Updated: May 09, 2023

Credit Cards Comparison: PSECU vs. Citi

Compare the popular credit cards from PSECU and Citi based on their rewards programs, interest rates, and fees.
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Credit cards can be powerful financial tools for earning rewards, consolidating debt, and improving personal credit when used properly.

PSECU offers two competitive credit cards that are able to stand toe-to-toe with popular credit cards on the market.

For cash rewards on general spending, PSECU’s Founder’s Rewards Card is able to keep up with the Citi Double Cash card while offering the distinct advantage of being much better for international spending.

For debt consolidation, PSECU’s Visa® Classic Card can end up being much less expensive than the Citi Simplicity card.

Comparisons of these cards reveal how you may have better options available for your financial goals.

Cash Rewards: PSECU Founder’s Rewards Card vs. Citi Double Cash 

For anyone who regularly uses a credit card for spending (and pays off the balance in full every month), it’s smart to charge purchases on a cash rewards credit card.

You’re earning cash rewards for spending that’s going to happen anyway.

For general purchases, the Citi Double Cash card is a popular option because it can offer an effective 2% cash back on every single purchase. 

PSECU’s Founder’s Rewards Card also offers 2%1 cash rewards on all purchases if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500. Otherwise, you’ll earn 1.5% cash rewards on all purchases.

The Citi Double Cash card doesn’t require a linked checking account, but it has a big list of transaction fees that may apply. 

Meanwhile, the PSECU Founder’s Rewards Card doesn’t have any transaction fee for:

  • Balance transfers
  • Cash advances
  • Foreign transactions

The most notable may be foreign transactions. Without this fee, members can earn 2%1 or 1.5% cash rewards on all purchases during their international travels.

PSECU Founder's Rewards Card vs. Citi Double Cash Card

Card PSECU Founder’s Rewards Card Citi Double Cash Card
Annual fee $0 $0
Rewards 2% cash back on all purchases (if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500); otherwise, 1.5% cash rewards on all purchases 1% cash back on all spending; 1% cash back on all payments toward card balance
Rewards earnings limits None None
Rewards expiration Never Expires after a 12-month period without earned cash back or payments for purchases
Foreign transaction fee None 3% of each purchase transaction
Balance transfer fee None 3% of the amount transferred; $5 minimum
Cash advance fee None 5% of the amount of each cash advance; $10 minimum

Balance Transfers: PSECU Visa Classic Card vs. Citi Simplicity

By transferring a balance on high-interest credit card debt to another credit card with a lower interest rate, you can end up paying less in interest and pave the path to debt freedom.

A popular option for balance transfers is the Citi Simplicity card because it offers a 21-month introductory period with 0% APR2 on balance transfers and a 12-month introductory period of 0% APR on purchases. The big selling point is that you have nearly two years to pay off the balance without incurring interest charges. The catch is the 5% balance transfer fee ($10 minimum) added to the transferred balance.

Compare that to PSECU’s Visa® Classic Card, which also offers a promotional 2.9%3 APR on balance transfers. The best part is that there are no balance transfer fees.

With the same transferred balance, monthly payment, and repayment period, PSECU’s Visa® Classic Card can result in much less money paid in the long run.

Even better, you can transfer balances at any time with similar savings.

Membership Eligibility

Since PSECU is a credit union, you must become a member to be eligible for one of their credit cards.

There are four main ways to become a PSECU member:

Family or Household Resident

You live with a PSECU member or are a qualifying relative of a PSECU member.

Qualifying relatives include parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, spouse, and siblings.


You attend, graduated from, or currently work at one of the many Pennsylvania colleges or universities with which PSECU has a relationship.


You are a Pennsylvania state or local government employee, a municipality or school district employee, or an employee of a company that offers membership as a benefit (offered by more than 1,000 employers in Pennsylvania). 

Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society Membership

For anyone else who wouldn’t qualify for PSECU membership, you can become a member of the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS), which would then allow you to be eligible to become a PSECU member.

PRPS Friend membership requires a one-time fee of $20, but PSECU will cover $10 of that fee.


Credit cards from the biggest credit card companies are very attractive, but it’s important to compare your options because offerings from credit unions, such as PSECU, may end up being better choices.

1You can earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases. You can earn 2% cash rewards on purchases if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500. See the Visa® Founder's Card and Visa® Alumni Rewards Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details.

2Annual Percentage Rate.

3PSECU Visa® Classic and Visa® Alumni Classic Card: When you take advantage of the 2.9% APR (annual percentage rate) promotional offer, Visa® balance transfers will be treated as a cash advance and will accrue interest at 2.9% APR from the time that the transaction posts until 12/31/21; thereafter, any remaining balance will begin to accrue interest at the cash advance rate, which is currently 9.90% APR and subject to change. Payments will be applied as stated in your Visa® Classic and Visa® Alumni Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement. A minimum of $250 must be requested for balance transfers through digital banking. Our 2.9% APR promotional offer cannot be used to pay off any PSECU loan or be made payable to cash, yourself, any joint owner(s) or co-maker(s). Balance transfers access credit under the terms of your Visa® account as stated in the Visa® Classic and Visa® Alumni Classic Consumer Credit Card Agreement.