Millennials — people either love them or hate them.


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While the media scrutinizes this particular generation, recent college graduates are getting a move on trying to break the glass ceiling of the recession. With one out of two grads currently being unemployed or underemployed, it’s easy to feel defeated prior to even trying. However, there are positive statistics in favor of recent grads in a select number of professions, which we’re showing you today.

Many of these fifteen occupations call for only a bachelor’s degree, and some of them you may have never even considered. Starting from the jobs that pay decently to the more lucrative salaries, recent grads can set their minds on tackling some of these options.

Our information comes from the U.S. Department of Labor,, a salary data and software company, and author Abigail Gehring, whose book was inspired by her hot dog-vendor dad who made enough to put four kids through college.

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