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USAA Latest Customer Reviews

OttoOtto's Profile Image

Reviewed by OttoOtto

May 2nd 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Great place to keep my money

They keep things Simple, I've been a happy member for years. I don't understand how less banks have better banktracker ratings.

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tivac's Profile Image

Reviewed by tivac

Dec 29th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Cannot stress enough how great they are

I've been banking with USAA for years and never pass up an opportunity to praise them. Great customer service, great rates (on everything but savings accounts), and always a great experience.

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davidenderson's Profile Image

Reviewed by davidenderson

Jun 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great rates and lots of extras

All the complaints I read always seem to be with deposits or lack of and auto pay when your account won't cover. I understand the frustration but it is the customers fault almost every time.

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Meliss's Profile Image

Reviewed by Meliss

Jun 19th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Switched to USAA

After I got married, my husband and I discussed our finances. One of the questions that we asked ourselves was do we have a joint or a separate bank account. We decided that our household income would be in a joint account, but we would have a separate account for our individual savings. My husband recommend that we use his bank, USAA, for our joint account. I agreed to switch to USAA. My husband added me to his account and my paychecks where deposited directly in our account, however I still maintained a separate account with a local credit union.

USAA in my opinion is the best bank for one's banking needs. No minimum balance, free checking, thousands of preferred ATMs for free and if you use another banks ATM you get a refund, mobile deposits, manage accounts online, and overdraft and international transactions are the lowest compared to other national banks.

USAA is competitive in their rates with items such as: mortgage, auto loans, and credit cards. Also, they offer a special APR during deployment. USAA provides finical advice for retirement needs, insurance, and shopping discounts with participating business.

Another reason for this high review is because USAA gives extra advantages opposed to other leading banks like offering a vehicle storage discount for deployed soldiers, covering military uniforms under their insurance plans, and providing health insurance plans.

These special bonuses is what makes USAA the best bank and no other bank can compare.

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skypilot's Profile Image

Reviewed by skypilot

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Wouldn't go anywhere else for insurance--home and auto

Been with these folks for 46 years. The rates may be a bit lower with other folks, but most don't take into account the subscribers share savings account which accrues money every year we have had it.

Except for a claim for a totaled Olds Diesel in 1985, I have never had a problem with repairs and the warranty that USAA provides. The diesel incident was resolved but it took negotiation and waiting out the Colorado adjuster. The attorney was paid by USAA as there was a court action in Louisiana but USAA stood behind us all the way. We only paid out our deductible ($50.00).

Now with the internet, jpg, pdf and the like, things get taken care of quickly. It is also good to get other bids, but we have found that the USAA recommended shops are the best anyway.

Their policy service folks are top notch and know all the options and work to keep your costs the lowest for your situation.

Disclosure: We have never been USAA employees. We are both career retired line naval officers who have lived in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Montana, Washington State, Oregon, Rhode Island, Florida, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan and Guam.

There was only one time when USAA didn't cover us. We didn't own anything worthwhile when oversees. But we have been members all the time. Our daughter, an executive in a Fortune 50 (yes 50, not 500) company is as well.

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cortiz2315aolcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by cortiz2315aolcom

Mar 17th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Amazing Customer Service

Every experience has been amazing. The nicest agents who are informative and seem very inclined to resolve any issues. Plan on getting my mortgage and next car loan from them!

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krysmiss89's Profile Image

Reviewed by krysmiss89

Nov 8th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

The best - no contest!

I use USAA for my checking, savings, auto loans, student loans, car insurance and renters insurance. They are simply the best.

I just got off the phone with them. I got a real person on a Friday night at 7:30 pm. They were able to do an auto loan and auto refinance over the phone. USAA gave me better rates and we even had a pleasant conversation while waiting for the application to be approved (2 minutes) They also told me how I can save 20-30% on my online shopping just by being a USAA member.

Every experience I have with USAA is like this. They never give me the run around - I have never been disappointed!

Their online and mobile banking is wonderful - fast, easy, and convenient. It does everything you need it too without being slowed down by necessary bells and whistles. (I'm busy - I don't want to wait for a "page turn" effect)

Their staff is knowledgeable and honest - if they don't know the answer - they don't pretend. They apologize, offer to find out and call you back. And then they actually call you back.

Any problem I have faced with the fact that the bank is not local to me has been solved with a little planning and a phone call - and they refund all ATM fees.

Their security is excellent without being a hurdle for the account holder. They communicate in a variety of ways any and all changes made to the account, but I have never locked myself out.

I couldn't be happier!

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jasminejunk's Profile Image

Reviewed by jasminejunk

Oct 30th 2013

5 out of 5 marks


They never charge me for anything! Free actually means free! Wells Fargo bled me dry with fees, even though I had a "free" student checking account. USAA is super convenient. Best app ever. I never have to wait more than a minute to talk to someone. Operators treat you like family. They'll walk you through anything and won't lose their patience no matter how technologically challenged you are. My debit card got stolen, they instantly shut it down and gave me the addresses of where the thief tried to use my card. I gave the addresses to the police and they caught the jerk! USAA is awesome. I feel so sorry for all my friends who don't have USAA. I wish everyone could have it.

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Drolet's Profile Image

Reviewed by Drolet

Aug 3rd 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Excellent Excellent!

I am really glad Union Bank was horrible, because they led me to USAA bank. This is by far the best bank I have ever been with. They refund atm fees, they offer excellent products and services, and most importantly they are kind and helpful.

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horta1212's Profile Image

Reviewed by horta1212

Jun 20th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Customer service is amazing!

I've never had any problem with USAA in terms of banking, investing, or insurance. They are very prompt in helping you out with whatever issue you have. If you can't figure out the automated voice system, it very shortly gets you straight to a real person. All of their employees have been courteous, succinct, helpful and always capable of giving me plenty of time to sort out any issues. Their fees have always been reasonable (unlike the rest of cut-throat banks). They're ahead of the curve in terms of technology with the capability of depositing checks through a phone app. I've been with them for life and don't see how any bank will match up to them.

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Dave58's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dave58

Mar 16th 2013

5 out of 5 marks


LOVE THIS BANK! 15 years with them and NEVER had a problem. I notice the banks on this site that score best are ones that ADVERTISE on it...Not ethical reporting in my book. Even some of the information they list is not true. An example is the $2 service fee for ATM use. They refund up to $15 bucks a month on all ATM fees and do not have ANY service fees. Checks, online bill-pay ALL FREE. Fraud and security alerts can be texted to your smart phone if you want it...FREE! PLUS A LOT MORE!

IF you want added security, they now offer a $9.95 fee-based secure checking PLUS that monitors your credit ratings with all 3 credit bureas plus other stuff, if you want that type service as well.

I'll be interested to see if my comments even make it on the site...

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akale1982's Profile Image

Reviewed by akale1982

Feb 22nd 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Experience

Love how the accounts are handled. Everything is eqsy and fast. Great job usaa!

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bobtuba's Profile Image

Reviewed by bobtuba

Feb 21st 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Going Down The Tubes

It has been eye-opening seeing the negative comments about usaa on a number of financial services fora. I've been with usaa for 33 years, never a late or missed payment, never an overdraft, and i think my last and only automobile claim was for a couple hundred back in 1982. When you look up "low risk" in the encyclopedia, it has my picture! Anyway, i am one of those who was always singing the praises of usaa over the years and i, too, ignored the warning signs of a formerly excellent organization that got too big and started chasing too many higher risk customers to the detriment of the former core customers. I had two extremely negative experiences last year, one with mortgages as i started construction of a new home, and later with property insurance as i tried to insure it.

In both cases, it appeared that the decision makers have been moved behind a wall, well insulated from the annoying customers, protected by 17 layers of middle management, not one of whom is empowered to actually make a decision. Essentially, usaa left me standing at the altar twice in a row on this real estate deal, and that's something i can't forgive. I then began the process of moving all my usaa business -- banking, credit cards, auto / property / life insurance, investments, you name it -- to other firms. After 33 years. I thought it was just me. But i see i am not alone when i look at all the reviews around the internet instead of just those cherry-picked by usaa on their site

In sum:

the good: mostly competent online banking with no fees or reasonable fees if you do things right. Average credit cards. Use any atm. The bad: other banks offer better rewards on their cards. Customer service starts to fall down if your situation does not fit into their cookie-cutter checklist mentality. The ugly: never, ever deal with their mortgage origination. You will regret it. Also, it is impossible to speak to anyone who is actually empowered to make a command decision about anything.

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nikkiesol's Profile Image

Reviewed by nikkiesol

Feb 15th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

So Easy To Blame

I'm pretty experienced with banks. I've been around banking for quite some time. One thing i know is that 'members' or 'customers' never do their homework before opening an account. They just open an account, pick up on the few key words they may notice, and expect the bank to work that way. Then they turn around and blame the bank for their faults when they never did their homework, took care of their account properly, or even bothered to understand things. I've been banking with usaa for long enough to know everything there is to know. If something new happens, i find out. I don't sit and wonder 'oh.

Why did you never tell me? How unprofessional. ' that's not the way the world works and sadly no one ever learns this. So please, before you open up an account with usaa or any bank for that matter, do your research first. Instead of exploding because it doesn't suit your needs, take a moment to step back and look at it from the perspective of owning the company. If you still don't understand anything, you probably shouldn't have a bank account but a prepaid cash card. You'll save yourself the trouble of having to educate yourself on how a bank works as well as creating the type of account you are obviously more in need of. Regardless of that i love usaa banking, customer service, and everything i have come to learn so far.

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gnsaps84's Profile Image

Reviewed by gnsaps84

Jan 28th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

I Love USAA. Everything That I Need To Do Is All Online!

I changed from a local bank to usaa and love it. I hate calling into banks unless its necessary. In the past 3 yrs since i've had them, i have not had to call in once. I can accomplish everything i need 24 hrs day/ 7 days a week just by logging into my computer or phone. I love the fact that usaa has no "hidden" fees. I would recommend it to anyone!

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AlejandroCorral's Profile Image

Reviewed by AlejandroCorral

Jul 20th 2012

5 out of 5 marks


Sometimes with focusing on all the bad stuff out there, people tend to forget the good. I have worked with over 50 banks in my life, from business to personal, credit cards, two mortgages and a number of checking and savings account. This bank is amazing, from support, to online services and everything in-between. Have been with them for years and if they will keep me will be with them until the day my life insurance pays off. I don't know how they do it but this bank is amazing on every level. Anyone who has issues with them just isn't making the effort, I recognize everyone's experience is different but take it from someone who has seen the trash of the trash out there on the backend and frontend, this bank is amazing times amazing.

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Nick H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nick H

May 17th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank I Have Ever Used

All these negative reviews cannot be trusted. They are by far the best bank out there. I have them for all of thier services from iras to my mortgage and have never been let down. The nonsense of fees that others are whining about is total bs. Compared to bank of america (my last bank) i save a ton of money. Trust me, they are the ones to choose.

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PattyTrish's Profile Image

Reviewed by PattyTrish

Mar 11th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Nothing but excellent service

This is the best bank, period! They will do whatever is necessary to resolve any issues and answer any questions. I've never had a major issue thankfully. I will give you an example of how quick an issue was resolved. My son phoned me from his deployment and was upset because his debit card was being declined PX. The card was being declined, was because the last time he had used his debit card was in the states and USAA noticed that this was a foreign transaction and declined the transaction, thinking it may be a fraudulent or unauthorized purchase. I immediately called the bank and within 2 minutes, from start to finish,all was fine again. I did inform them that he is currently deployed and would be for a year. It may have been an inconvenience to the soldier, but I am glad they are on the ball and actually do keep an eye on this type of thing.

I will always be a customer and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for an excellent bank that will not nickel and dime you to death.

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tracer182's Profile Image

Reviewed by tracer182

Mar 5th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Unbelievably Wonderful. Usaa Reaffirmed My Faith In What A Bank Is Supposed To Be!

Trusted USAA for years with my auto insurance. After the final straw of frustration and disappointment with BoA -- I handed over all of my banking needs to usaa. My only regret about making the change to usaa is that i did not make the change sooner! I cannot say anything less than amazing for the banking experience with usaa.

#1 live people who speak english answer the phones.

#2 the live people on the phone always remind me of the great features available on their website.

#3 the mobile app is super easy to navigate.

#4 i can remote deposit capture my checks. #5 they always thank me for my business with something of the effect "thankyou for trusting us with your business. " i am not old enough to be old-fashioned, but usaa reminds me of what my grandfather used to always talk about when he was talking to me about a company.

He would say "can you trust them? " "are they good people? "... And these questions were what guided him for whom to deal with. I can answer yes to each of these questions re: USAA.

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ViSimm0701's Profile Image

Reviewed by ViSimm0701

Jan 17th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

I love USAA. Plain and simple.

They have great rates and customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a savings account or even checking. It's all great.

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AMATHEW's Profile Image

Reviewed by AMATHEW

Dec 18th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Outstanding Service!

If you manage your money carefully and are responsible with your money, then this is the bank for you. I am former member of the us navy and i am happy that their is a bank on my side. I had nothing but outstanding customer service on my checking, saving, money market, credit card and investment accounts with usaa. If you are the handful of person's who can't manage two nickles together, then this is not your bank for you. Because you will be bitching about the fees and crap that you caused yourself. But if you want honest to goodness service, then usaa is outstanding.

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Hans T's Profile Image

Reviewed by Hans T

Oct 20th 2011

5 out of 5 marks


Best bank by far. I use them for checking, savings, credit card, auto insurance, and renters insurance. I can use an ATM anywhere (USAA reimburses fees on up to 10 ATM visits per month). They are very organized and always have my information on hand. If there is an issue that involves two services (like a USAA credit card payment by a USAA checking) they coordinate seamlessly. With auto accidents they take care of everything and make the process very easy for their customers. If there is ever an issue with an account (fraudulent charges and such) they err on the side of the customer and ensure I get my money back right away. They even give me a rebate check every year based on the profits the company has earned. This is the most customer focused business I have ever worked with.

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Daniel S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Daniel S

Oct 10th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

I Love This Bank!

Great customer service! I love being able to instantly deposit my checks through my android usaa app.

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mlevern's Profile Image

Reviewed by mlevern

Oct 9th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Amazing In All Aspects - A Bank For Those Who Are Not Looking For A Handout

I have all of my accounts with usaa and couldn't be happier. Most of the negative reviews i have read sound like customers who did not plan well for any adverse situations that might arise. Here are the accounts i own:

Checking - free. No atm fees, phone deposits, not to mention that i once accidentally over drafted my account. When i called usaa and calmly explained the situation, they were happy to help refund me the money since it was an honest mistake and was my first time. If you are a habitual overdrafter then you will have to take accountability, but they are amazingly understanding when you make a mistake.

Investment - all my investments with them have continued to perform well during this recession! I have not made tremendous amounts, but i have not lost money. They are excellent at managing money!

Insurance - home, auto. The best. They paid for my basement when it flooded and were so easy to work with. When someone hit my car and took a long time filing the paperwork with their company, usaa fronted me the money and did all the legwork themselves to get the money back so i didn't have to wait for the other company.

Mortgage - the best rate, they were very helpful during the process. I am not sure what company these other customers did their mortgage with, but my mortgage (va) was so smooth and they recommended a great realtor to help me with the process.

Loans - some of the lowest rates around!!! The only thing that ever annoys me is that whenever i travel out of my state (which is a lot), they will turn off my debit/credit card if i use it outside of my local home area. This is obviously to protect me from fraud, but it can be annoying. I have also heard of them canceling care insurance for bad drivers - but that helps keep my rates down so i understand.

Basically, this is a bank for those who have their finances together! They are helpful, but don't expect them to go out of their way to help you manage your money if you are not able to do so yourself.

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Tony S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tony S

Oct 6th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank I Have Ever Delt With. Great Website All Questions Have Been Answered. They Respond Quickly To Emails.

They have everything you need in one place. They answer all questions in a timely manner, have bill pay, fee checks, fee free debit cards couldn't be easier to use.

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Matt G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Matt G

Sep 11th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

5 Star Banking Experience

I've never had a problem with usaa, 5 star service, all their customer service reps have been outstanding. Free checks are great, free atm's around the country. Great rates on auto insurance. All around, not one complaint about usaa. I'm proud to be a member, you can't go wrong with a bank built on military values. If you've ever served or are serving in the military, switch your bank to usaa.

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LEBI23's Profile Image

Reviewed by LEBI23

Aug 30th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Only Two Words Can Describe-The Best

Usaa is an amazing company. Awesome customer service, honest answers, great rates and rewards and fantastic options. I love this company-i've got credit cards, car insurance and a checking account-i'll never go back to another bank-especially wells fargo!!

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kyrtavy1's Profile Image

Reviewed by kyrtavy1

Aug 27th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

USAA is the best!

USAA has the best customer service out there.

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zachunderwood's Profile Image

Reviewed by zachunderwood

Jul 29th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent ... Excellent .. Excellent!

I love this bank. I'm able to call when I need, go online when I need, and use their mobile application when I need. The customer service is awesome and they have great rates / products. Free checking with free checks with free ATM withdrawls anywhere! Their insurance products are awesome as well. I've been with USAA since 1982 and will never leave.

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math's Profile Image

Reviewed by math

Jun 27th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Good Customer Service They Saved My Life

Usaa its a good bank they saved my life i love usaa

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