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Regions Bank Latest Customer Reviews

swilkes67's Profile Image

Reviewed by swilkes67

Sep 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Regions Banks Are Bank Robbers!

Have had multiple accounts with them for over 10 years but started experiencing problems when i received an equitity loan. I obtained the loan for convince and immediately paid it off (within days) and requested that regions close the account. It was not until i went to refinance my mortgage and the credit check revealed that the account was showing opened. It took regions 3 months, at least 6 trips to the bank, and me making a scene in the bank to get the account closed.

Each time they said, "we can only request corporate close the account. We can't make them close it. "all the while my interest rate is fluctuating. Then i argue a fraudulent charge on my account because someone was writing checks from an online business with my account number. Regions doesnt know how someone was able to use my account information to write checks. The represenative kept questioning me like i was really writing business checks from my personal account. She made me so angry i final told her to just close my accounts. She then said its okay, we will dispute the charge. I insisted they close the accounts.

They said they had to leave the account opened while they dispute the charges. I told them fine but i want all of my money out of the bank and leave minimal amount to keep it open ($30) and they would notify me once the dispute was resolved. After a couple of weeks (early sep), i receive a letter saying that they were charging me $16 ($8 aug. & $8 sep) for not having a minimal amount in my account.

I went today to argue the charges and get the remainder of my money. First they said i should have known the dispute was resolved when i saw an increase in my balance. First they said, they would give me $8 for sep and i would have to come back to close my account. Isaid forget it just close my account. She said they couldn't because i had a credit coming. Can't give me the money and can't close my account. They said they will send me a check and close my account. Regions will nickel and dime you to death.

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palfaro38's Profile Image

Reviewed by palfaro38

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very Bad Financial Advice

I am a customer of regions for years and a few days ago was contacted by mr. Peter [Redacted] ( champions gate branch - regions bank) offering me a credit card. I told him that i couldn't afford another credit card. He was checking probably my profile with the bank and at that time, and told me that he knew that i had a personal loan with regions with a fixed interest. He could get me a credit card with 0 % to transfer the balance of my personal loan to that new credit card with 0 % for 12 months.

He also explained to me that once open the credit card the balance in my personal loan would be transferred automatically to this new credit card. He did open the credit card but the balance was never transferred. I waited a few days and asked peter yelverton about it and he said that he was about to call me to let me know that the transferred is not possible because " both loans belongs to the same institution".

Of course he knew that from the beginning and he still sold me a credit card that i don't need. Later he advised me that i can go to any business that i know and pay with the credit card and asked the business to give me the cash to pay off my personal loan. I can not believe that a "financial adviser" told me that. I am completely unsatisfied with this person and with the bank. They sold me something that i don't need and lied to me to probably get his commissions.

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pamelas2's Profile Image

Reviewed by pamelas2

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Creative/deceptive Accounting Makes Stealing Your Money Legal

They are liars, cheats and thieves. They hold your deposit (even a cash deposit) even though your online account shows that the deposit has been credited to your account, and it shows the amount of the deposit in your available funds, and then they put through all other transactions instantly, refusing to utilize your deposit (made in cash, showing under "available balance"), just so they can charge you $36/item overdraft fees.

Then these fees pretty much negate your deposit, eat it all up, so that any other transactions you perform, confident you have deposited enough to cover everything, are paid out but charged $36/item overdraft fees. In three days, regions charged me $324 in overdraft fees, putting me into a negative balance, even though i should have had a couple of hundred dollars left in the account.

I confronted the manager of my branch, accused her of "creative accounting" and "deceptive accounting prctices" and she just signed and rolled her eyes, like i was too stupid to understand. Yeah, like i would want to pay a $36 overdraft fee for a $4. 99 charge on amazon! These people have found a legal way to steal your money! Beware!!!

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whinds's Profile Image

Reviewed by whinds

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank I Ever Dealt With

This bank is so terrible at customer service after years of being with them, that I finally pulled my checking & savings accounts & went to Chase bank who is wonderful! Unfortunately I still have a loan account through Regions.They lost a payment sent to them from Chase. (typical) and racked up tons of late charges on my account. When I asked them to please refund the charges after everything was cleared up. If something got lost in the mail it is not the banks error.

Wow, I don't want to give them even 1 star. Their customer service is NON-EXSISTENT!!!

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momoftwo's Profile Image

Reviewed by momoftwo

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This bank Lies!

If I could give this bank negative stars I would! Only gave it one star because it would not let me leave the stars empty! We are not customers, thankfully, but we purchased a vehicle from someone that is their customer and got horrible service. First we were told that our check was fraud, which it was not. They refused to give the check back to the customer(which after calling one of the main branches) I have learned that is the normal procedure. They didn't send it to the fraud dept., which one would think if it fraud and you don't want to return that's where it would go. No, instead they processed it and told their customer it would take 7-10 days for the money to get into the account. Not sure how a fraud check all of the sudden is good to proceed with. But anyway, after a week and a half of the run around with these people, the money magically appears in his account. Also, they said the money would be in the account on a Monday, then Tuesday morning before the bank even opens the gentleman who we bought the vehicle from gets an email saying the money is there. I would NEVER use this bank and would highly recommend anyone to NOT use it either!!! The lie, they are very rude, and they hold onto money to make interest on it or whatever else it is they are doing with it! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!

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aschaef's Profile Image

Reviewed by aschaef

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Hate this bank

They changed their phone numbers online to be an automated 800 number. You can't call an individual branch or ever talk to an actual banker. It is so frustrating to bank with regions. I have been trying to close my account and they can't even do that right. Now I have to go back to the branch because I can't reach them on the phone. Not recommended, not worth the hassle.

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phillip's Profile Image

Reviewed by phillip

Aug 1st 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Regions Closed my Acct

I am and was, at least for another 30 days a customer at regions for 15 years, They are closing my acct,

I have over 6 figures in Bank, I have never bounced a check, Savings, checking , you name it. And i get a call that my accounts will be closed in 30 days. Any funds will be mailed to me at that time. NO REASON

AT ALL, Opened my childrens first accounts there, Saved money in there name for college, have a buisness acct, Never had a problem. Local Mgr. said she hated to call me, And there never is a reason,

and she could not find out one, If there was one, ??????????? . Hows that for a Friday afternoon

SHOCKER, 15 years from when I opened my first acct with them !!!! I know everyone in Branch by there first name, I hate to see it, and say it, I hope the employees do Well, But for the Bank, I hope they Go under, But we all know that won;t happen .

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hydradrr's Profile Image

Reviewed by hydradrr

Jul 31st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I love their service and treatment

I have being with this branch for about 7 or 8 years, never had an issue with them , my personal banker Mary has always treated us like if we owned the bank. My kids , wife, and self have our personal and business accounts with this branch , and they have always gone out of their ways to make sure we are satisfied . I have nothing negative to say about their service

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robt1952's Profile Image

Reviewed by robt1952

Jul 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

closing my account

This has been my worst banking experience over the last few years. I have been with them for over 20 years and the respect and customer service i get from the bank and this branch -------20. BAD, BAD, BAD. going to credit union! At least they treat like a human.

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ouchtheygotme2's Profile Image

Reviewed by ouchtheygotme2

Jul 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Returned Internastional wire

spent hours tracing an international wire Regions wont provide documentary evidence they returned it So my usual reply to them is YOU STOLE MY MONEY!

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stommy141's Profile Image

Reviewed by stommy141

Jul 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mistreatment of Veterans (loss of safe deposit box key)

I am a 70 yr. old Vietnam Veteran who is 90% service connected disabled. A year ago I rented a safe deposit box from regions bank. I never used the box or keys and one of my other banks offered me a box for free. So, i decided to close the box rental from Regions Bank. This was when the problems started. The customer service guy said that he would have to charge me $150 fee to change the lock because I had lost one of the keys. I then told him that if they charged me $150, then I was going to take all my money out of regions bank and close my account. At this time I was turned over to his Boss who asked me what I wanted to do? I said, no what do you want to do? (1). Wave the fee of $150 and keep a loyal customer with $12,000. deposited with monthly direct deposits. Or, Or deduct the $150 lost key fee and loose a $12,000 account and a good customers business.

Is this review helpful? ▲ Yes 1 ▼ No 1

hardworker's Profile Image

Reviewed by hardworker

Jun 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Experience Of My Life

My husband had the misfortune of opening a checking account, then get a loan with Regions Bank. Luckily for me, I already knew they were difficult to deal with (plus, I've been with a wonderful bank for 22 yrs) but seeing that I pay all of the bills for the family, I had no choice but to deal with them.

He soon learned the incompetence, rudeness, & total lack of empathy that their whole customer service team is about, so he was smart enough to close his checking right off the bat, but had to continue paying the loan until it was paid off. We both work between 70-80 hours a week each to make ends meet, but I work closer & I pay all of our family's bills every month, so it was me who had the misfortune of going to the branch to pay them. They were consistently, extremely rude and even though I had his account #, DOB, SSN & 4 digit passcode, & money in my hand to pay his loan, they were rude each time I went in. My name was not on the loan;therefore, making it difficult for me to hand them money each time for his monthly payments.

We then decided to make payments by phone, and again even though I had his statements in front of me, all of his info & pass codes, we learned they would need his voice approval for me to make payments. So every month, he'd give them my name and tell them I could make payments. when we finally had enough money to pay it off, I tried for 7 days to pay it, he could not stop work during this time, and regions is closed after 5pm at the 800 #'s. I had had 3 ortho-surgeries and couldn't drive to the branch.

After over 2 hours of being on hold, transferred to several rude, uncaring 'people', couldn't bank at night or online without his voice while they were open to get a member number, he had to leave work and miss 2 hrs of pay to call, they told him they all of a sudden couldn't pull up his account after they had looked at it all day with me, he had to drive & pay. Long story short save yourself the heartache & bank with anyone but them.

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nadezkara's Profile Image

Reviewed by nadezkara

Jun 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Make Sure You Take The Teller Flowers

If you think this tag line suggests a positive review, think again. I have had the worst experience of my life at the Coconut Grove branch of Regions Bank. My husband transfers money from one of our accounts to our Regions account monthly to cover home expenses. For personal reasons, he does this in cash, usually under $2,000/month. Although it is my account, it is perfectly legal for him to make a monthly deposit to the account in any manner he choses.

About 8 to 10 months ago, he mentioned that a certain teller was asking a lot of questions about who he was. He told her that he was my husband. She wanted his name and other unnecessary information. He became a little obstinate and decided not to play along. I have been out of the country this month. My husband mentioned that a certified letter came to me, he was unable to pick it up. The postal people showed it to him, it was from Regions. We thought nothing of it since we have never had any issues with the account.

Early this week we sent our quarterly tax check to the IRS, using this same account. Two days later, my husband tried using the Regions debit card and it did not work. He went on line and checked the account, if had been closed. I contacted Regions from Europe. Evidently, someone had reported our account to the Feds under the Patriot Act (guess who?). Regions closed the account. Of course this put us in a difficult position with the IRS and we quickly sent out a replacement check from a different bank. Bare in mind, our Regions account was only used to pay mundane things like the electric bill, cable, pool maintenance, property taxes, insurance and the like. The account was open for four years without incident, not even a bounced check.

The moral of the story, if you bank at Regions, you better kiss up to the tellers (flowers?). If they decide they don't like you, you may regret it. Of course, there is another solution, one I plan to use in the future, bank somewhere else!

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crewsfamily's Profile Image

Reviewed by crewsfamily

Jun 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Regions bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with

Regions bank is awful. They charge fees to cash checks, deposit checks, having an account, pretty much everything. The staff is rude both on the phone and in-person. I am done with this bank this has been the last straw for me. I deposited a check 5 days ago and it still has not been put into my account. When I call to ask why they then freeze my whole account and say it will be investigated within the next two weeks, in the meantime I can not access any of my money nor get the check back. They can't give me a reason for this just keep getting told it is part of a process.

I do not live close to a bank so I tried working out this issue on the phone not once but four times and each time I get told something different and the people I speak with are very rude and unhelpful. I went into the bank (which opened at 9:15 rather than 9:00 like it says on the door!). I walked in before two other people and they helped them first. I have four small children and had to wait forever, when someone finally helped me she didn't have a clue what she was doing, she didn't know why the hold was there and the only person who could unfreeze my account wouldn't be in until late afternoon but they wouldn't be able to get to it for a week. So they think it is okay for me to not have access to my money for two weeks. they disabled my debit cards and closed my online account and can't seem to tell me anything other than a check I deposited is under review. This left me no way to put gas in my car, buy groceries, or pay bills! I am furious as soon as they decide to give me access to my account I will be closing it and going to a new bank with better customer service.

Regions is horrible, all they do is steal your money.

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qdmitch's Profile Image

Reviewed by qdmitch

Jun 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mortgage nightmare

I have been working with Regions bank to secure a new mortgage for almost 3 months. I have excellent credit, solid debt to income, work history, current assets, etc. and have provided every piece of paperwork they have requested within 24 hours.

Regions has passed my application through 3 different Loan originators, 4 processors, and I don't know how many underwriters. Emails asking about the status go unanswered, I have to call to find anything about the status. The interest rate is just above average, but because this is a HomeSteps mortgage purchasing a foreclosed property from Freddie Mac the options are very limited. There are only 3 banks that offer HomeSteps. Regions extended the rate lock without consulting me. I have been asked for and submitted multiple times the same paperwork, they keep loosing it, and then putting the wrong information on my application.

I have been very sorely disappointed with Regions banks ability to get to closing. I would strongly advise anyone considering doing business with Regions bank to stay away.

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Tallguy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tallguy

Jun 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Essentialine loan

Regions bought Amsouth a few years ago. When they did they acquired our line of credit for our condo in Panama City Beach Fl. We paid off our balance in March of 2010. They tried to charge us an annual service fee even though we had a balance in part of 2010. They eventually removed the fee but also notified us they were closing it. For 3 more years they charged the annual fee. When we sold the condo in late 2013, we contacted them to clear the lien and discovered the charges. We had not received any statement for 3 years! We paid the fees to get a clear title. In the mean time they reported to credit bureaus that we had late payments on the account which is illegal since we did not have any loan balance due. We've been trying for over a month to clear our credit with them and they are completely unresponsive. Just promises and promises.

Definitely will not recommend this bank.

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JasonG's Profile Image

Reviewed by JasonG

May 26th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Not a customer

I must first say that I am not a customer of Regions. On 2 separate occasions, I have had a customer write me a Regions bank check from their own account. I am charged silly fees to cash a Regions check because I do not have a Regions account.

I have customers that write me checks from other banks, such as Bank of America, and I am not charged a fee.

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sglocker1's Profile Image

Reviewed by sglocker1

May 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Branch manager needs a new life

I never had a problem with Regions Bank, until March 2014 when I went into The local branch and and was greeted by a new asst. Manager. She submitted a fraud claim for me which was returned 3 times because she did not submit the right forms. That was the beginning of the pitfall with regions bank. After 3 weeks of investigation they denied the claim because the debit card associated with the account was never turned off.

Meanwhile I was overdrawn in an account. I had been diagnosed with Leukemia and times were rough. I would go into the branch , with funds available and as soon as I walked out of the door , I suddenly had "no debits" on my accounts. I would call and they would say they had nothing to do with it. Bull junk.

I decided to cut ties with this branch and another branch manager at a different location helped me.

Now, this is where I believe Regions has committed Fraud. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Regions Now card is prepaid and is designed to only be able to use funds that are in the account.... Correct? So I transferred $260 from a savings account to my Regions Now card. I immediately withdrew $140 from the atm.. how? Because funds have to be In a NOW account to be able to get the funds. .. Well all of a sudden my account disappeared from online banking and they had closed it because It was overdrawn by $-258. They said the transfer never went through . This is completely invalid. I would have not been able to withdrawal funds if there was no funds transferred in the account.

I had a direct deposit come in and in the morning the branch manager who I haven't seen or spoken to in 6 weeks starts making account withdrawals on my accounts, leaving my account with $1.45. I had made an arrangement with the branch I originally opened up the account with. I had a regions ready advance balance of $547 which I received a statement that same day saying that the due day was 06/09/2014. Today's date is 5/21/2014. Very disappointed!!!

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Appletree's Profile Image

Reviewed by Appletree

May 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No customer service at all

My student account was supposed to be free. I have been charged every single month! I tried to get over it but then I was also being charged for paper billing. I do not even get a paper statement. Online banking sign up is a pain but worth it so you don't get charged out the wazoo! I will set foot in that bank one last time ever to retrieve what savings they haven't nickle and dimed me out of after that I vow to never enter another Regions. I honestly thought arvest was bad but they actually look like heaven now.

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DonaldEllis's Profile Image

Reviewed by DonaldEllis

May 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

You Stole $600 From My Sons Peanut League Team!

Well, Regions bank has done it this time. My wife and I looked into an account - my sons account - and found out that regions decided to take out $600 from the $800 that was in his Peanut League baseball teams account that we used to pay for hotels, umpires, bats and balls for the team. My experience is that Regions purposefully didn't care - did so fully knowing they we taking, no stealing from his account - and even worse, didn't feel that as a customer that we should even know.

Please understand that as a customer we put our trust in them, and that you as a consumer shouldn't.

Poor communication skills -- true.

Unethical practices -- true.

Dishonorable conduct from a banking establishment -- true.

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whitewateradf's Profile Image

Reviewed by whitewateradf

May 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Always slow

I deposit every month into an out of state account with Regions from my present state account with Regions. It always takes so long as they can't find the account. Can't find the account? The account is with your bank. Every month it's a problem!

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jose145's Profile Image

Reviewed by jose145

Apr 19th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Regions Bank In Castleton - Jose Ray

I absolutely love coming here. 75% of my visit is because of a welcoming smile from the women at the front desk. Bank tellers are always willing to assist. My account had been frozen for a couple weeks due to fraud and I had to have my account shut down. I still kept my prepaid Regions Now Card. I stopped in one day to load funds on the card and questioned about my account. Unexpectedly, an agent dealt with contacting the non-emergency line to get some information. She then informed me that she was able to reinstate my account. This was a blessing. I never felt so good about a bank. I would recommend this branch to any one.

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Poncholv's Profile Image

Reviewed by Poncholv

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible, horrible bank

Overdrew my account by 50$, got a 72$ late fee, I understand, it's my fault and thats standard. Sadly since I'm a server and have a 14 month old baby boy, I called my mom to bail me out. She wirelessly sent 150$ to get my account out of negative. It was the first time we did this, so our banks needed to verify the security of the transfer, so they first deposited 15 cents, and then 50 cents, I had to correctly confirm what was deposited in order for the transfer to happen.

After being approved, I still had negative account. Regions charged me two more additional overdraft charges because of when my moms bank took back the 15 and 50 cents deposited to insure security by both banks! So I was charged another 72$ Making it a total of -192$ In my account. 148$ of that being fees. my mom had only sent 150$. I tried calling many times, talked to two supervisors, even went personally into two Regions branches. Every single Regions said it wasn't a bank error on their part, so they won't refund it. I just can't believe how terrible this bank.

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bellasonya's Profile Image

Reviewed by bellasonya

Apr 15th 2014

4 out of 5 marks


I went to the drive thu and when I got my receipt I noticed that the teller wrote "Remember you are wonderful" in orange highlighter. Really made my day!


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lriley90yahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by lriley90yahoocom

Apr 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible services and a total rip off

So I keep up with account regularly. I checked online banking made sure everything had processed. My account had a positive balance the next charge is $216.00 in overdraft fees. No one can tell me exactly how this occurred. And of course there is no compensation. I worked 84 hours in one week only to have it swindled away be Regions Bank! Thank you regions, I will gladly take my business elsewhere.

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bupe's Profile Image

Reviewed by bupe

Mar 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very rude and no customer service at all

I went there to withdraw from my business account because I was sent there from another branch. The branch manager refused to give me service and when I asked him why I cannot withdraw from my account -- he had no reason. He told me to go back to the branch who sent me there. No reason and no apology. I am going to close my business account soon.

The branch who do not know how to treat customer is located at 3001 Airport Blvd Mobile, AL, 36604.

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bozothehound's Profile Image

Reviewed by bozothehound

Mar 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I can't get a debit card for my checking account. I have reordered three times through the branch. Always say give it a few more days. It's been over a month. Don't use this bank. No customer service. None!

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jeredmond's Profile Image

Reviewed by jeredmond

Mar 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Regions electronic banking is terrible!

Just spent 3 hours trying to resolve an issue with Regions mobile banking app. No one in their IT department knows what the problem is. In the meantime I can't deposit my check because their branches are only open Monday-Friday from 9-5pm. On top of that the nearest one is over 20 miles away. I went with Regions because of their mobile deposit app. Now I will go away for the same reason.

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Meg's Profile Image

Reviewed by Meg

Mar 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible Loan Officer

In December 2013, my husband and I initiated a mortgage loan application at our local branch bank with a loan officer whom we'd spoken with previously. From the beginning, I had an uneasy feeling because the loan officer did not seem particularly interested in helping secure a loan for us. He was not prompt on any of our matters and was even going to leave for the Christmas holidays for about a week and a half before even processing our loan. Our sales contract clearly noted a date of January 31 as a closing date which meant that we needed to start working on getting our loan approved and fully completed by underwriting. The whole process was tedious. my husband and I had to continually ask the loan officer for updates and to ensure that our file was progressing as should. The loan officer kept assuring us we would close on Jan 31. Needless to say, that did not happen. As Jan. 31, approached, Regions informed us that we would need a second appraisal. Now we're talking about more time and money. Fortunately, the seller agreed to allow an extension to the Act of Sale date. A few weeks later, the 2nd appraisal issue was finally resolved and Regions continued to work on our case, still with no sense of urgency. As we were nearing the Act of Sale again, we were then informed that there was an issue with the title. Then finally, we learned that Regions would not let the seller and Title company rectify the issue with the title, they DENIED our loan. After two months of working with them. During this time, we had also complained several times but received no improvement. After the denial, my husband and I, still wanting the house, transferred to another lender. We were able to close on our home within 14 days with the other lender. It was a much better process. So for a company that boasts "customer service" Regions does not offer it! This was a very unpleasant first time home-buyers experience.

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bankcustomer2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankcustomer2014

Mar 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Tarpon Bay- Naples, Fl Absolutely Horrible Customer Service

Do not go to this branch if you are looking for a knowledgeable, helpful staff. They do not follow through on anything you discuss. They do not return phone calls. They can not complete simple banking requests. Use any other branch in naples if you appreciate good service.

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