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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By ministryroh Jun 4, 2016

The best Bank on our planet with super Awesome Managers and tellers

I am 100% happy with Bank of America service. I am absolutely enthralled at their genuine and outstandingly personal customer service. . I will bring all my banking needs to the Fourth Plain Branch of BoA from now on. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about ROBIN (Operations Manager). She is helpful, friendly, nice,professional, has GREAT communication. Tracy is great Bank Manager. Tracy, you and your staff are absolutely GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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Latest Bank of America Reviews

    Reviewed By rgondajr Feb 16, 2017

    The greatest form of Customer Service

    I had to go into Bank of America in Woodbury Town Center of Irvine to print 7 years of bank statements. I didn't have the best first impression from the original teller who helped me. He had a lazy demeanor, and denied my request, even after I called the day before to verify this service could be done. I asked for his manager, and my experience turned 180 degrees.

    The manager's name was Jeff Naita, and he was INCREDIBLY helpful. He took an hour to help me print my documents and called different people to retrieve my bank statements as well. He even ensured that they were in a presentable form by paper clipping them and putting them in envelopes. My experience with Bank of America has changed in a very positive way after my experience with him.

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    Reviewed By Gwenwiegel300 Feb 10, 2017

    Beware of promotion deals

    Went bank shopping. In meeting cust serv rep and manager verbally told us they would give us a certain amt of bonus to open acts there. Once accounts were opened, only gave us partial amt of what they told us they would give. I call this bait and switch. When trying to email cust serv rep,never responded to my emails.tried manager who stated he could not give us deal after stating he could before accounts were opened. Terrible customer service and management at this branch. Just say whatever it takes to lure you in. Moved and went to another branch before shopping for another bank and they honored what this branch had promised and not fulfilled. Will probably stay with boa only because of good customer service at another branch in a different state.

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    Reviewed By BillTran666 Feb 10, 2017

    Bank of America does NOT care about loyalty

    I called and needed to setup a new account to process credit cards for my corporation - I had over $40,000 in 13 accounts and had been a bank of America customer since 2001. They replied that the corporation was not in good standing - the SCC in Virginia had not deposited the SCC annual check but I had deposited almost daily to my accounts - always paid the corporate cards in full monthly and had balances in all accounts and never had over drawn them - but they said until VA cashes the check updates my record they could do nothing. They are a cheap little bank and should be avoided if you want any service.

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    Reviewed By mike Feb 7, 2017

    Bank Of America Mortgage Department

    Went to refinance existing loan with local BOA. They drug there feet and and hit me with late payment after telling me to take off market to refinance a ballon note.Could have refinanced anywhere till they ran my credit score down .My original banker left them years ago I should have followed him . I had to once BOA would not redo my loan in 2009 under harp ,didn't want to take interest rate cut ,said i didn't qualify 5 other banks said otherwise and redone my first mortgage. Wish harp would have done second loans too I wouldn't have been scammed after 15 years and 8 loans .What a way to treat a preferred client

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    Reviewed By LL93 Feb 6, 2017

    Cares more about regulations than their customers.

    I lost my license and had to get a new one from the dmv. This requires personal paperwork like passports, birth certificates and such. All of this paperwork is safely tucked away in my safe deposit box at BOA. Upon requesting access to MY box, I was informed a "federal issued picture id" was required to gain entry to MY box. I politely explained to the branch manager that I had lost my license and needed my passport to get a new one but the passport was in MY box. She said there was nothing she could do because of regulations.. She wouldn't allow me into MY box without the picture id. I had my BOA atm card. I had the key to MY box. I had a work id card. Again, she said there was nothing she could do because of regulations. Seriously? That's how you treat your customers? I am pulling my business out of there.

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    Reviewed By Frank101010 Feb 3, 2017

    Bank Of America LMAO

    Today is February 3, 2017. I received my funds today!! Glad I was home to sign for it! I reserved reporting this bull shit experience until I received my money.

    In November 2016, I received a check from an insurance claim. (Lost our rig in a fire) and had the funds from this sale deposited into my checking account. The bank said due to the large amount ($196K PLUS CHANGE) and the fact that my account was fairly new, they would need to put a hold on it for 10 days. 9 days into this, they put another hold on it for 5 days. They did release $5,000.00. Two days before it was due to be released, the bank RISK poeple, closed my account. The fact that I called 4 times a day caused them to worry. THE CHECK HAD ALREADY CLEARED MY INSURANCE COMPANIES ACCOUNT) They said they would release my money by sending me a bank check in the near future. After being told 4 times that I would receive it, I started to loose my mind. We went to Utah for some skiing, came home yesterday, and today the door bell rings and I got it. Will I give a them a thank you? NO. Its my money and I did nothing other than ask for what was already mine. Getting ahold of the right people was truly a challenge. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

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    Reviewed By chriscuaso Jan 23, 2017

    Mobile check deposit

    Fuck Bank of America. I wrote a check to myself from my chase account and deposited via mobile app. Everything went through and fine. 45 days later the same amount was taken out and bank of america claims that the check has been negotiated twice. How the hell can it be negotiated twice when Chase claims that it was only negotiated that time when I deposited it myself?? Now they won't issue a credit while they investigate and I am out more than $5K.

    I am a preferred client and have been with BOA for almost 20 years. I am closing all account and taking my business anywhere else but this shit hole.

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    Reviewed By commonsense2me Jan 23, 2017


    I hate this bank, they keep charging me monthly for not having enough money in my savings account. I tried to cancel my savings account and they will not let me. I am disabled and the 10 dollars they steal from me every month is less dog food I can buy to eat.

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    Reviewed By rfrasertampa Jan 20, 2017

    Very poor customer service

    I am completely disgusted with Bank Of America's customer service. Every year they seem to provide less and less. Unfortunately, my home mortgage is through them and moving it will be expensive. Used to be good years ago. My local branch is extremely incompetent. Look forward to moving my business this year.

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    Reviewed By NeveragainBOA249 Dec 30, 2016

    Debit Card Meltdown

    Long time customer. Advised BOA last week traveling out of state from east coast and outside of USA, and they allegedly posted notice on my checking/savings accounts. All set, they advised.

    Sure enough attempted ATM withdrawal in Santa Monica, CA resulted in fraud alert. No problem with that. Called BOA customer service and they stated I was all set. Next day attempted ATM cash withdrawal, still locked out.

    Drove to branch in Ventura area and bank rep said Card is working well. ATM transaction failed. Another reset and attempt worked at BOA branch.

    Two days later went to bank ATM in Australia. Guess what. Card declined. Very frustrating to say the least. Is it a system issue or a problem with my card? Good guess. Plenty of funds in both accounts. BOA failed and upon return from vacation will check out banking with USAA and/or Navy Fed.

    They won't miss my small account, but I will continue to advise all family, friends and colleagues, the many shortcomings of BOA.

    Best of luck with your BOA adventures.

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