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Astoriastinks's Profile Image

Reviewed by Astoriastinks

Mar 8th 2014

no consistency

This branch has had more turnover than I've ever seen in my life. The most recent manager at "Park Avenue" was excellent!! Apparently, a customer service rep was being disciplined by this manager, as she was expected to do, but employee claimed racism or some nonsense. Same employee was also caught taking home customer sensitive information. Astoria seems to think this behavior is appropriate and still has this person employed. I, amongst many others, have removed all of my money from this institution. If they can't operate appropriately internally, I will certainly not be the "external" victim. Keep the talented employees and get rid of the trash that keeps this place so antiquated and inept!!

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Angrycamper's Profile Image

Rockville Centre branch reviewed by Angrycamper

Nov 2nd 2013

Controlling, passive-aggressive, patronizing and incompetent

I am currently in the process of creating a trust for my parents and discovered they have an annuity at this branch. After several visits to this branch where my parents reside (I live in Brooklyn), I still remain unsuccessful. Numerous documents, including my POA and Trust agreement have been brought to them - always they insist I bring originals - no other bank has made such a request, which always requires a visit! Needless to say, I am beyond frustrated, and their foibles are delaying my parents access to Medicaid which they so desperately need. Every day is costing my parents their hard earned money. I am ready to liquidate this silly annuity,but I can't imagine how many times I will gave to drive there to accomplish this task!

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