Updated: Sep 06, 2023

How to Keep a Secret Bank Account

Find out what you need to do in order to keep a secret bank account from your spouse, parents, and family members for the sake of financial independence.
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Have you ever needed a a secret bank account?

That’s right:

A bank account that only you and the bank know about.

The reasons to hide your savings aren’t always sinister — and sometimes they are!

With some care planning and well-thought out moves, it is entirely possible to have an entire bank account that no on know about other than you.

No matter what your reason is for having a secret bank account, the main thing to know is that you will have to be extremely vigilant about your actions to keep the account a secret.

Either way, if you are interested in opening and maintaining a secret bank account, here’s some help.

Why Would You Need a Secret Bank Account?

You may decide that you need to open a secret bank account for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, many secret accounts are opened due to difficult circumstances.

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Financial infidelity

In this case, you would use the secret bank account to buy things that your partner would not know about.

It can be as small as buying a new computer but could progress to thousands of dollars of hidden purchases for trips, clothing or other gifts of the sort.

The truth is:

Infidelity of any kind is never good for a relationship but financial infidelity adds insult to injury and can jeopardize both spouses finances.

Financial insecurity

Many married couples join their finances at some point.

As some marriages progress, spouses may feel insecure not only about their combined finances but also about the relationship.

Many people who feel they may need a way out of the relationship at some point, think saving up additional money could make a separation event easier.

It is a difficult decision to make but for some, it may be the only option to in the midst of a failing relationship.

Independence from parental oversight

In many instances, parents of a child are financially irresponsible.

But, a child's first bank account is usually opened jointly with a parent or guardian.

To achieve financial independence from a parent who might jeopardize their financial future, children may look for a way to open a bank account alone.

A big surprise

Although many secret bank accounts hide a darker secret, some secret bank accounts are opened with lighter purposes. For example, you may want to save for a big gift or a special surprise without your partner knowing.

In this case, a secret bank account will help to keep the surprise hidden.

How to Keep the Account Hidden

Once you have decided that you need to open a secret bank account, you will need to keep it hidden.

The first step:

Avoid talking about it with anyone.

It sounds simple, but it is vital to not talk about it with anyone. You never know how the information will get back to your partner once you tell someone about it.

Use online or mobile banking

Most banks have sophisticated online banking features, so it should not be a problem to bank entirely online. Before you open the secret account, however, make sure that the bank has online options.

Otherwise, just choose another bank to work with that offers online banking.

When you sign up for the account, only use the online banking features of the bank and opt out of paper statements.

You do not want any mail about the account or the bank coming to your house. If the paperwork gets into the wrong hands, then your secret bank account won’t be a secret for long!

If you choose to do mobile banking, make sure that your phone is password protected so that your partner does not accidentally find the bank’s app on your phone.

A discovery like that would lead to questions that could reveal the secret account.

Get a P.O. Box

To be absolutely sure that your bank won't send any kind of mail that will tip off someone else that a hidden account exists, get a P.O. Box.

It may cost a little more money, but you can have everything mailed there to minimize the chances that someone else in the family will see signs of a hidden account.

Do not log into shared devices

When you are banking online, do not log into your bank account through a shared device.


Your browser will likely store your username, password, and browsing history. Your partner could easily stumble upon the secret account when using the same device.

If you only have shared devices, then one option is to delete your browser history.

However, it can be tricky to completely erase or secure your browser’s history without raising some red flags.

So, the better option is to just avoid shared computers.

Hide the checkbook

If you are opening a checking account, then you will have to hide the checkbook well.

Think of places that are secure.

It is important that your partner does not find it.

Armed with the evidence of a checkbook, they would have everything they need to know about the account.

Do not pay shared bills with the account

You will need to be careful about which expenses you pay for through the account. Do not pay for anything that is shared through the account. Otherwise, your partner may start asking questions.

Only use the account for expenses that do not involve your partner.

How to Get Money into the Account

Once you have created the account, you will need to get money into the account without your partner getting suspicious.

It is unlikely that you will be able to transfer any money from your current account to the new account without notice, so you will have to get creative.

One way to take money out of your current accounts without raising any alarms is through cash back.

If you are able to take care of the grocery shopping, then simply add an extra $20 or $40 of cash back. The transaction will be recorded as groceries, but you will have extra cash to send to your new account.

Anytime you receive extra money, have it sent to the new secret account.
For example, if you get a raise at work then have the additional money sent to the new account via direct deposit. Or if you develop a side hustle, then funnel all of your earnings into the new account.
No matter how you get the extra money into the account, be careful about it.

You do not want to raise suspicions by suddenly transferring cash or switching your direct deposit.

In order to successfully hide the account, the money that is funneled towards that account should not be noticeable to your partner.

It will be easier to do if they are less involved in the financial planning of your household.

Set a Beneficiary

If all goes according to plan, then no one will know about the account.

However, that could end badly if something happened to you.

If you are no longer around to manage that money, then who does it belong to?

The money would belong to your beneficiary, but you need to remember to set it up.

You could choose to leave the money to a friend or family member. Whoever you choose will learn about the account if anything ever happened to you.

Final Advice

Whatever your reasons are, remember that keeping a secret bank account is not an easy task.

If you decide that a secret bank account is the right choice for you, then be prepared to guard the secret extremely well.

It is possible but it will require careful planning and constant safeguarding in order to be successful.