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Latest Customer Reviews

Arovana's Profile Image

Hoffman Estates branch reviewed by Arovana

Mar 16th 2015

Always bad service

last time I wanted to withdraw cash, and I really was upset and very furious with that service!!! They asked me 5-7 questions before I god my money!! They even asked "what I need my cash for", and when I said - this is private, they asked - "What exactly?"! Unbelievable! I spend 25 min answering it and wanted explanation! Finally, I got late to the place where I was going! Every time, when I am going to take cash from my account I face problems in that branch!! Next time I will go another bank. If amount more then $3000, be ready guys answering their lots of questions like in the police. It was more hard for me because my English is not so fluent.

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cmiles's Profile Image

Crescent City branch reviewed by cmiles

Mar 3rd 2015

Highway Robbery

I went in to cash a check written to me by one of the branched own customers. Because I don't have an account with them, I was charged $6.00. I thought the banks job was to cash the checks their customers write. This, in my opinion, is highway robbery.

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Sugeiry913's Profile Image

Ft Greene branch reviewed by Sugeiry913

Feb 20th 2015

Worst And Slowest Processing System

This bank has the slowest processing system. If you post a check. They only give you half untill they make sure its a sturting check, which is funny becaise they ask u to trust but they dont trust. A thief judges by his own conditions.

Another example:

if you make a few payments this week. By next week you will have a mess in your account. They cant keep track of your payments, maintenance issue is very big in this company. So then you dont know what amount to use and what not because they are still in the process of taking the money out. In other words if you are a very busy person, and you need your bank to help you with maintaining financial order, this is not the bank. Whats a bank without a good up to date automatic system. Trash.

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