Updated: May 24, 2023

4 Ways to Feng Shui Your House for Sale

Are you in the midst of trying to sell a property that just won’t budge? Feng Shui your house for sale.
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Are you in the midst of trying to sell a property that just won’t budge? You’ve changed the price several times, hired the best realtor around, and baked so many cookies that your house smells like a bread factory, and it’s still on your hands. The problem may be with your house Qi (pronounced Chi), which means “life force." If Feng Shui can be used to lighten the mood in your home, it can also be used to sell your home.

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What exactly is Feng Shui and how does it work?

Feng Shui originated in China over 5,000 years ago. It is an art and science that can increase the flow of energy within an environment. Eastern emperors have used Feng Shui in order to increase their advancement. Feng Shui made its way West as trade and travel increased. Now, it is a very popular practice in American homes and offices, especially in New England. The right arrangement of furniture will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but Qi can also attract others and increase the positivity of your space.

Feng Shui Sales

Before we break down the Feng Shui basics, it is important to note that this does not replace a solid sale price, a strategic selling plan, and a great agent.  Feng Shui is used to pump out the positivity that may be hidden your space. The following steps are a mixture of common sense and forward thinking.

Clear the clutter

You already know that you should clean before setting up an open house. No one wants to walk into a home that is messy and unkempt, however, they don’t want to walk into a place that looks too lived in either. Appearance is everything, but getting the Qi flowing in your house is more than just sweeping away dust bunnies and clearing out the fridge.

Few people think to remove personal items like photographs, children’s drawings, or cards from loved ones. You may think leaving these items lends a “homey” feel to your place, but that’s not always the impression. Family photos carry their own energy and memories. A family cannot visualize the home being theirs if yours is still occupying the space. Allow your home to be a blank canvas.

Keep the furniture

A rookie mistake is removing the furniture from the home, assuming this will give it an “open” feeling. The actually feeling that is projected is bareness. You want to be intentional and arrange your furniture in a way which states purpose and allows Qi to follow.

Try to figure out the “flow of traffic” in your house by walking around. If you find that you round a corner and run into the couch or notice you have a lamp, bookcase, and lounge chair forced into one corner with nothing else in the room, your flow is interrupted. Spacing is key.

Decrease the amount of items you have in a room if necessary. Each room should be able to stand on its own. If it’s a children’s playroom, don’t set up an office inside of it. Decide what you want your visitors to see. Don’t have them guess.

Outside looking in

The energy outside of your home effects how people feel before they enter. You will have a harder time moving a property located across from a cemetery than a beach. The geographic surrounding of your abode is something you can’t change. What you can change is your visitors’ focus.

A good way to make your house seem more inviting is to remove shrubbery that directly blocks the front door. Wash the windows and make sure the grass is neatly mowed as well.


Be ready to say good-bye

Any lingering doubts about moving can be felt by others. Be sure you are uprooting for the right reasons. Not all reasons for selling a home are happy; you may not be able to change your reason for leaving, but you can change how you accept it. No matter the why, if you are secure with moving on, the mood in your home will be lighter. Visitors won’t feel the uneasiness. In other words, keep a positive outlook.

These are just a few of the many, many ways to Feng Shui your house for sale. The website International Feng Shui Guild can set you up with a consultant and other valuable tips. If interested in more ritual practices from around the world read “13 Superstitions From Around the World.”

If you are looking to buy, check out our mortgage rates page and use our calculator to find the best rates in your area.