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USAA Latest Customer Reviews

flyingb9's Profile Image

Reviewed by flyingb9

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't trust this company

After being a member in good standing for over 20 years I have now lost all faith in this company. My ex-wife defaulted on a debt that we jointly opened while we were married while I was stationed overseas. Rather than contacting me about this USAA chose to lock my online and account access. After 10 phone calls where I have to wake up in the middle of the night and spend over an hr each time on the call they still are doing nothing to help me. All their services and contacts are based on you being able to login to your account, which is locked in my case.

They are a great company if you live in San Antonio. But as I have learned the hard way they no longer value military members or work to help those that are overseas. Avoid them at all costs. I am moving everything to another bank that at least will talk to me like a person and not put me on hold every time I call.

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angrycustomer523's Profile Image

Reviewed by angrycustomer523

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Steals Money From Victims Of Fraud

They won't accept police reports and even if you send one in they refuse to read it. False advertising of protecting veterans and soldiers.

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andybsmith01hotmai's Profile Image

Reviewed by andybsmith01hotmai

Aug 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Been With Them Nearly 20 Years.

Usaa is spending lots of money on worthless programs we could get for free on the internet. They literally employ hundreds of people to sell us services that actually work against us as veterans. What might be nice is stop spending money on crap programs and give us competitive interest rates. I have a 830 credit score and can better rates easily elsewhere every time on every loan. Usaa is always higher by. 5%-1%

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reduva's Profile Image

Reviewed by reduva

Jul 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Top Notch

Very intuitive interface, great customer service, low fees...what else is there?

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davidenderson's Profile Image

Reviewed by davidenderson

Jun 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great rates and lots of extras

All the complaints I read always seem to be with deposits or lack of and auto pay when your account won't cover. I understand the frustration but it is the customers fault almost every time.

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Meliss's Profile Image

Reviewed by Meliss

Jun 19th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Switched to USAA

After I got married, my husband and I discussed our finances. One of the questions that we asked ourselves was do we have a joint or a separate bank account. We decided that our household income would be in a joint account, but we would have a separate account for our individual savings. My husband recommend that we use his bank, USAA, for our joint account. I agreed to switch to USAA. My husband added me to his account and my paychecks where deposited directly in our account, however I still maintained a separate account with a local credit union.

USAA in my opinion is the best bank for one's banking needs. No minimum balance, free checking, thousands of preferred ATMs for free and if you use another banks ATM you get a refund, mobile deposits, manage accounts online, and overdraft and international transactions are the lowest compared to other national banks.

USAA is competitive in their rates with items such as: mortgage, auto loans, and credit cards. Also, they offer a special APR during deployment. USAA provides finical advice for retirement needs, insurance, and shopping discounts with participating business.

Another reason for this high review is because USAA gives extra advantages opposed to other leading banks like offering a vehicle storage discount for deployed soldiers, covering military uniforms under their insurance plans, and providing health insurance plans.

These special bonuses is what makes USAA the best bank and no other bank can compare.

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incognegro's Profile Image

Reviewed by incognegro

Jun 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Crooks and criminals! Run now! You've been warned!

I became a USAA member when my Air Force Reserve recruiter recommended them to me. It seemed legit and I had a great experience with them for the first few years.

Then about three years ago, I had bill-pay setup and then they started retroactively bouncing my checks. When I called to complain, they said that the checks were drawn on the account on the day they went out, which completely defeats the purpose of automatic bill pay! I said " screw it" and cancelled my bill pay; I could pay my bills myself without the extra worry of USAA randomly changing bank policy just so they can get a few extra dollars from me in NSF fees. No muss, no fuss.

Then last year, I wrote a check to pay my rent while I was on TDY. I was already late when I paid it because USAA also had a new policy of retroactively bouncing physical checks that I would personally write and mail in to my leasing company two days early. I didn't make a stink about that, even though I hated that I couldn't trust them to do the right thing. But this time, I waited till I got paid, wrote the rent check on Friday (the same day I got paid) and went about my weekend. On Monday I got a call from the leasing company that I would be evicted if I didn't pay my rent. I checked my account and sure enough they bounced my check even though there was more than enough money to cover it. I called USAA and there was no explanation given. I demanded back the NSF fees and the $50.00 fee my leasing company charged. The lady I spoke to was nice enough to give me all that back, but the damage was already done.

If I can't trust you with literally the most valuable stuff I have: my money, then I want nothing to do with you. USAA made me look like a deadbeat to my leasing company and put a mark on my rental history.

If you value your credit and your money, you should steer far away from USAA. I have been telling everyone in my unit that USAA is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up their lives. Run!

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Investor's Profile Image

Reviewed by Investor

May 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

USAA Mortgage Banking Insurance and other services

Perhaps others are still having good service with USAA. The service I have received has steadily decreased during the years and I figured I should write about it since I still hear people tell me they have had great service. Maybe I'm the only one that seems to be disapointed and I have now dropped all services from USAA although I am technically still a member.

My membership started with USAA in 1992 when I was first commissioned. During the first 13 years of membership the service was stellar. In 2005 USAA dropped my Florida home insurance as they reduced their exposure to the Florida market. That wasn't cool. Then an acquaintance of mine that worked for USAA in the IT field had his job outsourced overseas. That wasn't cool. This led me to shop around for the last 2 USAA products I had; credit card and car insurance. I now use NFCU and Geico.

Having not used USAA services for the last 7 years or so I kind of wrote them off but recently some friends that are also retired military were raving about USAA's wealth management services so when I was shopping a mortgage for a new house I decided I would see how USAA handled a mortgage application to get an idea if I would consider their investment products. Maybe I was wrong about USAA? I applied for a mortgage with 3 lenders. Our credit is excellent (760-800), have minimal debt and our annual income is more than the purchase price of the house so I was expecting three quick replies. Evidently there was a credit discrepancy with a closed account that I wasn't aware of. USAA simply denied me and sent me a letter while the other two lenders reached out to us, gave us pre-approval letters and once I fixed the error with Citi they offered me fantastic rates.

I don't see the service in USAA anymore. I find better products and service elsewhere so I won't be giving them any more chances. I figured I would share this in case others are noticing the decreasing service -- there are other better choices out there.

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singleshot's Profile Image

Reviewed by singleshot

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

USAA is fraudulent -- distorts its true purpose and abuses its customers

USAA, in its entirety, lies, humiliates, and extorts money and business from its clientele. USAA uses its "affiliation" with members of our military, family members, and veterans as a "tool" to attract said clientele. System of puppets, so to speak. USAA is no more a friend to the military than say, Bin Laden or the Veterans Administration.

I have not been affiliated with USAA for over 6 years. I took the family banking, and insurance business, out of their reach and into the better hands of a local credit union and Mercury auto insurance company.

One experience, of many, and the experience that literally forced me to take my business elsewhere, was a phone conversation I probably wasn't supposed to hear. "Just because they are in the military, does not mean we have to coddle them or make them happy. They just happen to be the people we cater to. That's it". Proof?

I did not receive a direct deposit once, and so the obvious happened. Bills became overdue, overdraft charges going through the roof ( USAA said it was my responsibility to make sure money was in account to cover bills being paid direct from account) and even hot an electronic notice forwarded to USAA from DFAS. A useless effort.

So, when all was said and done, USAA TOOK $225 in overdraft charges on just one attempted bill payment even though they were informed of direct deposit discrepency.

They lied and manipulated the entire situation based on their ability and the "because we can attitude".

This is just one of a combined six unprofessional and illegal business practices waged against my status with them. When you combine this complaint ( and mind you, i still have the documentation and event timeline, i think) with the tens of thousands of complaints against USAA and their fraudulent and filthy tactics in all aspects of their business format, from banking to insurance mal practice, itbis time tonpit uoir business elsewhere.

Most importantly, Do not do business with USAA especially if milit

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smurphy's Profile Image

Reviewed by smurphy

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

What has happened to USAA service?

I have been a USA member for nearly 30 years. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it today, but I used to brag to my non-USAA friends about how great USAA was. In a sea of money chasing banks they were an island of good products and outstanding service.

Today, I'm thinking of leaving. I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I would guess about 3 years ago. A few recent examples stand out:

My wife is in a car accident with another women, no injuries except the cars. As luck would have it, she is also a USAA member. The other driver was at fault, so I'm thinking this should be easy. After weeks of unanswered calls from the adjuster, arguing over repair shops, and denial of my rental car claim, I was embarrassed on behalf of USAA members everywhere.

My credit card has been frozen based on fraud alerts at least 3 times in the last few years. Today it happened when I was on a business trip and highly disruptive. I also have a USAA debit card and that was also frozen. When I called to find out what happened, I was told my wife had called to instruct the freeze? Then I was told there was a suspected fraudulent charge about two weeks ago and I was never notified until today? I asked why it didn't show up on my online account or get a fraud alert text and was told it never actually went through - so my obvious question is why are you freezing my card two weeks later? USAA recommends a new card - and I get to go two weeks without a credit card when I would say it's even-money the whole thing never happened.

I could continue, but you get the idea. I'm not sure who will read this, if anyone, but you can picture me as the Indian in that 70's litter commercial with a tear trickling down the side of my cheek - if only we could return to the way life used to be.

USAA service is deteriorating rapidly and life is too short to put up with service like this. I'm very near to moving everything to my local Credit Union and starting over.

Sean Murphy.

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veroamore's Profile Image

Reviewed by veroamore

May 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

I am closing all accounts as soon as the most recent error on account is resolved.

3 years later they still hadn't paid on an auto claim, where a speeding car was heading towards the rear of my car, while stopped at a construction delay on the beltway of a major city in the East coast and a rear-double wheel pick up truck anticipated the accident and he moved his truck behind my compact car. The 3rd car pushed both our cars several feet forward even though our brakes where pressed.

USAA made the first payment almost a year later and after countless letters to prove I was hit from behind. I switched to GEICO soon after.

I have been put on hold and disconnected. Endless transfers between departments, wrong debits initiated by USAA bank causing other outstanding payments to be returned as insufficient funds.

It is sad that until 3 years ago, I had never made a claim or had any deposit issues and being a member for 20 years, I thought they would value that.

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MothersDay's Profile Image

Reviewed by MothersDay

May 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Way over rated.

Customer service is eroding. 15 minutes wait on the telephone to speak to a human, 6 business days to get a little letter for sufficiency of funds and then had to follow up to get it. It would have probably been quicker to get a loan. As a result, USAA delayed the closing on our home.

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srqbuc's Profile Image

Reviewed by srqbuc

May 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

No Personal Service

Like owning a boat -- happy when you get one and better when you sell it. My first experience was really good as it should have been as I have a 780+ credit rating and household income of $225K+. When I called in to get a new loan and pay off the open loan with them I was subject to 15+ minutes of hold time. Finally told I needed proof of income and W2s - with a history of perfect credit this was a slap in the face -- I terminated the call and ended up getting the loan through Lexus Financial which was even at a better rate and took all of about 5 minutes.

USAA does not offer the best rates or terms I have found out and there is nothing personal about the "service" they provide.

I have paid off both loans with them and will never look to them again and will steer others away when I can.

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Nicole30's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nicole30

May 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Bank Bank Out There

I have been a member of USAA since 2005. They are by far one of the best banks I have ever worked with. They continue to provide me with high online savings rates, and they have competitive loan products. I have had 2 car loans with them and a personal loan and the rates have all been low. They are great to work with and send you a check within 48 hours if you need one.

Every time I have talked to them on the phone, they are great. More than willing to help out if you can't make your payment for a month or something (I lost a job and they postponed all my payments for 2 months without fees!)

I have my auto insurance with them too and they always send me back money in December for extra dividends! It's always great to have some extra cash around the holidays!!

I have a savings account with them and it's easy to transfer money back and forth from my credit union. I have thought about opening a checking account, but I haven't researched it much.

They also manage my IRA as I transferred it when I changed employers. They are great about informing me with updates and if I want to make changes. etc.

Their dashboard is really easy to use as you can see a screenshot of all your products on the main page, and click on what you need to work with.

I really can't say enough about how much I love USAA as a bank. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great bank.

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allysonblake's Profile Image

Reviewed by allysonblake

May 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

We love USAA!

We are a military family and have been USAA members for over 10 years now. We are always so pleased with their customer service, accessibility and offers. We use USAA for banking, insurance, investments and so far its really been great!

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danemsmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by danemsmith

May 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Stay Away, far far away! Came for Auto insurance and to leave Wells Fargo -- mistake!

Their Auto Insurance is supposed to be one of the best. I haven't needed it so I can't say anything on that except rates are cheaper elsewhere (I'm switching, surprised me that AAA has more coverage for less).

The way they handle their bill pay is all wrong. I have never seen anything like it (although I'm sure it happens elsewhere, but it defeats the purpose. It caused several checks to go NSF. It's my second time doing this. I had forgotten about their backward practice. Since using bill pay years ago it has worked like this. You pay bills with money in your account and money is taken when bill is sent. Not so here. You can pay a bill anytime, just make sure you have funds when they present it. Wait now, doesn't that defeat the purpose? I always used it because I paid bills and what ever was left in my account was disposible, not having to worry about any checks because they were already accounted for. I must be wrong in that thinking, and after years of it working that way I would forget that it is different here. So here it is weeks later, they would not close the account when I asked because of at $40 negative balance which they could have eaten as it was all fees, now grown to -$280, all in fees. They didn't pay anything. So now they are getting nothing from me.

If you really want to join, they did not verify any of my military information. It is true but I could have faked it all. Only verified over the phone with just me. Skip banks and just go to Schwab, trust me, way better than any bank. Check this site for their review, you wont be disappointed.

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khz's Profile Image

Reviewed by khz

Apr 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I would never recommend this bank to anyone.

I was unemployed for 7 months. During this time I was never late on any payments with anyone. Now I'm employed again but at half my previous pay.

I am refinancing my first mortgage with the same company it is currently with. I am taking no additional funds, only refinancing the existing balance to lower my interest rate and lower my payment by over $140 per month. USAA holds a second mortgage that is 6 years away from payoff. My existing first mortgage holder was doing a quick refinance with no information required from me. We expected to be done in a month.

Then USAA required a complete financial statement from me in order to agree to subordination to the new loan. Subordination is only them agreeing to maintain the same status they currently have, second mortgage holder. I sent them the info. Two weeks later they requested additional info from my first mortgage company. Now, one week later, they have requested additional info from them.

This refinancing will place me in a much better position to pay my bills and have funds available for emergencies, but USAA is doing everything they can to delay this process.

I have had USAA insurance for many years and have had excellent service from them, but USAA Savings Bank is terrible. There have been other incidents with them over the years, but this is inexcusable. They are, without a doubt, the worst financial intitution I have ever dealt with.

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angelamarie's Profile Image

Reviewed by angelamarie

Apr 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks


I would not recommend them for banking to anyone! I hate all the banks around me (Bloomington, MN) because of the fees or other issues I have had/a friend has had with them so I choose to try USAA. This was the worst mistake of my life! Everything was fine for the first probably 6 months or so that I banked with them. Around then I lost my debit card over the weekend and had to wait (and pray that no one had it) until Monday to have it canceled because they don't have weekend representatives to assist with anything.

I have paid over $200 in late fees because they are continuously putting holds on my money and when I call the representatives tell me that they don't know why there is a hold and that legally they can't hold my money. They hold 3/4 of all money that goes into my account for over 5 days each time. When I call they are rude and won't help me in any way. And to top it off my account shows that everything is available so I make payments and think things are fine and end up getting rejected for payments and have to call to find out they decided to hold my money. They put a hold on my check 2 days after it was deposited! I have only had 3-4 people that actually were nice and helpful when I called in, otherwise the rest were rude and incompetent at their job.

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5674's Profile Image

Reviewed by 5674

Apr 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Credit card balance transfer, despicable!

I took the bait when USAA sent me a offer of low credit card balance transfers, so I transferred my high rate cards. What I did not know is that after a short promotional period they would treat the balance as a cash advance, big bucks as we all know. I now pay more than before I transferred my balances! So I asked if I can pay off what they considered "cash advances" separate from my regular credit card balance, no! I take full blame for not getting out my microscope to read the entire journal (agreement) but, damn!

So, don't buy into all the "we help military personnel and their family's" crap. Your better off with Capitol One or other major credit card companies who don't go waving the American Flag while they give you a financial enema!

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Eric0626's Profile Image

Reviewed by Eric0626

Apr 17th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Sucks as a bank

USAA was always good until I had to file bankruptcy. I am trying to set up a transfer to a different bank so that I can transfer funds there. This is the third transfer that I've set up with USAA, the first two I did not require documentation and now they have to mail me a paper just for me to send back in for them to do this.

One representative told me it was U.S. Bank that was requiring this documentation and the other representative was telling me that it was USAA. Which is it USAA?

They cut off access to the website because of the bankruptcy and now I can only access it on my cell phone or the mobile site, I have no idea why they would do this?

I love their car insurance but I think their bank sucks!

The only reason I bank with them is so that I can receive my paycheck early. Beware if you bank with them and go through bankruptcy, they will treat you like a redheaded stepchild after that.

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ShellyLang's Profile Image

Reviewed by ShellyLang

Apr 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The Worst. Keep Away. I wish there was a zero rating.

You can't deal with USAA without feeling like u need to check yourself into an anger management program. I literally complained yesterday and realized today that they messed with the services on my checking account.

They aren't the most affordable for insurance and loan rates contrary to popular beliefs and after they believe they have you in with a loan the customer service then goes to hell. I guess they mean that you literally owe them so they no longer care to be professional or competitive.

If I had any doubts about switching to Navy Federal they erased it today with their rude customer service. I'm going to be working double time to pay off my loan just to get rid of them.

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skypilot's Profile Image

Reviewed by skypilot

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Wouldn't go anywhere else for insurance--home and auto

Been with these folks for 46 years. The rates may be a bit lower with other folks, but most don't take into account the subscribers share savings account which accrues money every year we have had it.

Except for a claim for a totaled Olds Diesel in 1985, I have never had a problem with repairs and the warranty that USAA provides. The diesel incident was resolved but it took negotiation and waiting out the Colorado adjuster. The attorney was paid by USAA as there was a court action in Louisiana but USAA stood behind us all the way. We only paid out our deductible ($50.00).

Now with the internet, jpg, pdf and the like, things get taken care of quickly. It is also good to get other bids, but we have found that the USAA recommended shops are the best anyway.

Their policy service folks are top notch and know all the options and work to keep your costs the lowest for your situation.

Disclosure: We have never been USAA employees. We are both career retired line naval officers who have lived in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Montana, Washington State, Oregon, Rhode Island, Florida, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan and Guam.

There was only one time when USAA didn't cover us. We didn't own anything worthwhile when oversees. But we have been members all the time. Our daughter, an executive in a Fortune 50 (yes 50, not 500) company is as well.

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cortiz2315aolcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by cortiz2315aolcom

Mar 17th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Amazing Customer Service

Every experience has been amazing. The nicest agents who are informative and seem very inclined to resolve any issues. Plan on getting my mortgage and next car loan from them!

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roben24's Profile Image

Reviewed by roben24

Mar 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Deposit @mobile

Wowwwwww!!!!! The deposit @mobile confused two checks I deposited yesterday and stated it was a fault on my end when I clearly know for a fact I deposited it. I even got a confirmation stating the correct amount I got through the website and via text message. So now I have to go through the hassle of acquiring another check. If you ask me if you want to lose it use it!!!!!!! Thanks a lot USAA

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paulwordsmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by paulwordsmith

Feb 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Extremely Poor, Terrible Customer Service

Reported a claim to USAA early January, six weeks later it was still not resolved. Impossible to get the same person on the telephone more than once. They do not return phone calls after repeated messages. Extremely disappointed with USAA. Will likely leave them for another company.

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Jakepelt's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jakepelt

Feb 17th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The banking is ok but we thought we were doing ourselves a favor by combing auto and home insurance through them.

After an accident in the snow with our truck two months had gone by and the vehicle was supposedly repaired. The USAA insurance company paid nearly $11,000 in repairs and had given us a rental car for two months. Yet, the fair market value was only $10,000 on the truck. The truck want run at all and USAA want pay anymore to fix it. The truck should have been totaled by their policy standards. Now we are stuck with a broken truck we owe on with no rental. I was so glad at first to a United States Army Combat Veteran and to have USAA covering my back like they advertise. Now, I'm just another American who has sucker written all over him. These people made my family suffer and are not for Veterans at all. All my fellow Brothers in Arms seek insurance and banking elsewhere. Learn from my mistakes.

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angry_sign_up's Profile Image

Reviewed by angry_sign_up

Feb 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

One of the worst customer service centers I've ever dealt with

On February 1st, I opened the account online and set an existing bank account for them to transfer $10,000 from.

On February 5th, they initiated the transfer.

On February 6th, they closed the USAA account.

They sent the account closed notice to their internal message center, but closed my account for logging in to read it.

I called and asked why I could not log in and I was told that "due to prior history with USAA" that they've decided they don't want me as a customer. I've never had an account with USAA or any interactions with them ever before opening the account February 1, 2014.

They transferred me to a banker for more explanation. I asked the banker why the took the money before closing the account and when I could expect it transferred back.

The banker told me that, "We have 10 million customers and our back office does not have time for particular cases. Your at the end of a long line of requests and there is no timeline for how long it will take. When we finish processing, we will mail you a check."

Now, I'm suppose to just wait quietly after they took $10,000 and have given me no concrete answers of any type. This is one the most disgusting experiences I've ever had with a company.

I think the toxic attitude of the customer service and bankers on their call centers is a symptom of a much greater issue with this bank.

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leavingUSAA's Profile Image

Reviewed by leavingUSAA

Feb 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Unreliable. Inconsistent information from service reps.

Still wondering why USAA put a check on hold that was written by USAA. I got a dividend check, deposited it in the ATM, and it is still on hold 3 days later. It's YOUR check. Ridiculous. Haven't had any other checks held prior to this one.

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Montague's Profile Image

Reviewed by Montague

Jan 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Military 30 years and USAA has gone Downhill

They lock you out of accounts if you owe them on anything. You can only do mobile banking. They don't care about the military soldiers except kissing the officers. That is how they make money. They are notorious for monitoring websites and pretend to be customers. Enough is enough. My family is rich in military history dad is a officer and I know they use intimidation against members unless they are high ranking in the military. Have you noticed how many ads they put on TV now. Makes you wonder how really bad off they are. I have never heard of a bank getting away with the things they do. I just closed my last account out today and am so sorry that who ever is in charge has ruined a 5 star company that used to be.

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Marcel's Profile Image

Reviewed by Marcel

Jan 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service: Unreliable Communication. Don't trust anymore.

Anymore. They put me, my family, and my career in danger. Recently, I moved from overseas back to the US. I'm stationed in MS, but my vehicles are normally in FL. Which is my state of residence and where my house is located. I explained this after I did a review to decrease my premium. But the review required it to go up. I did not agree.

I told the agent not to change anything and have his supervisor contact me. Acting if he was the CEO of the company, he told me he was going to process it at the end of the conversation. Again, I told him not to and have his supervisor call me. He unprofessionally said he was going to make the change without my permission.

Two minutes later, on October 31st, I received an email stating that my policy has been changed. On November 1, my policy was not renewed without any email notification. Til this day, I have never received a letter. So from November 1 to January 15, I have been riding around uninsured. Additionally, if you don't have insurance on your vehicle in Florida, your license is suspended. They said they called but I never received a voicemail.

I'm pretty sure they are saying they called, using an automated system that has you on hold. I called to get a manager and it took 45 minutes after the agent tried to get me to let them call me back and I said "No, I will wait." The manager was just a screen reader, no attempt to see they maybe in the wrong or customer satisfaction. I requested a higher ranking manager to call me.

We are going on Day 3 now and still, no phone call. Oh, and by the way, all the documents I have on my online account say I'm insured and still get billing emails. I do not trust anymore. They put me, my family, my career in danger.

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