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Barclays Bank Latest Customer Reviews

CarlHicks's Profile Image

Reviewed by CarlHicks

Jan 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I currently have checking, savings, and CD's at Ally Bank, but need better interest rates, so came to Barclays Bank.

Setting up an online account will take you awhile. It will also test your patience, but once you get it down, you will be amazed at how good this bank has become. Since they currently do not offer checking accounts, I would strongly recommend opening your checking at Ally Bank on line, then establish a direct transfer of funds from Ally to Barclay (FREE) to deposit your savings as Barclays. They are #1 for interest rates at the present time in the US. Trust me, if there were better banks than Ally and Barclay, I wouldn't be with them. You can find all banking information online. I have an account with Bank of America and they are the worst of the worst, they will be closing their doors any day now and leaving the customers holding only the FDIC funds, they suck big time!

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hhbva's Profile Image

Reviewed by hhbva

Jul 24th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

All Things Are Very Relative: A Comparison Of Two Banks

I've read some of the negative customer reviews of barclay's bank, where i just opened an online savings account. My experience, thus far at least, has been exceptionally good. It took mere minutes to fill out the online application and open the account. An account number was assigned instantly online. Test deposits to my funding bank account appeared the very next day and were verified immediately; the new account was funded concurrently. No hassles, no problems, no delays. I then added a link to another external account and promptly received an e-mail indicating that trial deposits were on the way. I expect to verify them tomorrow. My beneficiary designation also went without a hitch- no problems, no hassles, no delays. My account was fully operational within just two days. Now i want to put this into the context of my recent experience with everbank, which also bills itself as an "online" bank and offers a slightly higher introductory rate than barclays. For the latter reason, i had tried to open a savings account there earlier. Everything at everbank is a complete hassle. The application process itself is opaque and labyrinthine, required multiple e-mail exchanges, and could not be completed online. Rather the account number and "welcome packet" were snail-mailed to me and it took a full week to get the account number which was required for funding. But then came the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back: i was required to call in to everbank to obtain a special security code that would enable me to verify the test deposits to my funding account. At that point i had had enough. About 10 days had elapsed from the time i filled out the application. So i just told everbank, "forget it; i'm not funding the account because i am not entrusting my money to a bank whose procedures must have been developed in the dark ages-". I mean, multiple e-mails, snail-mail and then the need for bothersome phone calls? Not for me! Good-bye, everbank; hello braclays!

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kyul's Profile Image

Reviewed by kyul

Jul 12th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Great APY, Not great web experience

Had some trouble setting up the account, had to fax over driver's license and ss card but Ally wanted the same info. After starting the acct, they deposited two payments of less than .25 into my checking acct, so I guess that's a bonus :) I forgot my security info and had to reset it several times, so be sure to write it down. I don't like how long it takes for the money to transfer, but I plan on having this account for a long time and it just makes it harder to withdraw the money on a whim, which is a good thing. The customer service is great, even if they aren't open 24/7. Hopefully they will open branches in the US, I wouldn't mind having a checking acct with Barclay's.

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theraylander's Profile Image

Reviewed by theraylander

May 16th 2013

4 out of 5 marks


change bank for there 1% just went down to 0.90

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Kartnik's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kartnik

Aug 14th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Pretty good so far.

Been with this bank for a year for their online savings. Has been pretty good so far, no hiccups or hassles. I like their Security features. Working in IT, it's important to have extremely good online security now. These hackers around the world are getting smarter and it looks like Barclays is staying on top of it, but there's always room for improvement no matter who you bank with. Overall I would give them 4.5 stars out of 5, so far. Transfers are easy thru ACH, and don't take forever, and set up process is relatively quick. No faxing in stuff, signatures, credit checks, stuff going thru the Mail(except the welcome kit etc..) Everything is online, secure, fast. Good Bank.

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knine9999's Profile Image

Reviewed by knine9999

Aug 5th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Decent Experience

At the time of this posting, the APY% on the online savings account at Barclays is 0.90% Not to bad. I signed up online in like three minutes. Funded it the next day and had no problem. If you are like me, you want a savings account that can at least earn "something" instead of peanuts. However, I don't like that if I had an emergency I would really be out of luck getting my money without a wire transfer which cost money and thus not a free account. I have nothing really bad to say about Barclay's but the hold time and EFT times take at least seven days. So after you initiate the transfer it will show up in the other account precisely 7 days later and then the 2-3 days the other banks lets you get access to you money. 10 days is crazy. I have called them about this and they said that is there standard time for them to transfer money. "Ridiculous!" So i emptied this account out. I also have a Sallie Mae MMA with the same 0.90%APR. You can also open a savings account with 0.85%APR (which you can do easily with the linked MMA as I did) The only difference was that Sallie Mae is that the MMA account with the same APR as Barclay's comes with checks. I had to dip into savings to get some emergency money out, so I did a phone deposit to myself and had the money minutes later since my other bank makes the mobile deposit money available immediately for withdrawal. "Great"

So for comparison, this savings account is similar to a PayPal account which takes about 7-11 days to get money transferred via EFT to an external account but the difference being PP has a debit card you can use to get money at an ATM. So if you can stand having you money in limbo for a week or more then the account is not bad, but if not then this is not for you. Also, the website is dated. It is simple enough to navigate, but it looks like it would be for a person in there 90's or a 2 year old. You can get a CapitalOne360 account for a little less but EFT's are done in 1-2 days.

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Traveler's Profile Image

Reviewed by Traveler

Oct 18th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

all's well that ends well

Barclays [Redacted] London....ATM ate my card...not a great way to start a vacation.......went inside bank to ask for help and my new 2 best friends, thankfully were working that day...M. Hunter and H. Shah, saved the day for me, they contacted Bank of America, explained the problem, and after some time help came...they were so polite and sensitive to this slightly dazed woman....Barclays should be very proud of these fine employees, will definitely stop in the say hello next time I am in London, and Barclays is my bank while there

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KansasCityMO's Profile Image

Reviewed by KansasCityMO

Jan 20th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Online Savings Bank. Web Page Interface Needs Improvement.

I have an online savings account with barclays. The all-online bank does not send a paper monthly statement; it is all electronic. As of january 2013, barclays pays a higher interest rate than my capital one 360 account. The barclays web page has a less user friendly web page than the other online saving account. I got lost in my online barclays account and i couldn't find the w2 tax form section.

Other online banks are easier to use, but offer lower interest rates. I have forgotten my barclays password more than three times. I have talked with customer service workers during the us weekday business hours to reset my password. Barclays doesn't have a way to reset your password online when you forget the password. The customer service workers were friendly each time that i called.

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Allie E's Profile Image

Reviewed by Allie E

Apr 23rd 2010

3 out of 5 marks

I've had issues...

Despite having an excellent credit history with my Juniper Visa with iTunes Rewards credit card, Barclay's closed my account with no notification last Fall. I purchased a laptop on eBay, expecting to use my card (had a reasonable balance but also plenty of credit). When the payment was declined repeatedly, i called the company and they informed me that I no longer had an account, just a balance.

I know that has happened with other institutions as well, but I think it's unfair to do it without notification. And I think it was unreasonable with my account history.

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gtmboss's Profile Image

Reviewed by gtmboss

May 15th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great card if you like high interest

Opened an account with Barclay about 18 months ago. Didn't pay attention to the interest rate because I was rebuilding credit and they were only the third card I had. About 6 months into using their card I got an opportunity to transfer my other two balances to a 'new' Barclay card which I did. Then I had 4 cards after having a bankruptcy 8 years ago.

Recently I looked at my interest rate and found it to be 24.9% and 22.9% with the highest being on the card I had the longest. Having been a good payer, never late, never missed payment, I thought it logical for me to ask for a rate reduction. When I called I was connected with a very nice lady who really wanted to help me but she couldn't. All she could tell me was that I had the best rate available at the time. BS.

Then I realized what was going on. If Barclay has a good payer with a high interest rate there is no reason for them to lower it when you think about the '''greed.'' So what I have done is paid off the card and will stick in my desk drawer and use it once in a while on a tank of gas or something I can pay off at the end of the month. However, as a businessman I would rather have 17% of something more than have 24% of nothing.

Greedy people must love computers doing their dirty work. That way they don't have to use any common sense or logic. Common sense and logic is the stuff that made this country great, but that is a history lesson when it was against the law for one business to own other ones that were similar or to charge more than 10% interest. Yes folks, there were times like that and that is what made the country great.

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lexyluvsny's Profile Image

Reviewed by lexyluvsny

Mar 5th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Impossible to Put Money Into Bank

I have their dream account that says you can't deposit more than $1,000 a month. Fine...however if there's even a penny more - such as you set-up the account for ACH transfers from another bank - they reject the deposit! My payroll department took this bank off of my direct deposit because their deposits kept getting rejected. I added this account to 2 of my other banks - again they made "trial deposits" so when I tried to deposit $1K into the account - REJECTION!! Even when the bank removes their trial deposits - you can't make your $1k deposit because 38 cents WAS in your account!! It's insane!! And customer service can't help - I ask if an exception can be made - we are talking PENNIES here - no there's nothing they can do!! I've never seen a bank that doesn't want your money or business because I'm done with these stupid "rejections"

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piazink's Profile Image

Reviewed by piazink

Nov 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Customer Relations

According to my bill paying log, I did pre-schedule payment of my Barclay's U Promise card on the due date. I'm not sure whether I made an error in posting it...perhaps neglecting to hit "submit"...or the website malfunctioned but, for whatever reason, the payment did not go through. I discovered the error two days later when I did my weekly check of credit card and bank transactions. By then the bank had charged me a twenty-five dollar penalty (actually posted on the exact due date!) and interest on the entire amount. Since we use the card for almost all of our expenses, the interest was substantial.

OK. They were within their rights...late is late. but it left a really bad impression. I was once late on a payment on my USAA Master Card. I received a reminder, paid the card off promptly. No penalty. I have cancelled my Barclay's card and will use my USAA card exclusively. My business is now entrusted to a bank that puts customer relations before the almighty dollar. How good it feels!

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KimLee's Profile Image

Reviewed by KimLee

Oct 26th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible. Left the bank already.

I tried to pay a bill using my money and Barclay's held onto my money for more than a week. Why is it that banks can hold onto deposits for unreasonable periods of time when they are under $10,000 and are electronic transfers? What possible reason can they have to withhold money from me for longer than 3 business days? So not only could I not pay the bill, Barclay's charged me for "insufficient funds", and held my funds frozen so I couldn't take them out and pay them through my other bank.

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anujma's Profile Image

Reviewed by anujma

Mar 8th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


I tried to create an account, it return me the start page numerous times. Cant even create an account.. dont expect to be a customer of this Bank.

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slavac's Profile Image

Reviewed by slavac

Jun 27th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Bad. Unprofessional. Avoid This Bank.

Barclays closed my savings account (hampstead branch, london, uk), transferred all funds to some "dormant account", explanation was that there was no activity for 3 years. Again, it was my savings account. I was saving money for the future. It happened in October 2012, still trying to get my money back. Bank staff does not know anything, playing stupid - all they say is i should write letters to their Barclay's dormant team in Leicester and if they be so kind i have a chance to get my money back. Why should i fight and spend my time to get my money? One black lady at hampstead branch told me that she personally did not close my account, and does not know what i want from her. It is like there is one bad guy at Barclay who steals people's money, and nobody else can do anything about it. Surreal. I have already withdrawn all my money from other accounts in this bank, will never deal with Barclays again. Please run away and avoid this bank.

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dianelee99's Profile Image

Reviewed by dianelee99

Feb 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Barclays is sexist!

I want to warn all women about how sexist they are. Although I was the primary earner and that was obvious, they only took direction from my partner. He used this advantage to screw me out of all my money and possessions while I was working abroad. Barclay's attitude was that he was in the right, that I wasn't worth listening to and if I couldn't come to the bank they would take his direction. I was working in Denmark and he managed to restrict the accounts so that I couldn't even purchase an airline ticket, in addition to the fact that I needed to work during the week and Barclays is only open during the week, they wouldn't even consider making an appointment early Monday or late Friday to accommodate my flight schedule. I had to have a friend purchase an airline ticket to get me home. Of course he was the bastard, but Barclays certainly helped him even when it was obvious that I was the one earning. I figure that the bastard owes me close to half a million pounds and that Barclays assisted him with at least a hundred grand of that.

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turningintoacockro's Profile Image

Reviewed by turningintoacockro

Jan 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Dealing with this bank is like Kafka's Metamorphasis

I hold financial Power of Attorney (POA) over my father's accounts. I called Barclays customer service to make sure there was not going to be an issue with setting up a CD account for my father. They assured me that all I needed to do was set up the account online in my father's name and then fax the POA document once the account was established. I entered the information necessary to set up the account and then pressed enter. Half an hour later, the screen still showed that the application was processing. I realized that I had forgotten to enter a beneficiary, so I closed the window and attempted to re-enter the application. The application would not let me back in and urged me to call customer service, so I did so. Customer service then told me that they would not be able to give me any information about the application unless they could speak to my father. I explained that my father could not speak to them, which is why I have POA. They said that they could not speak to me without a POA, but that I could not send them a POA document until the application had been approved, putting me in the absurd situation of being unable to do anything to move forward on setting up this account. At this point, I no longer had any interest in an account with a bank that would force me into such an absurd situation. Even the customer service agent acknowledged the absurdity of the situation. I asked that they delete the application as they were obviously not interested in my father's business.

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ahmad's Profile Image

Reviewed by ahmad

Nov 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Misleading and uneconomical with the truth

Barclays Bank in Dubai is in shambles to say the least. The whole operation was badly managed and in complete chaeos. Legal and compliance senioe management staff have persistently lied and have twisted the facts in order the clear their personal shortcomings whilst similtaneously damaging the reputation and livelihodds of their clients and their businesses.

It is astonishing to see that such a reputable bank allowing staff to conduct their business in a manner contradicting the code of ethics and compliance let alone in direct conflict and the opposite to the core values and principals of the bank.

It is further of great shame top see their leagal head working in a very unprofessional manner which is against the roots of any UK qualified lawyer who has taken oath to work in a just and professional manner.

What is alarming is that this has taken place under the direct attention of the Chairman and the CEO of Barclays Bank.

Amazing facts which give me concern on trusting this bank in the future let alone recommending this bank for any future business.

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barclaysrterrible's Profile Image

Reviewed by barclaysrterrible

Jul 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely Abysmal Company. Unhelpful and arrogant staff.

The only reason I gave Barclays 1 star was because it was impossible to give them a zero, which is just what they deserve. This is an abysmal company with untrained and unhelpful telephone staff who do not know their posteriors from their elbows. They are rude, condescending and blatantly cheeky. I made a complaint about the way I was spoken to on the telephone and I ended up with £154 pounds as a goodwill gesture for their dreadful untrained staff mistakes. I will be leaving this establishment and would rather lick wasps than give Barclays another penny of my cash. Abominable service from an abysmal company.

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jakarules's Profile Image

Reviewed by jakarules

Sep 3rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks


Predatory lender. Will not work with you in any way. 30% plus interest. With minimum payment would take 2384 years at a cost of $680,000.00 to payoff $3000.00. Get one of their credit cards at your peril. Absolutely criminal. If you are unable to pay the horrific monthly payment and default, they will sue you and pursue you relentlessly.

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noor's Profile Image

Reviewed by noor

Jul 2nd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible for international travellers

Horrible customer service and completely unreasonable and out of date security system. Expect to have your bank card consistently stop working every single time you leave the UK even when you have notified the bank in advance. Expect to spend a minimum of 15 minutes on an expensive internatioal phone call to clear your card from "fraudulent activity" by having to answer the most ridiculous security questions about exactly what you have spent over the past month - questions that you can sometimes barely answer when you are logged into your bank account online with the record right in front of you.

How complicated is it to set up the option to manage this online in 2013? I have complained about this numerous times and nothing ever happens - avoid Barclays if you plan to travel, they are completely unreliable.

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davidr222's Profile Image

Reviewed by davidr222

Sep 18th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Very Frustrating Experience

The credit card offered by barclays online featured a number of rewards. I contacted customer service with some questions and discovered that the rewards were quite misleading... Not at all as advertised. It took about an hour on the phone before the situation was finally made clear to me. All of this is an indication that this institution is not functioning optimally. I would recommend steering clear of barclays.

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rulqqkn4me2's Profile Image

Reviewed by rulqqkn4me2

Nov 4th 2011

1 out of 5 marks


Put acct protection on my card with no authorization. Get representatives who come from third world countries you can not understand and no one will refund me and everyone i talk to blames barclays & account protection services for my problems and barclays owns both co. So why don't i get reimburssed

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