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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By ministryroh Jun 4, 2016

The best Bank on our planet with super Awesome Managers and tellers

I am 100% happy with Bank of America service. I am absolutely enthralled at their genuine and outstandingly personal customer service. . I will bring all my banking needs to the Fourth Plain Branch of BoA from now on. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about ROBIN (Operations Manager). She is helpful, friendly, nice,professional, has GREAT communication. Tracy is great Bank Manager. Tracy, you and your staff are absolutely GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Lisa b. Dec 28, 2012

Very bad

Tried to cash a check made out to me from Bank of America--the bank itself. They wanted to charge me a $5 fee to cash a $130 check even though i have three mortgages at B of A (never paid late). I was in a B of A branch with a B of A check. This mega corporation will nickel and dime regular people any way it can.

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Latest Bank of America Reviews

  • W
    Reviewed By well Sep 26, 2016

    Customer Service unreal today 9/26/16

    I have never been treated so poorly in my life anywhere. I cut my employee a work check and he was unable to cash it. The reason they say is the signature did not look right. Monday go into the bank with employee in tow, we are both at the teller. I let her know of the issue and she (love the teller) explained why they did not cash it. I let her know I understood but now that I am here in person approving that I really signed and this check was good to cash. She said ok and that I was free to leave. I stop to get a soda, headed back to work to find my employee there. Got into the office and found out they would not cash his check. He told me that the teller called the ast. manager for on override. The ast. manager would not allow it because she didn't like the way it was signed. I called the bank and asked for a manager, the teller was put on the phone. She let me know the ast. manager would not cash the check unless cut a new one and yes she was told I was just in the bank. I attempted to disagree, but I needed to pay my employee. I cut the new check and sent him back to the bank. He calls me in about 8 minutes and told me again the would not cash it. The ast. manager again did not like the signature. I drive to the bank and talk to her and asked what was the problem. I bank here all the time the tellers know me by name. She again said I would have to change the way I sign or she would not approve them. If I was that unhappy and had my card she could ast. me in closing my account. I said no we are going to cash his check. She said not unless I correct my signature. She went in the back and got a copy two of my past checks. She brought them up took my employees check walked over to me and said look these do not look alike. I pulled out my dr lic. and showed her that one not looking alike either and said they all look similar but none are alike I do not sign that way. I have a been signing my check for the business the same since I have owned it. Based on that logic you should have ever cashed any check. She then went inside the building (I has stepped out to make a call while she was in the back) saying she would ask the manager. The check was cashed at this point. I left and was floored at this whole interaction. What was the ast. manager deal. She was like a bully trying to show me how wrong she thought I was. If I am standing there the only signer on the account approve a check I wrote and then be treated like that. perhaps she has a personal issue with me I am not sure what is up with them. I have to see what checks are still out then close these accounts. I have a small business that is doing well and should not have been treated this way at all by any employee at this bank. Tucson, Az Campbell and Irvington. bank of america

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    Reviewed By danjstern Sep 22, 2016

    Does what I need with great online and mobile banking

    I rarely go into the bank, but the tellers are always friendly no matter what city I am in. Everything else is easy and never cause me to think about my bank.

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  • K
    Reviewed By KrisLang Sep 10, 2016

    Horrible online services

    I do all my banking on line. Bank of America online services do not show real time transactions and the website is very cluttered and hard to move around on. I had my account three weeks before I changed banks. It was that bad. The customer service was great but when I talked to a 'Banker' and he told me he keeps his accounts at Chase Bank - not BoA - because the online services are so bad, i knew that was it. I went and opened another account right away.

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    Reviewed By nottyprof Sep 9, 2016

    Worst Phone Service

    I called three times and after more thank 20 minute wait between 7 am and 830 am. On the first call, which lasted for 23 min instead of the 9 to 13 min estimated call time, the call was answered and I heard lots of talk with people laughing and chatting in the background, after about 5 second the call was hanged up without getting the chance to speak to a representative. It repeated on the second call, but this time someone just picked up and waited for 10 second brief silence, then i heard another laugh and conversation in the background before the phone hanged up. Then the last call which lasted for 30 min, the call was just picked up and hanged up, like it was intentionally done. This is very frustrating as i called because my card was stolen and have couple of transactions that was being done within the 2 hours that i waited.

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    Reviewed By jen12182004 Sep 8, 2016

    worst customer service

    Bank of America, This is the worst bank ever. I was trying to despute a fee and they put me on hold for hours and never resolve anything. when you call customer service they are rude. i dont recommend this bank at all. they used to be a good bank, now i am clossing this account and never go back..... horrible customer service. horrible policy... they will keep your direct deposit check for days... all your bill pay will bounce, then they will charge you non suficient funds for all the bills that should be paid on time... but they held your check so you pay NSF on all the bills thats trying to clear .... because they hold your money .... this is what you call legal stealing .... very bad they make money from people that works hard for the money.... this are how this bank make money .... charging hard working people for SNF because they hold your pay check..... and its legal people .... can you guys believe this?

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    Reviewed By RocheG Sep 2, 2016

    BOA- Del Prado branch- stay away from this terribly run branch

    thank god i am not a customer at this bank; they have the worst manager- "cindy", who is ignorant and doesn't deserve to be in the position of a manager. she couldn't answer my question and basically refused to ask her superior or anybody more knowledgeable to get me the correct information!! sick!!
    unfortunately i had to go there with a cash card from their bank- otherwise i would never go to this god-forsaken bank and dana point del prado branch in particular.
    i hope cindy is admonished and demoted for her incompetency; judging by all the 1 star reviews, i can see i am not alone- she has no idea how to manage a bank, but seems to think she owns the bank!!!
    she is ignorant enough to not know, she has a job due to bank customers- she is pathetic and doesn't deserve that position, period!!!

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    Reviewed By retract15 Sep 1, 2016


    I applied for a BOA cc and was approved. On 8/4/2016, I was sent an email telling me I should receive my card in 7-10 days. I was then sent another email on 8/9/2016 informing me that the card has been shipped, and I would be receiving it in 3-5 business days. I did not. So, on 8/16/2016, I called to let them know I had not received the card. I was told that another card would be sent express mail, and to expect it in 2-3 business days. I was sent an email notifying me that the card was being shipped via UPS, and provided a tracking number. I went to the UPS website, and to my surprise, was stunned to find out that the package was marked undeliverable. Why? Some idiot at BOA actually used my 16 digit card number as part of my address.

    So, once again I called on 8/26/2016, demanded a new card number, and was informed the card would be sent express, and I would receive it in no later than 2 business days. Guess what? No card. On 8/31/2016 I call to inform them I had not received the card, and was again told it would be shipped express. It did not arrive today, so I called and was told there was no record of me even calling yesterday, or a card being shipped. Once again, I am told the card will arrive on Saturday.

    I have NEVER heard of such incompetence. I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that some fool mailed my card with my full credit card number as the numerical address. And, to make matters worse, I had to demand a new card after that debacle. The agent was trying to convince me the card was safe, because the 3 digit code was not exposed. Another thing, they were supposed to have closed the original account number when they sent me the new card. The young lady claims that her records showed that the account was closed. Yet, I used the last 4 digits of the supposedly closed account to reach customer service. I was even given my balance, and credit limit.

    I seriously would like to know how many other people have had a similar experience. I've just never heard of such. I am in fear that this company has placed me at a high risk for credit theft.

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  • V
    Reviewed By Vediacjim Aug 27, 2016

    Worst Bank in the World

    Where is the Negative STAR. Bank of America doesn't deserve a STAR. They are Spending more money paying Security Guard then hiring extra Telling. Worst customer service. Even in a third World country you have an efficient customers service and Less Wait time than Bank of America

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jgh Aug 23, 2016

    Forced to give them one star.

    I have been banking at Bank of America since they were Nations bank. Over 26 years with this bank both business and personal accounts. All together including credit cards I had nine account with this bank and with the exception of them cancelling my card every few month for security reasons with out notifying me, everything was OK. I did 100% of my baking online and never really visited their branches. However my wife uses the credit union at her work. This is where the problem starts. My wife and I recently went to one of Bank of America branches during hour lunch break to have a document notarized. We figured 10 minute commute each way, 15-20 minutes at the bank that would leave is 20-25 for lunch. We arrived at the branch and there was no sign in sheet. We sat in the waiting area and were the only ones there. A teller spoke to us through the glass and we told him we needed a notary. He said someone would be with you shortly. We waited about 10 minutes or so and the branch manager came out to get us. We proceeded to his office where the branch manager reviewed the document and proceeded to ask my wife for her drivers license and debit card. When she said she didn't bank there he immediately said the service was for account holders only. We told him that I was a client and had multiple business and personal accounts. He repeated him self again "it's for account holders only". I asked him to first review my accounts and then make a decision and he said it didn't really matter because the service was for account holders only and that it was my wife's name on the document to be notarized. I explained that I had multiple accounts with substantial amount of money and pay the bank sufficient fees to justify 2 minutes of his time, specially since we had waited over 10 minutes to be attended. Once again he said there was nothing he could do to accommodate us and that it was bank policy. "Account holders only" so I asked him to close all my accounts immediately. He gave me the speech about how he could not close the accounts until he could verify all pending transactions. I repeated my self and told him to close all my accounts immediately. It took him almost an hour to close all my accounts and issue cashiers checks.
    Since he would not take 2 minutes of his time to stamp a piece of paper he had to spend an hour closing accounts and lost a great customer.

    If there were negative stars, they would get all of them.

    What a shame!

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  • S
    Reviewed By shahidnawaz Aug 22, 2016

    Terrible Staff of the branch

    I recently moved out from MA to Tx but was there in MA to transfer my lease, went to the branch to deposit check just to avoid any ATM problem as I was flying the same day, but in branch there was a lady called Laura, horrible for customers, either she is not trained for dealing customers or bank don't want anyone to come to branch, she refused to allow me deposit check in the branch giving suggestion to go and do it in ATM and she was not ready to listen anything, very very poor service. I am from 3rd world country but believe me their customer service is far better.

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