Updated: Apr 13, 2023

6 Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

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Eating your weight in sugar- and calorie-packed candy is only deemed completely acceptable one day each year: Halloween.

The chilly October days are speeding by, and the 31st is creeping up on us.

No costume?

No problem.

There are several affordable quick fixes.

MyBankTracker picked our favorite costumes ideas from the web that would be easy to execute in the pinch.

1. Quarterback

Materials needed:

  • A quarter
  • Tape


Tape a quarter to your back. (And, make sure no one steals it from you!)

Estimated total cost: $3.25 ($3 for tape and a quarter)

2. Raining Cats & Dogs

Necessary Materials:

  • umbrella
  • small stuffed cats and dogs
  • fishing wire or string

Optional Materials:

  • raincoat
  • rain boots


Tie each of the stuffed animals to the string. If you want, you can vary the length of the string. Once you have tied the strings around the animals, attach them to the umbrella. Wear a raincoat and boots to add to the effect.

Estimated total cost: $23 ($10 for an umbrella, $3 for string/fishing line and $10 for stuffed animals at the dollar store or you can use your children’s stuffed animals for free)

3. Babysitter

Materials Needed:

  • a doll
  • velcro or tape


Attach the doll to your backside and when people ask you what you are, sit on it.

Estimated total cost: $17 ($2 for string/fishing line and $15 for a doll or you can use your children’s doll for free)

4. Party Animal

Materials Needed:

  • streamers
  • balloons
  • confetti
  • an animal mask


Pick a solid color to wear, cover yourself in the party favors and wear the mask.

Estimated total cost: Approximately $23 ($15 for mask, $3 for balloons, $2 for streamers and $3 for tape)

5. Piece of Gum

Materials needed:

  • pink clothes
  • a shoe


You can be a piece of gum stuck to a shoe this Halloween when you dress up in all pink and attach a shoe to your head.

Estimated total cost: $6 ($3 for a pack of gum and $3 for tape)

6. Squid Game (Netflix) Participant

Materials needed:

  • Masking tape (white color)


Pick a three-digit number from 001 to 456. Recreate this number on your left chest with the masking tape. Optional: Repeat on your back.

Estimated total cost: $4

Whether you are a trick-or-treat chaperone, on door patrol or running to a last minute party there is no reason not to get into the Halloween festivities with help from these affordable costume ideas.