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Updated: May 23, 2023

Cash Back Credit Cards that Gives More Back on All Purchases


While some cash back credit cards get to flaunt their ridiculous amounts of cash back offered on specific categories, other cards have extremely simple and straightforward cash back programs. Instead of confusing cash back tiers and categories, these uncomplicated cash back credit cards will feature a flat, above-average cash back rate on all purchases.

Many people prefer a no-frills cash back credit card because it takes the headache out of worrying about maximizing cash back on certain purchases with different cards. It’s not surprising for some consumers to have a different credit card for each spending category -- one for groceries, one for gas, etc. It can be too much to manage when you’ve got to deal with different accounts and different cash back redemption policies.

You’ll know that you’re better off with a simple cash back credit card if you prefer simplicity in your finances and are not too worried about maximizing every cent of cash back on your spending.

Also, such a cash back credit card is the optimal choice if you cannot identify any major or predictable source of spending that would warrant a category-specific bonus cash back card. You’d much rather earn a decent cash back rate on every purchase as opposed to a lavish cash back rate on a small number of purchases.