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We are a small, high-output, team where everyone owns a real piece of the process.  Having been founded in 2009, we are a small business, but not a startup (though we are innovative like one).  We use tools and technology to get the most out of everything done by our Marketing, Editorial, and Engineering teams.  Much of what we do is a sweet-spot between regular business and enterprise.  Constant learning and growth is a core value for alignment within our organization.  If that sounds like you, don't hesitate to reach out.

Open Roles

Senior Full Stack Engineer is looking for an experienced and versatile Senior Full-Stack Engineer with a self-starter attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. We are an independent resource that helps consumers make smarter banking and money decisions. Established in 2008 during the height of the economic downturn, MyBankTracker was built to fill a pressing need for a relevant, consistent source of banking information.  We are based in Brooklyn, New York, and we invest in people, from quarterly team building events, to awesome benefits and perks — all within a fun environment, which includes a great workspace, remote work time, and a fully-stocked kitchen.

Responsibilities of the Full Stack Engineer:

Be a knowledgeable resource on the team in all things related to software development.  Build APIs for content, product, and ad-tech.  Innovate content rendering to be more reusable and modular — maybe core-contribute to a framework or build a new one.  Support the scalable expansion of semantic linking that drives our content engine and SEO strategy.  Provide well-tested expansions to the functionality of our various SOA apps and engines.  Learn and expand upon content and engagement strategies from veterans in the field.


  • 3+ years of professional Ruby on Rails experience (Rails 4/5 preferred).
  • Excellent understanding of Ruby, its design patterns, and test frameworks.
  • A comprehensive grasp of a JS application framework; i.e. Angular, React.
  • Comprehensive understanding of HTTP, REST principles, and generic API architecture.
  • A proficient understanding of the AGILE software development cycle and all it entails: from planning to code review, to QA.
  • Natural problem solver who obsesses over detail, but also understands where that obsessive approach is necessary.
  • UNIX systems knowledge; the command line is more than a place where you run your tests.
  • Good time management skills and punctuality.
  • Effective communicate technical ideas, verbally, whiteboard, or in docs.
  • Ability to competently contribute to multiple architectural and product initiatives simultaneously.
  • A healthy diet of professional readings that sharpen your skills.


  • A solid portfolio demonstrating your code and conventions; i.e. GitHub, StackOverflow, Project Euler, etc.
  • Caching strategies.
  • Experience using a messaging system (Amazon SNS, Kafka, etc).
  • Under-the-hood SQL skills (you can tell when something needs an index and don’t need to think twice about making a join query).
  • Good data logging and instrumentation practices.
  • Devops sensibilities and Docker exposure.
  • Pro-Git, skills, like git-bisect or other plumbing
  • Appetite for an agile product process, with tools like JIRA, wiki techniques, and workflow integrations.
  • You see lots of alignment with our current stack:

This is a full-time position at our headquarters in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  If you know how to build products that delight people, and believe we could be the next great step in your career, shoot us your resume and GitHub/StackOverflow link.

To apply please email:

* This is not and will not become a freelance or consulting position. *

our work iconWhat we do

In addition to editorial content, MyBankTracker provides in-depth information on 6,000 banks and credit unions, including the latest interest rates for checking and savings accounts, mortgages, IRAs, and CDs. Consumers can take advantage of our easy-to-use comparison tools that are designed to quickly help them find the right account which best meets their needs. We also give awards to outstanding banks and highlight the best accounts.

icon for how we do itHow We Do It

MBT Media employs a small team of highly-skilled people, and we use technology to leverage each of our time into the highest value. We use leading-edge practices in each of our teams, and continuously improve our automation, machine learning, and business-intelligence tools to make decisions for large scales. We are a small team, but we are not a startup — we have refined our practices since 2008.