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Latest Customer Reviews

doyle6161yahoocom's Profile Image

Indiana Avenue branch reviewed by doyle6161yahoocom

Oct 9th 2014

What The Hell Is A Continuous Over Draft Fee??

I had one item to become over drawn which was the $10 monthly fee so i expected to get charged the 36 dollars but not another 36 dollars for being over drawn after 6 days! If i couldnt pay the $46 dollars for being over drawn how the hell am i gonna pay the extra 36 dollars? Someone else should take out another lawsuit against bancorpsouth again for these ridiculous charges!

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myplatinumbodygmai's Profile Image

Shelby branch reviewed by myplatinumbodygmai

Jul 21st 2014

I Want My Money!!!!!!

I used this atm machine at this location on saturday, july 19, 2014. The dollar amount in which i requested did not dispense. I immediately contacted their (800#) and asked to speak with a manager on duty. Once speaking with the manager i was told to contact the branch on monday morning and make the manager aware of what took place. She also indicated that weekend transactions are reconciled; therefore the branch will also recognize that there is an overage and the amounts should match perfectly. Contacted the bank this morning as advise, spoke to liz frisch explained the situation and she hung up on me. Called back and was told to contact my local branch to file the dispute being that i am not a bancorpsouth customer. Contacted my bank and was advised that it could take up to 45 days to retrieve lost funds. Perplexed. Do not bank there!!!!!!!

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DWJW's Profile Image

Highway 51 North branch reviewed by DWJW

Feb 24th 2014

The customer service is terrible.

When we noticed charges on our debit card we knew we did not make, we notified the bank. The woman in charge was completely uninterested in helping us, and even tried to make us feel like idiots....asking if we are sure we didn't make the charges and just "forget". Even after we informed her that we went through our records before we notified them, she basically made it seem like she didn't want to do her job. When we asked if she would cancel the card, she said we could do whatever we wanted to do, it didn't make a difference to her. Later that day we noted another charge we did not make, AFTER she was supposed to have cancelled the card. The incompetence of this branch of Bancorpsouth is unbelievable.

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