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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Carl H. Jan 16, 2014

I currently have checking, savings, and CD's at Ally Bank, but need better interest rates, so came to Barclays Bank.

Setting up an online account will take you awhile. It will also test your patience, but once you get it down, you will be amazed at how good this bank has become. Since they currently do not offer checking accounts, I would strongly recommend opening your checking at Ally Bank on line, then establish a direct transfer of funds from Ally to Barclay (FREE) to deposit your savings as Barclays. They are #1 for interest rates at the present time in the US. Trust me, if there were better banks than Ally and Barclay, I wouldn't be with them. You can find all banking information online. I have an account with Bank of America and they are the worst of the worst, they will be closing their doors any day now and leaving the customers holding only the FDIC funds, they suck big time!

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Reviewed By Jackson C. Oct 27, 2015


I accumulated over 111,000 miles on my Barclaycard arrival card account. worth at least $1110 if redeemed for travel related purchases. the Bank decided that giving 2.2% on all purchases is to custy to them, so they closed my account for no reason and are refusing to give me my rewards.

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Latest Barclays Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Yuki100194 May 12, 2017

    Badly service and no responablity

    I got very bad experience about this bank. And I not recommend people to use the bank at all. I were ask in branch bank services to help to order years statement about to proof change my new passport and notice very important and urgent. Twice times ask them their answers to me wait between 7 days ! First time I been wait for a month and second time I wait for 3 weeks almost 2 months. This is very bad service and no responsibility at all!

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    Reviewed By hlub4582 Mar 18, 2017

    Very MAD! BEWARE


    Have had the card for years. Now, I've decided to sent in payoff checks to pay off both of my cards off (checks totaled over $10k). Checks were sent in Jan 2017. Latter part of Jan, payments still have not been applied to either of my accounts. Called my bank, they verified that my checks have been cashed on Jan 30, 2017. Have called numerous times, been told different things each time. Barclay is still charging me interest on the balance and now charged me late fees.

    Have spoken to a so called manager, he too gave me different info. Called again, requested to have info sent to me in regards to timing and what their procedure is when there is a problem like this. To this day, I still have not gotten any response. Very upset. Beware if you are sending in payoffs. Apparently, they want to keep your money and not get back to you. It's been MORE THAN 30 DAYS and they still HAVE NOT gotten back to me at all!!!!!

    Have they done this to you too? Please comment. Funny, they wont let me post unless a select at least one star.......

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    Reviewed By elisav Feb 11, 2017

    Do you want to laugh at reading this? People at BARCLAYS are CRAZY. Don't waste your time and don't give them your money.

    I am a European Country citizen and I have recently moved to UK from a Western Country belonging to European Union, since I got a permanent and well paid job in a well known British Company. I tried to open a bank account at Barclays in UK.
    I drop at the Branch in town, they tell me to fix an appointment and to bring my NIN and my passport.
    Once at the appointment, they tell me they cannot accept my NIN because it has my previous address on it and to get an updated one. I get it, fix an appointment again.
    Once there, they tell me that they cannot accept this document because THE RULES HAVE CHANGED.
    They ask me to produce an account statement from a foreign Bank account, with my present address on it.
    I update this information on my foreign account through the online banking, I print it and I deliver it to Barclays.
    They tell me they cannot accept it because it is produced via internet and THEY WANT TO SEE THE STAMPS to prove it is original.
    Therefore, since the Company I work for is present on their database of acceptable and trusted Companies, they ask me to produce a reference letter written by any Company's Official, stating that I am on a permanent contract and my present address. I get a reference letter written by the Human Resources Manager, complying with all the requirements listed on the note they gave me, and I bring it to Barclays.
    They tell me they cannot accept it because THE PAPER IS TOO THIN and that the words "permanent contract" and my address shall be PLACED ON A DIFFERENT POINT OF THE SHEET.
    Astounded, I go to another Branch to see whether they are all crazy or what.
    The other Branch tells me that the position of the words is fine, but I cannot open a bank account because the NAME of the Company SUGGESTS I work too far away and this is not consistent with my current address.
    They want me to ask the Company to write another letter stating that I WORK CLOSE TO THE PLACE WHERE I LIVE.
    Furthermore, they told me to try to open a bank account with ANY OTHER BANK.
    I didn't ask for a loan or a mortgage, just to open a normal bank account.
    I am glad I got to know that they are completely crazy in advance enough, before having me as a Customer and putting my salary in their hands. Has the Brexit anything to do with Barclays' attitude towards new European Customers?

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    Reviewed By JackBear79 Dec 27, 2016

    So far not too happy

    To set up an external account is easy, wait 3-5 days for some small deposits and verify them. Simple enough. Now I can't transfer funds to my external after verification. So it's the holidays. I get that. They tell me to call back Monday. I called back Monday and they tell me to call back Tuesday. Come on people get it together. Not only did I have to wait 4 days for verification, now I have to wait All weekend? I have bills to pay here. Thinking about maybe leaving if they don't shape up!

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    Reviewed By CindyBarks Dec 18, 2016

    Barclaycardus or Barclay credit card

    One statement RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

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    Reviewed By Littleguy Sep 21, 2016

    Bad Experience with Barclay's

    I have an Aviator Master Card that uses Barclay's Bank. Generally, credit card companies have been very good to me because I pay off my balance and have a great credit rating. Not so with this card. My statement balance is due on the 16th of the month. Barclay's has a cut off time of 7 p.m. I paid my bill on the 16th but at 7:43 p.m. They charged me both interest and a late fee. Most companies would waive the fees. Not here. Spoke to several managers and they were tough. Never had such a bad experience with a credit card company given the circumstances. A word to the wise here. Don't expect anything from these guys. My decision is not to use Barclay's in the future. I was told it was their policy. I think it was pretty harsh. Some people don't pay their bills at all but 43 minutes?

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    Reviewed By Another_customer Sep 12, 2016

    Beware their Deferred Financing Program with Apple

    I had to get an Apple computer for my daughter for school. Apple offers to "defer" finance charges on the purchase by having you sign up for the Barclays Visa card, saying that so long as you make your payments and pay off the purchase before the deferral period, there will be no finance charge (on $2000+ laptop, this come to around $580 or so).

    What nobody tells you (Apple or Barclays) is that if you use the same Visa card for any other purchases, all the money you pay them goes towards the "new" purchases and ZERO dollars go towards the deferred purchase. I called Barclays and spoke to 3 different people. There is no provision to make any payments directly to the deferred purchase. ALL monies paid on your credit card bill will only be applied to all purchases until your account balance is at zero, then any new payments you make will go towards the deferred purchase. If you don't clear your credit card balance and then pay off the deferred finance purchase by then end of the promotional period, Barclay gets to collect on that finance charge simply because there is no way for you make payments towards that promotional amount.

    Long story short, if you opt for the Apple/Barclay deferred financing when you purchase from Apple, DO NOT USE that Visa card for anything until the deferred purchase is paid off.

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    Reviewed By coolfella Jun 27, 2016

    Worst Service Period!

    I had two fraudulent transections Oct 2015. I reported them couple of days after they are posted when I found out after reviewing online statment. They only removed one, not both so they charged late fees and interests. I called back again telling them what happened. They said everything was taken care of and will show up on the next statement. They charged another interest and late charged. I called again to correct it. They again said it wasn't showing on the statement online but will show up on the next statement. Guess what? They charged another late fee with interest and reported to TransUnion and my credit score went down more than 100. When I called, they said they can't do anything at the moment. What an irresponsible company!! Beware!! They do whatever they want to do and don't care about the customers!!!

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    Reviewed By pam143scott May 27, 2016

    Worst Credit Card Company. Should have zero or negative rating. Stay away from this company.

    Within my few months experience with Barclays, I say I am disappointed and I regretted that I chose to sign up on this card. It was disappointing that this company could not take care of their clients well. Too much inconsistency on their offers. The 0% APR on purchases was a false advertisement. Look at your statements carefully. They charge interest and can't even explain how was it computed. The company is not accommodating. Customer service both over the phone and online are rude! There is no sincerity for having us in business but clearly this company is only after charging us more fees. Is this company worth recommending? Barclays just lost my business, my family and friends business and more people would hear and know this online and in person.

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    Reviewed By nusapen May 24, 2016

    Worst bank I've ever dealt with.

    I am the very unhappy holder of a Barclay Arrival MasterCard. The benefits for signing up were attractive. The two points per dollar and the bonus for using the points for travel (even though the bonus was reduced by fifty percent shortly after I started using the card) were a plus as well. In addition, because most of my travel is abroad, the lack of international transaction fees was compelling. All good.

    But then I began using the card. My card has been blocked so many times that I have lost count. One time, when I tried to make a purchase in Pittsfield, MA, the town next to where I live, I was told that it was blocked because I was out of area and hadn’t notified Barclay! Internationally, it has been a near total disaster. No amount of notification prior to travel has been sufficient. Quite often I have been blocked from using the card for transactions that I have previously made on a regular basis.

    Most recently, I called Barclay preemptively before trying to purchase airline tickets on a travel site I have used again and again. The person I spoke with assured me that there would be no problem. The transaction was immediately blocked. I talked to a variety of supervisors trying to make the card work. Each, in turn, assured me that any problem had been corrected. To no avail. Finally I was told that a security supervisor would call me back in 24 to 48 hours if I wanted them to! I didn’t.

    There’s more: it’s infuriating to have your card blocked when you are making a legitimate purchase. It’s beyond infuriating to have the Barclay representative give inane, impossible reasons for the blocking, often in the sort of tone of voice that one might use with an especially stupid child: “Sir, the problem is that you don’t have sufficient credit to make that transaction” — credit $25,000, transaction $50.00. Another: “Sir you need to let us know when you travel outside of the country.” I then asked the person if she could not see my travel notification on her screen (or abacus, or whatever they use.) She allowed as how she could. And another: a representative told me yesterday that my card had not been blocked since April. I pointed out that I had five text messages from the fraud department saying that it had been blocked. Her answer, again, condescendingly, was that it didn’t appear that way on her screen.

    Another issue: Each time I have had to call Barclay from Asia to find out why my card is being blocked, I have to pay for the call. I have frequently had to wait up to forty-five minutes to speak to an agent. The collect call option only works for land lines. Virtually no one in Southeast Asia uses a land line.

    Additionally enraging and perplexing is that my friends who I travel with who have Chase, or Capital One, or Bank of America cards never have their cards blocked.

    So… I have applied for and been granted another card from a different company.

    Avoid Barclay at all cost. They are truly awful.

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