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Reviewed By Jeanith Nov 22, 2012

Stay Away-Horrible Bank with rude customer service

I became a customer through acquisition. Immediately BMO Harris held my deposit for twleve (yes, 12) days! The check I deposited came from another family member. I was able to product the cleared and cancelled check to BMO Harris, but they still would not release the funds. In adidition to holding that deposit, they gave me a "0" available funds balance...even though I had a little over $400.00 in account before the transition. I am checking with the Attorney General about the legality of this move. They charged me a 35.00 fee, as during the "hold" time I did have one check presented for payment and it did not clear due to the fact they were holding my deposit. I was given the name and number of someone in Chicago who personally puts "holds" on deposits. Needless to say, I was not able to reach this person.
Save yourself the headache of dealing with these people. Go to a bank that wants your business.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By jgaworldwide Mar 11, 2014

BMO Harris are criminals!

After doing business with BMO/Harris I have experienced some of the most corrupt practices in banking and have pulled all my accounts and businesses to other banks. The lending department has called a reassessment of my home equity line of credit after only using for 2 years for home improvements and are calling for the loan to be paid in full in 2 months or face foreclosure proceedings. I have always made my payments on time and have excellent credit. They are claiming they are no longer offering lines of credit anymore and will not negotiate my mortgage forcing me to make a full payment after just learning of this 1 week ago. I immediately got in touch with the Fed reserve complaints division of consumer complaints and have filed a complaint against them. How the bank knowingly gave me a guaranteed credit line only to be able to withdraw and call it due is down rite criminal behavior and should be illegal! Not only are they not willing to work with me on any solution, they have given me 2 months to pay or face action. I hope this helps other consumers from ever thinking of doing business with this scam of an institution based out of Canada! I can only imagine how many other peoples lives and credit will be destroyed from this dirty practice of forcing payment, knowing the average person can't come up with the full amount and forcing a family into foreclosure with good credit , just to be destroyed. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Latest BMO Harris Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By NoToBMO Feb 7, 2016

    The worst bank I have ever dealt with

    I have been banking with BMO for 8 years. I had a nice community bank that Harris bought, then they merged with BMO. Over the last 8 years I have had my account number stolen (never the physical card, mind you) no less than 10 times. Getting my money back has been a challenge each time and I have lost over $1000 when they were not able to "prove" I didn't spend it. Right, I booked two hotel rooms in Australia, where I have never been! I have had my account used in France multiple times, again, never been there, and now someone is donating my money to GofundMe accounts! On top of that the security is ridiculous, I am constantly getting locked out of my account and getting it unlocked is a pain in the ass. They have never had my business tax id number right and my business partner is never authorized on the account, no matter how many times I give authorization. Just overall a nightmare. Why do I stay? I DON'T KNOW! It used to be just too much hassle to get all my business and personal auto withdrawals updated. Well not anymore! I am pulling my money out TOMORROW! I can no longer justify staying at a bank where the security measures seem to only keep me from my money while criminals seem to have no problem stealing it.

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  • P
    Reviewed By pulguta1 Jan 27, 2016


    Terrible service, I have checking account the person who attended my call he's name is Tony's on Spanish service unpleasant!!!!!!!! person

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    Reviewed By phukyerface Jan 16, 2016

    Total Trash

    This bank is garbage. Total trash. No consideration for customers or customer service. No loyalty and no courtesy of even sending statements or a phone call before damaging your credit. Total worthless garbage trash of a bank. Would never have these issues with JP Morgan Chase. BMO Harris is a pathetic joke. Basically a shit mom n pop that got a few bucks to get a little bigger but they're obviously run by morons.

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    Reviewed By edwinwade Dec 30, 2015

    BMO is a rip off

    I just received a loan delinquency notice ( Dec 31th) mailed on December 23rd with clauses that this "non- payment " was being sent to a credit agency. I phoned customer service to remind them that they had cashed my check so what was this notice for. I was told that they did not cash the check until Dec 24th even though the check was dated and mailed on the 14th of Dec. I told the Bank representative that I had businesses record proofing that the mailing date was correct but the response was "we didn't cash it until the 24th." So why is this my problem? You have proof that it was mailed and your the ones who didn't cash it. The response was basically "to bad" and the late payment charge will remain is place. I'm going to pay this car loan off the BMO can go to hell. Wade.

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    Reviewed By KD31 Dec 10, 2015

    WORST bank ever

    We have been horribly dissatisfied with this bank since our first loan payment with them. We went through them for financing on our car and we really regret it.

    They have the most inconvenient payment system. I understand I'm borrowing money from you for my purchase but that trade off is that BMO earns interest on that, that's THEIR benefit to fronting the money. However, BMO doesn't see it that way - they also need to charge you to make an online or over the phone payment. To avoid an additional fee you need to send in a check that they won't cash for 2 weeks or longer with no apologies for their lack of efficiency.

    BMO lost our check, charged us a late fee and the customer service rep I spoke with offered NO apology for the banks lack of responsibility. I sent the check 7 business days before it was due (9 postal days in advance for our check to go from WI to the postal address in IL.. takes about 2 days maybe 3 for that to occur). It's always taken our check about 2 weeks after sending it for them to cash it (although the rep says they "process everything right away and don't hold on to things"). So when the check hadn't cashed immediately, I wasn't considered - this is normal for them.

    When I called to discuss the $10 late fee, the customer service rep was extremely RUDE. I think his name was Adam but by the end of the call I couldn't remember his name because in my head I'd already given him a new one not appropriate enough to share. I explained that I had sent the check well in advance. He basically said, it's not their fault and they won't do anything about the late fee because it's not their problem. It's $10, I can pay the $10.. I can pay the double payment the point is - I DID WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO, on time.

    We're choosing to re-finance the car through our current bank strictly based off the lack of customer service from BMO. I'm sure BMO doesn't care but I'd rather pay interest to a better, friendlier bank. Eff you, BMO - I'll NEVER do business with them again.

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    Reviewed By bluebike Dec 4, 2015

    Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced

    I've been trying to get 2 original letters from BMO Harris since early September in order to apply for a replacement title for my car -- 1 letter stating that the loan to my car has been paid off, 1 letter stating that my bank was bought out by BMO Harris (this should be an easy request for a bank, amiright??). 10 phone calls, 2 in-person stop-ins (I live out-of-state and had to travel to do this), 3 customer service people, 1 manager, and 3 months later, I still only have 1 of the letters in my hand (and I finally received the first letter 2 weeks ago)!!!

    Their employees seem to have absolutely no experience or knowledge about acquiring original documents through their company. Employees aren't able to access each other's files, so if I call/stop in when the woman I've been speaking to isn't there, no one can help me (what kind of system is that??). They've sent me faxed copies of these letters twice, even though I've clearly stated that my state's DMV only accepts the "original" letter. Every time I remind their staff of this, they act like we never had this conversation before -- I've had it 5 times with the same person. They've also stated that they've mailed the original letters three times -- I received 1 letter one time (while continuously asking them to check they have the correct address on file). Did the post office misplace all of these letters or are they giving me the wrong information?

    If you are considering to bank at BMO Harris, be warned!! They are not the brightest crayons in the box and have taken hours upon hours of my personal time to complete this simple request from them...

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    Reviewed By bittersweet2436 Dec 1, 2015

    Maybe it was just a bad dream

    Went to Whitefish Bay location to get 4 quarters for a dollar because I needed parking meter change and was asked if I had an account with BMO. Was denied the coins and the teller had the audacity to ask me who I bank with. Was this any of her business? I told her and she suggested I "move my money to BMO". Oh, really? I don't think so! I will gladly continue to conduct business at my own bank and will never set foot in a BMO Harris bank again!

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  • R
    Reviewed By RSPURS Nov 13, 2015


    Horrible Bank - They need to let you choose zero stars because that's what BMO Harris Bank gets. Horrible online payment capablility for auto loans. I don't know when I've had a bank charge $10 for making a payment by phone! Highway robbery!!!!! You can't do anything online unless you have an account with them. HORRIBLE. Way behind the times as well. I will never do business with them again in any way once this auto loan is paid off. Going to look to refinance.

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  • H
    Reviewed By Heyjo Nov 10, 2015

    Worst customer service ever!

    I have an auto loan through BMO & the 2 times I've had to deal with them by phone have been some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced!! The 1at time I called to get the pay off info on my loan it took me 2 weeks of calling to get it. No one ever calls back when they tell you they will. They couldn't even find my account!! The 2nd time I spoke with a "Nicole" (she wouldn't give me any other info on herself & didn't even want to give me her name - if that really is her name!!). She was one of the most rude customer service personnel I've ever spoken with!! If you are considering using BMO do yourself a favor & find a different bank!!

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mullenphn Nov 9, 2015

    BMO Harris is the best?

    I had to visit a BMO Harris bank this morning. I don't have an account there but the Auto Loan Co that I secured a loan from gave me a check and told me to go to any branch of this bank and they will cash it for no charge. Not only did they charge me $10 the teller was kind of sarcastic and rude. I know that this company that gave me the loan are big business here in Phoenix but the teller told me that maybe the loan company will reimburse you. All in All I had to give 2 IDs and my social security number just to cash the check. It took a full ten minutes to complete this transaction. I'd bury my money in my backyard rather then open an account at BMO Harris.

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