Good news is difficult to come by these days, especially when it comes to economic matters.

That’s why it’s a welcome relief to see a few cities that have seen job-market improvements in an economy that has hindered any large-scale national growth. If you are looking to find a new job and a new life in a not-so-faraway land, consider one of these 12 cities.

The Street, a digital financial media company, compiled data using Census Bureau and Department of Labor Statistics to find the up-and-coming hot spots Americans are settling into. They looked some of the following factors: Population growth rate, income appreciation, employment rate and the amount of migration into the area.

Here are the 12 cities that fared the best in these areas:

RankCity% Increase in Employment
1Arlington, Va.0.5%
2Bronx N.Y.0.2%
3Brooklyn, N.Y.0.2%
Arlington Virginia image
Arlington, Va. — (Courtesy of Arlington Economic Development)
RankCity% Increase in Employment1Raleigh, N.C.+36.6%
1Arlington, Va.0.5%2Las Vegas, Nev.+35.6%
2Bronx N.Y.0.2%3Austin, Texas+32.2%
3Brooklyn, N.Y.0.2%
RankCity% Change
RankCity% Increase in Employment1Raleigh, N.C.+36.6%1Phoenix, Az.+717,353
1Arlington, Va.0.5%2Las Vegas, Nev.+35.6%2Atlanta, Ga.+599,183
2Bronx N.Y.0.2%3Austin, Texas+32.2%3Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas+573,584
3Brooklyn, N.Y.0.2%
RankCity% ChangeRankCityPopulation Increase
Phoenix, Arizona downtown photo
Phoenix, Ariz. — (Courtesy Phoenix Tourism)
RankCity% Increase in Employment1Raleigh, N.C.+36.6%1Phoenix, Az.+717,3531Biloxi, Miss.+17.5%
1Arlington, Va.0.5%2Las Vegas, Nev.+35.6%2Atlanta, Ga.+599,1832New Orleans, La.+16.9%
2Bronx N.Y.0.2%3Austin, Texas+32.2%3Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas+573,5843Manhattan, Kan.+13.7%
3Brooklyn, N.Y.0.2%
RankCity% ChangeRankCityPopulation IncreaseRankCityIncrease in Income

If you are looking for a good place to relocate to but haven’t been sold on one yet, read more about America’s top cities.

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