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Latest Customer Reviews

viza123's Profile Image

West Hills branch reviewed by viza123

May 22nd 2015

Very poor service

About 4 of the staff are okay, customer care with the Business rep( I think his name is Adrain) is horrible, I've been in 4 times for the same problem. The branch manager, Kate or Kathleen does not help.

I'll never go back. They keep you waiting forever too.

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sarahfranke's Profile Image

Lake Hopatcong branch reviewed by sarahfranke

Apr 29th 2015

Annoyed and going to cancel my account!

I went to use the dirve thru mac and it was being worked on. I went around to the teller to take money out. Short story= I put my license and mac card in the tube and sent it up. IT GOT STUCK IN THE TUBE!!! Annoyed, they had me sit there and wait. I was buzzing and buzzing with no one responding. I went inside with my 18 month old daughter. They gave me a hard time getting money out- asked me a bunch of questions, and further annoyed me. By the way, I am pregnant and wasted about 45 minutes on this beautiful day in the Chase Drive Thru and bank. I got my money- however I had to leave my mac card and license as it was still stuck in the tube. I felt that the workers were rude. YES I WAS SHORT WITH THEM AS I AM VERY HORMONAL. WHO KNOWS WHEN I WILL GET MY THINGS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEFT THE STORE ANNOYED! NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE OR WANT TO HELP!!!!!

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memol's Profile Image

Ironwood and SR 23 branch reviewed by memol

Apr 19th 2015

Very biased bankers and poor customer service

Customer service at this branch is the poorest possible it could be. The bankers are very rude and biased against internationals and show no interest in helping out the customers with their needs.

I went to this branch and wanted to apply for a credit card. The banker claimed that because of my country of origin and some new policies at the bank against terrorism money transfers(!!!), she cannot apply for a credit card for me. This did not make any sense to me since I've been living in the US for years and hold credit cards from other banks. I was very disappointed and angry because of her irrational response. I called the customer service of Chase bank and they said there is no such a thing and they helped me get a credit card on the phone! I'm wondering whether this experience indicates the banker's lack of knowledge and inability to do her job, or it is special treatment to minorities!

I do not recommend this branch at all, and in fact I think the manager of this branch really needs to rethink about some of the bankers working there.

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