Making some money on the side is never a bad thing, but the prospect of getting a second job is often out of the question for those who are too busy. A little creativity combined with some tech savviness has helped millions of Americans make money in unusual and interesting ways.

Here are some examples of interesting ways some people have been able to rake in a few extra bucks each month. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try something off this list or maybe even come up with something of your own.

Make a Pact with Strangers

If you are looking for a way to keep in shape and make money — just like with most things these days — there’s an app for that. GymPact, a new app strategically released on Dec. 31, provides an incentive for users to go the gym by making them pay up when they do not go to users who do. If you are one of those dedicated gym rats that goes to the gym all the time, you can make some quick cash off of those who skip their workouts.

Offer Your Services for $5

No smartphone? No Problem! You don’t need to download an app to make money from, all you need to do is come up with something people are willing to pay $5 to get. This site ranges from advertising offers to tarot card readings all starting at $5.

Sell Your Hair

If you are looking for a change, consider selling your hair. If you have healthy, untreated hair, you can earn as much as $2,000 for your long locks. Price tags range from $300 to $900 depending on the length of hair, with minimum donation lengths being around 10 inches. Just be careful when researching sites as some may have scammers on them. One popular site,, to sell hair has a section on avoiding scammers.

Become A Viral Video Star

Okay, this may not be realistic for everyone, but if you aren’t camera shy and know your way around a video you can actually make some extra cash through YouTube. In fact, my teenage brother was getting monthly paychecks on his YouTube channel where he reviewed Airsoft Guns — his highest video gaining 332,109 views. My brother’s channel has earned him anywhere from $100 to $200 in bi-monthly payments — not much, but nice spending money. Some people can rake up to $100,000 annually. Below is a ABC News segment on the subject:

Use Your Status

Facebook is a great site to stalk your ex-es, but have you ever thought of using it like a classified? Although Facebook has its own Craigslist-like app called “Market Place”, you can even do something as simple as using your status to advertise something you are selling. Even if you don’t think any of your Facebook friends will want what you are selling, chances are they may have a friend who does.

Tweet it Out

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is a great medium to share things you are selling. By applying a hashtag to your items or the handle of a brand you may be promoting, you can gain the attention of your followers and people on Twitter in general. There is also the potential that people will retweet your message, putting more eyes on your sale.

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  • Tiffany

    Selling blood plasma is another free way to earn some extra cash..and [if you meet the eligibility requirements], you can typically donate 2 times a week..with $20 being the average minimum.

  • Pyrrha Alexander

    They forgot to mention that you can just drop out of school, quit your job, and spread your legs to squeeze out 4 or 5 kids.  Then you’ll either get welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, or a few men’s paychecks in child support, or all of the above!

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       dat naut always da truth. obama will be gibbon me a new cadalac cahr. i can libs in it if i need 2.

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      ok you seriously need to get a life

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      You forgot to mention…sit on social security for disablilty, work, and run a few business under the table.  I get what you mean and its is sad that the others who work it the right way will not have when they need it 🙁 Some are angry and I admit I can be one of them.