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TD Bank Latest Customer Reviews

TDVisacardslavery's Profile Image

Reviewed by TDVisacardslavery

Jul 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

TD Canada Trust VISA Card (Aeroplan) acquisition -

an arrogant and customer degrading experience. - Customer Blackmail

I wrote TD timely to I opt out of this modern day slave trade deal with Aimia and CIBC. TD did not react

at all to my written request; they simply went ahead.

TD did send a new credit card which I returned promptly with an accompanying letter. No action

I now learn that TD, without my consent, did indeed open a new Credit Card account in my name and they

did accept/book time-delayed VISA transactions (in fact a retroactive car rental credit) which was

processed under my (old) CBIC Visa card arrangement with a different account number. - TD

simply highjacked the process

Meantime, the money is sitting at TD Aeropan Visa likely incurring annual credit card fees for services

which I formally declined in writing nor requested. - I cannot use up these funds since I do not

have a credit card…..

Since TD VISA/Aeroplan could not or did not want to react to my previous written requests, there is probably no alternative now than trying to resort to legal action in small claims court for their unauthorized

degrading and coercive actions.

Meantime, senior management at TD Group is pre-occupied with Bilderberg visions to improve the

world. - Think twice before dealing with TD Group and their built-in conflict of interest.

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ole5567's Profile Image

Reviewed by ole5567

Jul 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

stay away form bravh 810

my experience with this branch was terrible, most in part due to the branch manger, i called with a simple request that I've had done before. Not only did boby ariannejed (branch manager ) not honor my simple request to make my day better he basically insulted me by playing games on the phone acting like he could not hear me but answered my questions prior with no problem and then HUNG UP on me when i asked for his direct reports number, i called back and it took him 10 minuets of horsing around to get me the number

I've never been insulted so bad by a company that claims to have amazing customer service,

i believe the company is a direct representation of its management and if its managers a like this i could only imagine what its employees are like

my advice is to stay away from branch 810 they completely turned me of to TD-bank I'm taking my business elsewhere why let people who don't care about you handle your money?????????

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djp_2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by djp_2014

Jul 12th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Drive-thru Tellers Need Customer Service Refresher Training

Overall, I am fairly satisfied with TDBank, as far as my banking history with them goes. However, I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service and attitude with drive-thru teller service at the Dale City/Woodbridge, VA location. The branch in Dumfries is far superior and it's a shame that their Corporate office decided to cut back the hours and close this branch on Sundays. I would much rather go out of my way to do business at the Dumfries location than deal with the Woodbridge branch in the future.

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apatel62's Profile Image

Reviewed by apatel62

Jul 2nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very sick attitude towards customers

I had complaint regarding maintenance fee, so I called. First person on call did not have no power or no solution, so she transferred the call to supervisor right away.

Supervisor was very arrogant, she asked me "How long you have been banking in this country Mr. xxxxx"

"This not xyz country Mr. xxxxx ,,,,," (I have been in this country longer then any other country).

This kind of customer service experience is first one in past 30 years of banking in America.

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KWolff's Profile Image

Reviewed by KWolff

Jul 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

TD Bank -- World's Most Inconvenient Location

I opened a Student Checking &savings account with TD Bank at this location two years ago before college because my campus only has TD ATMs. The first time I tried online banking I found out the Customer Service Representative who put in my information got my SSN wrong &had to spend 20 minutes on the phone trying to sort it out, then go back to this location to do it in person. Obnoxious, but not the biggest inconvenience ever.

A year later I looked at my statement &saw all these charges &maintenance fees, &had no idea where they were coming from. I had a student account that was not supposed to charge fees. They had gone unnoticed for a while because they were such small amounts, but now they were suddenly $10, some occurring multiple times on the same statement. I once again went to the location where I was informed that Whoops! Whoever opened these accounts for you accidentally made them convenience, not student. Convenience accounts charge a specific amount &after a certain time period that amount will increase. I was refunded 6 months worth of fees &told that my account would be fixed promptly but the fees that caught my attention were not refundable as they were caused by mobile fund transfers (only 6 are allowed in a month). I wish someone had told me this, but again, not a huge deal.

A few months later is when I started to really get annoyed. I overdrafted - something that's not supposed to happen on a student account- and was charged $75. When I called in a panic a very helpful lovely woman informed me that my birthdate had been listed wrong &the system thought I was 30, so it wouldn't give me a student account. She changed it, but said I'd have to return to the location for the type to be switched.

I went in two weeks ago, have called 3 times, was told they were doing it, and today when I saw there was still no change and sat on hold for 15 minutes decided 'screw it' and called the service number again. 5 minutes and my problem was fixed.

So it's this location.

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VitaminTHC's Profile Image

Reviewed by VitaminTHC

Jun 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


We went in on Sunday (6/15), so my fiancé could open up a TD bank checking account.

Lucky for us, we got the worlds most stupid, rude, incompetent, overflowing with testosterone, and hung-over sales rep on earth.

His fat, stubby, hairy fingers playing with his class ring the whole time (must have been nervous) while he talked down to me and my fiancé. High school ended like 20 years ago for you dude, grow up. You're not the bully anymore.

He patronized me throughout the entire process (despite being an account holder for years),

referred to me as "her friend" after I had corrected him multiple times. I asked him to do one simple thing after helping her open her checking account. I said "Change the mailing address on my account to the one in Arlington and keep the billing address" This moron must have been too focused to hear what I said. Low and behold, I go to buy something on iTunes and it says "Billing address on file is wrong".


I could feel his judgement while he went through my bank account and looked at my finances.

You know how when you go out to the bar, and the douche-bag across from you keeps making eye contact with your woman? I mean, I was surprised this [Redacted] didn't pass his cellphone number to her across the table. I mean, he already said "You can call me with any questions *wink*" at least 10 times before we left.

I'm probably switching to Ally Bank. They don't hire morons who hit on your lady while you're sitting right next to her.

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searoses's Profile Image

Reviewed by searoses

Jun 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Theft, pure and simple

We briefly opened an account at TD Bank and all was well until my husband accidentally paid a bill with a check from the account, when he should have used a check from a different account. If the check had bounced, I would have understood-our mistake. If the check had cleared and we were charged an overdraft. Fine, our mistake and that is fair. What is not fair nor ethical is what happened to us.

They randomly reordered over twelve debit card transactions from days before (that were all covered by cash in our account), adding late fees as they went, even kicking some out and allowing them to come back and charging a new late fee! We were charged nearly $400 in these fees. It's absolutely unconscionable, and one of the many ways the poor get poorer in our society. I am perfectly willing to pay what is fair for our mistake, but to take one mistake and turn it into 12 is beyond the pale, and nothing but theft. Never bank with TD Bank.

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brighteyes's Profile Image

Reviewed by brighteyes

Jun 3rd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

My experience with TD bank

I have been banking with TD Bank for over 5 years and I have never had a problem. I make sure I don't overdraft. I keep track of what you buy with my debit card. It's not easy but I don't want to pay for my carelessness.

I just wish I didn't have to keep $250.00 dollars in my checking account, but looking at the bright sight, if I need the money it's in the bank.

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Dizaster's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dizaster

Jun 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever!

Ok, so one day I had let's say $400 in my bank account. I used it all and by the end of the day my account read 0 -- all the stuff i bought was taken out, they were still pending but taken out for sure. The next day (Saturday) we over drafted $60 because we needed it. We were suppose to be charged one overdraft fee of $35. Instead on monday i looked at my account and it showed that they charged us five overdraft fees of $35 each. I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor. He told me that because the account was overdrawn by the time the other charges cleared, they all went in as overdrafted. That is ridiculous. I will definitely be closing my account.

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bgrossman's Profile Image

Reviewed by bgrossman

Jun 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not Anywhere to Close to "Americas Most Convenient Bank"

TD Bank is the worst bank I have ever used. They claim to be "Americas Most Convenient Bank", but are the farthest thing from that. I was traveling in Italy when my entire wallet was stolen. When I called TD Bank and asked them to send my new debit card to a different address, they told me I had to send them a secure message online. The problem was that I had no internet, data or any other way of sending this secure message. This resulting in me having to wait an extra week to be able to send a secure message. Additionally TD Bank is the only bank that I know of that does not allow you to bill them your international call. I had to pay over $40 in international calling fees after having my debit card stolen.

Do yourself a favor and find another bank or you will regret it just like I did.

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dreamojean's Profile Image

Reviewed by dreamojean

May 31st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst bank I've ever dealt with

This bank is completely incompetent. I opened a HELOC last year and they promptly deposited the full amount of the HELOC into my bank account and started charging me interest, fees and penalties as well as withdrawing monies from my bank account to pay those improperly charged fees - the bank officer literally didn't know the difference between a loan and a line of credit and thought my line of credit was a loan. It took me from August to November - with constant emails, calls and visits - to un-do the mess they made, get everything back in my account and stop the "low account balance" fees they charged for months after that because they had taken money out of my account (improperly) - leading to the low account balance.

That was the worst thing they did but they also wrongly didn't issue me an access card (or told me my HELOC access card was a debit card and I had to apply for an access card - it's confusing, the misinformation was fairly regular), issued me two debit cards instead of an access and a debit card, charged me a paper billing fee but didn't let me opt out of it, and now I can't enable my HELOC access card because I don't know a PIN - that they never gave me.

The 800 numbers -- customer service -- usually can't help with any problems I have.

The only reason I did / do business with them was that their HELOC rates are the best around and their HELOC loan criteria were the only ones I could work with. But near a year later and I have yet to use the HELOC because I hate to think they are going to make a dime off of me.

I've never had a worse experience with a bank - hands down. I can't believe they are still in business. Incompetence all along the line (with some nice employees, don't get me wrong, just perhaps many very poorly trained ones who pretend they know more than they do).

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rafaelmagura's Profile Image

Reviewed by rafaelmagura

May 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Downtown branch sucks!

My experience with TD Bank has been wonderful except in downtown Bridgeport.

For the branch having a District Manager and other high up people. Customer service suck and the customer service representatives are very rude.

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Arisha's Profile Image

Reviewed by Arisha

May 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Conveniently Help Themselves to Your Money!

The only reason I had to open a new account was because my credit union that I have had for years in great standings were not located in the town that I recently moved to. I had to open an account in a local bank. Bad decision!

I have had this bank account for less then a month. Within that month I have had nothing but problems. I have overdraft protection, however, they have bounced my rent check for less then $30 -- but two weeks later they hold a deposit that I made to clear all the transactions and checks and charge me over $300 in "overdraft fees" before they let my deposit go through. On top of that, they report my card lost or stolen without notifying me. They put through checks that I write faster then a debit transaction but hold deposits for days.

I live paycheck to paycheck and having this bank has caused me to fall so far behind because of their ridiculous fees. I was not able to pay my car payment because of them. Worst mistake I ever made.

Needless to say I have closed this account and took the little bit of money they were so kind to leave me with and gone elsewhere.

This bank is the worst bank ever created. I would not even recommend this bank to my worst enemy. Horrible!

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JohnCorney's Profile Image

Reviewed by JohnCorney

May 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Compared to Wells Fargo - TD Bank OnLine Software Sucks

My wife and I have accounts totaling $xx,000,00. We maintain our finances on Quicken and the downloads from TD BillPay require that each record be manually looked up on TD Online to record the transaction in Quicken.

TD interface to Quicken on downloads the BillPay History disbursement number only and not the Payee which must be entered manually into Quicken even though the Payee is attached to the number in BillPay History. Further TD data processing only maintains 90 of transaction online for Quicken updating

Wells Fargo Online downloads to Quicken both the payee and the transaction number. 3085 days of an account holders records are maintained online for download to Quicken.

In addition Wells Fargo OnLine software allows users to group transactions and provides summary balances by group. TD is deficient in this respect.

Further TD Bank does not provided Statement capability for Certificate of Deposits.

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tombuck's Profile Image

Reviewed by tombuck

May 23rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Waited too long

I had a problem about a year ago and Dee went above and beyond to help me. She took care of everything and i would recommend her for any type of banking needs that you have.

Tom Buck

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goldnwolf's Profile Image

Reviewed by goldnwolf

May 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

TDBank Cash Rewards Visa - a JOKE!

I have had nothing but great experiences with TDBank. However , the company that services their credit cards is a joke! They claim you get cash rewards. Which they list on your statement. BUT , there is no way to use or receive the rewards or the cash , unless you call customer service. Which goes like this : you have to listen to a two and a half minute auto program , then choose "talk to someone" ; which puts you into another auto program where you can then choose "talk to someone" again , and then you get to talk to someone. Or , i should say , listen to someone...try to sell you something. "...well , Mr. Banks , thanks for calling. I'm sorry you are having an issue with your credit card. But i have great news!..." ( then they launch into a monologue in an attempt to sell you something. ) Of course , this is all spoken in extremely broken English. So i will just pay off the bill and lose the $35.00 cash "rewards". What a joke.

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mzchris913's Profile Image

Reviewed by mzchris913

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Crooks! It should be against the law for banks to rob people the way it is for people to rob banks!

I had my account for 4 months until I had enough! I paid $20 a month for maintenance fees on top of a ridiculous $3 charge if I ever viewed my balance from a Non-TD bank ATM thats just to view it not even withdrawing it! Then they took $571 from me because they set my account up with advance payment which I never asked for or was told about so paid a bill with a check had money in my account when that check wasn't deposited yet so I paid other bills (while money was available for it) so when the check was deposited instead of me paying a fee for just that check they charged me a $35 fee for every purchase before the check I paid with so if I bought a $3 cup of coffee I really paid $38 dollars for it.

When I called about all the fees they told me out of $500 they took all I could get back was $70 & that it's not their fault places didnt take my payment right away like I understand the check part which I wouldn't have any problem paying for but the things I pay debit for should come out right away! Anyways I closed my account and opened a new one with Wells Fargo where the account is free and if I need any coverage in my checkings I never have to transfer bc they will cover the difference from my savings which is how a bank should be!

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nunkilay's Profile Image

Reviewed by nunkilay

May 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Charged for maintenance fees

I opened my account at Plattsburgh 4 years ago. It was student account because I am an international student. They never told me that after 4 years, they would change my account into different type of account whatever they named it. Recently I opened account with Citi. They reminded me that they would charge me after 4 years, so I have no complain about charging maintain fee. But TD bank charges me $49 when I didn't use my account for a year. My card is also already expired. They said they sent me letters about changes and charges.

Well, I moved out after I stopped using TD account. I called my landlord and asked if they received any other letters apart from the last one they gave me. They said no. So, now I have to pay $49 without knowing anything the bank was doing changes. $49 is nothing, but i feel like someone take money out of my lack of knowledge of America's bank system. I'm going to close the account and never use TD bank again. And never recommend it to anyone either.

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BreannaBanks's Profile Image

Reviewed by BreannaBanks

May 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service agents are mindless Drones

Every time I have a reason to call TD Bank, the service is so completely horrible, I get off the phone wondering if they remove the logical thinking centers of the brain of each agent. TD Bank is not my "primary" account. I keep "play" money in it and use it as a way for one of my friends who I loaned money to, to deposit.

Recently, I tried to link my credit union to TD bank so that I can put money into it. I had recently had some fees charged and was trying to avoid it going forward. My bank sent me .70 cents in 2 transactions to verify the account. Then, they reversed the charges. Unfortunately, my friend had just "bounced" a check to me, which was a fee I accepted. But TD Bank also charged me $35 on the $0.70 reversal. I called then very upset, of course. But really thinking that any rational human would see that the charges through the description and nature (it said "account verification deposit" and "reversal" on the item detail from my bank) should be reversed. Not only was the agent rude, but she also argued with me as to why this was completely my fault, and she would send me TD Banks "Rules and Regulations" in a email so I can review them further.

I am closing my account within the week. I'm not a millionaire and they probably don't care, but it's just said that an industry that operates off of investing other peoples money, can not see the value in client experience.

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cb1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by cb1234

May 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

HELOC issues

I applied for a HELOC back in February this year. It is now 11 days into May and they still are asking for ridiculous paperwork. They have pulled my credit history so often my score dropped from 830 to 780. That's a big drop! The last email fiasco is they did another pull and found my wife had opened a new credit card since she got tired of waiting for the loan to come through. I told her not to use the card until we got clarity on the HELOC. I received an email requesting proof the credit card had a zero balance - as if the credit pull didn't already show that? Come on.

It was a real hassle to set up the card on the web site so we could print a statement. There were no paper or electronic statements since we did not use the card. Then TD comes back and says our names have to be on the statement. Even though I explained there is no statement since we didn't use the card, and so I told them to compare the number from the credit pull to what I showed in my PDF of the credit card web page showing a zero balance. Waiting to hear if this is acceptable. If not, I will drop the application and switch everything including my account with TD to PNC.

I have had occasional difficulties with TD in the past, particularly during the government shutdown, but nothing as bad as this - every few weeks getting another request for details which should have been obvious from the credit pull or from my extensive documents already provided in the original application.

So I have an issue with their customer service, Their bank rates were decent compared to others, but I doubt I will get the advertised rate since it's been 3 months. My online experience has been a nightmare. I am suspicious of their fees and charges. Overall I am very disatisfied with their service.

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jacoblandry's Profile Image

Reviewed by jacoblandry

May 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Run by Kindergarten Dropouts

We are currently dealing with TD Bank (through on of their Lewiston ME locations) for a mortgage as we buy a new home. This has been the most god-awful nightmare of an experience in my life. TD Bank and it's ridiculously unqualified employees have dropped the ball at every single turn. They've "forgotten" paperwork several times, and then flat-out lied to us about it. On several occasions deadlines have been missed and we weren't told until a week or more later. To make matters worse, we had been told on the day of the deadline that everything was fine and had been filed. We only found out later that we had been lied to because it still hadn't been done. Currently we are dealing with the fact that we will now miss our closing date because paperwork that we had been told was filed a week ago was just filed this morning.

When we called the bank to ask about it the representative we dealt with was incredibly rude and defensive. We asked to speak with her manager and she claimed that her manager was busy but she would tell "somebody" to contact us. Obviously this was a ploy to get herself out of trouble since she was the one to drop the ball. We are still trying to reach her manager to no avail. At this point we are going to miss closing date, the seller is pissed because he took the entire week off of work to move out of his house in anticipation of us moving in, and all of our weekend plans concerning the house have been completely ruined. TD's response to these complaints? "Oh well, it's not our fault." It is absolutely, 100% their fault. I wouldn't refer my worst enemy here.

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veritas01's Profile Image

Reviewed by veritas01

May 4th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Was a good bank.

I opened my TD checking and savings bank because they offered free ATM withdrawals at any ATM. Then a couple of years later they dropped that benefit. Then they started charging $2.00 in addition to the non-TD ATM. Seriously? I am changing my bank to another that now offers free ATM withdrawals anywhere. I didn't use a non-TD ATM very often but it came in handy when I had to use one.

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andreaburns's Profile Image

Reviewed by andreaburns

May 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Tellers insult & laugh at customers!

Being laughed at & hung up on when I phone branch by employees on a consistent basis does not make it conducive to business!

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tnj's Profile Image

Reviewed by tnj

May 1st 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Forget getting a loan

I have been a customer for 10 years, never bounced a check and have a good credit score, never defaulted on anything. I went in for a home equity line of credit, was told the minimum I could get was $25,000, I only wanted $10,000. My house has about $160,000 worth of equity in it, figured no problem. I was rejected because my monthly bills were over 43% of my salary. Who's aren't? If I had 47% of my salary to use I wouldn't apply for a loan. I was shocked, asked if the loan is against my house, what's the problem? They don't want to have to chase money down. Then has the audacity to tell me I have a really good investment in my house.

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KeshaM's Profile Image

Reviewed by KeshaM

Apr 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank

There are too many better banks in Florida to choose TD. They market being everywhere yet they are not in GA!

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oldcityphl's Profile Image

Reviewed by oldcityphl

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

America's Most Convenient Bank - Not!

They froze my ATM card -- 14 days ago -- and never bothered to call or email me and let me know. And the branch personnel could have cared less.

Opened an account here a few months ago in Philadelphia at the 4th and Market branch - used by atm card in NY on April 14th - and they froze my atm card, but never bothered to tell me. Today, I tried my ATM card at three different machines - and it wouldn't work, so I went into the branch. They said that the card needed to have transactions verified, and asked my if I used my card on April 14th at 610 8th street - which wasn't even the correct address. He said they froze the card because the usage "wasn't within my normal patterns". I asked I was supposed to know that and why they never notified me - and he didn't have an answer.

Went home - transferred all money out of the account except for the minimum required balance - and will close the account next week.

Stay away from this bank! ING, Ally and ETrade are all much easier to deal with than these fools.

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quinterorock's Profile Image

Reviewed by quinterorock

Apr 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not recommended for auto loan!

I had my auto loan transferred from a local bank to TD bank after TD bank acquired the local bank. Following this, being able to track my loan was down right impossible! TD bank stated I could not access the loan online since it was a loan transfer. I had to pay in person each time! Now that I am one payment away from paying off my vehicle, they tell me over the phone (after 30 min holds between three transfers to three separate people) that I owe over 150% of my balance due to "late" fees, etc. I am requesting an itemized payoff report to include principal, interest, and other fee balances. By the way, I was told that this request has to be done via fax only! Can't request via phone or online! Why doesn't TD bank do their employees a favor and close on weekends (especially on Sundays) since they really don't offer any other benefits!

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donttrustthehelp's Profile Image

Reviewed by donttrustthehelp

Apr 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Employees At TD Bank are dishonest, incompetent and falsify records in an attempt to cover up their error(s).

Workers at this branch including [Redacted], Officer, Assistant Store Manager, NMLS ID# [Redacted], TD Bank, 2400 Bway, NY, NY 10024, 212-579-2010, make errors and in an egregious act of disrespectful (to the client) temerity and possibly criminal behavior, attempt to cover up their lack of competence by falsifying documents, discarding documents signed by client (handwritten ancillary/concomitant/down stream documents the bank has on file could not have been generated without the above referenced computer generated document's composition) and altering of an evidence stream by replacing a signed document with one intended to cover up Bank Error.

While attempting to get copies of the above mentioned signed documents (via walk in v. phone w/TD Bank officials) an alternate TD Bank employee attempted to seek out business for TD Bank, asking if the [high profile] company the client worked for 'has a board', implying that they [the high profile company's board] would meet with the [clearly naive at best, revealing a suspect intellect] low level TD Bank Employee [to work out a business deal with the bank]. A complaint relative to the above will be filed with TD Bank Security and / or appropriate government oversight agencies. Curiously, at the building adjacent to the bank (possibly the Merrion at 215 w. 88th street?), one morning client witnessed building staff (doorman/ super and / or maintenance person) being politely greeted by a woman and her daughter as they left the building and as soon as the woman and her daughter were apparently out of earshot, they (building staff) laughed at each other, asked if [paraphrased] 'that's the nurse in apartment [redacted]' and then began talking about what they'd do to her [sexual innuendo].

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KateSmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by KateSmith

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely the worst in terms of convenience

For weeks now I have stood in line at this bank for 20 or more minutes no matter what time of day I go. There is never more than two tellers and today we had only one at 9:30 in the morning. This branch is a disgrace and your slogan "America's Most Convenient Bank" is the bigger joke as you are standing in line viewing your monitors that promote: "I'm in and out and on my way," TD treats me like a king," "They know me by name," etc., etc. What a joke! The only true statement on your video is that you offer free lollipops and dog biscuits -- this branch doesn't even offer free pens anymore. Really is that what your clients really want? I have four separate accounts with TD and I'm going to close all of them and encourage my friends and family to do the same. Convenient, you are not!

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qcqc's Profile Image

Reviewed by qcqc

Apr 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Did not answer the phone. Don't respect clients -- stay away from this bank!

Very bad help when discussing loan needed. Don't understand client needs and type of job.

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