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Old National Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Janice_yen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Janice_yen

Dec 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

This bank is a joke.

I needed a private account to keep my money without having anyone knowing about it, and my dad told me to go with Old National Bank. I went in and sat there for 20 minutes while the workers there walked around and told eachother stories about their weekend, I decided to stand up and leave and the lady called me in saying she would take care of me, so i gave it another go and went in. Got all my papers done and she asked me if i wanted a debit card. i said yes and i had to fill in another agreement sheet (note this).

A month later I haven't received my card yet and my boyfriend told me to call them to make sure no one had activated it and stole it. I called and was put on hold for 45 minutes until the lady comes on and told me that my card was never ordered and that she would take care of it today. So 5 weeks went by and i still don't have my debit card yet. The bank required a balance of $750 to not be charged monthly. So there goes my $750 i couldnt touch for over 2 months now. My boyfriend told me if they take this long and still haven't fixed this small debit card problem, how long would it take them if something big happened to my bank account. So i waited another week to see if they will resolve this problem for me and i called them multiple times to check on my card. I got tired of it and went in to close my account before i picked my daughter up from school. I waited 2 hours and every time i ask if someone is going to resolve my problem its always "just a few more minutes. Someone will be with you shortly". Now I don't mind waiting but i was the only customer in there for the whole 2 hours and it was time to pick up my daughter. I still haven't been able to close my account yet. So much for the "best bank in Indiana". This bank is seriously a joke. i haven't had this bad of customer service throughout my life.

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wynellvanpelt's Profile Image

Reviewed by wynellvanpelt

Nov 15th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Highway Robbery!

Ever since we have had to change from bank of america, we have had nothing but problems. And it looks like everyone else on this website has had the same issues. Right now, we have a ledger balance of $1700 in our account, yet i can't touch any of that money. There was a corporate check that is not going to bounce, so there is absolutley no reason that there would need to be a 7 day hold on it. This is the third time that we have had issues with this same type of problem. They did waive only 5 of our nsf charges, but they should've wiped them all. As soon as our charges clear, we are changing back to bank of america. We never had issues when i was with them. When we were advised that they were changing, we were assured that we wouldn't have to do anything. My direct deposit took almost a month to get deposited because they denied my company (and i work for the federal government) to change the routing number for my direct deposit. We were in the negative over $1000, and that was the 1st time my house payment bounced, and it was their fault. I could go on and on, but i only have 850 characters left to type. I hate this bank

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Barry's Profile Image

Reviewed by Barry

Oct 5th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Experience

The transfer of my account from Bank of America to Old National has been horrible. Other account transfers in the past have been relatively seamless, but this one is requiring me to take action. The fees for low account balances are almost predatory and the customer service is lousy. It almost seems that the bank is forcing customers to leave. I know I am leaving as soon as I set up a new checking and savings account.

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POFF's Profile Image

Reviewed by POFF

Sep 17th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible experience. BofA sold my account to ONB

Bank of America sold only one of my accounts to Old National, without warning, without my consent, One day I received a new debit card and pin number in the mail saying here is your new debit card. Now ONB is calling me saying my account is overdrawn (an account I only used to save extra money to begin with and haven't used since ONB bought it) its overdrawn because they charged my account fees due to not having the minimum balance required of $750! There was only $10 in the account when they purchased it. I laughed at her and told her obviously they made a bad business decision purchasing an account with only $10 when they require $750 to be kept in it. They want the $3.50 I owe them due to ridiculous fees in order to close the account. they will never see their $3.50 and I will never use this bank. also considering closing my other BofA account since they did this without my knowledge or consent.

As far as the rate your experience, it should be 0-5 because this is definitely a zero!

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Fisher's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fisher

Jun 17th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

So bad I had to close my account and will never go back

I'm a college student trying to make my way through college on the GI bill, meaning money is always tight. They nickel and dime you for every penny they can with hidden fees they don't tell you about until it shows up. I've had loads of problems with fees showing up out of nowhere, overdrafts when my account clearly had money in it, and just overall rudeness of employees.

This was the final straw though: Me and my roommates had a joint account through them to pay all of our bills out of. The joint account got over drafted so they completely wiped out my personal bank account to cover the over draft. I went and spoke with the manager and told him the situation. I said "I understand that's how the system works, but I'm asking you to understand that I don't have a dollar to my name and I need to eat." He responded with "It sucks, but that's just the way the system works" and proceeded to tell me there was no person in the entire chain of command of the bank that could reverse the transaction and put money in my account. No person that can or no person that wants to bother with a college student that only had two-hundred dollars in his bank account? If I hadn't had a roommate to borrow money from, I would've literally had to go without food because of this bank. They don't give a damn about anything but their money.

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