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BMO Harris Bank Latest Customer Reviews

DomPerignon's Profile Image

Reviewed by DomPerignon

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Retards top to bottom

They are totally helpless and have antiquated back office and debit cards systems. I have a business and when I want a cahier's check the cashier has not figure out yet a way to itemize the fee separate from the check proper so the accountant can catch it. Once I gave her $5.00 cash to cover the fee and I could not get a receipt for it.They don't have a system to log into your account with a debit card entering your pin number, like every bank has now, so they ask for an ID and lecture you like the State police while you are there holding your check book and your debit card. Christopher Milburn never return your phone messages nor your emails. Stay out of there.

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Andremtl's Profile Image

Reviewed by Andremtl

Apr 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

30 year 2012 at bmo, 7 mortgages all foreclosed in 2012 when bmo stopped lending , 2 of buildings had rents;

; other income wa my small legal firm very small , fell behind, bank foreclosed on 7 mortgages; 2 had rents exceeding the mortgage payment which bmo seized. Rent was paid but bmo still foreclosed; 2 million in personal equity was destroyed ; am. Basically ruined. Obsolete banking cartel completely i

immoral. Must be replaced. Bmo used to be an ok bank. Something happened; they ve become gutless and inhuman

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Gustlick's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gustlick

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Illegally boosting their ratings!

My wife and I were shopping for house mortgages and we decided to go with BMO Harris Bank; however, after we got approved for a loan and realized the poor conditions that we were given we decided to withdraw our application and go with other competitors that offered us much better loans. A few months later my wife and I received two separate letters from BMO Harris Bank stating that during a recent audit, it was discovered that our loan application was withdrawn in error and that instead the status of our old application was changed to "declined". We have voluntarily withdrawn our application from BMO Harris Bank and the decision of BMO Harris Bank to change our file from withdrawn to declined is absolutely incorrect and most likely illegal. This is exactly an example how banks can easily alter any information that will allowed them to get better rating. I wish there would be more government monitoring of such actions.

Also, once we decided to go with a different bank our loan agent at BMO quickly turned from friendly into rude and repelling person, which is a perfect example of just how fake they are.

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Steve1947's Profile Image

Reviewed by Steve1947

Apr 3rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

BMO is one el-cheapo bank

Our local BMO Bank in Wisconsin made it a point to get a Keurig Coffee maker for customers, so a customer doing a transaction could get a free cup of coffee. Well management decided that the BMO Bank would be losing money by giving free coffee to the average member so they hid the coffee maker in the back room and ONLY give coffee to suckers getting a Loan and only if that person Asks for a coffee. They make millions of dollars a day and cant afford a 10 Cent cup of coffee. The Canadian Bank of Montreal says, "We focus on building relationships with a vision to be the bank that defines great customer experience." YEA!!! And a cup of coffee apparently is beyond that limit. You don't even get a free pen.

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Nsxbill's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nsxbill

Apr 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Loan Sharks

In Arizona BMO obtained M/I bank. Previously I had an equity loan at interest only payments. BMO decided they will no longer offer this type of loan and I must change to a different type loan offered by BMO. However I was never informed of this change untill I was two months delinquent as my auto payment was discontinued. BMO then notified me of this with a $19,500.00 late fee without any detail or explanation.

Admittedly they overlooked my notification but insisted on me paying the erroneous fees anyway. I was forced to pay off this $390,000.00 loan in order to avoid the fees. I cashed in my 401K to accomplish this and am now searching for a new loan at any bank other than these loan sharks.

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