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American Express Bank, FSB Latest Customer Reviews

itmanager's Profile Image

Reviewed by itmanager

Feb 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


1. Opened a HYSC (high yield savings account) jointly with my wife.

2. I transposed two digits of my wifes ssn.

3. They froze my account.

4. Did not contact me. I had to contact them. over 4 times.

5. I fully admitted, verified the correct SSN, said I could provide any evidence they wanted of such, had my wife present....... No good.

6. They said we had to get an original letter from SS office stating my wife is who she is, with her ssn. OR I could close out account.

7. Called Social Security office. You know what that entails......

Basically taking a day off from work, bringing birth cert. , first born, finger prints, deceased parents records......... (little exaggeration here)

8. We chose to close account.

9. Called in and asked to close account. Said it would be 2-3 business days.

10. one week....... no contact

11 Two weeks ...........no contact.

12. I called .............. Oh... you account is restricted.........

13. Please let me talk to supervisor....... Sorry nothing I can do..............

So they've had my money for over a month now and I cannot access it. PERIOD..... Mind you it is not a HUGE sum of $. 104,000. But large enough.

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JHayes's Profile Image

Reviewed by JHayes

Dec 23rd 2013

2 out of 5 marks

So frustrating and maddening I had to take up zen meditation.

The confirmation papers say one thing, but then the card is denied. My credit is excellent, I rarely use credit, and now I remember why. I chose this card carefully and opened the account for the sole purpose of making a single large purchase, and then on the morning of the purchase, the card was denied. I tried to contact customer service but the wait times are so absurdly long that I had to make a decision and just paid using other funds. I tried later to contact AmEx again and after being passed around from chat to phone to phone to phone and waiting on hold for 30 minutes the call was somehow disconnected. I regret opening the account and I'm left with frustration and ill will towards this colossal credit institution that cannot do what they say or find time to help me when I seek help. Finally, online AmEx does not offer a platform for complaints or expressing dissatisfaction, and I can't even send them an email. I guess they thing they're perfect or untouchable or something or just don't care.

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GrantMorgan's Profile Image

Reviewed by GrantMorgan

Nov 28th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

So very, very bad

First be aware of the extended times you must wait until you can withdraw funds. We had the experience that several weeks after our deposit, they would not honor a withdrawal until a lot of investigation into the validity of the deposit. After closing the account, there was interest left. They sent us a check for this amount. However they refused to honor the check because the account was closed. Never have been able to resolve this in spite of hours on the phone. We of course had bounced check charges from our bank also.

If they ask you to fax them a document when you call back they never can find it.

I asked once on this issue, "How long until you get back to me?" Answer, "10 business days." Of course that was a long time ago.

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Kreis's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kreis

May 24th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Customer Service At This Bank In The Worst I Have Run Into In Fifty Years Of Banking.

I open a money market account with bank earlier this week. After the account was opened i found their customer service is by far the worst i have run into in fifty years of doing business at least twenty bank i have had account with. As soon as i can find another bank, i will be moving my account.

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Piller's Profile Image

Reviewed by Piller

May 9th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Great Rates and Customer Service! Highly Recommended!

I have banked with American Express Bank now for several years. They have among the best (not always the best, but close) rates & very good customer service. If I would have one gripe with them it would be their website. Several things you can't do there that you should be able to but I have received messages that they are upgraded their website so hopefully they address these shortcomings & then I can't imagine a better place for your savings.

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