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Reviewed By jcrosita Nov 3, 2012


I have been a member for over 20 years including when it was commerce bank. Since it has been td bank i have had many bad experiences but this is the worst. On november 1, 2012 at 6:30 pm i walked in and i waited to see a customer representative to see about closing my account due to a maintenance fee. Stephanie greeted me and asked if she could help me. While talking i had asked her some questions about a student account to see if i could get free checking. When she asked me my age she informed me that i did not qualify, as you had to be younger. Therefore, i asked her to close my account and distribute to me the 250. 28 that i had left in my account. She did all the proper procedures rather coldly without smiling or responding very friendly to me when i tried to spark up a small conversation, however, she did her job and exited to retrieve my cash. When she returned i briefly looked inside the envelope, however, i did not count the amount correctly. When i left the building i went to wells fargo, which is right next-door and began to count my money that she gave to me and i noticed that i was $80. 00 short. I immediately returned to td bank and asked stephanie if i had dropped any money because i was missing some cash. She became very rude and told me no and that she cannot tell me what i did with my money after i leave the bank and that she is not responsible for it. She also angrily said to me that she watched me count it in front of her. I was rather nervous due to the economy today and hoping that some how she could help me so i nicely explained to her that i know and i realize that but i must have not counted it properly because i'm missing money and i only have 170. 00. She then stormed off to the teller counter and disappeared from my sight. I had to ask the teller where she went and he told me she was counting the drawer. She then came back and gave me the 80 dollars and said sorry but never apologized how rude and angry she acted. I closed my account and will never return.

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Reviewed By dissatisfied1 Dec 5, 2013

How hard is it to cash a $2,200 check?

This is the worst customer service I have ever received going to this bank. I sold my upright piano so I could buy a C. Bechstein grand piano. The guy who bought it gave me a check for a deposit for $500 and later another for $2,200. When I went to cash the check I went to their branch in Amherst, NH bto cash it so their was no wait clearing. To cash the checks they charge me $7 each ($14 total). This wasn't even the worst part.

When I went to cash the $2,200 dollar check, I had to wait just under 25 minutes (I was watching my watch, unbelievably this is no exaggeration)! There was no one else in line and only one other person being served (who was just making a small withdrawal). There was at least 3 or 4 employees (including the manager) behind the counter. When I asked to cash it they ask for my license then study it for a long time. I tell them I want it in $100's and it take them 5 minutes to figure out they don't have any left. So they just stand around for maybe 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing except stare at me and twiddle their thumbs before they get off their lazy behinds and go to the safe out back and get the money. They then spend another 5-10 minutes getting the money out. When then finally give it to me, then forget to give me back my license so I have to remind them to give it to me.

Please, people don't get checking accounts here so you don't have to make the people who receive the checks suffer to get their money. Not only will they be ripped off trying to cash their check but they will have to waste large amounts of time to get their money because the banks are run by lazy and incompetent people.

I am glad I had this experience because I was almost thinking of getting an account. What a mistake that would have been!

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Latest TD Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By Leeza65 May 27, 2016

    Alewife Cambridge branch

    Absolutely fantastic service!! Everyone is always smiling and says Hello everytime I come in. Great service... Never been to a bank where everyone always looks up, makes eye contact and says hello.
    Love it!!!

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  • C
    Reviewed By Cfj100 May 20, 2016

    Debit card nightmare

    First visit to Americas Most Convenient Bank to get a new debit card due to fraud. One person on the desk, four waiting before me. A teller did tell me "there is another customer service rep she's on lunch but will be back". So glad I was on my game and asked when would she be back? She just left in about an hour, because I am a smart ass I said it's not convenient for me to wait an hour for service. So I go home and call, report the fraud, get new card mailed 5/7 business days 32 minute phone call again super convenient. Day 5 no debit card, my fault, going out of town need a freaking debit card Have to go back to Americas Most Convenient Bank. Wait, get a card, say to myself I better test it before I leave. Guess what? It doesn't work!!!!!!!! In I go again I have to wait, another new card has to be issued because I am locked out!!!!! Card #2 works! I figure I have wasted 3 hours of my life at TDBank!!!!

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  • L
    Reviewed By lookchin1999 May 18, 2016

    Badly slow services

    I've been waiting for 1hour to meet banker service and I saw banker just walk around , talk, and look lazyyy...so badly

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    Reviewed By rachelfeng May 16, 2016

    Terrible experience

    The whole loan application process with TD Bank has been very frustrating and disappointing. The loan processor Ms. Cordelia Roberts is very unprofessional and inresponsible. She claimed that the HOA's providing documents late was the reason for the lateness of the loan closing. But:
    Why did it take her two months to find out the documents were not the correct ones ? She requested documents multiple times by the last minute. Then this has become her only explanation for the lateness.
    All people related to this deal, including myself, have found it hard to approach her. She barely explains what exactly she was requesting. She just kept quoting the terms from the documents. If you ask what the terms mean, she just cited them again. It took my attorney and I three days to educate her the contract was a complete contract!
    I tried to approach Ms. Roberts' supervisor to help proceed the process. The complaints have been blocked by her. The customer service line just transferred my complaints about Ms. Roberts to Ms. Roberts herself. Was this the reason she had the attitude to the case? So if the processor purposely holds up the process, I would be punished by paying late fee?
    Even by last Friday, May 13th, after we had confirmed the closing date May 17th, Ms. Roberts failed to deliver the last step. Closing Department Raquel sent her the notice for client to view the CD. Ms. Roberts FORGOT to forward the notice to me. I only found the information next Monday morning from the closing agent. Then we had to reschedule the closing date.

    The whole process is very unfair. I was advised, even one month after the origination, to keep the closing date April 15th. I believed her and terminated my rent lease to April 30th. It turned out the closing got one month late plus the lateness fee. Can you imagine how embarrassed my situation was?!

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    Reviewed By travels May 12, 2016

    new deposit rules

    I must say I like the hours... that being said they are now charging, say you make a check for 50.00 at 1pm and you know that you have to put money to cover the 50.00 without a over draft charge. And you deposit the 50.00 at 2pm to cover the check 1 hour or less than the check went in. You will be charged a penalty ... I mean really they will not even post the deposit until the end of the day.. what a racket.
    I mean really ...

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    Reviewed By Ryssias May 10, 2016

    the worst bank in the world

    the worst bank in the world
    a lot of hidden payments

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    Reviewed By 1262lindsey May 6, 2016

    Change in Policy

    I am a Student and therefore have a student account at TD. The bank kindly had overdraft protection that I used frequently in between transferring from my savings to my checking. However, when overdraft policy changed, I, a college student who does not live at home, was notified by US Mail at my home address.
    AKA, I was never notified about policy change because I do not live at home. I am at college. That's why I have a student account. Of course I do not live at home so why was this mailed to me at home? Why was I not notified through the email address I so kindly gave.
    Lo and Behold, the bank charged be 140 dollars for overdraft, then charged me again for having an insufficient amount. When I finally deposited money again, it charged me for over drafted fees once more, repeating the process. I go to college, I am already broke, there's no need to make it worse. I'm terminating my account. Thank you for absolutely nothing TD.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cyclinged May 2, 2016

    Getting worse all the time.

    First this site asks if I want to review a branch. I say no even though it's tempting. The problems with TD Bank are systemic and not confined to a branch. They are the absolute king of fees. They smack you with charges if an estate account goes under $100. They clear unauthorized items which bring an account negative and then charge you fees for accommodating the overdraft. How about not clearing the damn thing in the first place? Then when you complain about the fees there's nothing they can do. You can't even close an account without problems. Everything takes forever for them to do EXCEPT CHARGE FEES. They screw up statements. They show amounts due on loans which aren't due because they didn't get around to doing an extension letter. They take 6 months to get a simple mortgage done. Absolutely nothing is easy with this bank. Their branch personnel are pleasant enough and are great at apologizing but maybe if TD wasn't trying to screw customers at every turn there would be less need to apologize. Their charitable Affinity program is a joke. As I read this I wonder why the hell I deal with them. The only reason I give TD one star is because ZERO stars is not an option.

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  • E
    Reviewed By exotica2016 Apr 19, 2016


    I have had problem after problem after problem with TD on every level: personal, business, direct investing, VISA. ZERO resources are put into training and systems. Nothing is customer friendly. Every time a TD clone cannot answer a question or solve a problem, they tell you to "go into the branch with 2 pieces of ID." TD is effectively a scam. When there is no effort or interest invested in customer service, and an organization is taking your money and using it to make money, and you get NOTHING but incompetence, ignorance, and rudeness in return, then folks you are getting ripped-off! My theory is that TD is all about satisfying the trillions of dollars represented on the Board of Directors, BIG OIL, BIG PHARMA, BIG AGRI, BIG BUSINE$$!!! Follow the money and you will find that TD supports legalized white-collar crime. I can say from personal experience that if John Bragg is on the TD board, then the bank is run by crooks and, rest assured, there will be NO $$$ spent on improving the customer experience. Bragg has become a trillionaire because he eeks out every cent of profit from his customers. Every blueberry farmer knows this. It is truly sinful. How can there be even 1 trillionaire in a province with 1,000,000 population, which is on the whole, very economically depressed, and there not be white-collar crime on a large level. Wake up folks and NEVER, NEVER have anything to do with TD, not to mention Eastlink, not to mention Oxford Foods, and the list goes on.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Shoppingohio Apr 15, 2016

    No customer service

    - Debit card stops working
    - Call customer no service
    - On hold for 15 minutes before a live person answers
    - Answered several questions about me and my account, but not a recent transaction
    - Was told without recent transaction, they could not tell me the status of my card
    - Asked for supervisor
    - 10 minutes later Alex answers, same story
    - Now that I'm not driving, I looked online and provided an answer
    - Turns out my card was compromised, but they had failed to notify me or send a replacement card
    - Total phone time, 45 minutes
    - Can't wait to move my money

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