Updated: Apr 13, 2023

8 Purchases You Should Not Buy Cheap or Used

ertain things should not be purchased used, and smart spenders deserve to indulge in their savings every now and then. Check out these eight items you should pay full price for.
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The ever-growing popularity of buying ‘vintage,’ a.k.a used, items is fueled by the convenience of bargain websites such as eBay or Amazon. The rough economy is causing people to cut spending in any way possible. Certain things should not be purchased used, and smart spenders deserve to indulge in their savings every now and then.

Check out these eight items you should pay full price for:

1. Mattress

You will definitely use this almost every night and for sanitary purposes it's always reassuring to know you are the first and only person who has slept there. Mattresses last 5 to 7 years so buying a new one is worth the investment.

2. Infant Car Seats

This is a matter of safety. Many times it is difficult to tell if a car seat is broken or not functioning to its full potential. A car seat that was created 5 or 10 years ago may not have the up-to-date safety features that are available today.

3. Traveling to See a Loved One

Many people conserve money by cutting out vacations while others just don’t have the funds to go on a trip. When it comes to travel, visiting close friends and family can be worth spending a few extra bucks on a ticket. The relaxation and boost in well-being will be completely worth the trip. That being said, there are ways to cut the costs of travel.

4. Go to a Nice Dinner

Conscientious spenders save a ton of money on preparing their own meals. If you eat a majority of your meals at home, going out to a nice dinner a great way to reward yourself. Don’t feel bad if you spend a little extra money on a meal with a friend. It is a good way to catch up and a reminder that going out to eat is a privilege. And if you have a rewards card, chances are you are getting reward points for that dinner. 

5. Computer Software

Buying used software might seem like an awesome deal, when in reality software is protected with all sorts of serial numbers and registration requirements. If someone is trying to sell you used software, they are most likely trying to scam you.

6. Tires

Nobody likes buying tires: They are expensive and basically unnoticed investments, but once again, safety comes first. Spending extra money on new tires will come in handy during those winter nights and rainy days. It is difficult to tell whether or not used tires have come from a car damaged in an accident, so it's not worth the risk.

7. Furniture

Note: You can find very high quality used furniture — just make sure it has minimal wear and tear and is comfortable. Furniture is something that is used daily and when moving into a new house spending a little extra is completely acceptable. Furniture is another one of those investments that will last you a long time.

8. New Kitchen Appliances

If you are a chef, you understand the importance of getting durable kitchenware. Kitchen appliances are used very frequently and are also long lasting. The more money you put in the longer they will last and the better they will work.

Spending smartly does not always mean spending frugally (all the time). Make sure you consciously choose what you are spending your savings on and think about how each purchase will pan out in the long run. It’s always okay to relax a little and save money on other smaller things.

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