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Umpqua Bank Latest Customer Reviews

jsriesch's Profile Image

Reviewed by jsriesch

Jan 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


This bank declined my credit card payment because they "have spending limits on my account". I have money in the account via direct deposit from my employer for past 7 years now and I am very prudent and careful when it comes to funds movements. Regardless all of this that retarded bank declined the transaction without even telling me! The company I ordered from told me about it.

After numerous phone calls to the bunk customer service, answering stupid security questions (â?¦â??what is your favorite pet? What were you thinking when you married your wife?-who the f**k remembers that, they always ask the wrong question!) and waiting 25 minutes for supervisorâ??s decision to temporary lift the spending limit, my transaction was finally approved.

Their security protocol so outdated, it reminds me hide and seek games in insanity ward. Because of there shenanigans, my order was broken into three different parts (obviously they are not going to ship anything to you if your payment has been declined).

Here I am, 3 weeks from original order date, sitting and waiting for the part for my vehicle. It took unanswered e-mails, many phone calls and placement of the second order to get this thing finally moving. It's crazy. All of this pain because of this IDIOTS! I cannot even start to tell you the inconvenience this has caused. My work schedule has to be rearranged few times just to accommodate new delivery.

Ask your self a simple question; is it worth it to go through so many difficulties just because you wanted to use YOUR MONEY? None of my previous banking experiences compares to this crap. This is the worst bank in the world.

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hak's Profile Image

Reviewed by hak

Jan 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

From solid years ago to just as bad or worse than the BIG banksâ?¦. sad all around.

We started multiple accounts with Umpqua as they are local, portrayed themselves as different + had great offerings. At first, four years ago, they lived up to their motto as "Greatest Bank in the World". This was as all the big banks were in trouble both financially + with customers.

As what I can only guess as larger veteran players swept into the Umpqua system + greed replaced any sense of community + service the whole product range + experience has gone into the toilet.

Every aspect of what I've encountered lately from multiple same business errors to online banking to customer service both in branch + online has been pitiful + lacking. It's only compounded to read about the shiny new store in SF + the millions spent on buying out a CA bank only to lose all the perks that brought us into the Umpqua fold in the first place.

We're are currently looking to take all of our accounts + business elsewhere + I can only recommend you do the same.

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AvidReader's Profile Image

Reviewed by AvidReader

Dec 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service for Banking

Umpqua Bank 625 E Gibbs Ave, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

This has got to be the worst bank in the world, for website and customer service.

Bank declined our credit card payment because they "didn't like the looks" of the company I was buying from. We have ordered from this company many times without a problem. It is for medication. The money was in the account, but this Bank declined the transaction without even contacting us! (I heard about the decline from the company we were ordering from.)

Took us 2 days to get a 1 minute answer from the bank (and still waiting for this transaction to be fixed!). Unanswered emails, long waits on the phone line with obnoxious music & ads designed to drive you away from Customer Service Help as quickly as possible.

Website has been very bad from the start; Multiple re-works without any improvement in functionality. A high-school kid writes could write software programs better than this: Out-dated from the outset. Help Page has no active links. Random extended down-times for maintenance. Slow updates to transactions. Transactions that come and go, and then come back again. It's crazy. I recommend a different bank. Any bank has got to be better than this.

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Cordobes's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cordobes

Nov 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

They Change Fees and Become Rude and Ugly About It.

Umpqua's claim to be the 'World's greatest Bank" is nothing but a meaningless commercial slogan ; but if repeated enough times will create the desired effect in the minds of a few .

I found this bank to be less than helpful; in fact they seem to go out of the way to avoid having to answer any questions or concerns one may have.

The Phoenix ,Or. store is known to be unusually lacking in professionally staffed personnel ;and at least in the past had a reputation for being something of a zoo . But who can understand why and who they hire to represent the Bank.

On more than two occasions I was treated rudely by the tellers and by the store manager at the Phoenix store . What had been represented to me in terms of fees and services were not forthcoming ,which is bad enough ;but on some occasions, they found reason to engage in arguing ,and not only with me, but I witnessed with others as well.

it seems what they lack in banking skills, they make up with polemics.

When I called the district manager about this and other experiences ,I was treated with some courtesy, but it was really nothing but managing hurt feelings ,or damage control.

The District manager agreed that the fees should not have been charged and apologized ,but never offered anything to compensate for my lost time or for the emotional distress ,they put me through!

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Hansen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Hansen

Nov 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Rude. Uncaring.

Had the worst experience with the compliance officer [Redacted]. Extremely rude and spoke down to me as if she was better than me. Not friendly and because of the experience I had with her, would not recommend this bank.

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