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Reviewed By Donotlease Dec 3, 2015

Lease termination

If given the option, do not lease a vehicle through US bank. Having leased no less than 8 vehicles, never before had I had an experience such as this one upon returning the vehicle at the end of the lease term. The inspector highlighted minor items that would clearly be considered normal wear and tear by all others, but not us bank. We were given the option of correcting the minor items which we did. Provided due proof of the work, yet us bank has done nothing other than to continue to bill for "excess wear and tear". 3 letters together with a detailed listing of the work performed and not one response. Now they are issuing a demand notice.

Do yourself a favor, stay away from us bank.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Troy_J May 20, 2016

Sorry customer service. Will never bank here again. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!

US Bank has very nice people, but none are trained to give the same correct answers to customers. I was ran around by several different employees over the past few months regarding my checking account. We got different answers every time, but was assured everything would be handled ASAP. It never was and now I am put in a bind with my money where I may not be able to pay my bills, or even get my money out to pay them with cash. SORRY bank management I've ever experienced. Will go to the bank near by and take my chances with them. I'm sure it can not be any worse. PLEASE BEWARE AND DO NOT BANK HERE!!!!!!!!!!

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Latest U.S. Bank Reviews

  • H
    Reviewed By horseshoe99 Oct 20, 2016

    Just wanted help fixing auto pay isssue, run around and worse

    Long story short I edited the amount I wanted on auto pay but accidentally had myself paying 2 separate payments. I called them and ended up being on the phone with 4 different people for a total of 44 minutes. I just wanted help with setting up my auto pay so I didn't make the same mistake twice which was due to me not understanding the different options. I explained my problem and more than once was asked if that was all. My response was no I still need help setting it up the auto pay so I don't make the same mistake. It was like they just wanted to give me a quick answer instead of actually helping me with the problem. I got redirected to people who couldn't help and the last guy kept giving me an answer which resulted in me saying "yeah and the last time I did this I ended up paying $130 more than I wanted" so he replied and I repeated myself again. He replied again and I repeated myself again. It happened maybe 4 times. I could not believe it. What is so hard to understand that I wanted a walk through in setting up my auto pay because I screwed up and will make the same mistake again. Before the process was over I was asked by all individuals if that was all I needed even though the process was never done. I couldn't believe how many times I had to repeat myself and in what I needed with the same people. They would say click here and I would say I did now I can't do this or that and they wouldn't respond half the time. I wish Harley chose a better bank for their Visa Signature card. I have never had this much frustration with any financial institution.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jesssal76 Oct 4, 2016

    dont get a home loan through us bank rip off

    my loan was sold to us bank and they want to charge you for everything ....this dose not make sense it feels like a trap . they want you to mail in your payment or the charge you a convemiace charge of 11 dollars ..... dosnt make sense im sure it cost a lot more money to have someone open the mail and input vs you doing all the work.....

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  • G
    Reviewed By graylomack Sep 18, 2016

    No coins

    I have a bank account with us bank, went in for coin change, was ask is this for a business?, if so the business have to have an account here,who ask what the change is for, the worst bank IV ever experienced , the worst customer service,this branch should be closed, or changed Management

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  • R
    Reviewed By rnaguib Sep 13, 2016

    Worst Customer Service ever

    Worst Customer Service ever. The promises credit bonus and when you ask for it they deny it. They do silly mistakes with your account like recurrent balance transfers and they say it is not their mistake. They let you on hold for hour and then they tell you a supervisor will contact you within 24 hours and no body call you back. Worst Credit card ever.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Cred760 Sep 1, 2016

    Horrible service

    I was in there, 9/1/16 and would not take my money for rent to put in land lords account. Said they had to call my bank to check my funds... What the hell?!

    That seems to me a violation of my privacy. Obviously my bank wouldn't tell someone other then myself what's in my acct. I just wanna say I went to the us bank on Washington after and explained what I am now and they agreed was very wrong.

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  • V
    Reviewed By velve Aug 20, 2016

    customer service

    If banks could be closed based upon the quality of their customer service, US Bank should be closed immediately!!!

    I asked the branch manager of the Santa Rosa office if she could please make a photo copy of my signature card. She responded that she is not allowed to do that. So, I then suggested that she give me the signature card, and I would run over and make a photo copy. Naturally, she wasn't allowed to do that either. Mind you....I have proper identification, and have multiple accounts.

    For a different adventure, I needed to have a relative sign the signature card. The relative lives 500 miles away. I asked my branch manager to send the signature card (through inter-branch mail) to another US Bank Branch near my relative, who would then go to the branch - shower proper identification - and sign the card. I was informed that this was impossible because the other US Bank branch might refuse to cooperate!!!! Are you kidding!!! These aren't franchises!!! How could one branch of the same bank refuse to cooperate with another branch?????

    Do yourself a favor...go to a different bank....or just put your money under your mattress!!!

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  • A
    Reviewed By AHeltonP4 Aug 11, 2016

    Extremely poor customer service

    My first experience with US Bank's customer service was maybe 5 years ago when trying to solve something listed on my mortgage billing statement. They shuffled me from dept to dept, all the while assuring me that this time they would get me to the right person. Then I would be placed on hold for an indefinite period of time or the call would be "lost". I tried this at least 2 separate times and finally gave up, which is what I'm sure they were hoping for. So that issue was NEVER resolved. Most recently the issue has been with their online payment service. I've been paying my mortgage account online for years. In Jan 2016 it locked me out of being able to pay online. This was a system error but they insisted that I send them a letter about starting up my billing statements again....so they could initiate online billing again. Why they need my letter I don't know. Fast forward to July 2016. They locked me out of making payments online again. This time I do agree it may have had something to do with my email server (long story), but the main point I want to make is regarding customer service. US Bank has absolutely some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Each time it took me making at least 2 calls to get it resolved. But also, I was bewildered at how rude the reps were. They would interrupt me while trying to explain what was going on and very rudely make statements about what I need to do, which if they'd been listening instead of interrupting, they would have heard me say I've already tried it. The last lady kept telling me my phone was breaking up, which would indeed be an issue, but she was so incredibly RUDE about informing me that I finally asked her to not yell at me, which she denied of course. My final straw was that I had just finished explaining something to her and when I was done, she simply said "hello?", like she couldn't hear me. I found it interesting that she wasn't saying "hello, are you there", while I was talking, like one would do if they REALLY couldn't hear anything. It was afterwards. So I just hung up. I called back later and spoke to another lady who was very nice and helpful and I did finally get it resolved. I understand that there are going to be "bad apples" in every organization, but with US Bank, it seems to be more the norm. Thankfully this was a 2nd mortgage and will be paid off soon. I will NEVER EVER do business with US Bank, nor would I ever recommend them.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Charlie5000 Aug 7, 2016

    Wells Fargo Bank--The absolute worst bank experience ever.

    I had an the absolute horrible experience with Wells Fargo today. They transferred me at least 10-12 times. I was on the phone with them for 1 hour and 30 minutes trying to resolve their error. No one knew what to do. They just transferred me in circles. They incorrectly charged me a late fee. All I wanted was for them to reverse the late fee--it was their error because the payment had been made.

    They transferred me from one department to another. And in the process told me they couldn't hear me. I was in tears before this was resolved.

    If you are looking for a good bank--Avoid Wells Fargo. This isn't the first absolutely poor experience with them

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dia Jul 29, 2016

    My friend did not receive good customer service

    My friend did not receive good customer service today when she cashed a check from me. I don't know the name of the bank teller, but she was very unkind to my friend. She will probably not go there again, and I am very disappointed.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Madisel Jul 29, 2016

    Worst swindlers ever

    1) On your account they have the 3 lines where it shows you your total, pending and then available balance that is left after the pending charges. Common sense. They manipulate the pending charges by holding on to some for upwards of over a week, and sometimes a pending charge or two will disappear then reappear for their convenience so that you can incur NSF's. There has been a lawsuit about this where they had to pay millions back for this type of practice. They are still doing it.
    2) They never ever reverse NSF charges. Even if it was a merchant mistake and they call and are willing to send a letter.
    3) The branch that you open your account at, is the only branch that you are allowed to call. Seriously. The only one. If you call another branch they will not help you, and they tell you that.
    4) Robots. Trained to say certain things and do not care about anything. No emotion.
    5) Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Every time I call....the worst!
    6) They offer you loans and credit cards constantly, then even if you have good credit and make a good income; they have an excuse as to why you are declined. Have tried 3-4 times. I think they are just trying to make their quota on applications.
    7) We will be closing our account soon and will never go back.

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