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Recent Questions

BankTrackerI's Profile Image
4 weeks ago

Couldn't see my reveiew submitted earlier...!

Unethical behavior stated and submitted in detail was not found. Please explain. Thanks. More »
fishercolon's Profile Image
on Mar 30th 2015

I would like to open a second bank account with my business

My 2nd bank inadvertently closed my account and won't reoopen More »
fishercolon's Profile Image
on Mar 30th 2015

2nd chance banking

How do i apply for a 2nd chance checking account More »
JMG_1519's Profile Image
on Mar 14th 2015

Can chase close checking w/ out telling you in writing / email/ online alert messages ? They did to me! I only found out by going to ATM - didn't

Take my card - said call ASAP. I did and they said we closed & don't have to inform you. I said what, who does that? At that point I wasn't dealing with BS & all I cared about was upcoming direct deposit and the only thing I have auto coming out on set date is auto insurance so I said I need it open do give me time to change DD and as a bank you know this takes long as well as my car insurance and set it where I can't use it whatever. She confirmed of course we will leave open for 10 days from today (daty of my call) I made my calls right then to get my accounts changed but all of that takes 5-7 days as we all know the long stupid process. So when i didn't get DD a week later I called chase first and they said we closed your account the day you called!!! So since then it's been a nightmare - took them 10 days to get check returned to new bank and still don't have my DD 3 weeks later. Big question can they close without notice to you?? More »
OnTheDL's Profile Image
on Feb 4th 2015

Why am I seeing something called a "chargeback?"

Trying to figure out what a chargeback is and why I received one on my account. Help? More »
clayton56's Profile Image
on Jan 29th 2015

How do I qualify for a refinance?

I'm trying to figure out if it's a good idea for me to refinance my FHA loan or not. How do I even qualify to do so? More »