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HSBC Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Whitby2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by Whitby2014

Sep 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stay away - incompetent

Several years ago I opened an online savings account with HSBC because of a highly competitive interest rate. Of course, the rate disappeared within a year (as another reviewer notes). I kept the account, but finally decided to close it when HSBC put in a new security system involving the following (and I kid you not!): (1) a security code or password (can't remember the name); (2) a memorable answer; (3) a security device (one could purchase it or use one's cell phone); (4) a security code that the security device would generate each time one wanted to access one's account; (5) a password for the security device; (6) at least two security questions. After an hour spent on the phone with an HSBC representative trying to access my accounts, I finally just gave up and closed the account. At that time I expressed concern about automatic withdrawals made to HSBC from one of my other credit union accounts; I was assured that they would stop automatically. After receiving emails notifying me that the withdrawals would occur again in three business days, I called HSBC and was again assured that the withdrawals would stop. Of course, they didn't - HSBC withdrew money from my bank account some two weeks after I had closed the account. Then a representative told me that it was my credit union's responsibility now to stop the automatic payments to HSBC. My credit union was immediately helpful - unlike the less-than-incompetent HSBC!

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acrock's Profile Image

Reviewed by acrock

Aug 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't Sign Up For Online HSBC Banking

Years ago I set up an online savings account with HSBC for 2 reasons: 1. The interest at that time was competitive and 2. to make it more difficult for me to get money out of my account, in other words to save it.

The result? The interest rate is now 0.054%, is that even a number? (it's also difficult to get this info as to what they actually pay)

My primary objection and warning to you is this: over the past few years they had added layers of security that are absurd. For example, you have a password to log in, but when you do they want specific letters in the password, a pain.

Worse, for some reason the system recently never seems to work. When this happens one has to deal with customer service, a nightmare and takes forever. Today I went into my account to transfer money, only to find the latest security measure, forcing me to set up their app on my phone!!??? When I explained I don't want my banking info on my phone due to the possibility of theft, I was told too bad, it's the only way you can transfer money out of your account.

Thus began the tedious process, requiring close to 2 hours, I kid you not, to close my account and process my bank to bank transfer, because I didn't want this done with a check sent via Fed Ex. Doing so involved being put on hold, transferred to various people, having to repeatedly log in, and re-set passwords and my security questions, in addition to having to repeatedly put in my info because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and otherwise put through all manner of frustrating silliness …

The weirdest part is that while they are supposedly so concerned about security, when I implemented my plan to close the account, I was asked virtually nothing and the fact that it's a joint account wasn't even mentioned.

Unless you want your money to sit in their bank while you can't gain access to it without spending hours doing so, AVOID this option, this is ridiculous.

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crepeescape's Profile Image

Reviewed by crepeescape

Jun 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Blocking card on vacation 4 times

Before I left for vacation, I call HSBC for told them I would be in vacation in France and Italy for 15 days. They add a note on my card for avoid blocking but unfortunately in 15 days they blocked my card 4 times. My first day in Paris, I needed to run to HSBC in Champs Elysee for them to call the fraud people. They said that they see my note but they block the card anyway, I ask them on the phone do not block again since I am in France, they say all right. They block the card anyway after one purchase for $12 in store, and it was on the weekend so I need to find the way to call them, they say my card will work again in 2 minute but they didn't unlock and I need to call them again the next day.

They say they forget to reset the card, them they block the card after hotel charge again -- I was upset. They are ridiculous and they have note who saying I was in Europe but they push me to run everywhere on vacation to unlock my card, also on the phone they ask me if I am really in France because they believe someone use my card in France. I say, "Yes it's me" and I was upset after them, block my card for $12, they do that 4 times it was very abusive, I fell like they do that on purpose, very bad, stay way from them when travel, they going to block your card like a game. Also they don't 24/7 customer service for help specially in France who need to wait 1pm in France (7am in US) with no money for call them and it is not free.

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kcooper's Profile Image

Reviewed by kcooper

Apr 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Please Read The Reviews Before You Do Any Business With This Firm.

My husband and I have our mortgage through this company. You can never get anyone consistent to handle your affairs. They tell you that they will help you with your issues and then they dig a deeper hole, in which you cannot get out of. Each time we call it is difficult to understand the individual. We write down names and extension numbers, however,those individuals, quit their job, move to a different department or float off into the abyss. It is very very discouraging because each time you call, you must go through your entire scenario again.

Even their 877-601-7020 number is messed up. When you call for [Redacted], it ask you to enter the extension number. After you enter the extension number, it will ask you again to enter the extension number. [Redacted] rarely returns a call promptly, she is difficult to get in touch with and once you do get in touch with her. She has no means in which to assist you.

HSBC sends out letters stating that they are committed to working with borrows who are experiencing financial difficulties. I have yet to see any assistance. However, they are prompt to send out their reminder letters that our payment is a few days behind. So, if you do not want any financial difficulties, high interest rates 9.5 or terrible customer service, do not give this company any of your business. It is a company in which you cannot get in touch with any one person to help you. Once you do get some type of guidance, if any, they cannot find the "notes" that the previous csr took. The notes disappear and then you must start all over. Plus, each CSR will tell you something totally different from the previous csr. It has taken me 1 month to get my payoff. They have made me fax my request 3 times. It is my flipping mortgage. Tell me over the phone the payoff! In my opinion this company possesses one of the worse customer service departments i have ever dealt with. I cannot wait to be finished with them.

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jprusakova's Profile Image

Reviewed by jprusakova

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Service.

Long phone wait, incompetent and lying customer service representative. First they cancel my ATM card, then declare account 'dormant' (whatever that means) and cut off my online access. I called twice, spent an hour each going time through the menus and dictating spellings to customer service reps.

-They do not keep track of customer calls.

-They lie about services. First they said I can fill out "dormancy" form via email, and they'll send it by email. Nothing showed up.

-Then they said it'll take 24 to 48 hrs, because HSBC uses some back-office (rear end?) version of email.

-Then it turned out they send a paper form and that takes 10 business days.

-Then I was told to talk to internet department to restore access to the account online. And, viola!, after spending another half hour of my life talking to more incompetent liars, I was told that I first need to wait for the dormancy form. Which at this rate is likely to arrive about never.

I had some money left over in my checking account, and it's proving very difficult to retrieve them from these thieves.

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ariel_dude28's Profile Image

Reviewed by ariel_dude28

Mar 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible and fishy banking practices

My account was closed without any notice. The bank had my phone number, email and address. But they neither called or emailed me and say that they send me snail mail to my address. The bigger problem was that they send my closure cheque to my 6 year old address. When I asked how did they still have that address when I went ahead and updated it over the phone (on call with some India customer service). They had no answers. The worst part was that the call center had no clue why was my account closed. They say "I think its some issue with missing information on my file and the bank determined to close it".

Honestly, is this a joke or something? Can't they call me to find out about that "missing information"? Which century is this bank in? Horrible and I would ask people to stay away from this bank!!. Use a credit union that has a branch close to your home so you can some real people to talk to. There is no 0 rating so I had to select 1.

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Diogenes's Profile Image

Reviewed by Diogenes

Mar 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

HSBC Bank cheats and chisels!

I had a jumbo "park it & forget it" account with HSBC online. Somewhere in the last couple of years, they dropped the interest rate to 0.05% (no, that's not 5%, it's 5/100ths of one percent).

This month (Mar. 2014), while doing taxes late at night, I went online to look for my 1099, and found that the bank's labels for all of the codes and passwords they require (way more than other banks) had changed! So now they are asking for something called (I kid you not) "Your Memorable Answer." Answer?? Answer to WHAT? Off to the side somewhere, it turns out they had written "Your Memorable Answer is your old password, and your new Password is your old Security Key." I'm still shaking my head over "Memorable Answer." Got the feeling this website was not created by anyone who actually speaks English. Then they don't want you to type the full word: no, just the 3d letter, plus the 2nd-to-last and last letters! That is inane, insane & pointless! I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get into my account that night, and then the next morning spent another 30 minutes on the phone and online trying to straighten it out. Got so fed up with their elaborate process just to get my 1099 (which they are too cheap to mail), that I asked to just take all of my money out of their bank. After 3 more phone conversations on HOW to do that, I said "Just send me a check!" The clerk said that for the amount I had on deposit they would send it FedEx and I would have it in 2-3 days. ONE WEEK LATER I still didn't get it, so I called and learned they had waited a whole week even to send it out. So they lied, and they cheated by holding onto my money a total of 10 extra days at their pathetic interest rates, before I got the money. (Then Wells Fargo wants to hold the deposit *another* week on top of that.) So I came to this web site to look for any banks with actually decent customer service.

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stephenk's Profile Image

Reviewed by stephenk

Mar 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

WORST bank experiences I've ever had (next to WAMU debacle)

Years ago, HSBC hounded us to re-fi our mortgage. Offered us a better rate if we would hold a big 'chunk' of money in their accts for 6 months. Nothing unusual there.

My partner & I, who co-owned our house and kept our finances separate, each had a portion of the required 'chunk' to get the better rate. Us: "Separate accts ok?" HSBC: "Yup....and if you re-fi with us now, we'll give you a $500 Apple gift card". Us: "Ok, let's do it."

We filled out all requested paperwork & transferred the funds - everything on time. (BTW: their re-fi process was the most laborious/disorganized I've ever experienced - and i've done quite a few of 'em - but that's not the slimy part).

After the re-fi finally completes, we spent months trying to get them to send us the Apple gift card. They kept 'looking into it'. Eventually, they tell us: "Oops, the gift card offer required that your 'chunk' of money be in the same acct, and the offer has now expired -- sorry, nothin' we can do about it." Us: "Huh?!? Then do something else for us of similar value." HSBC: "How 'bout an HSBC t-shirt and mug? That's all we can do." Of course, we turned down this generous opportunity to be walking advertisements for them.

But WAIT!! They weren't done providing lousy service.

A year or so later, my partner & I ended up with about $15k each sitting in HSBC savings accts. They started calling every month or so, encouraging us to let them find us a good investment for that money. This went on for a year or more. Obviously, t'wasn't a priority for us.

Eventually, we met with them. That was 2011. Told them we wanted to invest in a relatively conservative mutual fund with a good track record, and if possible one that supports alternative energy.

I just now cashed out my $12k investment.....got just over $5k back (and that includes $1200+ of re-invested dividends I had to pay taxes on). And now I find out that this fund's inception was the year I bou

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RichardDazington's Profile Image

Reviewed by RichardDazington

Mar 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

HSBC Premier Randomly closed account right before my mortgage payment

Have been a HSBC Premier customer for 8 years with accounts in Canada, USA, and the UK. I most recently moved to the USA and they were great at first, gave me a credit card, and overdraft based on my (large) overseas credit, my assets with the bank, and long tenure with them. Great for someone with no US credit history (though the Amex Global Transfers are far far better, so do that if you ever move). I've since bought a house, cars and have a credit score of 750.

I rarely use my select credit but on my first use they decided to not only close it, but it was without notice, and they proceeded to bounce my mortgage payment. If they gave me notice I would have been upset and wanted to know why (I have no derogatory marks, and my credit has done nothing but gone up since I arrived 2 years ago).

Talking to the reps they said, "We choose who we give credit to and we can remove it at any time. We probably should have noticed you. Are you sure we didn't let you know?"

Well then. Goodbye HSBC, hello someone else as that is completely unacceptable. Trust is fundamental to a relationship involving 6-figures of money so someone else will get my money. Citi/Charles Schwab/Wells Fargo/Someone else? Maybe a credit union or Fidelity? Not sure, but I will never do personal or business banking with them again.

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upcean's Profile Image

Reviewed by upcean

Feb 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Closed 2 Accounts, No Communication

I had an account with HSBC for over 10 years. One day I attempted to log on like any other day and I received a strange error message simply instructing me to call Customer Service. Not thinking much of it and assuming it was a minor problem - I called my bank and to my surprise, "We show your account is closed." My jaw dropped. "Where's my money?" is my first thought. "It has been sent to you." Sent how? What's the tracking? Of course no tracking and of course by the slowest method possible. I never got this first check, by the way. Frustrated and growing increasingly panicked, I opened a second account with HSBC. The first account was closed due to the "amount of withdrawals" on a Savings account. It is funny how after having an account 10+ years and using it borderline the same way month-to-month, suddenly it became a problem but that's another story. The second account I would open was a checking account to bypass this nonsense. I just used the account as a "deposit and forget" type situation - no bells and whistles. Eventually I work out a way to "cancel the check I never got" and have my funds deposited into a new checking account. This required multiple phone calls, having to repeat the same situation over and over. So I get this setup finally and about 2 months later, I get the dreaded "unable to log into your account, please call customer service" number again on my new checking account. Guess what? It was closed. My money is again in "HSBC Land"(that's the HUGE space between myself and my bank) in a digital and modern age of fast notifications and fast, reliable shipping where I will receive neither. When I called Customer Service last night, they told me the "department I needed to speak to was not open" and to "call back". I called back today and guess what I was told by a woman on a static-filled headset, "There is no department that can tell me why

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Trudy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Trudy

Feb 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible customer service

The online site tells me that my loan number doesn't exist! They have added memorable phrase (formerly password) and password (formerly secret phrase) to confuse things. On my telephone call, I was asked to repeat my name, social security number, and loan number twice for security. Then I was asked my date of birth, payment amount, insurance and tax amount. Don't they know? I was not helped, previous bills have not arrived.

Really, next time I will stick with a local bank.

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complaint's Profile Image

Reviewed by complaint

Feb 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

We have a Terrible experience with loan application. The worst I have seen.

1. They even wrote a wrong address on several pages in the loan application package then sent us. When we asked them to change they still sent the wrong package with the wrong address. Of course they finally sent us a correct one but it wasted us about a week. I have email evidence to prove this.

2. The loan processor emailed me asking me to explain how I had over $50,000 on my checking account. I was very surprised because in my life I had never got this big money. I immediately wrote to her to tell her that it was a big mistake because I had only over $10,000 on that account. Also, I sent her the bank statement again to prove that it was a mistake she had made. She did not apologize at all. She even did not reply to me for this huge mistake she had made. I have email evidence to prove this.

3. It was very difficult to communicate with them regarding loan application. They have difficulty communicating among themselves. For example, we had submitted some key documents already to one loan representative but the loan processor would ask us to give these documents again. would asked us to give those documents again and again. We have email evidence to prove this. At the beginning stage they hardly answered our calls. After we made a complaint, then they started to respond to our calls. But as a customer the beginning stage is crucial and he or she needs most assistance.

4. They would not ask us to provide this or that separately, not in a whole, which cost us a lot of trouble.

5. We would never deal with this bank. We have all the evidence to back up what we have said here. If necessary we would file a formal complaint to the country's commercial and federal agencies. That is why we have kept all the email communications with them.

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Netta's Profile Image

Reviewed by Netta

Feb 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

TERRIBLE - Avoid at all costs

I hate HSBC. They have the worst customer experience that I have ever experienced. I can not think of one positive thing to say about HSBC. They have so many ridiculous security procedures that you will have a difficult time accessing your money or account. For example, to talk with someone over the phone about your account you need a specific password mailed to you. If you happen to move and don't receive this information and might forget the two different passwords they require to login online - you're fucked. When you call to get things corrected or even to close your account, they suck at this too. You are transferred to so many different departments that you will find yourself on the phone for at least 45 minutes if not longer. DO NOT USE THIS BANK.

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MarcSommer's Profile Image

Reviewed by MarcSommer

Jan 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very bad service

We have had so many issues with these people. They stop our credit card just for visiting another grocery store because they fear fraud but state it's for our good... Today was the drop, all our online payments got cancelled because they have a suspicion of fraud. We call them and they say don't worry we will have another credit card sent to you within 7 - 10 business days, WHAT!!!! On top of that the have frozen our accounts until they are sure but only for 3 - 5 days if they express it, WHAT!!?? I can't make this stuff up, they are REALLY that ..... Every time it takes minimum 10 min to get it fixed because they have outsourced it to some Indian company that have no clue what's right or left. This time thou they REALLY stepped in it BIGTIME!! They don't care at all, they just say that's the way it is... Don't ever go there and now we will change bank. (Needs to say that the only reason we used this one is because we have moved here from Europe and have no creditscore but they would take us no worry. Now we know why they try so hard to get new customers, they are really bad!)

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boulogne's Profile Image

Reviewed by boulogne

Jan 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No customer service, no accountability

Last year in December I applied for their checking account. I've been their customer for over 5 yrs. It took a daunting 1 hr over the phone to make the application. He said they would process my application in 2-3 business days. I didn't hear back so I write an email 1 month later asking for an update. Email said they found my application and I will hear back in 2-3 business days with more information. No email was received. I emailed again 2 wks later, but still nothing. It would have been fine with me if they decline my application, then I could look for other options. I called the customer service and she says she can't find my application, so if I'd like to make an online application. I asked to speak to her supervisor to track down my original application, but placed on hold for 30 minutes. I say 30 minutes because I gave up and hang up, but if I waited I could have very well waited much longer. HSBC may work well for you if all you want is free Bank to Bank transfer and don't expect any customer service.

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Babs's Profile Image

Reviewed by Babs

Jan 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Sold my 88 year old Aunt a foreclosure property with a deceased, decomposing body. Person was padlocked in home for 3-4 weeks (estimate) with lock boxes from management company hired by HSBC in SC, closed on property 12/31/2013. This is what grubs they are!

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yongmc's Profile Image

Reviewed by yongmc

Jan 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible bank!

Closed my business accounts giving a very short notice. After repeated phone calls with different people, their supervisors, they refuse to grant me an extension in order for me to get all my paperwork in order before the closure. the last banker i spoke to agreed that copies of checks would be mailed to me at no cost. when i did not receive the copies, i called and this time, they said they never received the request and wanted to charge me $5 a copy of check! this is the worst banking experience i have ever gotten. they actually tell me, now that they have closed my accounts, that i dont even have an account with them. if there's a way to pursue legal action with hsbc for the trouble, i certainly would!

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Steawrt's Profile Image

Reviewed by Steawrt

Jan 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Totally inept

We moved to the US 3 yrs ago. During that time we have had to move house twice. After the first move we confirmed our new address and started to receive statements etc. I then tried to order new check books. Online our address was showing as our old address so I called to order checks and confirm our current address. 4 weeks later still no check books. I call back only to find they've gone to our old address. Many phone calls & hours later we get some success and finally receive check books 6 weeks after my first order.

We then move again & change our address again. We start to receive all our statements and correspondence to our new address. I receive an email after the Target security compromise to say my debit card has been compromised. I call HSBC to ask if the email is valid to be told it is a fake email and to ignore it. I then try to use my card in a store & it is declined. I then call HSBC again and am told the previous information was wrong and that a new card has to be ordered. I confirm my address and expect it within 3-5 banking days. 7 days later I still have not received my card but get a letter from the Corporate Security Operations Division - sent to our old address! I call them to be told that there is a mistake and our new addressed was not changed in all our profile. They then say that someone has to call me within 24-48 business hours to confirm that and then they will send out my new card.

I cannot believe how archaic this bank is. There are no branches anywhere near us, it takes at least 30 mins to get anything done on the phone and then they have to get a different department to do anything. We will be closing our account down and going to a local bank to us. NEVER use HSBC

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onlinefrustratedcu's Profile Image

Reviewed by onlinefrustratedcu

Jan 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst banking experience after banking for 22 years in the US

This is the worst customer service experience I have had in years. Period. I called to reset my password. After 7 minutes waiting, a "customer service rep" showed up, asked me for all the information needed, asked me to wait and after another 15 minutes when I was the one asking "are you there", because she was mute, she disappeared!!! So, I called again and this time after 5 minutes waiting, someone showed up again, I explained my frustration and asked her no to disappear as the her colleague did. She apologize and after 5 minutes (I was now 12 minutes on this call) she said that she could not help me. That I needed to talk to the internet department, and she assured me she would connect me to them and wait with me on the line. Well, she put me on hold and after 12 minutes, yes 12 minutes (so total call this time 24 minutes!!!!) she disappeared again!!!! I am calling in for the third time, and I am on hold now for 12 minutes and no one is showing up yet....

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0000's Profile Image

Reviewed by 0000

Dec 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

nicepissedoffcusto's Profile Image

Reviewed by nicepissedoffcusto

Dec 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worthless at its best! and there is more than what I wrote, the space won't allow me. Below 0 score overall.

1. I went to the branch I knew and to my surprise is closed.

2. I googled another branch local number and I got forwarded to the same useless automated answering voice machine.

3. I literally had to take a taxi through out the city to find a branch.

4. I find a branch and when I explained that the phone number in the back of my HSBC credit card does not work, I am told there is nothing (nothing) the branch can do and that I just have to knock myself out continuing to call the number I've been dialing fro over a month trying to speak to someone to no avail.

5. I filed a written complaint on their website 3 weeks ago and the problem has not been fixed.

6. I tried calling the collect call "out of country" number and I also get hanged up on that one after dialing the full account number, social security and all information asked only to get the call disconnect on its own before even getting to a representative.

7. I tried calling the HSBC debit card number and after 20 minute wait time, I explained my problem, I ask them to please report the phone number troubleshoot and I ask that they help me and to please not to place me on the automated voice again and it hangs up. And what does the rep do? he connects me back to the automated machine that hangs up!

8. I go to another branch, explain my problem. They mark a phone for me from the branch and I wait 30 minutes before I get to talk to someone. I explain that I have been trying to reach someone for over a month, that I have been at the hospital, that I've had to medical emergencies and literally just got out of the hospital last Friday. Only to have the rep tell me I have to give him $1000. today. Seriously? I tell him that I am calling to discuss the programs that they may have and ask that some of the penalties be revoked considering they have been unreachable and the guy proceeds to give me the "recorder option" answer of saying the same helpless answer over and over and over again no matter how I reframe the problem

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D2416's Profile Image

Reviewed by D2416

Dec 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrid customer service

Getting to speak with an actual person seemed like an act of Congress.

35 min after I finally spoke to a person, I got transferred to another support person (which took another 20 min) who needed all my personal information again to reaffirm my identity.

If that's the case, why ask for my information in the first place if it will just be confirmed (yes, the same questions) all over again?

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AJHunyady's Profile Image

Reviewed by AJHunyady

Dec 14th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

HSBC - Terrible Bank (Branch manager at El Paseo didn't help either)

HSBC closed my account without notice. Supposedly my business does not generate $300k per year and that makes it OK for them to close my account.

They didn't even bother sending me a notification. I had just written 4 checks against my account which will now bounce and I will be charged penalties. Not to mention that 2 of the checks were supposed to pay property taxes to the government.

The day before HSBC closed my account, I made 2 ATM deposits and today I got a call from the branch manager to inform me that they had a check ready for me to pick-up as my account had been closed.

I was in disbelief. How can this be possible?

My understanding is that by law, I was supposed to be notified in writing at least a couple of times.

What a garbage bank. Save your stress and bank somewhere else. The manager tells me that they are focusing on "global" customers, which makes US "local"? What a disgrace.


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hhaase's Profile Image

Reviewed by hhaase

Dec 13th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Big mistake

After fifteen years of Citibank, I got sold on the whole "expat" bank with their world view and ease of international transfers.

1) They cost me a fortune in exchange fees and horrible, horrible rates: Usually about 3% more expensive than any local broker. Found that out too late. The problem was that the salesman sold me on their rates and told that exchange rates were usually are 1 % of market rates.

2) Customer service is OK if you can get through. I hardly ever get through usually have to have them call me back which sometimes works. Shocking really.

I wasn't really in love with Citi either, but I regret having fallen for their sales pitch.

So, my recommendation for those thinking of switching, especially for their sales pitch on expat services, it's a lie.

Note: I had premier service.

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josundoro's Profile Image

Reviewed by josundoro

Dec 9th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

HSBC has double-face (if I cannot say multiple face) in creating and applying credit card rules

I got an unexpected problem. It happened in Indonesia, my home country. My Wallet was stolen. One of the lost things inside my wallet is my HSBC Credit Card.

When I realized my wallet was stolen, I was starting to call my sister to pick me from train station and called HSBC customer center to freeze my credit card account.

Apparently, the thief has used my HSBC Credit card to purchase some goods such as television, shoes, etc. amounted around USD 1000

I have repeatedly called HSBC to explain that those transaction are illegal do not have my authorization. I enclosed a statement letter from Police Department on my objection letters to HSBC but it seems HSBC does not take account about it. On its reply, HSBC said that the credit card holder must responsible even for illegal transaction that the credit card holder does not authorize.

I am, as a victim of theft and identity forgery, seeking for justice, feeling of secure in using credit card which I feel I cannot get it now. HSBC seems just thinking of profit and does not care to credit card holder. Moreover, the Marketing staff of HSBC even offered me cash facilities and some merchant discounts. Not only that, HSBC also texting me with some merchant discounts even though I have dispute on unauthorized use of my HSBC credit card.

The similar situation does not happen in United States where the Government has rules to protect its citizen from being overly charged as a victim of identity theft. Limits on Financial Losses from Identity Theft according to FTC rules is USD 50, as I quote: â??Your liability for unauthorized use of your credit card is limited to $50. If you report the loss to the credit card company before your credit card is used, you are not responsible for any unauthorized use.â??

I am hoping someone suggest me what I should do.

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Reviewed by Mayaangel

Dec 6th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Leaving after 15 years

I have been with this bank for 15 years! Longest relationship ever of any kind surely for me. Their customer service and nickle and diming has gotten so bad for an average Joe like myself that after 15 years I have decided to take my business elsewhere. Not to mention their online banking is the WORST! why does it take days to update an account? The nail in the coffin came for me when I deposited another bank issued check into my account and it took HSBC 10+ days to clear. It was not a personal check mind you, it was a check from another reputable bank. So needless to say my account got over drafted and the fees that came with it. Apparently that's the "norm" when i called to see if i could get all my over draft fees down and of course the answer was a no. This bank is definitely not for an average American with an average paycheck. Use to be a great bank with nice perks like no overdraft fee if you qualified for their select credit line so long you paid it off before the cycle ended. Well. Good bye HSBC.

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Reviewed by ruby07

Nov 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Never Trust HSBC! Bogus Bank!

I opened my account with HSBC USA back in January 2006 and in 2010, I was offered HSBC premier. End of 2012, i was assigned a relationship manager to help with me transitioning to other country for work. We had discussed about having my HSBC account opened in the new country. The transition was promised to be smooth as what HSBC is advertising for "HSBC premier is a comprehensive banking service that you can access from wherever you live or work around the world and HSBC premier enables you to open HSBC deposit accounts worldwide from the U.S. And move money online between them securely and without fees; this is a lie! On Apr. 2013, I called up my HSBC relationship manager telling him that i'm in the middle of setting up my HSBC premier account with the local branch and on Nov. 2013, I phoned HSBC USA premier regular hotline and was told that there was no account under my name?

I asked her to check it again and she said that my account was overdrawn and closed. When I told the customer service lady that it wasn't me, she just answered back " sorry, there is nothing I can do. Your account was already closed back on Jun. 2013.

So, I phoned the relationship manager through his direct office. He informed me that HSBC have a legal right to terminate their relationship with the customer and they had mailed me the check to my address back in us, which they shouldn't have done it since I had kept him updated about the timeline I'm moving to outside us. I asked him why I wasn't informed by email like usual and he replied that his new position didn't allow him to email me the notification. I'd asked to speak with his manager but he told me that he is the manager now. He will send me the form that i need to fill up to retrieve my check. So, I told him that i will report this case to the police if HSBC is giving me a hard time to get my money back. Later, he told me that he'll have the check sent to my local address next.

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Reviewed by mhaupert

Nov 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

Caught in the net of apparently lots of others. Our small nonprofit that has had accounts in US and UK branches of HSBC for 5 years had our account closed, with no explanation. They sent a postal mail notice to a mail drop address where we only go occasionally, since we do everything online. No help, no explanation other than "concentrating on international banking users." Despite having an account in UK and US, no recourse. With all their scandals recently, and not cutting off US customers, how can they claim the brand "world's local bank?" Despicable.

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Reviewed by krakatie

Nov 19th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Fine If You Don't Need Customer Service

I opened this account while living in Canada because HSBC was the first bank I found that accepted something other than a us driver's license as the primary form of ID. So kudos for a bit of worldliness. They also had relatively (for the us) high interest rates on a savings account, and i give them high marks for online account security, which is much better than any other bank I've dealt with. Fast forward five years, the interest has dropped to 0. 01%, and i am living in the us but still getting the occasional Canadian check that i have to deal with. I called to ask about exchange rate and foreign check fees, and was told by customer service that it would be deposited at mid-market rates with no fee. Therefore i opted to send the check to HSBC rather than back to my remaining Canadian bank account. Unfortunately, they had given me incorrect information and I was both gouged on the exchange rate and charged a fee for depositing a foreign check. I submitted a complaint in the customer service form online, and never heard back. They are also brutally slow about transferring money to another bank - it can take a week. Just closed that account today.

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Reviewed by korgy

Nov 10th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

very disappointed recently

i had 8 different small business accounts with HSBC for many years. it started with only a few, and they encouraged me to open more. like many people, i recently was informed they are closing my small business accounts. no explanation. i moved most of my money to Chase, who was very welcoming.

after a little googling, i learned that HSBC was hut with close to a $2 billion fine for allowing money laundering last, mostly Latin drug cartels. apparently they weren't monitoring their accounts closely enough. this explains why they are simply pulling out of the 'small business" business.

the way in which they did this stunt -- closing hundreds of thousands (millions?) of small biz accounts is unbelievable. they just sent everybody letters saying after Nov 8th, your accounts will be closed. they give an 800 number, but it is useless in terms of understanding.

frankly, i was always happy with HSBC -- i liked them because they are all over the world including Asian. nothing like going to an HSBC ATM in Istanbul to get direct access to your account.

now i get it though.

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