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Barclays Bank Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity $0 $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $5 $30
  • Stop Payment item $0 $27
  • Return Deposit $5 $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) N/A $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) N/A $10
  • Non-Bank ATM N/A $1.0

Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By jertax Dec 30, 2017


    It takes quite a lot to get me annoyed but in recent times a number of things have happened to make me want to close my accounts with Barclays. The main branch in Plymouth has a vast underutilised floor space with a number of officers on the floor to help customers. They often have little to do whilst inside the branch there are long queues of customers waiting for counter service snaking across the floor area. I went to pay in some money recently with an assortment on notes and coin to find that there were no paying in slips; I was told that this system no longer exists and putting coins in the envelopes as I used to was not allowed. If I wanted to do that I would have to join the queue, which at that time was 15 people. I ventured to suggest that this was a reduction of service and an inconvenience. The officer replied that the branch has brand new terminals for doing many aspects of banking. Nearly all of the services available at these terminals are simply not required by me as I do a great deal of my banking online. I left the bank and paid in the money into an account held with a competitor. A couple of weeks before this I went to the local Barclays branch at Plymstock because I wanted to change some large notes down into smaller denominations. I was told I could not do this without paying them in first and then drawing out the smaller denominations. I found this ridiculous and left the branch without bothering. Shortly after this event I received a letter stating that this local branch is to be closed meaning that I will have to travel 4 miles if I need to visit a branch. This decline in service kind of sums up the general malaise afflicting the banking industry. In the past I have responded to customer surveys by Barclays and in making negative comments I have never yet received a response from any Barclays executive in a higher managerial role. As an individual, who in the past, travelled quite a bit abroad in the Eurozone, I made the observation that Barclays Bank always offered the worst exchange in town on the major currencies, not just the Euro. This is illogical and unforgivable given that the Bank should benefit from economies of scale and is just one indication of how the ordinary customer is ripped off by an organisation that takes its customers for granted. The corporate advertising that we are forced to watch portrays an image of a Bank completely at odds with customer experience. I am quite prepared to reveal who I am to any executive of the Bank that reads this.

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    Reviewed By Beware Nov 13, 2017

    Nightmare experience with Barclays

    I have been banking with Barclays us for several years and have several CDS with them, as well as two savings accounts, and I had intended on just leaving the interest until the CDS matured..

    My problems began when I wanted to check their last financial statement for the third quarter of 2017, I was shocked they told me they are not required to do that, and gave different numbers that were all disconnected of course. Then all my monthly statements disappeared as if these accounts were no existent. I worked with them for a week no resolution.

    This prompted me to close all Savings accounts, and transfer all the accumulated interest from the CDS., and discontinue any more Deposits with this Bank. It also prompted me to do more research, to find out this Bank does not make loans to Consumers, so I asked them what are they doing with all this money they are inducing people to Deposit, no answer of course.

    I have now had to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial protection Bureau. I was even more horrified when I googled about Barclays and found people saying their money had just disappeared from their accounts as if it never existed in Barclays Uk. Barclays has on their web site , they state Barclays is their parent Company, this is no longer seems to be the Case either in information I saw.

    I am posting my experiences so people can be aware of the problems. In reading a lot of other reviews, Barclays US seems to be okay while they are getting money from you , but a lot of Consumers State they have a problem when they want their money. Maybe this on line Banking is not so wonderful after all. If I could give them Zero Stars I would

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    Reviewed By marcin Nov 8, 2017

    i struggle to close my bank account from abroad i rang them i sent letters

    i informed bank to transfer the rest of my money to a charity i received no confirmation that the bank closed my account . You can leave england permanently but Barcleys apparently not

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