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2066995585_0c7f7f7b0f_b How You’re Tricked Into Paying More When Shopping Online There are online shopping tricks to look out for, including online price discrimination and price steering. Learn how to avoid these dangers. Oct 10th, 2016 - Marina Shifrin 13133593534_b815528f7e_k Starting Your First Job? Here’s Where to Put Your Savings Feb 23rd, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 160492244_38865cd975_o Why Owning a Car Could Wreck Your Finances Nov 5th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 4327547980_74ebd1e383_o Ways to Spend Windfall Money Wisely Dec 22nd, 2015 - Shirley Pulawski Untitled-1 5 Ways Millennials Can Benefit from Using Credit Cards Dec 22nd, 2015 - Rebecca Lake Will Payment Terminal Poynt Help Calm the Battle of Mobile Wallets? Nov 3rd, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 9217703624_62f1f60f4f_h New Rules to Regulate For-Profit Colleges Aim to Help With Student Debt Nov 12th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 6560258827_0370c7404d_b 10 Moving Tips for Relocating to Los Angeles on a Budget Dec 19th, 2015 - Marina Shifrin 15447756562_bf787ca2cd_k Energy-Smart Ways to Save Money In Winter Nov 12th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 8622582151_5bfa2cb658_k Avoid Email Scams With These ‘Phish’ and Tips Feb 20th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 38832391_c370a4211b_o 6 Ways to Lower the Cost of Dying So It Doesn’t Send You to an Early Grave Jan 5th, 2016 - Peter Bennett negotitaterent 5 Ways You’re Fooled Into Paying More Rent Oct 30th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 6345140665_1b6eb200ba_o Does Paying Off Old Debt Always Make Sense? Oct 31st, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 2998311156_b4153f6649_o The Benefits of Falling Oil Prices for America and the World Oct 29th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 15550245072_08a17ca133_k Consumers Complain on Twitter About CVS, Rite Aid Decision to Reject Apple Pay Oct 29th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 8140634456_e945bf0ef9_k Young Accountant Offers Personal Experience and Financial Tips for Newlyweds Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3607042673_219d76007d_b Old House vs. New: What’s More Cost Efficient? Dec 31st, 2015 - Peter Bennett 5628923177_3214c59c2b_b What ‘Fear of Missing Out’ Really Means for Millennial Personal Finance Oct 27th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 3345904116_cd6a5ba7a0_b Retirement for Millennials: What You’re Doing Right (And Wrong) Apr 11th, 2016 - Rebecca Lake 3047982712_70e29baef5_b New Apple Technology Could Help You Save on Cell Phone Costs Oct 24th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 13917420146_3c8bcae2ce_k 5 Must-Have Tools to Pay Off Student Loan Debt Jan 19th, 2016 - Rebecca Lake 3510919265_4a0dc02d32_b 8 Big Ways to Save Extra Money Before the Holidays Nov 4th, 2014 - Shirley Pulawski 6355816649_3a1c1ab688_b Are CDs Still Worth It? 10 Rollover Ideas Before Your CD Matures Oct 27th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 2623970632_ff6c0b2a0a_b-1 6 Smart Ways Millennials Can Invest $1,000 Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 13429022673_dbf8edf133_o What to Know About These 4 Ways to Wipe Out Private Student Loans for Good Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 1402473708_26c04f9b6d_b How to Avoid Debt and Get Through Your 20s Oct 23rd, 2014 - Marina Shifrin Next door Under Construction Avoid the 10 Worst Investments Ever With These Smarter Alternatives Dec 21st, 2015 - Peter Bennett 14630512446_fa30d8f6a4_k Paying Off Student Loans vs. Investing Poses Dilemma for Recent Grads Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 261066025_27e9069739_o 10 Tips for ‘Getting’ Your Financial Act Together Before Turning 30 Mar 20th, 2016 - Peter Bennett 4074795623_c9ab55d043_b Income-Based Student Loan Repayment May Leave You Deeper In Debt Oct 22nd, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 3853161500_aa1b139900_b 5 Big Action Steps to Help You Save on Health Insurance In 2015 Oct 21st, 2014 - Peter Bennett 1424914685_d248fc891d_b 8 Solutions That Will Save You Money When You Can’t Get Long-Term Care Insurance Apr 11th, 2016 - Anne Dullaghan 12343473805_0987598af1_k The Ugly Truth About What Happens If You Don’t Pay Student Loans Oct 19th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 5968464973_a69153bef1_o Smart Spending Means You’re Allowed to Splurge on These 5 Items Feb 23rd, 2015 - Marina Shifrin 6327624624_fe171bf1aa_b Paying Out of Pocket for Health Care: Medical Credit Cards vs. Credit Cards Oct 17th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 9681097378_f2a7f7b028_o 5 Clever Tips to Help You Maximize Your Budget Nov 4th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 1103992483_a1785505ba_b 10 Ways to Establish Financial Independence In Your 20s Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3690860566_4346d74b42_b 10 Reasons Convenience Checks Are Dangerous to Your Financial Health Feb 24th, 2016 - Peter Bennett 9731139389_63ffce7ca1_k The 4 Times You Should Always Spend to Save Oct 16th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 2772272606_a43a01e0dc_b 10 Ways to Copy How Celebrities Save Money Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 6220793986_6e7ca560cb_b 3 Big Reasons Why Your Mortgage Was Denied Dec 22nd, 2015 - Peter Bennett 5511054781_60fc672c33_b Rental Property vs. Index Fund: What’s a Better Investment? Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 5175346691_eea61a638b_b 8 Key Elements to Consider When Downsizing Your Home for Retirement Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 3131248785_2a44767950_b Are Your Long-Distance Relationship Costs a Budget Buster? Apr 18th, 2016 - Marina Shifrin 4202408267_63ce65b910_b Obstacles to Beat with These Strategies for Finding a Job Oct 12th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 6861256042_66c35e81cc_k How to Sharpen Your Interview Time Management Skills for Lengthy Job Interviews Oct 10th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 13778453044_efe01dca5e_o What You’ll Pay In Health Care Costs If You Get Ebola Jun 20th, 2016 - Peter Bennett 6238712792_899ea2bd8c_b How to Pay Student Loans Without Going Crazy If You Owe a Six-Figure Amount Oct 9th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake 2872046274_dafab2e118_b 10 Home Selling Mistakes Caused by Your Ego Oct 9th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich shutterstock_193422320 Why You Should Feel Good About Stealing Money from Your 401(k) Dec 20th, 2015 - Peter Bennett shutterstock_192036722 Credit Card Closed Automatically Due to Data Breaches? Here’s What to Do Nov 4th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake realestateagent 8 Sneaky Real Estate Agent Tricks to Watch Out for Dec 20th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 9501710730_d7be43aa58_k The Best Approaches for Merging Marriage and Debt Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 2839432886_e302d3ebce_b 5 Money Problems 20-Somethings Have Difficulty Accepting Oct 7th, 2014 - Rebecca Lake IMG_4934 Bring Your ‘Golden Years’ Closer With an Alternative Retirement Plan Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 6780717094_bed78b5465_o 4 Steps to Follow If a Debt Collection Agency Scam Is Happening to You Oct 7th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin 5448739443_bf5a3d3a34_o 10 Warren Buffett Investment Strategy Tips to Build Your Wealth Nov 3rd, 2014 - Peter Bennett 542390615_1f04d92bd1_b Changing Jobs Too Often May Shrink Retirement Funds for Millennials Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake 8583950211_9c9a4c992f_o Mobile Wallet Benefits Will Shine, Thanks to Apple Pay Oct 3rd, 2014 - Peter Bennett 5389948432_a55985cc4d_o Projects Most Likely to Pay Off When You Finance Home Improvement Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 879272650_c812922b24_o 5 Quick Ways to Sell Your Old iPhone Oct 2nd, 2014 - Erik Neilson 9817687863_42a8b0b2ba_o Finally! Paying Rent on Time to Be Factored Into Rent Credit Score Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 14952757699_5263490fa0_k 7 Ways to Look Like a Pro When Buying a Used Car Jul 7th, 2015 - Marina Shifrin 1303774013_9c4cf82720_b 6 Personal Finance Tips to Jumpstart Your Savings Goals Oct 7th, 2014 - Anne Dullaghan 2895425387_1a9b8c909b_o Budget Management Tips: 9 Items You Should Stop Paying for Right Now Oct 2nd, 2014 - Erik Neilson 202354642_f5380fdfd0_b 8 Key Money Mistakes Women Make Dec 19th, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan apple_pay 5 Ways iPhone 6’s Apple Pay Will Be a Game Changer Sep 29th, 2014 - Marina Shifrin HELOC Repair Pet Damage to Your Home With a HELOC Dec 10th, 2015 - Peter Bennett Store Credit Cards Are Store Credit Cards Worth Getting? Dec 22nd, 2015 - Veronica Stewart 8869873829_e902399ddb_k Before Giving Money to Family, Follow These 5 Critical Steps Oct 7th, 2014 - Peter Bennett OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cautious Approach Means Millennial Credit Scores Suffer Dec 19th, 2015 - Rebecca Lake Why These 4 Personal Finance Myths Perpetuate Money Problems Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 2814994159_fc25d41561_b Why You Should Ask ‘The Bank of Mom and Dad’ to Help With Down Payment Sep 24th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 7742055686_585f07495b_k Discount Mortgage Rates Can Help Struggling Borrowers Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 10028022943_70f3ce44cb_k Ways to Strengthen Your Long-Term Savings Plan Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich 195781720_a4c1aafad7_b 5 First-Time Home Buyer Tips Worth Taking Advantage of Dec 19th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 329116249_0eb47fef3d_o 5 Smart Budgeting Tips to Make Your Financial Life Easier Sep 19th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Foolproof Methods for Building an Emergency Fund on Any Income Dec 22nd, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich Young-adults 10 Smart Saving Tips for Young Adults Mar 16th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada 4775545269_4dcceea4c8_b How Low Jumbo Loan Rates Can Help You Get the House You Want Sep 19th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 2997723917_ae00d1c600_b Money-Saving Tips for New Parents to Cut Costs on 3 Major Expenses Dec 22nd, 2015 - Daryl Paranada 11872045536_1a715f2a91_k Home Equity Loan Pros and Cons and 5 Scenarios to Help You Better Understand It Sep 16th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 2605928993_558ecd6d10_b Best Ways to Spend a Raise and Grow Your Money Oct 10th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada 2741971647_8fbd6c0d66_b A Short-Term Mortgage Packs a Powerful Savings Punch, on One Condition Sep 16th, 2014 - Peter Bennett shutterstock_168091232 Refinance vs. HELOC: Which One Is Best for Cash-Squeezed Homeowners? Nov 5th, 2015 - Peter Bennett shutterstock_174102089 Stop Creating More Debt With These Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes Oct 10th, 2016 - Daryl Paranada Staff in Woodlands office, Bedford, February 2010. How to Plan Lucrative Saving Strategies Before Quitting a Job Dec 19th, 2015 - Jeff Yoncich Flickr | 4 Fall Travel Tips That Will Help You Cut Costs In Cooler Weather Sep 11th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada 3232665657_e9c88bae33_b If You’re Asking When to Buy a House, New Reports Suggest Today’s the Day Jun 20th, 2016 - Peter Bennett 756822963_e1fde57b1d_b The Ultimate Low-Income Retirement Strategies That Can Benefit Everyone Dec 19th, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan 2257663474_1919a28b3b_b Save as a Renter If You Don’t Like the High Cost of Homeownership Sep 10th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 6313670069_42f45cb322_o 5 Good Ways to Budget With Variable Income and Thrive Financially Sep 9th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich homeownershipadvantages 10 Great Advantages of Owning a Home Sep 9th, 2014 - Peter Bennett Flickr | Career Tips for Millennials: 5 Questions Young Adults Should Ask Before Switching Jobs Sep 8th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada 2342795375_01f18ca5a2_o Top 10 Tips From the New IRS Rules for Retirement Sep 9th, 2014 - Jeff Yoncich 151213605_2e325376f1_b 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Early Dec 20th, 2015 - Peter Bennett 3808215981_cc36057529_b Payday Loan Alternatives You Need to Consider Jul 8th, 2016 - Veronica Stewart 4712592796_edd90509c3_o 9 Ways to Save Money for a Down Payment During College Oct 7th, 2014 - Peter Bennett 3042261395_db7568e5c3_b How to Fix Financial Mistakes Made in Your 20s and 30s Dec 20th, 2015 - Anne Dullaghan creditcardpaymentmistakes Avoid These Credit Card Payment Mistakes for a Good Credit Score Sep 5th, 2014 - Daryl Paranada