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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Carl H. Jan 16, 2014

I currently have checking, savings, and CD's at Ally Bank, but need better interest rates, so came to Barclays Bank.

Setting up an online account will take you awhile. It will also test your patience, but once you get it down, you will be amazed at how good this bank has become. Since they currently do not offer checking accounts, I would strongly recommend opening your checking at Ally Bank on line, then establish a direct transfer of funds from Ally to Barclay (FREE) to deposit your savings as Barclays. They are #1 for interest rates at the present time in the US. Trust me, if there were better banks than Ally and Barclay, I wouldn't be with them. You can find all banking information online. I have an account with Bank of America and they are the worst of the worst, they will be closing their doors any day now and leaving the customers holding only the FDIC funds, they suck big time!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Jackson C. Oct 27, 2015


I accumulated over 111,000 miles on my Barclaycard arrival card account. worth at least $1110 if redeemed for travel related purchases. the Bank decided that giving 2.2% on all purchases is to custy to them, so they closed my account for no reason and are refusing to give me my rewards.

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Latest Barclays Bank Reviews

  • N
    Reviewed By nusapen May 24, 2016

    Worst bank I've ever dealt with.

    I am the very unhappy holder of a Barclay Arrival MasterCard. The benefits for signing up were attractive. The two points per dollar and the bonus for using the points for travel (even though the bonus was reduced by fifty percent shortly after I started using the card) were a plus as well. In addition, because most of my travel is abroad, the lack of international transaction fees was compelling. All good.

    But then I began using the card. My card has been blocked so many times that I have lost count. One time, when I tried to make a purchase in Pittsfield, MA, the town next to where I live, I was told that it was blocked because I was out of area and hadn’t notified Barclay! Internationally, it has been a near total disaster. No amount of notification prior to travel has been sufficient. Quite often I have been blocked from using the card for transactions that I have previously made on a regular basis.

    Most recently, I called Barclay preemptively before trying to purchase airline tickets on a travel site I have used again and again. The person I spoke with assured me that there would be no problem. The transaction was immediately blocked. I talked to a variety of supervisors trying to make the card work. Each, in turn, assured me that any problem had been corrected. To no avail. Finally I was told that a security supervisor would call me back in 24 to 48 hours if I wanted them to! I didn’t.

    There’s more: it’s infuriating to have your card blocked when you are making a legitimate purchase. It’s beyond infuriating to have the Barclay representative give inane, impossible reasons for the blocking, often in the sort of tone of voice that one might use with an especially stupid child: “Sir, the problem is that you don’t have sufficient credit to make that transaction” — credit $25,000, transaction $50.00. Another: “Sir you need to let us know when you travel outside of the country.” I then asked the person if she could not see my travel notification on her screen (or abacus, or whatever they use.) She allowed as how she could. And another: a representative told me yesterday that my card had not been blocked since April. I pointed out that I had five text messages from the fraud department saying that it had been blocked. Her answer, again, condescendingly, was that it didn’t appear that way on her screen.

    Another issue: Each time I have had to call Barclay from Asia to find out why my card is being blocked, I have to pay for the call. I have frequently had to wait up to forty-five minutes to speak to an agent. The collect call option only works for land lines. Virtually no one in Southeast Asia uses a land line.

    Additionally enraging and perplexing is that my friends who I travel with who have Chase, or Capital One, or Bank of America cards never have their cards blocked.

    So… I have applied for and been granted another card from a different company.

    Avoid Barclay at all cost. They are truly awful.

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  • M
    Reviewed By MrGoop May 22, 2016

    1 Star because they don't have a ZERO

    Terrible customer service. Inflexible and intransigent representatives. They are a foreign bank doing bad business in the United States. I'm stuck with them because they run the rewards program for the Wyndham Hotel Chain (very happy with Wyndham). Working on getting Wyndham to find a bank partner for their reward credit card that us U.S. based and actually values our business.

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  • L
    Reviewed By latnit1 Feb 26, 2016

    Bad security / Customer service.

    1. Worst customer service. They are not trained nor they treat their customer well. They have total disconnect internally. As known to most who had account / card with them.
    2. Security team asked me questions on my address and phone number. They had all my data wrong. Looks like some one inside changing the data or they do not have the right source. They say it is all in some one else name so we put your account on hold! until they get the proof. I have been using the phone and in address for more than 4 years!!
    3. I was asked to fax the proof, i have faxed it more than 10 times, they say they still did not receive it and then , "Is it, did you try faxing?, then try mailing us".
    4. I wasted my time and finally learnt my lesson.
    5. I doubt if my data is secure with this so called bank!!, and if i can have any issue fixed with them and i clearly doubt their security team and the banks capabilities.
    The way i see it is that they are trying to be a bank. I better get an account / card from a mature bank!
    --> Chances of ruining your days/weeks and loosing your identity data/money with them is high the way i see it. i closed my account and happy ever after :)

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  • D
    Reviewed By Daniellehernandez Feb 9, 2016

    Waiting forever

    If you are about to open an account in Barclays don't do it!!!! Every time I have to talk to an advisor it takes up to 2 hours.

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  • G
    Reviewed By geoffbainbridge Feb 5, 2016

    Barclay customer for 45 years then insulted by customer service

    My wife and I have been Barclays customers for over 45 years , never in debt , always in credit . In fact we never had an overdraft . I went into the Kendal Barclays Branch to try and sort a problem out with my daughters account , now I understand they cant talk about the account detail as is not my account . I tried to explain I just want to talk about the way she was being treated , my daughter suffers from bipolar and struggles under stress . I was completely insulted by the muppet who was in the bank hall , he kept going into the back office to consult his master . I was told they would not talk to me at all, whne i said I was going to close our accounts he was still not interested in even finding out what was my problem . When i said my only option was to go to the banking ombudsman he said i should go there . Absolutely unbelievable treatment . Closing my account is to easy form them , I am going to make it my mission in life to make this the most expensive free account they have .

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  • J
    Reviewed By joanntim Jan 15, 2016

    Is anyone Home?

    I'm not a puppy, I've been around for MANY years and I have never dealt with a more disorganized, non transparent bank EVER.
    They have held Almost $4400 in an account that they took over from US Airways and since December 8, we have been attempting to speak to management to get this money back and can't get anyone in upper management to expedite or even deal with a person with some degree of intellect. Am not sure the people have any education past high school. We have dealt with approximately 10 people, and have never gotten past a supervisor, who was a glorified phone person. Beyond frustrating. They tell us the account is closed, but still have not released the money. DO NOT use this bank. It's just a ridiculous, pathetic example of banking with Barclay.

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  • JC
    Reviewed By Jackson C. Oct 27, 2015


    I accumulated over 111,000 miles on my Barclaycard arrival card account. worth at least $1110 if redeemed for travel related purchases. the Bank decided that giving 2.2% on all purchases is to custy to them, so they closed my account for no reason and are refusing to give me my rewards.

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  • W
    Reviewed By walshy5050 Oct 23, 2015

    barclays bank

    Barclays bank is very poor avoid at all cost. my wife got a letter from Barclays bank saying there has been a missed payment on our loan she rang the bank and they went through every payment and was told no payments have ever been missed and they carnt understand why
    6 weeks into this and Barclays don't care and keep swoping us from department to department and keep getting told different things one lady told us out right that ( you will not seek legal advise ) very poor customer and speak to you like crap.
    Very unprofessional

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  • J
    Reviewed By julmar Oct 16, 2015

    highest fee paid in my life

    Ridiculous fee in Cash advance. Never seen that fee in other cards i have. I call and wrote to the bank to see if we can deal the fee. But no happy medium. I know other banks you explain a situation and if is the first time they deal with you. But this bank doesnt.

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  • J
    Reviewed By johno Sep 14, 2015

    Savings Account Set Up

    I have been in the process of setting up a new on-line savings account and like most on-line banks they do a test with two deposits of a few cents and then verify such. With Barclays they withdrew my initial deposit prior to any test deposits. That maybe ok but now I can't even log on to their web page because I have to verify the two test deposits which have not occurred. Calling their 800 number it tells me that it does not recognize my phone and I need to reset my pin number.......I don't have a number only pin number. When speaking with two people they say I should have read the fine print. REALLY????? Now I have to wait for the test deposits and then 5 days to close the account......What a mess this company is. Beware

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