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Latest Customer Reviews

dilla3026's Profile Image

Wonderland Mall branch reviewed by dilla3026

Apr 13th 2015

horrible customer service

Somebody went in there bank and tricked the teller into giving them money out of my account. I called the branch and spoke to layla lucky and she was no help she didn't care to help me at all. I have recorded conversations to prove it email dilla3026@gmail.com if you need more info.

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Dustmop's Profile Image

Riverland branch reviewed by Dustmop

Mar 31st 2015

Teller Assist problems with deposits

Drive-thru only has Teller Assist and depositing cash is a problem, it will not take large amounts, each bill has to be like new or it won't go thru, so I went inside the bank a week later. 40 minutes waiting in a line of 17 people, 1 Teller working who allowed a woman that just came in the building pushing someone in a wheelchair to step in front of me and conduct her business with the Teller. Then I was next, asked where there's a sign that says wheelchair customers can go first, like boarding an airplane, and she said there is no such sign. I have one more complaint: are you discouraging commercial accounts? The drive-thru used to have one lane for commercial and 3-4 lanes for others. The only positive note is the Teller accepted all bills, wrinkled or corners bent. I opened 4 accounts and a safe deposit box here about 40 years ago, the first day the building was open and have been very disappointed recently. This bank is 1 mile from my home.. I will check out the other BoA banks further away and if they're all the same I'll try a different company.

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hollyholly's Profile Image

Thrasher's Corner branch reviewed by hollyholly

Mar 26th 2015

Poor Service

Went in to the Thrashers Corner branch in Bothell and spoke with Jonathon. Was not happy about his attitude and follow through. He was to take care of canceling an account and then contacting me before the end of the business day. I waited no call so I assumed he would call me the following morning to confirm that he made the call to a department within the bank. Once again no call so I called him after 12:00pm and he had attitude with me, told me he has difficulty handling all the customers and that come into the banking center. (I guess this is why I didn't get a call from him). He did say he had made the cancellation call but didn't have a name of who he spoke with, no confirmation number and didn't request any documentation sent confirming our request. He said there was "probably" notes on the accounts. He dropped the ball.

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