About Bank Report Card

MyBankTracker.com's Bank Report Card is a proprietary rating system designed to assist banking consumers in deciding if a particular U.S. commercial bank or savings institution is right for them. The rating system applies a number of different variables to the parent categories listed below:

  • Consumer reviews and approval
  • Financial health and stability
  • Available products / applicable fees (and how they rank to other comparable institutions)
  • Technology

Performance ratings are determined based on a combination of publicly available information and MyBankTracker.com proprietary customer reviews. Whenever possible, each final output produces specific information that can be reviewed in more detail to allow for further examination of that financial institution.

MyBankTracker.com provides its Bank Report Card information to businesses and consumers to use. It is not intended to be the sole factor in determining critical banking decisions. In deciding between banking options, businesses and consumers are advised to evaluate independently all financial institutions, consider other available information and to contact financial institutions individually to seek answers to their specific questions.

MyBankTracker.com's Bank Report Card rating system is an independent resource to assist consumers in those banking decisions.

Bank Report Card

MyBankTracker.com's Bank Report Card ratings are determined by comparisons to industry peer norms and standards. In instances where an institution receives a perceived below-average rating, it does not suggest that MyBankTracker believes this institution should not be considered, but rather only indicates that certain below-average performance factors have been found during the applicable rating cycle.

Quarterly updates of the Bank Report Card allow us to monitor changes that may occur, and ratings may fluctuate on a quarterly basis.

The most desirable Bank Report Card rating is an A+ or 100 percent; the least desirable is a D or zero percent. Performing institutions will generally receive a rating of B+ or higher with the majority of financial institutions falling into the C+ to B range.

Research & Scoring Methodology

The Bank Report Card ratings system employs more than a 100 factors to measure the consumer appeal, product comparison, fee structure, financial health and forward thinking position of each rated financial institution. Combined results from these factors produce our Bank Report Card rating.

In instances where information is lacking, an institution's Bank Report Card rating will be adjusted to only use factors that meet a standard within the 90th percentile of accuracy. The estimated rating is not any indication of an institution's lack of value or capabilities. Events since the information was collected may have altered an institution's financial condition.

Use Across Other Parts of MyBankTracker.com

Along with the Bank Report Card found on each intuition’s profile page, this rating is also found on other tools on MyBankTracker.com for filtering purposes. Other areas these ratings can be found are our rate (product) comparison tools, bank briefs at the end of news articles or when searching for banks within a particular location.