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The Most Helpful Regions Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By nhoier Oct 6, 2015

Thoughtful and very nice!

I got a snail mail invitation to come in and talk about some of the services I use at Regions bank. I was delighted with the branch manager's demeanor, insight and his out of the box personalized approach to my issues. I will continue banking at this Regions brach even though I live at the other end of the county. People on both sides of every transaction matter and This Regions brach just won me over. I can only hope I am a good client for them.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Donald E. May 10, 2014

You Stole $600 From My Sons Peanut League Team!

Well, Regions bank has done it this time. My wife and I looked into an account - my sons account - and found out that regions decided to take out $600 from the $800 that was in his Peanut League baseball teams account that we used to pay for hotels, umpires, bats and balls for the team. My experience is that Regions purposefully didn't care - did so fully knowing they we taking, no stealing from his account - and even worse, didn't feel that as a customer that we should even know.

Please understand that as a customer we put our trust in them, and that you as a consumer shouldn't.

Poor communication skills -- true.
Unethical practices -- true.
Dishonorable conduct from a banking establishment -- true.

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Latest Regions Bank Reviews

  • I
    Reviewed By ihateregions Jan 26, 2016

    Unethical Banking Practices

    Several times Regions has charged unjustified overdraft fees, and it seems that no matter who you talk to in the branch, there is never anyone who can help or at least justify the charges. Its the "system" and apparently the "system" is smarter than all the employees, bc they talk about it like its untouchable and sealed in stone.

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  • B
    Reviewed By BMeyn Jan 25, 2016

    Called local Police Department

    Regions in McComb MS refused to cash a check for my mother. She had the money in her account. They claimed they did not have enough cash on hand or available at the other 5 local branches. In the mean time they called the police to come and find out if my mother really wanted her money. They called her son in Pennsylvania. They also called Mother's ex-husband (divorced over 30 years) to find out if she should get her money.
    Finally after a humiliating interview with the local police, he announced it was OKAY by him for her to get part of her money out of her account.
    They only had one half on hand. (Or so they claimed.)
    She died two days later heart-broken because she couldn't get her money.
    Note: It was not a large sum of money just a few K.

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  • T
    Reviewed By Tuckerj Jan 14, 2016


    I can not stand regions in St.Ann. One of the tellers loves to ask where does ur money come from, she asked me two different times when I came and I had been coming to that one for 5yrs. She claims she ask everyone that question but I doubt it. I told her I was gonna talk to her manager and the other teller told her not to worry about it. So I talk to the manager and she said every teller should b asking the customer where their money comes from, if they don't then they are not doin their job the manager said. I never had a prolbem with them until this teller started working there. So now I go to bridgeton regions, they are alot better than the other one!!!

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  • A
    Reviewed By arachel Jan 8, 2016

    They stealing money from customers!!!!!!

    I found it very upsetting when I woke up this morning to see that my account was overdrawn by 73.12 with 72.00 of that being overdraft charges from you placing fees on my account being 1.12 short. This is highway robbery and I honestly don't understand why this happen. In speaking with your rep I was given a explanation that still does not make since to me and it has left me in a financial bind. Please reverse these charges because this is so sad that you would take this amount form me for such a small shortage. Very disappointed and frustrated customer and I would like my money back. This is it fair and unacceptable. No respect or consideration for their customers. I can't believe this happen. Tried to reach out to them to reverse the charges and they refused. It's sad and I won't continue to bank with them.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jeff4059 Jan 1, 2016

    Customer Service

    This is the worst branch on the planet. If you like be screamed at in the parking lot by the branch manager this is the place to go.

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  • E
    Reviewed By ERBE Jan 1, 2016


    I am a fairly new customer to Regions bank. I opened a savings account when our bank, Bank of America, closed many of the local branches. I opened the savings account and deposited our savings and planned to use Regions bank for our home mortgage as well. After applying and getting pre-qualified for a home loan our Mortgage Loan Originator either quit or was fired but she knowingly took all our private and confidential documents with her to her new bank. This was quite disturbing as I never agreed to work with her new bank and specifically moved all our money to Regions Bank as we wanted to use that bank for our home mortgage. I complained to our new Mortgage Loan Originator and my complaint was passed to the Manager. Days then weeks went by with no acknowledgment of the complaint, not one person at Regions bank addressed the fact that our personal and confidential documents were compromised, all of our income tax records, our pay stubs, copy of drivers licenses our entire file was taken from Regions bank to her new place of employment American Bank of Huntsville. Shortly after her move she stopped emailing me in reference to a home mortgage so I have no idea what she did with our private information.
    I then decided to complain to both the Manager and our Mortgage Loan Originator by email and sure enough got a reply from both of them. After over 8 weeks since my original complaint about the compromise of our confidential documents the manager now wants to start an investigation and of course our Mortgage Loan Originator wants to start over with our loan application. I will say I feel the integrity of REGIONS BANK is far below any hope I had for a bank. I feel the customer service was appalling, I do not feel as though our private, confidential documents we kept confidential at all. In this day and age if identity theft I feel my issue with our file being taken out of Regions Bank should have been addressed immediately. Regions Bank totally gave zero concern for our privacy.

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  • G
    Reviewed By givemepeace Dec 16, 2015

    Regions Bank Sucks

    Regions is the most inflexible bank institution. The bank has a new policy that allows an overdraft fee for any dollar amount. Previously, if it was under 5.00 there was no fee. Granted as a consumer you should balance your account but if there is an issue what bank would take advantage of their customer with no tolerances. The bank used an email to communicate this change vs using their open website landing page. On top of this, when I called the bank when I was impacted, there was no flexibility to reverse the fee. Absolutely absurd.all they could give me was a sorry and we totally understand but this is out of our hands, but you want to be my primary banker, want my mortgage and car payment. I wish I would. Regions will always be on the bottom of the food chain with this as their operational strategy. Yes, all I have to give you is 1300 per month just enough to cover my mortgage withdrawal.if it was so incovenient, I would move that to my other bankers.

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  • A
    Reviewed By adr13 Dec 15, 2015

    Horrible customer service

    I went into Regions Bank today to cash a check for 1000.00 that my girlfriend had given me. Upon presenting the check to the teller, I was informed that since I didnt have an account at Regions, they were going to charge me 1% of the check? I asked the teller if she was kidding? She said no, would you like to open an account?
    REALLY??? Talk about being railroaded into a checking account....

    I replied no thank you, and that I had never heard of such. She replied, "You dont do much banking do you?" I wanted to go over the counter....

    I kept my composure as she pretended there was a problem with the account, picking up the phone but never saying a word. 5 minutes later she starts counting out the money. This is how she dispersed it. 50's-10, 20's-22, 10's-5. As she counted it back she threw it into the window and never even looked up. I told her thank you for not offering me an envelope, stacked my money and walked away.

    As I walked toward the door, I was greeted by the manager of the bank. I explained to her what had happened and she assured me she would take care of the situation. If the woman doesnt want a customer service position she should find a new job. Customers are going to be unhappy occasionally. Its your job to handle that with dignity and respect PERIOD.

    I will be sure and try every way possible to get my girlfriend to move her money out of Regions Bank. I had my money there way back when they were AmSouth. I figured it out then.

    Regions will never get my business, and I will tell everyone I know about my experience. 10.00 to cash a 1000.00 check that is drawn on YOUR bank, because I dont have an account with you? GET REAL REGIONS!!!!

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kristov Nov 27, 2015

    Doesn't follow own procedures

    A month and a half or two months ago I got a replacement debit card because my old one had a crack in the mag stripe resulting in it working maybe half the time. The new card had a new number so I had the old one cancelled, or so I thought. Turns out that they never cancelled the old card so multiple charges have gone through. The new "procedure" for posting things to an account is: deposits, card charges and EFTs in order of receipt, checks in order of check number. Wednesday I made two card purchases around 3PM and had an electronic charge, on my old card no less, come in late that night. Of course they were applied to my account in descending order of amount using the old procedure. As of today I no longer bank with Regions since they have no interest in owning up to, let alone fixing, their own mistakes.

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  • P
    Reviewed By Pallen930 Nov 18, 2015

    Too corporate

    I've had an account at regions Bank for many years. But most recently I had an issue with them but clearly they could have resolved but they wouldn't. So after many years of being a good customer I've decided to close my account regions Bank. I was not treated as an individual. A teller tried for two days to get the bank to waive the fee for me that they should've waived, so the people that work in the individual banks are good people. It's the corporate offices and rules that make this bank unacceptable to the average person. If you're thinking of opening an account at regions Bank I would look elsewhere.

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