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First Midwest Bank has 147 branches and 31,253 ATMs in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and has great ATM coverage across the country.

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First Midwest Bank was established February 1933. That's more than 50 years ago! It holds assets of 11.3 billion US dollars. This is considered a large bank that most likely serves a large portion of their region. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 7%. Lower is better!

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First Midwest Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By BBlack Feb 20, 2017


    The bank has a new policy to hold on to any cash deposits made by ATM until the next business day which means that cash deposited on a Friday will not be available until Monday or Tuesday. However if Monday was a holiday your money will not be available until Tuesday or Wednesday. This is a true gangster tactic artfully disguised to gain additional interest off your money. The bank has no regards to the major inconvenience it places on the customer they are solely concerned about First Midwest Bank 1st and foremost. They will make it sound like they are doing you a favor by reversing a resulting overdraft fees. If it was a check or money order I could understand but cash deposited today should be available the same day. Building customer relationships is a hoax. Beware.

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    Reviewed By Ava1234 Dec 4, 2016

    First Midwest Lake Forest, Il

    My banker was very helpful but then I needed to close my account. I notified her via phone and then carefully submitted a letter to close my account BEFORE a transaction fee of $25 could be applied. I called the bank 5 times and left messages after my letter was submitted. A real person never picked up the phone. So, I went online and saw that they did charge me the $25 fee. After 3 weeks I still hadn't received my final check. Then I called Customer Service, they were the most helpful and told me they would refund the transaction fee and close my account. After a couple of phone calls I was told that my check is "in the mail." That was 8 working days ago. Now it's been a month. I called customer service back and they could not tell me whether or not the transaction fee was really refunded or not. I'm still waiting on the check. Why is it such a major hassle to close an account and then they have the nerve to charge a fee even though they were notified, and did absolutely NOTHING. It really is outrageous. I decided to write this review because even if the check arrives, which it better-- with the fee refunded, who knows-- I will never use this bank again. There is NO excuse for not returning phone calls and ignoring customers requests.

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    Reviewed By Cgray01 Jun 11, 2016


    We applied for a home equity loan and talked to a banker on the phone who gave me a bunch of figures based off of our credit scores (640 and 698) and income and debt to income ratio (less than 25% currently and would be lower with this loan being approved). Said person quoted us $204 up to $400 per month for 10 years for a minimum of an $18,000 loan possibly up to $35,000 (which would be based off of 85% equity being borrowed on our home and how much we would ultimatly be wanting to borrow). I also explained what the loan would be for. I was told that my bankruptcy from almost 5 years ago did not matter. I then emailed with Marcella who requested documents which I sent same day. Did not hear back for several days. Finally heard back and although all of ourdocuments matched up and were verified with what I had explained to Marcella she said that we qualified for 75% equity in our home which she told me we did not have so we were denied. She was very confusing. I said what do you mean we donot have enough equity-we owe $90,000 on our home and it will appraise for over $150,000. She then said that our credit did not qualify, even though she had previously told me that it did. She said that if I would send in documents of home valies in our area and proof that we had paid off a debt item that was showing up on credit report that she would resubmit to underwriting to be approved then. She made it sound as though we were approved comtingent upon me providing this info. I spent 5 hours researching similar home values in our area and sent her 8 homes all valued at over $160,000. I sent proof of the credit report change for the better (made score go up 35 points almost immediately). Again it was another couple of days and then she called to tell me we were still denied for credit and lack of home equity, which was what she said the first time. This company is a total waste of time and has now placed a hard credit inquiry even though i discussed with them what the numbers were and why and they then assured me we would be approved. I will be disputing this inquiry with reasoning of dishonest inquiry. I would have never let them run my credit if i had known they are not really doing with it what they say they are. I do not appreciate Marcella for making me jump through hoops without even considering the documents she requested to be 're-approving' the loan. I mean what company would not want to loan a home equity loan with nearly 40% equity, almost 700 point credit scores, not one late payment in 5 years, a low debt to income ratio, and stable jobs (me 6 years, husband 18). I am now scared to attempt another bank because of this experience. We are wanting the money to do a down payment for a disabled family member to have a home to live in and also consolidate one low credit card balance into it eliminating that payment monthly. We are just really upset that this company took advantage of our time, our credit report, and our family situation. Stay away from this bank and Marcella. She has no clue what she is doing and doesnt think twice about getting hopes up and messing with people's credit.

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