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A Complete List of Savings Accounts Offered by Online Banks in the U.S.

View a complete list of savings accounts offered by online banks in the U.S. Compare the rates, minimum deposits, and minimum balances to earn APY.

Online banks, which may also be called "direct banks" or "Internet banks," are financial institutions that do not operate brick-and-mortar branches or automated teller machine (ATM) networks.

Therefore, they do not have to pay the expenses required to maintain a physical presence.

Generally, online banks are able to provide higher interest rates and charge lower fees on their accounts.

Some of the largest banks in the United States are online banks

Like most banks, online banks are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), up to the applicable limits.

The safety of your money is no different whether it is kept in an online bank or a physical bank. Up to $250,000 is insured per depositor per account type.

The financial products and services that can be offered by online banks can vary greatly -- from checking accounts to credit cards to auto loans and more.

When it comes to managing an account from an online bank, online and mobile banking platforms offers many ways to access your money.

Most online banks allow customers to use mobile deposit to deposit checks from anywhere.

Online bank accounts will even come with debit/ATM cards so that you can withdraw your money for emergencies.

Online Savings Accounts Come With High Rates

Online savings accounts are among the most popular offerings by online banks because they tend to have interest rates that are significantly higher than what is available through savings accounts from physical banks.

Also, most online savings accounts don't have monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

They are the ideal account for anyone who wants to focus on growing their savings quickly.

Basic savings accounts from each of the 10 biggest U.S. banks are paying just 0.01% APY. Meanwhile, many online savings accounts offer rates of 1.00% APY or higher.

Here are all the online savings accounts that are available throughout the country: