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Latest Customer Reviews

sellerstx1982's Profile Image

Northwest Crossing branch reviewed by sellerstx1982

Jun 5th 2014


I am very grateful the tellers at Amegy Bank in Houston took my deposit at the drive-thru after I pulled up almost 5 minutes past 6. Great service. -KCS

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Sellsue's Profile Image

Sugar Land Town Square branch reviewed by Sellsue

Apr 25th 2014

Don't count on Amegy

Good Lord! Can't believe we've been customers at Amegy for 15 years now, and all customer service is directly related to your credit score. Life happens - you're still in a service industry!

New bank manager took my call, asked for all the deets, made all the appropriate sounds to suggest she half cared. Explained urgency of loan request & that I understood what we were up against, but what were options she could explore. She rambled off a Plan A and Plan B. I emailed her our financials.

Three days later, I had to call her to make sure she received my email. "I've been in meetings". A week later I received a 3 minute call to explain she was going with Plan B. Two weeks later and we still haven't heard back. It's 5:30 on Friday evening, I've left her a voicemail. I've called another branch's manager, She's called for this MIA manager, given me another contact at my bank to call. I called the new contact, she called the BM's cell, returned my call to say that yes, she'd asked and received an email that underwriters had turned me down. Seriously? She couldn't be bothered to call and tell me? This is the service you get at Amegy - they only work for 24 karat customers. The rest of us, well, we can just sit and rot. Thanks Amegy.

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BEVMURRAY's Profile Image

Texas City branch reviewed by BEVMURRAY

Dec 17th 2013

I Just Love This Amegybank Branch And The Branch In Dickinson, Texas.

I love amegybank. Both locations they treat you like you are family. I think i have been with them for about 12 years plus or minus a year. They are just friendly, courteous and always smiling people. Amegy have always helped me out in difficult situations, and it didn't matter that i am not a customer with a six figure deposit in their bank. I will be with Amegy forever and a day!

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