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Bank of America has 4,813 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a national bank that serves the entire country, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Bank of America was established October 1904. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 1.64 trillion US dollars. That makes it a very large bank. The biggest of the national banks. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 7%. Lower is better!

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Bank of America Branches Customer Reviews

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  • T
    Reviewed By TurnerChas Apr 28, 2016

    This was the worst bank ever!

    I opened an account for my husband and I. I moved from a credit union to a bigger (nationally known bank) so that we could have more access to our money. Our bank at the credit union was only open M-F 9-4 and they were never available if you needed to talk with them. So we changed. After my first week at BOA I attempted to log in and check my balance, I noticed that when I logged in it stated that my account had been locked, and that I needed to call an 800 number to get the issue resolved. I called the 800 number given and got the RUDEST person available, she stated that my husband had a previous balance on an old account for $58.00 which was made after he closed the account. I told them to go ahead and take that money out of my account. They did that day, and I attempted to log into the account again after they told me that the account was cleared. I still could not get in, I called them back and they said they forgot to charge me the convenience fee for the $58.00 debit they took, and attempted to charge me $84.00 dollars ontop of the $58.00 they already took. So I had the account closed. I had over 700 in that account, needless to say I closed the account. Guess how much I had in my account? $108.00 out of $700.00 I cannot explain how upset I am, and because I closed my account they cannot tell me where that money went. I never did anything to them, just questioned them... I cant see how they can do this. I went ahead and opened an account with BBVA Compass who my Car and Home are through and they are AMAZING! Super sweet people and they already know me by name when I come into their branch to make a deposit. Oh and BOA said that I made too many cash deposits that were "questionable" UMMM IM SORRY THAT I HAVE 2 JOBS AND I ALWAYS HAVE CASH??? You're my bank, not my mother. I pay you, not the other way around. Needless to say BOA, YOU CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!!!

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    Reviewed By pinny Apr 19, 2016

    Don’t waste your time walking in their is no one to talk to there

    I was looking to open a new saving account, I already have a checking and a savings account with another bank, but for this savings account I was considering Bank of America. So I want online and scheduled and appointment to talk with an associate.
    I got there exactly on time for my appointment, I walk in and see there another person who is also waiting to talk to an associate. OK, well I have an appointment, I thought to myself, but there is no bank associates to be seen, all the banker desks are empty, one banker was behind the teller and that was it..
    After waiting 5 minutes the person who was waiting there before me gave up and pick herself up and left.
    I’m still waiting because I made an appointment, so someone will for sure be available to assist me…
    Finally, another bank associate showed up, I walk over and tell him, I made an appointment and its already 15 minutes later.
    “Someone will be he for you shortly” he said.
    OK, I continue waiting…
    Another person arrived and started waiting, 1 2 3 4 5 minutes past and he too left.. I’m still waiting…
    Well you are probably wondering if I am still waiting now. Well, NO, after an half hour of waiting and no one showed up I too left.
    Good luck for Citi Bank they now have another savings account customer.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jhnyangel Apr 13, 2016

    Wish I could give them lees than 1 star

    Worse customer service you could possibly imagine. I have 2 words for Bank of America and they are not Happy Birthday.

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