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Capital One Bank has 823 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services a large population, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Capital One Bank was established May 1933. That's more than 50 years ago! It holds assets of 271 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 10%. Lower is better!

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Capital One Branches Customer Reviews

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  • B
    Reviewed By Beeware Jul 20, 2016

    Be very carefull before you do any business with them!!

    I had them as my mortgagee and business checking accounts for many years. I had never paid them late nor was my property under performing. I did have a few negatives on my credit report at that time. I called them to do a refinance of my property and was honest with them on why i wanted to do this. It was to clean up some debt that I had incurred due to a family members tragic accident that I suffered through for 2 years. I was completely honest with them and they sent my account to special assets and I was harassed for financials like I would have never imagined. I spent many years with them and sent them so much business but felt so betrayed at the time I needed them. I would never ever recommend using this bank. They have ZERO care for any customer no matter how long you have been with them. They put me through hell and back for a few months it was probably illegal but Im just a nice person and don't sue anyone. I would retire at my young age before I ever do any business whatsoever with them. I still have fear when I see their branches. Find a small local bank that cares

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  • P
    Reviewed By pshults Jul 19, 2016

    Terrible customer service

    We opened an online Spark Business Checking account with a deposit of $2,000 and simultaneously applied for Spark Business credit cards. I was using the mobile app to monitor our checking account, and it showed that the full amount was available to us after 3 business days. I wrote one check for just over $200 5 days after that. Nearly a month later, after making another $7,500 in deposits, I accidentally discovered that Cap One had frozen our account six days after we opened it, and our first check had bounced. When I called customer service, they informed me that they had sent an email 30 days ago notifying me that my account was "restricted." It so happened that I had received a phone call from Cap One fraud department that same day regarding our Spark credit cards and I satisfied the agent; I assumed the two events were related, and the issue was handled. Wrong. Totally unrelated to the checking account. Meanwhile, no notice of the "restricted" status of our checking account ever appeared on the mobile app. No more Capital One emails, never a phone call, Capital One just sat on our frozen $9,500. Meanwhile, I suffered the embarrassment of bouncing our first check, along with incurring a returned check fee from the third party. After three phone calls and an email with Capital One, the only customer service gesture they offered was waiving their own insufficient funds fee and and magnanimously informing me that my funds are now available. Gee, thanks! I'm moving our account to a neighborhood bricks and mortar bank as fast as I can. Bottom line, 1) you can't trust the mobile app; 2) forget all their marketing hype -- Capital One is much more concerned about preventing fraud than in delivering good customer service.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Amaster Jul 15, 2016

    Capital one racism

    The branch in Glendale, N.Y. has this teller who kept me waiting several minutes while she ranted against Hispanics (myself, included, I guess), with a customer she was very chummy with. Then when she concluded her hysterics she pronounced loudly who she was going to vote for and that she was not a racist. I don't know who she was trying to convince, me or her conscience. Finally, a nice manager came to assist me because she saw how long I was waiting for access to MY money. I guess she has only seen educated Hispanics on National Geographic. Horrible experience.

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