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Umpqua Bank Latest Customer Reviews

294680's Profile Image

Reviewed by 294680

Apr 12th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

I Love This Bank, Great Customer Service.

I have never had a problem with this bank, and they offer other services for free such as notary, fax, and wifi. I have moved all of my personal investments to umpqua bank investments. I had boa but they got too big and lost focus on customer service.

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fhallock's Profile Image

Reviewed by fhallock

Nov 6th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Have a checking account with debit card and online access.

The bank has an excellent checking account system for retired people. All of my income pensions and social security are deposited automatically into my checking account. Having moved from another larger banking institution because of banking fees and high charges for overdraft protection and no internet access. Umpqua bank in Arcata, California provides free checking with a debit card and does not require a savings account with a steady and increasing balance.

The debit card can be used as a Visa charge card limited to the balance of your checking account. You can even use the card to make online purchases. There are no fees and the free box of checks I received will last a long time as I use the online payment abilities to pay bills.

I would rather receive a friendly smile and a hot cup of coffee when banking than a suspicious gaze from the employees of a cold marble encased usurious enterprise.

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Dominic F's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dominic F

Jun 15th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Nice people, good branch hours. Needs to have better technology.

I like Umpqua Bank for the friendliness it offers. Every time I have dealt with one of theirs reps, I have been completely satisfied. I have never been charged fees for things i didn't specifically request. No surprises, no hassles.

On the other hand I can see that they need to work on two things:

1. Getting an iPhone app that delivers account balances and activity.

2. Stabilizing the spreadsheet format of their account activities log. It has fluctuated a number of times.

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John R's Profile Image

Reviewed by John R

Dec 23rd 2010

4 out of 5 marks

Generally pretty great. Employees are empowered to make on the spot decisions.

Never forced to call some one else, the Umpqua Store is a one stop shop. I never have to leave or wait for an issue to be resolved.

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SegueFisch's Profile Image

Reviewed by SegueFisch

Dec 25th 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Violation Of Trust--Updated

I went into this new noe valley branch (was a circle bank branch before) on christmas eve around 1pm to personally deposit a large check and some cash. Branch personnel assured me that $200 of my check and all of my cash would be available for withdrawl immediately. On christmas morning, i went to send my giftly gift certificates to my remote family and loved ones and... No money. No money, not even the cash, had been posted!!! I am new to this bank, and though staff is friendly, staff is not competent nor well-informed. Umpqua bank has ruined christmas 2012. The bank is in violation of its own stated policies regarding money handling (listed on their website and on the deposit receipts i was given yesterday). If a bank cannot handle my money in a consistent and trustworthy manner, what good are they as a bank?! In fact, what the hell are they even doing in the banking business?!! **************

update: the day after christmas, my account manager contacted me directly and apologized. Apparently the circle bank employees had not yet been fully trained on umpqua bank processes and one of them had not written my deposit amount in a way that the computers could read the scans, so in fact the deposit needed to be manually entered later on, which wasn't discovered until the day after christmas. While it is clear that they need to be more on-the-ball with this merger, it is also clear that it was not intentional, and that it is in the merger process that performance results are going to be a little uneven until they complete the transition.

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zpalqm's Profile Image

Reviewed by zpalqm

Jul 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks


Umpqua puts more energy into looking like a friendly neighborhood bank then they do actually learning how to behave like a friendly neighborhood bank. Don't be fooled--this bank will give you the same level of hassle that other large banks will. Go to a credit union!

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kayak99's Profile Image

Reviewed by kayak99

Aug 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Umpqua Bank Sucks

On April 15 I left for a 2 month trip to Europe; prior to that I was informed by mail and e-mail that Umpqua would be acquiring many Sterling branches, with Banner Bank acquiring the others. The documents stated that this change would take place in late June.

6/15 I return from Europe

6/22 I check my bank accounts online; both savings & checking show zero. I call the 800 number and am told my accounts are with Banner Bank (incorrectly) and that I should contact my branch

Monday. 6/23: visit Tillamook branch of Umpqua. Spend 3 hours there with Bing (Sylvia) Plasker who I've know since opening my accounts in 2003. Her records indicate no change in my accounts, and that they should NOT have been transferred to Banner. I call the "President" on your lobby phone and discuss the situation. I was told by Banner that I would need to have new account numbers since they could not be transferred a second time. That is ridiculous; I would have had to change all my direct deposits and payments. The "solution" was to re-instate my precious account numbers with Umpqua.

Now I have 2 checking and 2 savings accounts with Umpqua (only two of which have money). I received three (3) debit cards from Umpqua (one of which worked) and one from Banner (which I did not try).

6/24 I begin transferring all my accounts to TLC (Tillamook Federal Credit Union), a stellar operation. During this time period I have TWO ACCOUNTS WITH THE SAME NUMBER - one at Umpqua and one at Banner. The auto pays and checks I did wri

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Cordobes's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cordobes

Nov 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

They Change Fees and Become Rude and Ugly About It.

Umpqua's claim to be the 'World's greatest Bank" is nothing but a meaningless commercial slogan ; but if repeated enough times will create the desired effect in the minds of a few .

I found this bank to be less than helpful; in fact they seem to go out of the way to avoid having to answer any questions or concerns one may have.

The Phoenix ,Or. store is known to be unusually lacking in professionally staffed personnel ;and at least in the past had a reputation for being something of a zoo . But who can understand why and who they hire to represent the Bank.

On more than two occasions I was treated rudely by the tellers and by the store manager at the Phoenix store . What had been represented to me in terms of fees and services were not forthcoming ,which is bad enough ;but on some occasions, they found reason to engage in arguing ,and not only with me, but I witnessed with others as well.

it seems what they lack in banking skills, they make up with polemics.

When I called the district manager about this and other experiences ,I was treated with some courtesy, but it was really nothing but managing hurt feelings ,or damage control.

The District manager agreed that the fees should not have been charged and apologized ,but never offered anything to compensate for my lost time or for the emotional distress ,they put me through!

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Scott_Huish's Profile Image

Reviewed by Scott_Huish

Jul 24th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

It Used To Be Great!

Umpqua bank is a great bank as long as you don't have any problems with your account. This is where there customer service falls apart. I had several unauthorized charges on my bank account, which they helped reverse nsf charges with these, but because this left my account in a negative balance, i removed my auto-deposit until the problem was cleared up. I tried to stop an automatic payment to one of my creditors but they applied it to this bank anyway.

As soon as i saw that that had happened, i made a deposit in the atm the same day, but customer service as well as bank branches declared it didn't matter because the deposit was made after 3 pm. I showed that i had made every attempt possible to rectify the situation but they really don't care. They then started charging my account $7/day for every day it was overdrawn. Fortunately i was able to make arrangements with other creditors so i could get the money to close my account. If umpqua would've had their way, they would've charged me $7/day for two weeks, for a total of $98.

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lesliepower123's Profile Image

Reviewed by lesliepower123

Nov 3rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Declining rapidly

Our business has been with Umpqua for many years and up until recently it has been a mutually beneficial experience. I am now shopping for a new bank for my business and personal accounts. You have become like all the other larger banks with your ridiculous fees (a currency deposit fee? A fee for depositing currency!), limits (we now have to juggle account balances in order to avoid the new fees you have imposed to have our $) and overall disregard for the relationship we had developed. Now, you get hacked into requiring us to get a new ATM/bankcard. I can not tell you the inconvenience this has caused! Our card is linked with all of our vendors and changing each and every one of these is an enormous task. My staff is having to weather your storm while I, the business owner, am paying for it. This is not definitely not the worlds friendliest bank lately.

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Madrid's Profile Image

Reviewed by Madrid

Oct 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Fee-d to Death

They claim to be "The Worlds Greatest Bank" but they fee you to death. Just like every other big bank. I chose them because in the beginning they offered good service and it was free - but they changed my account type without telling me, then started charging me $10 a month to use My money!

I would never recommend them - go to a credit union instead, they are so much better

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Teirdalin's Profile Image

Reviewed by Teirdalin

May 15th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


I don't currently have a job, so I didn't have much money in my bank. I normally kept the amount in there pretty low as they never charged for no reason. Then all of a sudden one day they sent out a "service charge" and my account went into overdraft, before I know it I owe $50, I deposit $80 into the ATM and it apparently didn't even get into my account. Now they've stolen $130 from me and It's raising every single day, and the customer support doesn't do anything about it.

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MichelleFlynn's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichelleFlynn

Oct 18th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Is Unacceptable!

When you add money the day your account is going to be overwithdrawn and they charge you $35 for each charge that went through is unbelievable! I hate Umpqua! Their customer service is a bunch of cocky people who are all told to just say no! No matter your circumstance. I am switiching immediately! They make easy money and screw over their customers! I'm done!!!

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JA_AK's Profile Image

Reviewed by JA_AK

Oct 28th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Highway Robbery!

Umpqua touts themselves as "The World's Greatest Bank" Beware! The charge ridiculous fees and change your account on you with no notice.

Due to a move and switch accounts over to another bank, I had a debitor charge to my Umpqua Bank account, when they shouldn't have as they were given an updated account to charge to, and my Umpqua account went into overdraft. Though, I never signed up for overdraft, specifically requesting it to be removed when I signed up. Oh yeah, when I signed up, it was a free monthly account, which they started charging $6 a month for recently without even sending me a letter.

So when the overdraft occurred, they charged a $35 fee. Ok, fair enough, I'll pay it and the amount when I get my next paycheck in two weeks because I'm broke until then. Nope not good enough, they charged $7 per day additional overdraft fees on top of the original $35 fee. So in under two weeks that original amount owed just doubled itself!

Can you say highway robbery? I'm seeking an attorney. They have to be others that are being robbed by this bank.

Stay away from Umpqua Bank the "World's Most Greediest Bank".

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AngelaB's Profile Image

Reviewed by AngelaB

Aug 3rd 2012

1 out of 5 marks

This Bank Has Been A Nightmare

I opened an account with them in my hometown and they assured me i would be able to use my checking acct and debit card abroad (i was on my way to work in china for a year). I have not once made a successful purchase using my account or card with them. Every time i try to make a purchase it is denied and sent to their fraud accounts. Then they call my parents' house, but since my mother's name is not on my account, they won't listen when she tells them i am, in fact, in china.

I have called and emailed them no less than eight times to tell them that i am in china. And still we have to go through this each time. Further, i was told that they would be able to "make a payment" from my checking account to my bank of china account (part of the reason i decided to bank with them). This is not true, as it states in their online bill pay section. On top of it, they charge maintenance fees for the checking account. And, my debit card cannot be used in chinese atms though people who have visited me have been able to use their credit union-issued debit cards in the atms.

Umpqua said i would need a 6 digit pin for my card (this is what is used in china), but said i would have to change my pin in person at a local branch. I cannot wait to get to the states and take my money out of this worthless establishment.

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dbbaird's Profile Image

Reviewed by dbbaird

May 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

mortgage department

Umpqua is a horrid conglomerate. Do not honor Power of Attorneys, lost $2000 because of that. Can't talk with legal department or escrow department directly - must be high security clearance. Would put my money in a mattress and live in a cardboard box before would do business with them

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alsenborn46's Profile Image

Reviewed by alsenborn46

May 7th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Have to wait 30 minutes to get person on their main phone number since their "change over".

Access to funds unavailable for an entire weekend because of "change over" being done.

Incurred fees on cash advances because of non-access to funds during "change over". Complained an phone to branch and did receive verbal apology. However, was not offered reimbursement of fees incurred because of their inability to give me my money when I needed it. Unacceptable.

Horrible telephone service on their main number since the turnover.

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elsm190's Profile Image

Reviewed by elsm190

Apr 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

NOT the worlds greatest bank

If I could put zero stars I would. I have had so many problems with this bank. Hidden fees, they choose not to inform you of the many ways you can set up your account so that you can prevent fees and when there is an issue the customer is to blame. While I agree whole heartedly that it is my responsibility to keep track of my money, I do not agree with Umpqua not informing you that there has been an overdraft. When I looked up my account I had TEN overdraft fees. Yet not a single phone call to let me know what is going on. Other banks do. Not Umpqua. When I asked why they don't call, she responded saying some banks do but we are not required. She tried talking me into setting up all these ways to prevent overdraft fees in the future (which by the way, I was never informed of in the first place). So in the end nothing was fixed, no apologies and I shall be telling all my friends and family to get a new bank. I for one will be closing down my accounts as soon as I pay off the overdraft fees.

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syarbr's Profile Image

Reviewed by syarbr

Feb 16th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Experience With A Bank Ever

Umpqua bank recently went through a computer upgrade. I was unable to access my accounts for over 10 days. I called umpqua right away - was promised a call back within the same business day - never received a call back. I called again the next day, sat on hold for 46 minutes when i was disconnected. Again, was promised a call back as the customer service representative could not help me. I didn't receive a call back. On the third day i finally reached someone after waiting on hold for 34 minutes and was told due to the computer upgrade i would not be able to access my accounts until someone called me back.

Day 10 and no one has called. So i called again today, sat on hold for over an hour and was disconnected! I called back, sat on hold for 21 minutes and was repeatedly put on hold to find someone who could help me. 10 days without access to my accounts! This is the worst customer service experience i have ever encountered and not having access to my money makes me very nervous but umpqua isn't taking any steps to help me out.

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customer2's Profile Image

Reviewed by customer2

Feb 12th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Extremely Rude

I made the mistake of trying to open an account with this bank. The representative clearly wanted to get rid of me and suggested that I go someplace else, which was a surprise since I was talking about making a large savings deposit. Normally a bank is happy to get a new savings customer. Goodby Umpqua!

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1d9a5v4e's Profile Image

Reviewed by 1d9a5v4e

Feb 10th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service

I have found that Umpqua Bank has and continues to constantly change it's online banking which makes it very frustrating to log in and pay bills. This has lead to multiple times on the phone and related stress. I would think that they would want their customers to have a safe and easy session while using their web site but that seems to be the exception.

Not the norm. I have also found that while trying to protect their customers bank card security, when i leave my general area and use my bank card they block any usage without notification. I have tried to be patient with their growing pains but have come to the conclusion that they refuse to provide an easy stress free experience for their customers. Though it will be a bit of a hassle for me to change banks, i find no other solution.

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mayno's Profile Image

Reviewed by mayno

Feb 9th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

This bank should change their slogan to world's worst bank! Nothing is good in this bank except the coffee, i guess!

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lousybank's Profile Image

Reviewed by lousybank

Feb 3rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service At The Upper Levels

I got a loan thru this bank for a car payment late last year. I was excited it was a local company. Sadly going local was my biggest mistake. Its been nothing but a nightmare come to find out my loan was opened with a former sterling branch causing nothing but nightmares. Regular employees cant access my account so you have to talk to a bunch of people at their 800-621-1970 who could care less about what going on. They don't return calls and "accidently" hang up on you.

And straight up call you a liar. I wont name names but i could. I never got a payment books so i had to pay a stupid high fee to make a payment over the phone. They don't have online banking in 2015 so its impossible to track anything. The branch people are fine and helpful but are limited with what they can do besides calling the same 800 number i had too. I have medical issues that become extremely bad when stressed out and spending hours on the phone has caused nothing but issues for me. I am filing a complaint with the cfpb and getting my loan moved to another bank. Should have stuck with ford. Never an issue in 10 years. Umpqua's customer service is horrible!

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the172flyr's Profile Image

Reviewed by the172flyr

Jan 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Gone to Hell

This used to be Sterling Bank, which was great have been with them for 15 yrs. now bought out by Umpqua Bank, not only has the service gone down the toilet, but the employees are totally clueless, except for one, Mary she still knows what customer service means. Their bill paying service stinks. I have been signed up for that for 2 mos, and this week alone 3 people didn't get paid, and they have no reason for it, all I got was double talk, and 3 late charges, I was able to get rid of one. Now they don't even answer their 800 number, they say they will give you a call back Ya 2 days later. I'm so flippin out of there come Monday. Bite Me Umpqua Bank!!!!!!!

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bwilly81's Profile Image

Reviewed by bwilly81

Oct 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No Online Payments Possible Unless You Bank With Them!

This is the only bank that does not offer online loan payment options. My auto loan was sold off to umpqua and now i cant make payments online. They also charge you $12 to make a payment over the phone. How can they be the self proclaimed "worlds greatest bank".

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jsriesch's Profile Image

Reviewed by jsriesch

Jan 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad! Bad! Bad!

This bank declined my credit card payment because they "have spending limits on my account." I have money in the account via direct deposit from my employer for past 7 years now and I am very prudent and careful when it comes to funds movements. Regardless all of this, that bank declined the transaction without even telling me!

The company I ordered from told me about it. After numerous phone calls to the bunk customer service, answering stupid security questions ("what is your favorite pet?" "What were you thinking when you married your wife?") Who remembers that? They always ask the wrong questions! and waiting 25 minutes for supervisor's decision to temporarily lift the spending limit, my transaction was finally approved.

Their security protocol so outdated, it reminds me hide and seek games in insanity ward. Because of there shenanigans, my order was broken into three different parts (obviously they are not going to ship anything to you if your payment has been declined).

Here I am, 3 weeks from original order date, sitting and waiting for the part for my vehicle. It took unanswered e-mails, many phone calls and placement of the second order to get this thing finally moving. It's crazy. All of this pain because of this IDIOTS! I cannot even start to tell you the inconvenience this has caused. My work schedule has to be rearranged few times just to accommodate new delivery.

Ask your self a simple question; is it worth it to go through so many difficulties just because you wanted to use YOUR MONEY? None of my previous banking experiences compares to this crap. This is the worst bank in the world.

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hak's Profile Image

Reviewed by hak

Jan 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

From solid years ago to just as bad or worse than the BIG banksâ?¦. sad all around.

We started multiple accounts with Umpqua as they are local, portrayed themselves as different + had great offerings. At first, four years ago, they lived up to their motto as "Greatest Bank in the World". This was as all the big banks were in trouble both financially + with customers.

As what I can only guess as larger veteran players swept into the Umpqua system + greed replaced any sense of community + service the whole product range + experience has gone into the toilet.

Every aspect of what I've encountered lately from multiple same business errors to online banking to customer service both in branch + online has been pitiful + lacking. It's only compounded to read about the shiny new store in SF + the millions spent on buying out a CA bank only to lose all the perks that brought us into the Umpqua fold in the first place.

We're are currently looking to take all of our accounts + business elsewhere + I can only recommend you do the same.

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AvidReader's Profile Image

Reviewed by AvidReader

Dec 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service for Banking

Umpqua Bank 625 E Gibbs Ave, Cottage Grove, OR 97424

This has got to be the worst bank in the world, for website and customer service.

Bank declined our credit card payment because they "didn't like the looks" of the company I was buying from. We have ordered from this company many times without a problem. It is for medication. The money was in the account, but this Bank declined the transaction without even contacting us! (I heard about the decline from the company we were ordering from.)

Took us 2 days to get a 1 minute answer from the bank (and still waiting for this transaction to be fixed!). Unanswered emails, long waits on the phone line with obnoxious music & ads designed to drive you away from Customer Service Help as quickly as possible.

Website has been very bad from the start; Multiple re-works without any improvement in functionality. A high-school kid writes could write software programs better than this: Out-dated from the outset. Help Page has no active links. Random extended down-times for maintenance. Slow updates to transactions. Transactions that come and go, and then come back again. It's crazy. I recommend a different bank. Any bank has got to be better than this.

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Hansen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Hansen

Nov 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Rude. Uncaring.

Had the worst experience with the compliance officer [Redacted]. Extremely rude and spoke down to me as if she was better than me. Not friendly and because of the experience I had with her, would not recommend this bank.

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Slick's Profile Image

Reviewed by Slick

Oct 12th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

1. It took more than two weeks to verify my identity to get a debit card after opening my account.

2. When my (now former) business partner and minority member in the LLC attempted to make himself sole owner on the account and I said "no way" to the banker, they immediately put a freeze on the account.

3. I squeezed out my former business partner in a merger and Umpqua still hasn't recognized it - their legal department is reviewing the records. The Department of Revenue and other debtors are waiting for payment, but Umpqua is dragging their collective feet.

4. The banker we were using is a personal friend of the (now former) business partner.

The moment this is cleared up, I'm going to BECU.

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