Let’s face it, you could probably be a little tighter with your finances. With tax season coming up, and the holiday season just wrapped up, maybe it’s time you took a second look at your spending.

Here are seven things you should cut out of your monthly spending budget for the next few months (or at least until tax season).

7. Get Rid of Cable

With Netflix, Hulu and things like Google and Apple TV you really can avoid paying for cable. And let’s not even talk about your land line. With the increased cell phone use and availability of streaming options, a simple internet package should suffice.

6. ATM Fees

These days there is no excuse to pay ATM fees, I’ll admit that this past week I’ve been caught off guard when a merchant didn’t accept credit cards. You should always have cash with you just in case, and if you don’t make sure to know where the ATMs are in the area. Soon, there may be an option to avoid paying the fee at your non-bank ATM.

5. Coffee

Coffee is a necessity for me — yes, I’m one of those people, but I try to keep my coffee purchases to once a week. If you get a coffee a day you can be spending anywhere from $900 to $1,000 a year.

4. Grocery Bill

I’m not telling you to develop an eating disorder, just to be smarter about your shopping. How many times have you tossed out spoiled foods? Grocery shopping takes planning and focus, figure out what you will need for the week and go when you aren’t hungry. You’ll be surprised how much you save with just a little planning.

3. Phone Bill

When people sign up for a phone plan they often sign up for a package without monitoring their phone usage habits. You should monitor your phone calls, see if you can save them for night time and weekends and lower your plan. You can end up saving $20-$30 a month.

2. Household Goods

Everyone likes a clean house, even if they don’t like cleaning. Instead of investing in expensive, name brand cleaning supplies you should look into using good old soda and vinegar. These two alternatives are not only cheap but they are natural ways to keep your place looking spotless.

1. Mistakes

Okay hear me out, how many times do you double check your bills? This includes your bank statements, medical bills, and credit card bills. You would be surprised to learn that many people will experience a wrong bill at least once in their lives, it’s important to track your accounts and check for any mistakes.

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  • One Debt Solution

    Insurance costs are a huge annual outgoing for most families. Save 100’s every year by always shopping around for the best price. Avoid the option of paying monthly as you will be paying interest. Instead put away a little each month in advance to cover the costs. By placing the money into a savings account, you will also gain interest.

    • Erynn

      Also consider your bank accounts, choose ones that you won’t have to pay fees on… and even some that pay interest. Just make sure their consumer rating isn’t horrific. Also keep track of your expenditures independently – sure, almost every bank now offers online banking where you can check your expenses, but not every expense will show up online. The last thing most people need is an overdraft fee. So always make sure you know exactly how much you’ve spent, and where, if that’s at all possible. It also helps to catch card fraud early.

  • Teresa A Sanborn-Lovell

    Both homeowner’s insurance & auto insurance are sky high in this state & they shouldn’t be.  When the Insurance Commission let fair trading in during 2009 and let companies like Geiko & 21st Century Insurance to trade in this state, I had hoped the price would go down.  It did not & add to that the fact that everyone in Massachusetts has to have health insurance & a lot of companies are not offering it, it is very expensive to live here.  Granted we have access to some of the best medical care in the nation, but overall it is very expensive.

  • Liz Leyden

    I disagree with getting rid of the land line. I live in the mountains, and cell reception in my area is bad. If the power goes out, my land line still works. I can even go online during a power outage with a USB modem and dial-up. It’s very hard to make a VoIP call when your router has no power.

    My local telco, Fairpoint, charges a lot for internet service without land line service. My only other options are the Evil Empire (Comcast) or a satellite internet provider, which charges even more and isn’t compatible with streaming.

    I’ve cut my land line to bare bones, upgraded my internet service, and use magicJack for all non-local calls.

    • Erynn

      These are general tips. There will always be exceptions. Some people can’t get Netflix because they can’t get broadband. Some people have strict dietary needs and can’t cut their grocery budget. Some people have compromised immune systems and vinegar just won’t cut it as a cleaning supply.
      There are always exceptions. Cutting the land-line and cable saved me, personally, a fortune. I did that years ago 😉 But it will not work for everyone.