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Recent Questions

Winning78's Profile Image
2 weeks ago
tsMerrill_01's Profile Image
3 weeks ago

Is Chase the best option for me, considering my situation? Or are there other banks I should consider?

I'm looking for some insight from fellow CT residents who commute to NYC every day. Working in NY, I'm considering changing banks or maybe opening a new account that'll make banking easier. Chase seems to be the bank of choice in NYC but I'm not really sure I want to go with a big bank. More »
jeanne1234's Profile Image
on Nov 1st 2013

chase bank is not reliable

chase bank closed my account suddenly without notice, it cause me bounced check penalty and other incontinence, it is so shocking that they do this to people who trust them

More »
ascapoli's Profile Image
on Aug 16th 2013

not active acct

I do not have active acct. But was notified yesterday that an amount had been charged to my account More »
Gaston G's Profile Image
on Nov 6th 2012

How about purchasing chase liquid online?

I wonder if you have to open an account as usual or just purchase it like any other pre-paid card? More »