Updated: May 23, 2023

How to Deal With Money Complaints From Friends

Money complaints from friends -- it's happened to all of us. There are those who are more frugal when it comes to spending, and it's easy to butt heads.
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Money complaints from friends -- it's happened to all of us.We've either hung out with someone who makes more money than us, or someone on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Typically, close friends end up being in the same bracket as each other, because spending money on activities makes more sense when everyone is on the same page. However, there are always those who are more relaxed when it comes to spending, or more frugal, and it's easy to butt heads.

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Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with money issues with friends, which we have tackled in previous posts before. However, possibly one of the most irritating money-centric problems is knowing how to deal with friends who constantly complain about money. Now, it's important to distinguish a friend who complains about money because their funds are low, from a friend who:

  • complains about money when they actually have money.
  • spends excessively and becomes broke as a result of their own actions.
  • just plain doesn't know how to save.

Here's how to deal with, and address, money complaints from friends...

Remind them of their money complaints

If your friend is complaining about money, you may want to consider their personal financial situation, and be more sensitive to their needs. However, if a friend is saying one thing and doing another, call attention to that by reminding them of their recent activities. For example, you may want to say: "Last week you said you were broke, but then you bought that designer handbag. Are you having financial difficulties? I'm concerned about you."

Though it may feel nerve wracking, speaking up will liberate you, and help you both address the issue. By using their own actions to ask about their financial issues, your friend will have to figure out what to say on the spot, and the truth may just come out.

Help them by gently recommending a change

If your friend is struggling, or even if they're not, a friend who constantly has money on their mind may benefit from talking to a professional. You can help by looking for a financial counselor, or books from the library or bookstore on how to budget.

At the end of the day, you're a friend first and foremost, so try not to get judgmental, and resist becoming overly drawn into their problems. Your friend may actually need money, and while we recommend steering clear of giving a personal loan, you're allowed to use your own judgment, depending on your friend's situation.


Aim to have a positive takeaway

The goal in all this is to address your friend's money complaints and gauge whether they really match up to their financial situation. Hopefully if you've called your friend's bluff, they may become more aware of her money-centric complaints and kick the habit.

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