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Bank of America has 4,787 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a national bank that serves the entire country, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Bank of America was established October 1904. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 1.65 trillion US dollars. That makes it a very large bank. The biggest of the national banks. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 6%. Lower is better!

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  • K
    Reviewed By kapila8750 Jun 29, 2016

    misplaced mortgage payment

    time and time again, this bank proves how awful they are. our local branch does not even answer phones. you have to physically walk into the branch so they can waste your time and add to your stress level. now they have misplaced a mortgage payment that i made in cash at the local branch. thank god i have the receipts. i completely despise this bank.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lorene8010 Jun 28, 2016

    After 43 years BOA has finally driven me away -2

    I finally arrived at the 176th and Meridian branch and met a customer representative who was calm, intelligent, and customer centric. She also had a wonderful sense of urgency once I explained the issue (why, why, are you working for BOA? I wanted to ask). She was able to locate people from two other departments to work on resolving the issue. Note- It didn’t appear to be much easier for her to get humans on the phone than it was for me. So once I sat down with the BOA folks it took two hours to resolve the issue. One spent too much time explaining how my bill pay account had been set up incorrectly and needed to be fixed since one field was triggering human intervention (implied message -was my mistake) to which I responded it had worked for 20+ months and if it was not correct then it should have been discovered at the first payment. Obviously their processes were not robust if every time my “incorrect” payment arrived someone effectively “flipped a coin” to decide whether to process my payment. This type of arbitrary decision should never be allowed and should have been challenged and a corrective action implemented- long before an error could happen. What other time bombs are ticking out there with the rest of my automated bill pays I now wonder. Of course through all this BOA was pushing to make a counter payment to bring the account up to date then we would “fix” my electronic payment so it would work correctly next month. I countered with let’s fix the electronic payment glitch now then use it to make June’s payment so we would have some level of confidence that July’s payment would work as well. This was the fix / solution that we agreed upon (grudgingly by BOA- my impression). We won’t know if it worked until July 1st, 2016 which was the earliest the automated / instantaneous BOA system would allow a payment from one BOA account to another BOA account (bear in mind this was on June 26th… wow slower than dial up- ok that was snarky, sorry). One of the people on the phone finally offered to follow up on all the outstanding items to make sure my payments are received and my foreclosure is cancelled (crossed fingers). I have to add that everyone I spoke with told me, at the end of their discussion, that I would receive a survey as to how I was helped and hoped I’d received a satisfactory experience. Really- LOL!

    Out of the 8 people I spoke with yesterday they are rated as follows: One: 5++ stars, One: 3 stars, Five: 2 stars, One: 1 star.

    My take on BOA is their customer service is very poor and that management does not allow their people very much latitude to resolve an issue (i.e. autocratic). They talk a good customer service game but don’t back up their words with actions. These “surveys” seem to be their way of forcing employees to provide good customer service (stick rather than carrot). However fear is never a successful management tool and obviously isn’t working. Most corporations have a majority of wonderful employees with a few substandard. From my experience over the years this trend is reversing with BOA. Since they do not invest in their employees you would think their automated systems would be more robust and have an embedded decision trees that determined a customer’s standing (worth, value, whatever) prior to triggering an automated foreclosure process. It’s not that tough these days. Has this customer ever missed a payment? Does this customer have thousands of dollars in your bank? Some set of parameters that would trigger a phone call from a customer service representative rather than some action that might anger / lose a customer. But then that would require a robust customer service department… oops!

    Time to leave.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Steve8010 Jun 28, 2016

    After 43 years BOA has finally driven me away -1

    So many complaints so few words allowed for this review. Please bear in mind I’m still a little irritated from yesterday’s debacle so excuse any excessively snarky remarks I make here. Writing this is a form of therapy- thanks much BOA.

    I live near Tacoma Washington and have banked with BOA or the bank it acquired (Rainer Bank) since I was 18. Multiple car loans, several mortgages, excellent credit rating, credit cards, and thousands of dollars in savings. Not rich but comfortable.

    I used to work for a fortune 150 company in sales and marketing so I (sadly) have a high threshold for silly policies and employees who become so mired down with procedure they forget about their most valuable asset which is the customer. BOA however has finally pushed to to find another bank by losing my mortgage payment and immediately implementing foreclosure (based on one missed payment -wow, I mean wow!). Their automated system which was very efficient (amazingly when they are taking your money or home for that fact they seem to have their processes down perfectly…mmmm) and sent me several letters last week stating I’d missed one payment and was accessing a late fee. I called last Friday to investigate (during hours stated on their letter) and recording said “Office was closed”. Monday arrived and I received (by certified mail) a foreclosure notice. Wow, never a missed payment in 30+ years and given them all the business mentioned above and this is their process. Lol, it gets even better since I was trying to leave on a vacation today, their timing was perfect. My main issue with all of this was- BOA was wrong. I tried explaining my account showed payment being taken out electronically like it had for the 20 previous months (from a BOA checking account to a BOA mortgage account) However no one seemed to be able to help me since no single person had a world view of all the BOA systems - so I was told repeatedly to call “another” group. Why a customer, who can clearly show that BOA has made a horrible mistake, (followed immediately by another nuclear option/ mistake of foreclosure) has to be the one tasked to sort out the issue is a mystery to me. A reasonable person would think that once this scenario was presented to BOA they would move mountains to resolve their error - oh you silly, silly, silly reasonable people, this is not the case. Anyway I quickly ran out of patience with their phone based customer service (see all negative reviews on this site regarding BOA phone service and multiply by 10) and drove to my Summit View branch to seek help. The lone banker/manager there was sympathetic but could not help since he already had multiple customer appointments scheduled (with the BOA customer service ratings I’m finding on the web you would think they’d have managers stacked 5 high to deal with angry hordes of customers but I digress). He did have another employee call all the local branches to try and obtain me an appointment. The employee came out once and said she couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone (ok, manic laugh, if a BOA employee cannot get through to any branches what chance does a customer have?) and suggested I drive over to one of the other branches… Ahem, the thought of driving all over the countryside in the hope of finding someone to assist did not appeal to me so I asked her to continue trying. She finally was able to make me an appointment at another branch. I thanked her but frankly left feeling a little miffed at her suggestion I drive all over the place to find another branch to help me - this was after I’d given her a brief synopsis of the issue, BOA’s error, and, oh yea, the pending Foreclosure…omg.

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