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Recent Questions

clayton56's Profile Image
2 days ago

How do I qualify for a refinance?

I'm trying to figure out if it's a good idea for me to refinance my FHA loan or not. How do I even qualify to do so? More »
ANeely's Profile Image
2 days ago

Alternative to cash deposits?

I find it extremely inconvenient that Chase no longer accepts cash deposits. My daughter took her first semester off and has started college this month, in another state. I used to just easily deposit cash into her account but now that she's away and Chase has this new policy, what am I supposed to do? More »
amhoxie's Profile Image
1 week ago

Does Chase have branches in North Carolina?

I just moved from Arizona to northern central North Carolina and I can't locate a branch nearby. I want to know where the nearest one is. I would like to continue with Chase, but if I can't find one near me, I may have to change banks. More »
msscat's Profile Image
3 weeks ago

Large Deposits

Policy on accepting a large deposit from possibly the federal reserve to a new account less than 30 days old. More »
ToTheMax83's Profile Image
on Jan 2nd 2015

Is it safer to use credit cards? If so, which Chase credit card is best?

I use my Chase debit card frequently to make purchases online. However, my friends who use credit cards suggest I use a credit card instead. Especially when buying online. Is it safer to use credit cards? If so, which Chase credit card is best? More »
RQTheGQ's Profile Image
on Dec 11th 2014

Chase Liquid a good alternative to cash?

I'm a person that really uses cash only. For holiday shopping, I would like to have a simple way to pay and not carry a ton of cash. Is the Chase Liquid card a good option? More »