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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By ministryroh Jun 4, 2016

The best Bank on our planet with super Awesome Managers and tellers

I am 100% happy with Bank of America service. I am absolutely enthralled at their genuine and outstandingly personal customer service. . I will bring all my banking needs to the Fourth Plain Branch of BoA from now on. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about ROBIN (Operations Manager). She is helpful, friendly, nice,professional, has GREAT communication. Tracy is great Bank Manager. Tracy, you and your staff are absolutely GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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Latest Bank of America Reviews

  • L
    Reviewed By Levismom Oct 26, 2016

    Very Rude Insensitive Staff!!! Horrible Experience!!!

    I visited the Garner BoA branch today to close out my deceased Father's accounts. After working for a year and a half through the courts to obtain the required judge's order I was told that a court order signed by a circuit court judge and on file in the courthouse was not sufficient for their legal department. What do they want? Not a single I'm sorry or any suggestion on how to proceed or who to contact. I have never encountered such rude insensitive people in a bank. Does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to even wake up every day without my father and then to be treated like this by a business that works for us!!!! My Father was a customer of BoA / Merrill Lynch for more than 25 years. Such disrespect is so painful and hurts so much. I'm writing these reviews instead of being able to sleep. God, I pray that someone reads this because no grieving person should have to endure such cruel treatment by people especially by someone called a Relationship Manager. I really hope you are treated with some kindness by the businesses your parents patronized when it comes your time to lay their affairs to rest.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cheric Oct 17, 2016

    I will never do business with Bank of America again.

    A military auto deposit is supposed to go into the account and for some reason they are not getting it.They have closed all locations close to me (within 6 hours) and gave additional overdraft fees because they did not get a check to cover original fees within a week. Didn't even know the account was overdrawn. Not convenient at all.
    I mailed a letter to remove my name from the account. They mailed me a letter and when I called them, they informed me I have additional forms to fill out. Why didn't they include them in the 1st letter they sent me? I was not the original account holder. I was added to it when the other account holder went to Iraq. I have to find the other person and have them sign a new signature card. Why should that be my responsibility?

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  • M
    Reviewed By MsScott35 Oct 11, 2016


    I've been with Bank of America for many years now and everything has just started going sour! I set up my bill pay alomost a year ago and haven't had any problems so 3 weeks ago they took out 2 payments of $387 when ONLY ONE was suppose to come out. It's been pure hell trying to get my money refunded they sent me around in circles for a week telling me they couldn't refund my money (which is a lie) I've called them EVERYDAY for 3 weeks and NO ONE has yet to return my call. When I called each department transferred me back and forth like they didn't know how to resolve my problem and when u ask for a supervisor it takes an hour just to hear from one and once they get on the line their not much help either so my account is still $387 negative... I will sue the hell out of Bank of America if they come to me talking about I have to pay anything back.. by far the WORST bank in America

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  • E
    Reviewed By Earthfreespirit Oct 7, 2016

    Worst Banking Experience of my Life!!

    I was a member with B of A for only 2 weeks. Within the first week 2 of my Bill Pay transactions never made it to my cell phone company. I contacted the phone company and they said the payment was not in their system, and they were never credited to my and my daughter's phone accts. I then contacted B of A to dispute the transactions and get the $105 refunded to my account. I called them 2 or 3 times a day for 5 days straight, because Customer Service was horrible and bounced me around between departments, with everyone passing the buck and no one wanting to take responsibility or take action. I was finally told an Investigation would be initiated and when the Bank's research was complete I would be informed of a decision. One customer service rep. even went so far as to tell me I probably would never see that money again. 4 days after the Investigation began I attempted to make an ATM deposit and the ATM told me my debit card was invalid. I promptly tried to sign in to mobile banking and an error message told me my account was locked. I called the number given in the message and was told I needed to speak to someone in Risk Closure. This department told me that Bank of America decided not to do business with me and they didn't need to give me a reason why. I already know why, though. Apparently, it's their practice to rip people off. At least the Customer Service rep was right about one thing...I never will see that $105 again. Thanks, B of A for the worst banking experience of my life.

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    Reviewed By tar4heel2 Oct 1, 2016

    BofA the best example of bad banking

    Where do I start with how bad BofA is? Basically, if I had to use BofA I would not have a bank account.

    A while back, I financed a car with BofA and was late on a payment, not even 30 days late. When I went to make the payment at a branch the teller said I'd better go quickly and put the receipt on my dashboard because they've already SENT OUT THE TOW TRUCK TO PICK UP YOUR CAR! Sure enough, when I went back to my parking place at my work, it was gone!! And I had to pay the towing fees!

    If someone writes you a check on a BofA account, and you take it to a branch to cash, they CHARGE YOU $5 to cash the check!!!! When I protested, they look at you with basically the attitude "F*** you". NEXT!!

    One of my clients canceled his CC processing account with a volume of $2million a year and they didn't even call to try to stop the cancellation or to even find out why he was moving. In short, THEY DO NOT CARE!

    BofA makes WF look like St. Theresa.

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  • W
    Reviewed By well Sep 26, 2016

    Customer Service unreal today 9/26/16

    I have never been treated so poorly in my life anywhere. I cut my employee a work check and he was unable to cash it. The reason they say is the signature did not look right. Monday go into the bank with employee in tow, we are both at the teller. I let her know of the issue and she (love the teller) explained why they did not cash it. I let her know I understood but now that I am here in person approving that I really signed and this check was good to cash. She said ok and that I was free to leave. I stop to get a soda, headed back to work to find my employee there. Got into the office and found out they would not cash his check. He told me that the teller called the ast. manager for on override. The ast. manager would not allow it because she didn't like the way it was signed. I called the bank and asked for a manager, the teller was put on the phone. She let me know the ast. manager would not cash the check unless cut a new one and yes she was told I was just in the bank. I attempted to disagree, but I needed to pay my employee. I cut the new check and sent him back to the bank. He calls me in about 8 minutes and told me again the would not cash it. The ast. manager again did not like the signature. I drive to the bank and talk to her and asked what was the problem. I bank here all the time the tellers know me by name. She again said I would have to change the way I sign or she would not approve them. If I was that unhappy and had my card she could ast. me in closing my account. I said no we are going to cash his check. She said not unless I correct my signature. She went in the back and got a copy two of my past checks. She brought them up took my employees check walked over to me and said look these do not look alike. I pulled out my dr lic. and showed her that one not looking alike either and said they all look similar but none are alike I do not sign that way. I have a been signing my check for the business the same since I have owned it. Based on that logic you should have ever cashed any check. She then went inside the building (I has stepped out to make a call while she was in the back) saying she would ask the manager. The check was cashed at this point. I left and was floored at this whole interaction. What was the ast. manager deal. She was like a bully trying to show me how wrong she thought I was. If I am standing there the only signer on the account approve a check I wrote and then be treated like that. perhaps she has a personal issue with me I am not sure what is up with them. I have to see what checks are still out then close these accounts. I have a small business that is doing well and should not have been treated this way at all by any employee at this bank. Tucson, Az Campbell and Irvington. bank of america

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  • D
    Reviewed By danjstern Sep 22, 2016

    Does what I need with great online and mobile banking

    I rarely go into the bank, but the tellers are always friendly no matter what city I am in. Everything else is easy and never cause me to think about my bank.

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  • K
    Reviewed By KrisLang Sep 10, 2016

    Horrible online services

    I do all my banking on line. Bank of America online services do not show real time transactions and the website is very cluttered and hard to move around on. I had my account three weeks before I changed banks. It was that bad. The customer service was great but when I talked to a 'Banker' and he told me he keeps his accounts at Chase Bank - not BoA - because the online services are so bad, i knew that was it. I went and opened another account right away.

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  • N
    Reviewed By nottyprof Sep 9, 2016

    Worst Phone Service

    I called three times and after more thank 20 minute wait between 7 am and 830 am. On the first call, which lasted for 23 min instead of the 9 to 13 min estimated call time, the call was answered and I heard lots of talk with people laughing and chatting in the background, after about 5 second the call was hanged up without getting the chance to speak to a representative. It repeated on the second call, but this time someone just picked up and waited for 10 second brief silence, then i heard another laugh and conversation in the background before the phone hanged up. Then the last call which lasted for 30 min, the call was just picked up and hanged up, like it was intentionally done. This is very frustrating as i called because my card was stolen and have couple of transactions that was being done within the 2 hours that i waited.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jen12182004 Sep 8, 2016

    worst customer service

    Bank of America, This is the worst bank ever. I was trying to despute a fee and they put me on hold for hours and never resolve anything. when you call customer service they are rude. i dont recommend this bank at all. they used to be a good bank, now i am clossing this account and never go back..... horrible customer service. horrible policy... they will keep your direct deposit check for days... all your bill pay will bounce, then they will charge you non suficient funds for all the bills that should be paid on time... but they held your check so you pay NSF on all the bills thats trying to clear .... because they hold your money .... this is what you call legal stealing .... very bad they make money from people that works hard for the money.... this are how this bank make money .... charging hard working people for SNF because they hold your pay check..... and its legal people .... can you guys believe this?

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