannot recover. I received a rate reduction from national bank of 6. 25 percent in early 2011. I was told all terms and everything would be the same. I trusted them. So i did not read the papers that were given to me by matt jarrett. My business is childcare and we have been hit hard at this location with the current economy. I went back to national bank for a better loan rate. They denied me, matt jarrett told me to go to another bank. I did and they are able to give me a rate of 5. 10 percent.. When alliance bank reviewed the loan documents they discover prepayment penalty was added without my knowledge. It was never disclosed to me. I talked to matt jarrett and he also had no knowledge. Mitchell jones, his boss, put it in. Mitchell jones also put an assessment of $964. 88 for a late fee if not paid after 10 days of due date. The late fee use to be $10. 00. Again this information was not disclosed to me. I talked to brett cannon at national bank he did agree to reduce the prepayment penalty to $27,000. This still is a great deal of money. It is obvious to me national bank does not care about my business. They do not want to support the economy and help me refinance at another bank. I want others to be aware of their shady practices so they don’t fall prey to this same unethical methods being utilized at national bank. With this misrepresentation at national bank they will continue to keep americans’ small business, such as mine, to struggle and put this unnecessary burden on my business.

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