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5 Things You Don't Need For Your First Year of College

It's the middle of summer, and for about 75% of college kids, school is the last thing on their minds. Then there's the freshman. You've probably already started putting together the ever-growing list of things not to forget, this article talks about just the opposite.

It seems as if you can't be prepared enough for the start of school and there are a lot of important questions to answer; Which classes should I take? Where will I live? What will I bring? But before you bring yourself to a panic check out these 5 things you do not need to bring.

5. Your Car

It may seem preposterous not to bring your beloved car to school, but take it from a past college student you don't need it your first year. Take freshman year as an opportunity to get to know the campus and the city you live in. You can also use the extra money you save on gas for Pizza. Besides that, bumming rides from people on your floor is a great way to make friends.

4. Your Super Expensive Sound System

Everyone wants to be that "cool" kid with the tricked out room, but chances are you won't be using the sound system as much as you like. When spaces are cramped and there are a bunch of people living together, not everyone wants to hear you blare "Single Ladies" all night long. Also a lot of dorms have "Quite Hours" where you can't have your music blaring anyway. Leave the speakers at home and make room for that picture of your dog, or whatever.

3. Printer and Paper

Although having a printer in your room is convenient it's unnecessary. A lot of colleges offer a stipend for printing things on campus, which often rolls over to other semesters. By using your stipend you will not only save money, but you are also more likely to make greener choices when deciding what you do and don't need to print.

2. New Textbooks

Not buying textbooks for your first semester of college may seem counter intuitive, but it's the right move. A lot of professors may not even use the textbooks on their reading lists, and if they do you can always run out and get the books. True, there will be some professors who unleash the work load on your first day, but in that case go to the library. Check out this story for other ways to save on your text books.

1. Credit Card

You don’t have money, you’re a poor college student! Although establishing good credit is very important, a recent study showed that freshmen with credit cards carried an average amount of credit card debt at $2,000 in just one year. Learn how to establish a positive relationship with finances before signing up for a card.

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