Wells Fargo

B MyBankTracker Rating

6,355 branch in 39 states, Mobile Banking, Large Assortment of Product Options

Best Feature: Variety of Banking Options

With over 6,000 locations across 39 states, Wells Fargo currently has the most locations in the nation, which makes them a great fit for those looking for a bank no matter where they are in the United States. Tie in their product offering of auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment services and insurance, they surely are an ideal bank if you are looking to simplify your finances in one place. Among the large banks, Wells Fargo has a strong MyBankTracker Rating with a B, thanks to steady consumer reviews. Be warned however, like many big banks, Wells Fargo has higher fees (than online banks), so be sure to avoid this bank if you can’t meet their product requirements.

Honorable Mentions

TD Bank

#1 in Convenience, Strong Rates Among Big Banks, Manageable Account Fees

Best Feature: Branch Hours

Situated in the East Coast, TD Bank stays true to their slogan of being “America’s Most Convenient Bank.” With over 1,300 branches, TD Bank is one of the only banks open on Sundays and boasts some of the longest hours. TD bank is great if you need to do in-person banking.

PNC Bank

2,841 branches, Financially Strong, Growing, Innovative

Best Feature: Unique Product Offerings

Higher-than-average yields on their CD accounts and an innovative checking product (Virtual Banking) and mobile offering, PNC is continuing to blur the lines between big, small and online banks.