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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By nhoier Oct 6, 2015

Thoughtful and very nice!

I got a snail mail invitation to come in and talk about some of the services I use at Regions bank. I was delighted with the branch manager's demeanor, insight and his out of the box personalized approach to my issues. I will continue banking at this Regions brach even though I live at the other end of the county. People on both sides of every transaction matter and This Regions brach just won me over. I can only hope I am a good client for them.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By BMeyn Jan 25, 2016

Called local Police Department

Regions in McComb MS refused to cash a check for my mother. She had the money in her account. They claimed they did not have enough cash on hand or available at the other 5 local branches. In the mean time they called the police to come and find out if my mother really wanted her money. They called her son in Pennsylvania. They also called Mother's ex-husband (divorced over 30 years) to find out if she should get her money.
Finally after a humiliating interview with the local police, he announced it was OKAY by him for her to get part of her money out of her account.
They only had one half on hand. (Or so they claimed.)
She died two days later heart-broken because she couldn't get her money.
Note: It was not a large sum of money just a few K.

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Latest Regions Bank Reviews

  • B
    Reviewed By Banking May 4, 2016


    Branch customer service is wonderful. The back office is worth avoiding so stay away !!!!

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  • A
    Reviewed By aaazzz May 2, 2016

    Want SS number before taking a call

    I wanted to find a notary public for my daughters Parental Statement of Consent to work as she is 17. I was told banks have notary publics. I called this bank just to ask if they had a notary and the cost. Only a branch number is listed. When I clicked for general information, I was asked for my social security number or tax ID. I hung up and tried another general option that got me to speak with a Bank employee. Again, asked for social security number even though I had pressed option that I was not a customer.

    So just to get on and ask a general question that has nothing to do with me in a personal way, they want me to enter my social security number. There is no option to speak to anyone without me giving my personal information over the phone. Would never do banking with them.

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  • P
    Reviewed By POedinByramMS Apr 20, 2016

    Poor customer service in Byram MS

    I have been a customer of this bank (after all the mergers and buyouts) for over 30 years. Before they closed my home branch in Terry MS, I never had any problems. I had personal, business, savings and home equity accounts. Basically everything they offered. Since I was re-assigned to the branch in Byram, I have had nothing but problems. My latest problem is cashing a check drawn on Regions. As a small business owner, I accept local checks from my customers. Regions has refused to confirm over the phone if a customers check is good. They require me to close up shop and drive to their location before confirming if a check has sufficient funds in the account. The manager L. Flowers is no help at all and should be replaced since she does not know how to exhibit good customer service.

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  • W
    Reviewed By wwilcher Apr 13, 2016

    No customer loyalty. Please take your business elsewhere.

    I have been with Regions since 2002 and felt very disrespected when they refused to waive an NSF fee. In all of the years I've banked with them I may have had 4 overdrafts and that may be stretching it. I am waiting for my pended items to clear and I will close the account. I have already opened with another bank. Trust me, they care nothing about customer loyalty.

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  • C
    Reviewed By ChuckFL Apr 5, 2016

    ATM money exchange for smaller bills

    Region Bank-----Beware if you use their ATM and are not using their ATM card. The South Pasadena, Florida office Manage will not exchange the monies that you just paid $3.50 for smaller denominations ($5 & &10s). He claims that is a required bank regulation. I went across the street and Bank America exchanged the money I got from Regions ATM with smile and "HAVE A GOOD DAY". I called other banks in my area and Region is the only one to such a policy. I suggest that you do not use Region banks ATM or services.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dontbscrewed Mar 26, 2016


    Rudest, dumbest employees on planet earth. Brainwashed to believe ( or steal ) that their bogus policies designed to hold your money are federal laws. They are not!! Most crooked bank on planet earth!

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  • D
    Reviewed By dcook Mar 9, 2016


    Regions Bank has a problem that they may not care about. I have been to four Regions Branches, called, and attempted to receive help via email.
    The Branches try , but the support personnel to help with Elavon credit card processing, and Payment Protection insurance on a loan, either have no training or are coached to confound the customer.
    How can a closed account be reopened when a merchant(Elavon) sends a request for $10.00 to the account? Regions responds by charging $54.00 in fees and tells me by phone that I need to go into a branch. Further, I was told if the fees were not paid it would go to collections.
    The Payment Protection Insurance on a loan is useless. I experienced medical problems and lost my job, but neither are covered even though the policy says these conditions are covered.
    No wonder Regions was found liable in a 2012 lawsuit. My experience is that their company did not remedy the systematic processes used to abuse their customers.
    I have three accounts with Regions, but will soon try to close them to avoid the frustration of the circular path they use to resolve problems.

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  • B
    Reviewed By beth234 Mar 3, 2016

    Bank at your own Risk!!

    Took a large sum of $ from my account for a payment that wasn't even ours or affiliated with our account. It was because we had the last same name as the other person's checking account. They eventually did fix it, but not before it caused a ton of problems for us and our checking account. Online banking is horrible. I banked with them for 6 years and had nothing but problem after problem. I know people who have never had any problems and to them I say 'your blessed'...'got lucky'. I had to go up there 3 times to close my accounts bc they kept messing up; and today I was just notified they never shut down my savings account so I'll have to make a 4th trip. This is inconvenient and terrible service. Bank at your own risk!

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  • Q
    Reviewed By Queen89 Mar 2, 2016



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  • T
    Reviewed By tonya0313 Mar 1, 2016

    Great Job Nicole!!

    I just wanted to say how professional the ladies working the drawers were. I came in yesterday & tried to cash a check.. the check was my husbands & I am not a signer on his acct. But he was at work & I needed to pay some bills.. so we know everyone has done this.. I wrote the check out & signed it.. he told me I could! She looked over the check & as she looked I could tell she noticed a difference in the signature. She was very polite in explaining to me what was going on. I could not get the check cashed.. but it just lets you know that they are doing their job.. better safe than sorry. The lady's name was Nicole I believe.. very respectful & professional.

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