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The Most Helpful USAA Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Otto O. May 2, 2015

Great place to keep my money

They keep things Simple, I've been a happy member for years. I don't understand how less banks have better banktracker ratings.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By angrycustomer523 Aug 28, 2014

Steals Money From Victims Of Fraud

They won't accept police reports and even if you send one in they refuse to read it. False advertising of protecting veterans and soldiers.

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Latest USAA Reviews

  • D
    Reviewed By Dens333 Feb 6, 2016

    $500 to open a new checking account!

    USAA offered me $500 to open a checking account and make 2 deposits totalling $500 by end of Dec.I usually avoid wasting my time with these 'bait' offers as I've received so many of them from all over the Internet; they're just so scammy!

    I figured - hey, I've been a USAA member for 20 years and I've even got my three adult children to bring their business in, so this might be worth looking into. So we opened our checking account. And why stop there, we also opened a savings account and an investment brokerage account. My wife changed her work stuff and had her pay go directly into the new savings account.

    We even transferred money in and bought some stock! So they wanted 2 deposits of $250 by December which we exceeded. And in total we moved several thousand dollars through our new USAA accounts since Nov. But when I called to inquire about the $500 (spending more than 2 hours on the phone and rerouted to 4 different departments) Lori from the Executive dept told me that we didn't setup the deposits correctly and since it was our fault, too bad, so sad, there's nothing that we or they would or could do about it!

    I knew it was scammy but I really didn't expect this from them!So we plan on closing the USAA accounts and go back to our old local bank; should never have changed to begin with...

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    Reviewed By DD75 Jan 20, 2016


    I have been with USAA for more than 25 years while in the military and now as a federal employee. One will think with that customer loyalty USAA would be there to assist members when they need them? Wrong. I recently applied for a loan to assist me with paying a couple bills after my divorce, they denied me. So I figured what's the use in being loyal to a bank if when you need them, they are not there for you. I had heard other horror stories but refused to believe them until my experience, now I am going to cancel my direct deposit and go with Chase. Thanks for nothing USAA.

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  • K
    Reviewed By ksmith8 Jan 16, 2016

    horrible experinces

    USAA treated me and my children horribly after my ex military husband lawyer sent a false document in the process of our then pending divorce concerning our shared account. I was shocked considering I am a qualified veteran as well and with no supporting evidence or court orders. I was taken off no questions asked with over 10+ years of banking and auto services with USAA since my military career. When I tried to reopen I was told no reason was given but I was unable to open an account with them again. I am thankful for my experience because I have been happy with the credit union I am currently with every since. I would no recommend anyone to this bank or auto services you may wake up and have your account closed with no reasons and no answers.

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  • C
    Reviewed By ChrisFriend Dec 13, 2015

    USAA Facilitates Victimization of disabled Military Veteran.

    After receiving an honorable discharge from the Navy and being sent out into the workforce as a Disabled Veteran I had a really hard time finding a job. I later learned that job seekers are often preyed on by con-men.
    I was the victim of a con. I was offered a job that required me to complete a month long training program. After the training the company then had me conduct product research for purchase for a client. Once research was completed they transferred me funds and had me purchase the equipment and ship it to the client. I was skeptical to put a large purchase on my CC Which was already at its limit so I called USAA and inquired on my questions. I was informed that USAA could not change my card’s available credit without my permission, so given the the card was already maxed out it would be impossible to take on additional liability. I was also advised that once my card received the funds and the funds were cleared by USAA that the funds were safe for spending. After speaking with USAA I felt confident moving forward. The funds were then deposited into my account and cleared for spending. I executed on the purchase order and sent the items to the client of record on the purchase order. Two days later the funds were somehow virtually pulled back off my credit card and my card was left overdrafted by nearly $7,000. When I confronted USAA they informed me that they don’t know how the funds were able to be pulled out once they were in and cleared. Also they did not raise my credit limit, but rather they allowed the card to be overdrawn by nearly double it’s available limit. They apologized for the inaccurate information they provided and said they will not help with any of the liability, and additionally they will not even help restructure the debt. I’m now stuck with a credit card that is overdrawn by $7,000 (double the card’s limit) without a job (the whole job was a con), no assistance from the bank and no way of paying. USAA provided me bad information, which led to me being victimized.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Cmo1991 Oct 30, 2015

    Loans-Very Disappointed

    We a retired military family. I thought USAA was known for helping military families. We asked for help in September 2015 with moving expenses through a small personal loan for 1st months rent and deposit plus U-haul truck expense. We were transition between jobs. We saved money for bills etc but had to use this money to pay for moving. We knew our credit rating was .the greatest and income was low due to transitioning. NO LOAN APPROVED. Now we are so behind with everything even our USAA insurance. We are close to losing insurance-which will cause us more problems. We are struggling to keep food on table and keep gas in vehicles for getting to jobs and interviews. My husband does not get his 1st paycheck until November 15. Plus I have not found a job yet.

    If they would have given us some help with moving expenses (we would have taken a higher interest rate)--we would not been this behind on regular bills and our credit rating will not be getting worse. All we wanted was a $5,000 loan. Now it will take months for us to catch up.

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    Reviewed By Cat1 Oct 21, 2015

    USAA could not help on the weekend

    I was stuck while traveling and my travel credit card had a fraud alert (put on hold) so I reached out to USAA. I have been a member for over 20 years. They did not help me- but I was told that the people to approve emergency requests do not work on weekends! When do they they emergencies happen?? USAA does not care about their loyal customers- but they do have a lot of non-customer friendly policies. Tried to take my complaint up their executive chain- they listened but really did not care and cited their strict policies. This is not the way you treat any customer. Shame on USAA!!

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  • M
    Reviewed By motherof2 Oct 15, 2015

    Beware..Our refinance loan has been HELL as was our neighbors experience with them doing the same thing

    I will never do business with them again. They refuse to make phone contact with you, email contact is limited and expectations are very slim. Trying to refinance our home with them has been the most stressful, time consuming and costly thing we have ever done in our entire lives. We were approved for the refinance and 4 days later when WE called to find out about the appraiser we were informed they pulled the loan. We wanted to know why and it go investigated and again we got told YES they would proceed with the loan. The appraiser came out and did everything that needed to be done, we sent in our end of the paperwork and a few days later we called about the appraisal and again were told NO our underwriters pulled the loan again. At this point we were over it and said we would use another company and so we began the process to use someone else. About a week later we get yet another call that says underwriting reviewed our file again and would be willing to do the loan if we provided everything but a DNA sample. We gathered all 35 pages they requested and faxed them only to get another Email stating that they couldn't accept the paperwork due to the page missing a URL on the bottom so it all needed to be re-faxed as well as the other papers because page 2 of 2 was missing and all kinds of other things. Again we got all 35 pages ready and faxed them out and had the termite inspection per their requirement and signed off on our deed being pulled only to find out yet again that our loan still isn't approved and could still be denied upon a final review if they see fit. Now mind you we've spent money to fax papers, get an inspection and everything else they have asked for yet were expected to pay for it if they deny us. Upon speaking to other lenders this is not normal practice and things like this don't happen until AFTER the loan is secured. As of the 28th of this month we will be working on 60 days and we were told twice we would close by mid Oct and now its unknown when or if it will close. NEVER AGAIN. BEWARE

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    Reviewed By SuzieRidgley Oct 7, 2015

    USAA is a bunch of crooks

    When I decided to pay off my credit card & auto, USAA declared war on me. They refused to post payments, claimed they never got them. I payed $1200 3 months in a row on my CC & they each posted in 2 days. The 3rd month I paid that amount, it didn't post for several days. I asked them where my $$ was & was told that payments of that size never post in 2 days, they're always held for a wk-10 days. Clearly, a lie. At one point, I had $1800 in extra car payments out to them that they claimed they never got. My local bank helped me pull back the payments after 2 wks of them claiming not to get them & I repaid them & they finally posted. Anytime I had questions, I either got no answers or lies. I tried talking to ppl in the CEO's office & that didn't help. CSRs would hang up on me, give me run arounds, & put me on hold & leave me. I paid off almost $20K in debt to USAA in 13 months. My credit score went to 818. Then, for no reason, they closed my credit card & began reporting to CRAs that the high bal on it was 0, when it had actually been just under $9K 13-14 months before. They lied. They're refusing to report to the CRAs that I've paid my car off. They're keeping 2 hard inquiries on my credit report even though I have no financial business with them anymore. The damage they've done to my credit score drove it down 87 point. Funny thing, when I paid off all the debt I had, $20K worth of debt, it didn't rise that much. I worked very hard to get a credit score of 818 & I'm not happy that they lied about me & my payment history & dropped it by 87 points. They're monsters who try to destroy people who pay them off. The king of the monster is Stuart Parker, the CEO. I moved all 5 of my acc'ts & will never do business with the again. I've filed many complaints & am trying to get my credit score repaired. I want to buy a house & they aren't helping. They are liars & crooks. I never thought a nat'l bank could do such things & get by with them.

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  • N
    Reviewed By ndbradley Oct 2, 2015

    USAA habitually places holds on paychecks

    I have been a 'loyal' USAA member for over 25 years and have excellent credit, using their auto insurance and investment products to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars. Because these products worked well for me, I decided to open a personal checking account with the USAA Federal Savings Bank--what a horrible mistake! My last two paychecks, from the University of California, were placed on hold for eight and six days, respectively, which made it impossible to pay my monthly bills on time. Both times, I phoned USAA's Customer Service to inquire why my paychecks were held, especially from a large financial institution like the University of California. I spoke with two representatives and one supervisor; each time, I was informed that they need to "know me better" before allowing me access to my own money. This after 25 years as a customer! I was informed that this will continue for as long as I am a "new" customer, but they were unable or unwilling to define how long they consider a customer to be new. (Finally, one representative admitted to me that they can deem me "new" for as long as they feel like it.)

    It has become obvious that many banks, like USAA, are optimizing the float period of deposited funds to 'fluff' their asset audits. This comes at the personal expense of customers, in the form of overdue payments to creditors and damaged credit scores. My advice is to avoid USAA's personal checking at all costs (literally) and stick with their insurance products, which remain sound. The only reason I gave them two stars was for the potential they *would* have if they actually put customer service first. As regards personal checking, USAA is an extremely poor banking choice--look elsewhere.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Shermanedb49 Sep 30, 2015

    They'll lie to get you on the hook

    I thought when when usaa told me that I was "preapproved" for a home loan that this meant that I could find the house I wanted. What this actually means is that they'll lie to you just to get you hooked. Your not actually approved until later. My wife and I found out the hard way that they will let you lose your earnest money and inspection fees without even calling to explain why. These crooks caused us to lose $1850.00 and would not even return our phone calls. Both my wife and I have credit scores over 790. They are are a disgrace to those who served their country. Take my advice..
    Use your local bank.

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